What are Truck Tool Boxes and Why Do I Need Them?

Going to the working site or in camping or even hunting with necessary tools and accessories and carrying them on the back seats is quite annoying. If the tools are dirty, they will also make your back seats dirty. In addition, there are chances to lose tools of small size.

Installing a truck toolbox would be a wise idea for you to invest on. No longer dirt on the seats, no losing small tools that are difficult to find. Also, your tools will be well protected, and you do not need to worry about any damage while driving.

There are plenty of reasons why you should need a toolbox for your truck or SUV. Want to know the reasons? Let’s find out.

What is a Truck Toolbox?

Before jumping into the main discussion, it would be a good thing to have some idea about a toolbox and its functions.

Have you ever seen a toolbox where different types of tools and accessories are kept together, and you can easily carry it to everywhere?

A truck tool box is the same thing, as the box is placed at the back of a truck, that is why it is called a truck tool box.

Truck toolboxes come with various types and shapes. If you want to install one, you will need to check first what type of toolbox will fit best to your truck's bed.

Why Do You Need a Truck Toolbox?

Not everyone needs to install a toolbox on their trucks. But if you are someone who regularly goes to the construction site, or for hunting, camping, and fishing whenever you get the chance, or even for the farming purpose; I have so many things to tell you about why you must get a toolbox for your truck.

1. Keep All Tools Well Organized

Whoever is well organized regarding even small matters in his work, he can work efficiently than most other people.

Had you ever fallen to this situation that you were looking for a particular tool that you need right at that moment but you could not find in the places where you usually keep all your tools in an unorganized way?

In order to be efficient at work, organize tools that you regularly or occasionally need. It will save a lot of time for you. And what can be the best way to do other than having a truck toolbox?

Do not worry about the space. Truck tool boxes do not consume the entire space of trucks bed. It will take just a small portion from total space that your truck’s bed has.

Whenever you need one of your tools, you know where to find. All things will be well organized at truck's bed, and all you need to do is to head to the toolbox and pick the tool you need.

You have to carry large and unwieldy tools?

A truck tool box got you covered. Instead of having partitions, go for the toolbox that has large compartment enough for your tools to put together.

2. You Will No Longer Lose Your Tools

Tools are expensive. And if you have the habit of losing them often, you need to take a step to put an end to it. Leaving all your tools is pretty unsafe. When you drive, apparently the tools will not be at the same place you kept, and you might end up losing small tools.

Another issue is theft. If you have some expensive tools at the back of your truck, and if someone takes them away, there will be nothing you can to do reverse the losses.

Having a toolbox will ensure the protection of your tools. No matter whether it is off road drive or the road is not good for driving, you no longer will need to worry about losing your precious tools. All the tools will be safe and protected back at the toolbox on the bed of your truck. 

In addition, if you set a padlock to your toolbox, no one will be able to take them away.  

3. Protection Against The Climate

Most of the tools are made from metal which makes them vulnerable to mist weather. If it rains when you drive, you start to worry and afterward you will have to spend time on greasing them individually. That is going to take a lot of time right?

You do not have to face the problem of bad weather if you have a truck tool box. No matter how hard it rains and how mist the weather is, and how extreme the temperature is, your tools will be protected against rusting as they will be inside the waterproof toolbox.

4. Less Hassle for an Outdoor Excursion

Going fishing, hunting or even camping require quite a few tools to have with you. In addition, there are other things related to your trip. If you put all things together at the bed of your truck, it will be messy, and things will be hard to find for you especially the tools.

Put all your gears inside the toolbox at your truck's bed. You will be able to get necessary things without wasting time. Also, your truck's bed will look well organized, and you will have a lot of space for putting other things.

So, having a truck toolbox does not require you to be a construction worker. If you like to go on outdoor excursions often, you definitely should have one at the back of your SUV.

5. As Your Truck’s a First Aid Box

How many times have you faced the situation when your truck had a problem, and you knew how to fix that? But as you were away from your home and did not have access to necessary tools and you had no option but taking it to a nearby workshop and fix it problem spending money.

That was a waste of money and time as well. Nonetheless, things can be different the next time in a similar situation if you have a toolbox for your truck.

If you often have to go for a long drive, then you should have a toolbox for your SUV or truck. In case of any mechanical help, you can fix the problem with the help of tools inside the toolbox. Or you can at least fix the issue temporary till you made it to a nearby garage for professional help.

Types of Truck Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes have a variation on their types according to the location of installing.

1. Side Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

Side mounted toolboxes are installed to the side rail, you can tell by its name. This type of toolbox does not take much of the space from a truck bed. You will have space to install another this type of toolbox on another side.

You will need to open a side mounted tool box from its top. The gas struts help to open the toolbox.

2. Rail Top Mo​​​​unted Truck Tool Boxes

These toolboxes are attached on the side rail. You can open the toolbox from one side just by standing next to your truck. The box itself and its door are made of aluminum and paddle latches of stainless steel.

This type of toolbox is a popular choice for construction and electrical workers and people who need quick access to their tools.

3. Crossover Truck Tool Boxes

The position of the crossover truck tool boxes is right behind the cab of your truck. These type of toolboxes are made of aluminum. They are of the same width as your cab and rest their edges on the bedsides.

Inside the toolbox, you will have small trays dedicated to smaller tools. If you want to protect your tools from prying eyes, it will be the toolbox you can install on the safest position of your truck bed.

Crossover toolboxes are one of the best quality tool boxes that you can get. Its durable aluminum will keep you free from worrying for couple of years easily.

4. Chest Truck Tool Boxes

This model of truck tool box is attached behind the cab of a truck. It sits directly on the bed floor while not interrupting the view through the back window. But it will take quite a few spaces on the bed.

5. Tailgate Truck Tool Boxes

With this model of the truck toolbox, you will have easy access to all your necessary tools while not compromising much of the space on the bed. It is installed by the truck’s tailgate and swings down every time you open the tailgate.

6. Hitch Mount 

Hitch mounted truck tool boxes are attached to the trailer post of trucks. Therefore, if your truck does not have the trailer post, you cannot install this toolbox.

These toolboxes do not block the rear window view while taking a small number of space on the bed.

Final Words

If your work requires you to move with tools and accessories often, then there is no reason why you should not get a truck tool box.

Having a toolbox on the truck bed will save your precious time by organizing the tools, save your money from further spending on tools by securing them and protecting them from weather elements.

Also, save you from falling into the embarrassing situation of not finding tools when you need them.

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