Tips on Converting Your Garage into a Wonderful Home Office


The garage is usually an underused space within your home, especially if you don’t own a car. Did you know that only 33 percent of homeowners use their garage every day to park their cars? The research by Admiral Loans also found that 45 percent of homeowners never or rarely used the garage for its intended reason because it’s full of clutter.

So, if your garage is more like a dumping ground for all the unwanted items, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily transform it into a cool home office. Plus, it has the added advantage of being quiet and perfect for deep-focus work.

If you’re working from home and are looking for the right spot for your home office, a garage conversion could be your best solution. However, how do you go about it?

Here are handy garage home office ideas to set up your new headquarters.

Assess the Safety of the Structure

Before you start your garage conversion, it’s highly advisable to check the building quality of your structure. This is the room you plan to be spending around eight hours daily and maybe even burn the midnight oil. So, you want to make sure it is structurally safe and hospitable.

An architect will be able to advise you whether the structure that exists is worth converting. If your garage is too old or shoddily built, it might be cheaper to knock it down and replace it. If it’s a sound, well-built structure, you’ll still need to make it comfortable.

Additionally, you may have to adjust the flooring since a garage slab tends to be lower than the rest of the house. Doing so will help keep the water out. Likewise, think about adding rugs to make your flooring surface warm and comfortable.

Make it Comfortable

Garages aren’t designed to be habitable spaces. If you live in warmer regions, your garage can get quite stuffy. If you stay in colder regions, it can feel like an icebox during winter. In other words, your garage will require proper insulation and/or air conditioning.

Before you start investing, keep in mind that garage conversion into a home office can be costly. According to estimates by Home Advisor, you need at least $5,000 to remodel your garage into an amazing workspace.

The cost will pretty much be determined by the amenities you need, including an HVAC system and plumbing. To keep the costs low, consider taking a budget-friendly approach. For instance, you can opt for a wall-mounted mini-split HVAC system instead of a window or central AC system.

If you host clients or guests frequently, consider investing in comfortable sofas or chairs for them. A small fridge and coffee machine may also be a good idea.

Consider Repainting the Walls

Nothing is as uninspiring as being surrounded by dull walls while working. That’s why one of the best small garage office design ideas we can recommend is giving the room a fresh coat of paint. Imagine what a dose of bright, mood-evoking colors will do to your focus and energy.

The good thing is that this is your personal office, and you can design it the way you want. That includes choosing the best colors for your walls and ceiling.

Furnish Your Home Office

So, you have cleared out your garage of all the unnecessary items and repainted the walls. The next step is to furnish your home office. Your remodeling style will be determined by personal preferences and the type of work you do.

When choosing your style, prioritize space efficiency. Garages can be awkwardly designed, and you don’t want to block access to the door because the desk is too big for the space. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time here, and the first step to staying productive is to invest in an ergonomic chair and desk.

Another brilliant idea is to add functional storage space. Consider building custom shelves that offer more storage space to take advantage of the vertical space. This will provide you with the space to neatly store everything, including your gardening tools, bikes, and sports equipment.

With good planning, you can even add a treadmill or indoor exercise bike to stay fit while working from home.

Make the Room Feel Spacious and Enjoyable

Worried that your tiny garage will leave you feeling claustrophobic? The good news is that you can capitalize on our small garage office design ideas to maximize your space. Apart from installing storage shelves, consider getting desk organizers and file cabinets to declutter your desk.

Want to know something really interesting that even home experts can agree on? Installing a mirror gives the illusion of a bigger room. You can put one large mirror above your desk or several of them across the room.

To top it off, focus on making the space more lovely by adding some personal touches, such as:

  • Placing two or three family photos to keep your family close
  • Adding scented candles to brighten up the mood
  • Putting a ceramic stone oil diffuser to fill the office with your favorite scents
  • Adding a fluffy faux fur rug to give your desk a glamorous makeover
  • Getting a set of home office plants in hand-crafted geode planters to add a touch of greenery and elegance to your desk

Upgrade Your Tech

If your home is connected to Wi-Fi, check if the signal is strong enough to support your work from the garage. Wi-Fi signals get weak the farther you move from your modem/router or if there’s a wall between you and the device.

So, you might want to move your router/modem closer to the garage or opt for a wired internet connection. Alternatively, think about investing in Wi-Fi extenders to create a stable connection for your new home office.

Additionally, depending on your line of work, you may want to invest in a reliable printer, a reusable smart notebook, or pencil holder, to mention a few. Most importantly, working from home won’t be possible without the best tools for staying productive. These apps can prove valuable in keeping you focused and ensuring your wellbeing by reminding you to take breaks throughout your workday.

If you make plenty of calls, verify if your phone works inside the garage, especially with the windows and doors closed. If you use several computers and monitors, make sure there are enough outlets, as well as space to place them.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Odds are your garage is dark, with limited access to natural light. So, the next step in converting your garage into a home office is to brighten it up. One way to achieve this is to add overhead lighting and different kinds of lamps in your garage office.

You’ll then need to decide the type of lighting that suits you better. White light imitates natural light and may even give the room an expansive look. Yellow light, on the other hand, gives your room a warm, cozy atmosphere.

If you can, consider switching up the garage door with insulated glass doors. Go for one with translucent glass panels that lets in as much light as possible while maintaining privacy.

If all that isn’t possible, you can add big pictures of natural scenery or other bright images to your space to make the room more vibrant.

Wrapping Up

If you work from home, you know how crucial it is to keep your living and workspace separate. It’s the best way to reduce distractions from the rest of the family. The problem is, finding the right spot is not easy in many homes. It’s no wonder why most people are turning to garage conversions.

We hope these garage home office ideas will help you create a stylish and functional workspace suitable for working.


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