How to Start & Manage a Mechanic Shop at Home? Ultimate Guide

There are many joys to starting your own mechanic shop. First, you can base it at home. That means there’s no workplace rent to pay. Aside from that, you’re your own boss. There’s no one telling you do this, do that, come to work at this time, and so on. In this post, we will show you how to start and run your own home based mechanic shop.

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Mechanic Shop at Home (3 Easy Steps)

1. Get the space

Do you have a backyard or a big garage

That’s a good place for basing your mechanic shop. Remember, you will need your workspace needs to be considerably huge since cars occupy lots of space. The workspace needs to be able to accommodate at least 2 cars comfortably.

The place needs to have a roof for protecting the cars from unfavorable weather like rainfall, snow, and direct sunlight. The roof has got to be high, so any kind of vehicle can make it in effortlessly.

Your shop should also be properly lit with lots of clear light diffusing from different directions so there’s minimal shadowing.

One more thing – the entrance needs to be broad.

2. Get a Permit

The fact that your mechanical shop will be home based doesn’t meant you’re exempted from getting approval from the authorities. There are 2 main approvals you have to get:

  • A business permit –this is issued by the local government. The revenue department will require this for taxing purposes.
  • Zone approval – also issued by the local government, a zone approval shows you’re authorized to operate this kind of business in your area.

3. Get the tools

If your mechanic shop is well equipped, that not only makes almost all car fixing works possible but also makes your tasks more effective and pleasurable. Moreover, it instills trust in your clients as they feel you’re reliable. That means, happy, returning clients.

The sort of tools you will need depend on the type of services you’re looking to offer.

If you look to provide specialized services, you will need tools that can handle them.You can purchase a mechanics tool set that have many kind of tool in one box.

Here’s a rundown on the most essential tools for a mechanic shop:

1. Bench Vise

This tool helps you hold objects securely so you can work on them. Rather than putting objects on the floor and bending over to work on them, you can just hold them using this apparatus and work while standing. Convenient, isn’t it?

A good bench vise will come in handy when you’re:

  • Filing objects
  • Holding glued objects in place before the glue dries
  • Bending hard metals
  • Grinding metals

And of course, there are many more tasks that this machine can help you accomplish.

2. Air compressor

Some customers will come with a flat tire, needing it to be inflated. That’s where an air compressor comes into play. It compresses air with the help of electricity and stores it in a tank.

Apart from inflating flat tires, a good air compressor helps you clean or dry parts by blowing.

3. Jack stands

A vast majority of car parts are located underneath, and thus you will need a means of accessing a car’s bottom. That’s what makes jack stands vital to a mechanic shop.DO you have already a jack? but that does not work properly? then check our floor jack fixing guide.

4. Tool chest

In your mechanic shop, you will keep screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers, and many other tools. You need a way to organize them lest you turn your auto shop into one chaotic hellhole. That’s why you need to purchase storage boxes or tool chests with drawers and other modifications for storing or hanging tools after use.

A good tool chest not only makes your shop look nice and organized but also help you find your tools easily.

5. Auto spare parts

These ones are a must-have. You need rims, tires, head gaskets, side mirrors, steering wheels,radiator stop coolant product and other car spare parts. Additionally, you need them in as many varieties and sizes as possible.

6. Safety equipment

Beside your protection and that of your garage, you need a way of keeping your customers’ vehicles safe. To do that, get several safety gadgets, including the following:

A fire extinguisher

Some of the items you will be working with, like tires and gasoline, are highly flammable. That’s why having a fire extinguisher nearby is crucial.

7. A First Aid Kit

You might be trying to remove a difficult or stripped screw and somehow the screwdriver slips and your knuckles run into something sharp – ouch! In such a case, a first aid kit will be very useful. By the by, [this] post will guide you on unfastening a stripped bolt effectually and safely.

8. Gloves and Boots

It goes without saying that your hands should always be in gloves while you’re working in the garage. Your boots also ought to be in boots just in case something hard drops on them.

Other safety precautions to observe:

  • Be sure to wipe any water, grease or oil spillages on the floor so you don’t slide and fall.
  • Ensure the floor is somewhat rough. This will prevent you from skidding.

Mechanic shop management Tips

And now, about management – for you to realize profits, you obviously need to manage your venture well.

In that regard, you need a way of managing your time properly. Let your clients feel they can count on you during normal work hours, so that you’re not there sometimes and on other days you’re unavailable.

You also need to manage your finances properly. Open a separate bank account for your business and if possible, let your clients pay directly to that account.

Accounting is also vital, so have a way of maintaining your business records. That includes the purchases and sales records, the returns, the creditors, the debtors, and so on.

Management also encompasses marketing. How do you intend to market your business? Posters at gas stations and TV ads might help.

Furthermore, you need to open a website and social media accounts for your car business where you can showcase your work.

Final Word

If you have free space on your yard and you do not know what to do with it, and you happen to have some experience in fixing cars, then you have a huge chance at becoming your own boss. Open a home-based mechanic shop.

Follow our simplified guide on starting a mechanic shop at home and you might start earning from home sooner than you think.

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