How to Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades: Expert Guide

Out of a lot of day-to-day use kitchen utensils, Meat Grinders are probably neglected the most. With all the grinding, the grinder blades will slowly but surely lose their sharpness.

Doesn’t really matter on how high quality the grinder was, this is something that will happen eventually.

Now, the question arises, "What can be done?"

Well, you can always go to shops who run the service of sharpening blades, or you can save money by investing some time doing the sharpening all by yourself.

All that you will have to do is go through this step by step instruction to know how to make those blades good as new.

Step 1 – Getting Started with Sharpening

For you to get started, there are a few things that you will have to get beforehand. Those things being:

  • Gloves (Safety Gloves and Workman Gloves)
  • A wet cloth
  • Screwdriver Needle
  • Nose pliers
  • Scrap paper mirror
  • Sandpaper
  • Sharpening tools

Once you have those items in your possession, you will need to find a place to work on the Meat Grinder. Gather the supplies in your possession and put it in the desired workplace.

Step one to getting ready is to prepare the sharpening tools which are needed to restore the blades to their former glory.

Step two is laying the scrap paper mirror on a solid surface and making sure no forms of deformations is visible.

Step 2 – Taking Off Your Meat Grinder

The appropriate tools must be used in order to remove the meat grinder blades and also make sure to remember the way to go back in the correct order.

Use a cloth or tissue to wipe the blades carefully and everything that is on the surface of the blades. Once done, lay them on a paper towel and try to label each blade with a number.

Step 3 – Getting Those Blades All Sharpened Up 

The first priority for you should be making sure you have taken proper safety precaution which is wearing a workman's glove before sharpening the blades. As we should all remember "Safety is the number one priority".

As now safety is out of the way, let's begin with how to make those blades sharp. Try slicing a small piece of meat with one of the blades and see first how hard is it for an individual blade to make a cut.

Once you have determined the sharpness of each of the blades, take a sandpaper and press it against the blade at a 45-degree angle and move the sandpaper in a circular motion.

This makes sure the blades are sharpened in an even manner. Keep on doing so until you get the expected sharpness.

Soon as the desired sharpness is reached, get a wet cloth and wipe the blades individually.

Finally, All Sharpened Up

To make the surface of the blades even smoother, replace the sandpaper with girth 120 to 600.

Take the 600-girth sandpaper and press it against the blade at a 45 –degree angle, herein, the movement should be circular.

Now, complete the process by wiping the blades with a wet cloth to remove all forms of dust and reassembling the meat grinder.

7 Safety Tips While Sharpening Your Meat Grinder

“Safety comes first”, you sure have heard this thing from your elders, right?

While sharpening your meat grinders, things are just the same. So, here I will talk about some of the most basic safety precautions below;

1. Instructions Are Important 

Following instructions provided on this article above should be taken into consideration. Plus, you have to maintain the correct sequence as well.

2. The Area of Work Must Be Clutter-Free

If the area is not clutter-free while sharpening your blade, any accident might occur. And you surely don’t want anything like this happen.

3. Don't Be Absent-Minded

As you are dealing with sharp objects, you can easily nick yourself while cleaning those blades. Being absent minded while working with sharp objects is never a favorable choice.

4. Use of Cut-Resistant Gloves

This is to ensure your hands are safe while you are sharpening the meat grinder.

5. Try Avoiding Reaching Across

Never try to reach across as you may come in harm’s way. If you need anything from the other side of the table, try turning the machine off and get the thing you need and turn back the machine ON.

6. Unplug Machine While Cleaning

Never try to clean the blades while plugged in. Cleaning the machine while turned on can be very dangerous. The fast rotating blades will slice off your finger instantly.

7. Be Cautious While Post-Cleaning After Sharpening

Cleaning the machine is very important but what’s more important is your safety. The blades inside are so sharp that you won’t realize being cut until you actually start to bleed.


To wrap things up, safety should be everyone’s number one priority. With this article, I tried my best to introduce the worry-free sharpening process and some safety precautions that will help you avoid potentially harmful elements that can occur while you carry on the process.

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