How to Get Rid of Mice and Critters in Your Garage

How to Get Rid of Mice and Critters

No matter how much you love animals, you do not want to make your garage as well as home as a safe heave for mice.

A garage is where you keep all your important stuff related to your work. As mice are damn good at cutting things, you really do not want to waste money by buying new things now and then.

Nonetheless, getting rid of mice seems quite difficult for you, that is why you have come so far. I had mice in my house and was able to get rid of them very easily.

In this article, to help you to get rid of mice and critters, I will share the way that worked for me as well as other beneficial ways.

How to Know If You Have Mice in the Garage?

First thing first is to know your enemy. You need to make sure that the annoying things are mice. Otherwise, no matter how effective way you apply, you will not get rid of critters that you are being annoyed by. There are things that indicate whether the culprit is mice or not.

  • 1If you want to be sure that is mice, you will need to wait till the night. Mice start running and finding foods when you are asleep at night. Turn off the lights, and be cautious. If you hear any unusual sound, turn on a flashlight, you will see their presence on your eyes.
  • 2Mice and rats leave small and dark pellets in places such as corners, near a food source, inside your drawer, etc. If you see any small darken pellets or rodent urine; know that you will need to take initiatives to get rid of them from your garage.
  • 3Mice and rats come out for finding foods during the night. If you are awake at that time, you will hear sounds like chirping and screeching. Typically, the sounds come from inside the drawers, wall, and under cabinets as well.
  • 4There are signs that will tell you about their presence in the morning. Mice can even make through a bottle hole and similar small holes as well. If you find any scratch marks close to any water or food source, that will be another proof of their presence.
  • 5If you find matted fragments of paper of clothes, that indicates they have made a nest in your garage. This sign you will find in dark places, inside a drawer with papers and clothes, under boxes and boards, etc.

Why Have They Chosen Your Garage?

Have you ever wonder why mice preferred your garage as their safe haven, especially in winter? Well, it is because its cold outside and they found your garage as next best alternative of making their nest. That is why they sought refuge inside the garage along with their little ones’.

Also, if you have foods in the garage, or your pet food is lying on the floor, these will send invitations to mice to come and live in the garage. Furthermore, sometimes, they treat your garage as a shelter from predators.  

how to get rid of mice from garage

There are many ways that you can get rid of mice. Trying a couple of them would do the trick. But if you try all of them, there is no chance that mice will stay at your garage.

1. Remove Food Sources

If mice find your garage as their food heaven, they will keep coming. The very first thing that you need to do is to remove the food sources from your garage or at least seal the foods in a container, whether it be human food or pet food.

Do not do mistake by putting foods in a plastic bag. Mice are very good at cutting, and they will surely cut through the plastic bag.

Make sure they are no fragments of food even in the gaps between appliances. Although, reaching to such areas can be difficult for you, mice can make it there too. So, clean those areas and leave no trace of food.

2. Seal the Openings

If you can seal their entrance points, half of the problem will be solved. They can go through holes of 0.6 cm with their tiny bodies; they even can jump like mini ninjas around 18-inches.

In addition, they are able to travel both the upside down direction, and craw on electrical wires like a piece of cake for them. 

Therefore, make sure you seal their entrance as strongly as possible. You can seal those entrance point using screen wire, steel wool, copper gauze that pack tightly into those openings.

For a more stable solution, using green kitchen pads would work great. Cut the pads into the right size and seal the entrance. Also, plastic scouring pads are a good alternative to it.  

3. Reduce Their Numbers from Outside

Sometimes, your garage is not the place they live in. Their headquarter can be somewhere outside the garage. If you can reduce them outside, it will also have an impact inside the garage: regularly clean brush piles, debris, and other spots that they can use for hiding.

4. Get a Cat

This is how I got rid of the mice in my house. Cats are well known for hunting rats, mice, cockroaches. If you regularly bring a cat in your garage for a week, there will be no sign of mice. This is the most effective and the easiest way to remove mice from the garage.

If you are interested in bringing a cat in your garage for mice hunting mission, make sure the cat is not an adult. Bring a young cat, as younger cats are playful and crave of hunting down insects and critters. Some cats do not feel interested in hunting when they are old.

5. Use Mice Trap

Using mice trap is one of the most common methods of removing mice from households, and they are pretty effective as well. But the method is a bit slow. It is good if you have only a few mice in your garage. 

But, if their numbers are much greater, you should use more traps or go with poison method instead.

There are plenty of mice traps you can find in the marketplace, and they are cheap. Choose a suitable tap and place it in a place that mice need to go through. You can also attract them putting a piece of cheese or peanut butter near the trap or to the dedicated place within the trap.

The next day in the morning, you will see mice inside the trap, dead or alive. Make sure you dispose of the body in proper place.  

6. Using Glue Traps

Unlike the traditional traps, the glue traps do not kill mice. It just sticks their body to the glue till they starve to death. You will find plenty of glue trap options to choose from the marketplace.

Witnessing the entire scene can be terrible. But if the mice see someone approach him, it will squeal loudly and cry out. It is going to be a horrific scene I am telling you.

Glue traps can get stuck to creatures you do not want. Keep your pet away from the trap.

7. Using Poisons

If you use poisons, it will work, but this method is not recommended to apply for several reasons. If the mice eat the poisons, it will crawl off to another place and die there, and produce a nasty smell.

Another thing is, poisons are very dangerous to the kids and pets as they do not understand what the thing is.

So, if you are okay with the two things that I have mentioned, go with the poisonous method. It will not leave any mice alive.

8. Using Natural Ways

You can get rid of mice naturally by using cloves, anise oil, spearmint, peppermint. Choose any of these essential oils or spices to remove critters from your garage.

All you need to do is dab one of these essential oils using cotton balls. Then place the balls in places where you found mice. You can plant spearmint or peppermint around the garage’s exterior as well.

If you cannot go with essential oils method, you can choose a cheap mint toothpaste as well.

9. Mothballs

These poisonous smelly balls can keep mice and critters away from your garage too. Place numbers of mothballs in vented containers and place near the areas that you found mice. You can also spread mothballs around the areas of the garage and exterior too.

How to Stop Mice and Critters from Coming Back?

Once you have successfully got rid of mice from your garage, the next step should be to take initiatives to make sure they are not making way back to the garage. To do that, use wire mesh of ¼ inch to block their entrance.

You can also use caulk and steel wool to seal off the openings. Just make sure, the siding and drywall are attached and block off the openings that mice can crawl through. Again, remove any sources of food from the garage.

How to Clean Up Mice Droppings?

As you do not want to spread hantavirus and other diseases, ensure there are no droppings in the garage as well.

Follow these steps to clean up –

  • Wear gloves and facemask before starting the cleaning process.
  • Spray hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar at the droppings. It will kill 99% of bacteria.
  • You can also use a bleach water solution and disinfectant as well.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe off the droppings and dispose of in the garbage.
  • Clean the area once again with hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar.
  • When you are done with cleaning, wash your hands with water and soap before and after taking off the gloves.

Final Words

Mice and critters can be very serious enemies to your important stuff that you store in the garage. Therefore, do not overlook their presence. Use any of the above methods that I mentioned, or you can go with multiple methods for better results.

Make sure you leave no room for mice and critters to come back again.

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