How To Clean Floor Carpet

How To Clean Floor Carpet – Know The Different Ways

A good carpet can completely change the appearance of any room. From being a basic sitting space, it grows into a pleasant area of warmth, comfort and more.

People coming into your home or office appreciate having a beautifully weaved piece under their feet.

However, in the course of time, this pleasant decorative piece becomes the target of many mites, dirt particles and more. Not paying any attention to its hygiene for a long time can lead to different health hazards.

The solution is to keep your carpets clean and hygenic. But do you know how to clean floor carpet?

If not, we are here to help! Keep reading to learn about multiple carpet cleaning methods and more.

What Is Carpet Cleaning And Why Is It Important?

Carpets enhance the aesthetic value of any home or office. However, their thick texture may become home to harmful micro-organisms if left unchecked for too long.

Its distinct weave makes it easier for these allergens, as well as dirt and stains, to stick to the surface.

So cleaning your carpets every now and then carries considerable significance. You can do it yourself or hire professionals who offer carpet cleaning services to keep your space safe.

There are many other reasons to clean the floor carpet. Among them, the most prominent ones are:


As we all know, any carpet of a standard size covers most of the floor. So whenever a guest comes in, you cannot expect them to ignore it.

The carpet will most likely be the first thing they take a good look at after entering the room. Because of this reason, it needs to look as flawless as possible.

Cleaning the carpets can definitely enhance their appearance and therefore, improve your interior aesthetics. The discolored and darkened patches will go away from its surface making it look as good as new!


The proper maintenance of any product extends its lifespan. Regular cleaning of the carpet also enhances its durability.

They are mainly made of wool or synthetic fibers which are very susceptible to wear and tear. Allowing dirt and debris to harm their texture will amplify this vulnerability even more.

So making an effort every few days to remove those particles will enable the carpet to maintain its ideal texture. As a result, its original longevity will get a boost.

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Growth Prevention

The longer you let your carpet stay dirty, the more likely they are to be contaminated with even more allergenic bodies.

Especially if there is a kid in your house, he or she can get sick frequently being in regular contact with this contaminated carpet. Accidentally ingesting any dirt or micro-body present here can cause respiratory diseases as well.

Cleaning removes these harmful agents from your carpet and prevents their growth in the future. Bacteria and mold will not get the chance to return if you wash it regularly.


Believe it or not, your carpet cleaning actually has something to do with the room’s airflow!

The entire atmosphere of your room is affected by the excess dust and dirt encapsulated within your carpet fibers.

This especially applies to confined rooms without any window and cars where the windows are seldom rolled down.

By eliminating those dirty agents, your carpet fibers will be able to breath easier. Professional cleaners can prove to be more effective in this case than just vacuum cleaners.


You may not think of going for carpet cleaning at first. It may seem like an unnecessary expenditure to you. But in fact, not cleaning the carpet at regular intervals can actually lead to higher expenditure!

Not paying any heed to this matter can make the carpet lose its charm way faster. As a result, it will not be able to serve you long enough. So you have to purchase another one which will definitely come at a higher price than cleaning services.

Ways to clean car floor carpet

Keeping your car’s carpet clean is crucial to maintaining your own hygiene and health on the daily commute. Besides, it saves embarrassments from other passengers joining you on the ride. So, lets know the steps.

1. Remove Obstacles

Remove anything blocking your way to cleaning the carpet properly. This typically includes all that is covering the targeted area like floor mats.

If you have the enthusiasm as well as the energy, you can move the center console, seats and similar pieces out too.

Your main goal here is to get enough room inside the vehicle to access the carpet comfortably.

2. Vacuum

Now that you have a clear space, get ready to vacuum the carpet. If it is wet, let the carpet dry out first. Run a stiff brush on its surface so that the embedded debris becomes loose enough. This is a good time to use the vacuum and draw it all in.

3. Stained Spots

When the space is cleared, you can mark the stained spots easily. For that, you will need a stiff brush, an upholstery cleaner and some clean washcloths. If cleaners are unavailable, make one yourself with:

  • vinegar, liquid soap and hot water (for general stains)
  • hairspray or alcohol (for ink stains)
  • clear water (for salt stains)
  • lacquer thinner (for grease and oil stains)

4. Hand Scrubbing

Spray the chosen cleaner on a small and inconspicuous area to see how it affects the carpet. Scrub it with the brush and then vacuum the space. Repeat this all over the carpet. Finish it up by rinsing with just water. If there are still dirty spots, spray the clear water on it and vacuum.

Ways To Clean Floor Carpet At Home

1. Vacuum with Nozzle

Similar to the car, clear up the floor space before starting to vacuum. Attach a nozzle in its end so that you can reach all the corners and narrows spaces effectively. Do this 1-4 times a week especially if you have a hairy pet.

2. Spot Cleaning

To clean up particular spots, use a carpet cleaner with a white washcloth. Apply it to a tiny space before going for the main spot to ensure that it doesn’t cause discoloration.

Now dab only the required amount on the targeted area and blot it gently. Soak another rag in clean water and soak up the soap residuals.

Cleaning Floor Carpets In Different Methods

i. Vaccum

This is a pretty straight-forward process. Just clear up the carpet space to remove any object that cannot be sucked up by the vacuum. This mainly includes coins, toys and paper clips.

Then begin vacuuming the space and take your time with it. Rushing through the cleaning process will not take out all the dirt, thus making the whole effort ineffective. Do it in one direction the first time and then repeat it in reverse direction.

ii. Baking Soda

Baking soda is the VLC player of cleaning – you can clean almost anything with it. Besides, it comes at a budget-friendly price and is safe for the environment.

Spray some of it on the carpet or on the spot. You can also mix it with hot water. Leave the spray on for three hours or longer. When it has soaked up all the dirt, use the vacuum to finish off the process.

iii. Carpet

Clear the carpet space and vacuum it twice in opposite directions. Apply a carpet cleaner on the stained spots by dabbing with a washcloth. Remember to not rub it. Let the cleaner sit there for five minutes.

Now get ready to clean up the dirt embedded deep into the fibers. Pour distilled water into the steam cleaner’s tank.

You can mix in your preferred cleaner in this like white vinegar, dish soap or a commercial product. Check the steam cleaner’s manual to see what the most recommended cleaning solution is for it.

Plug in the machine and let the water or solution heat up. In order to destroy mites and fleas in the carpet, this temperature needs to be 100 degrees in Celsius.

Now begin running the cleaner from one corner in straight lines. Cover all corners in this way to never miss a dirty spot. After steam cleaning the whole carpet, leave it for 4-12 hours to dry properly.

iv. Dry Cleaning A Floor Carpet

This method requires spreading dry chemical agents on the carpet. Such powders have the capability to go deep into the fibers. They can break down debris and erase stubborn stains.

Although it is called dry cleaning, a bit of moisture is necessary to help the chemicals do their job even better. End the process by vacuuming on the cleaned spot or the whole carpet.

v. Bleach?

Bleach or hydrogen peroxide is a good cleaning agent for carpets made of 100% polypropylene. We don’t recommend using it on any other type of carpet.

Put on rubber gloves and mask to keep your skin and respiratory system safe. The caustic fumes of this agent are quite harmful. Make a solution in a spray bottle taking thin bleach and tap water in equal amounts.

Apply it to the stained spot and let sit for at least half an hour. Then rinse well with water and use a brush to get rid of more stubborn dirt.

vi. Borax?

The affordable laundry aid of borax also works on carpets!

This agent works best on fresh stains and requires a number of things. You will need multiple clean clothes, ice water, spray bottle, spoon, vacuum, paper towels and heavy books.

Use the first cloth to blot the spot and lift some of the stains. Fill up the spray bottle with cold water. Dampen the spot with it and then lay down a cold cloth there. Press it with a spoon, blot again and repeat until all the spilled liquid is gone.

Rinse with cold water and spread paper towels there. Use the heavy books on them so that they absorb all the remaining liquid. After a few hours, dry it with a vacuum.

Floor Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Keep The Supplies Closeby

It doesn’t take much to clean up a carpet. The typical components include baking soda, vinegar, spray bottle with water and a clean washcloth. You can make the carpet cleaning process more efficient by keeping these usual supplies closeby. Getting such quick access reduces the total preparation time.

Waste No Time

The best approach to cleaning carpets is to do it as soon as a stain occurs. Just take a strongly absorbent towel or cloth to soak up the spilled liquid or pick up solid dirt. You can also place a thinner cloth like tissue on the spot for fast absorption.

Six Months Interval

This is the minimum timeframe to maintain between two carpet cleaning days. You should not wait longer than six months to hit the cleaning routine again.

We recommend this interval period based on the inevitable season change. The heat of summer, falling leaves of autumn, snow of winter and dampness of rainy season can easily get on your carpet.

Rub Me Not

Although this is a common misconception, rubbing is really not a good idea for cleaning carpet stains or spills. Doing this only helps the liquid to seep deeper into the carpet fibers and last longer. So, remember to blot up the stain instead of rubbing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

Answer: Absolutely! Hiring a professional carpet cleaning team once a year can do wonders to maintain its high quality. It will help with keeping their shape intact as well. Besides, you can continue being productive in your busy life while leaving all the worries in the hands of experts.

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

Answer: It really depends on what kind of stain, dust or issue you are trying to resolve. However, the most effective method among all seems to be the steam cleaning. You can get rid of more than 90% dirt and bacteria residing on the carpet by using it.

Is Carpet Cleaning Toxic?

Answer: Although most carpet cleaning brands use mild chemicals, some do have toxic variations. Long exposure to them can lead to various health problems. For instance, perchloroethylene can cause dizziness, nausea, fatigue and possible damages to kidney and liver.

Is Baking Soda Good For Carpet Cleaning?

Answer: Yes, baking soda helps well to clean up the carpet. It can neutralize the stain and any associated bad odor naturally. As a result, you get better results after cleaning. You can sprinkle it over the spot and vacuum later, or mix it with water and scrub.


Now that you know how to clean floor carpet, it should get much easier to maintain your home or office environment. Make sure to not let it go unnoticed for over six months to preserve its optimum quality.

Cleaning carpet sounds like a tedious job at first. But in reality, it is not that hard if you take prompt action after a spill. However, if its hygiene has been ignored for a longer time, we suggest hiring professional cleaners to make it as good as new again!

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