How To Choose Tires For Your Chevy Silverado

Silverado Tires - Buyer's Guide

Chevrolet Silverado owners should use between 17-inch and 22-inch all-season tires as standard

Imagine driving a Chevrolet Silverado and slipping and sliding all over the road.

While this is a rare problem on clear roads, truck owners without the best tires for their needs lose traction and suffer from poor performance all the time in poor weather or while driving on rough surfaces.

The Silverado is a powerful pickup truck, but all that power is useless if it doesn’t maintain its grip on the road. That’s why it’s so important to invest in the best tires for your needs.

Whether you’ll be off-roading, hauling a trailer, or just commuting to work, the right tire will help get you where you need to go reliably.

I’ve assembled a buyer’s guide explaining how to select the best tires for a Chevy Silverado. Follow along with the guide to learn how to choose tires that will work for your specific needs. Make the most of your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with the perfect set of tires installed.

It is true that you will find a ton of products from different brands.

But the question is, which is the best for your need? It is a tough and time-consuming question to answer.

I made your life easier and listed in the below infographic some key points to keep in mind when selecting tires for your chevy silverado

Type, perfromance and size are 3 important criteria to choose the best tires for your chevy silverado
Type, performance and size are 3 important criteria to choose the best tires for your chevy silverado

You will find later in this post a more detailed explanation of each of them in our buyer’s guide section, as well as some frequently asked questions and finally a review of the major brands available.

If you are already curious about the models available, I have selected and reviewed for you the best tires for you Silverado in another article. Make sure to read it before making your final choice!

Silverado Tires – Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best Chevy Silverado tires for your pickup isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Getting the ideal tires isn’t as simple as choosing the right size tire that has good ratings.

Instead, you have to think about the size, type of tire, its price, the road noise it creates, and its performance. These factors all influence the tires you choose, and the best tires are made up of a quality mix of those factors.


Although most Chevrolet Silverado models come equipped with 17-inch tires, it’s possible to increase your truck tire size and many owners decide to do that for better off-road handling or style reasons. You can invest in larger tires if you want more ground clearance when driving over uneven terrain, but it’s important to consider whether your truck has enough available room to accommodate the increased size or not. Very large truck tires will only work on a Silverado with a lift kit installed. If you don’t need oversized tires, sticking with the stock tire size for your next set of tires can save you money.


The type of tire you choose determines how well it will perform in a given scenario. For instance, winter tires do well on snow and ice. Mud terrain tires handle dirt, gravel, and lose terrain more capably. A terrain tire is a versatile performer while off-roading, and an all-season tire is an ideal option for standard highway driving and everyday use. There are also special tires for drivers that haul and tow regularly that are rated to withstand heavier loads for longer periods of time. Consider how you’ll use your truck, and select the best Chevy Silverado tires to match your plans.


The performance of a tire means how well it maintains traction and its tread life over time as well. High-quality tires can withstand the pressure of a long-distance trip, even when towing or hauling cargo. That’s why performance is important when selecting a set of tires you plan to put to work. Features such as the tread compound, the sidewall construction, and the warranty that comes with the selected highway tires will let you know just how well they are built to perform.

Tire Sound

One feature that buyers rarely consider when purchasing tires is the sound they make while driving. While it’s true that specialty tires such as terrain tires, winter tires, or mud-terrain products put out more sound than standard highway tires, there are different sound ratings within the same class of tires as well. Whenever you have the chance, it makes sense to choose a quieter tire if possible. A quiet tire will be more pleasant to drive with and should make your Silverado 1500 more enjoyable. Even some tires with aggressive tread patterns, such as an all-terrain tire, can be made to sound quieter on the road if designed properly. This is a feature you’ll want to consider if you value a quiet and comfortable ride.


When shopping for the best tires for Chevy, it’s important to consider the price tag on your truck tires. Different tire brands and types come with different prices. Consider the warranty, reviews, and overall expected performance of the tires you’re researching for your Chevrolet Silverado, and allow all that information to influence the price you pay for your tires.

More features, larger tires, or specialty tires come with a higher price tag. Often the best tires are somewhere in the middle in terms of pricing, meaning you won’t pay the highest or lowest cost for the tires you select.

Choosing the best tires for Chevy Silverado trucks isn’t a straightforward process, but hopefully, this guide gives you an idea of what features to focus on while you look at tires.

You can now make sure to review my selection of the best tires for your chevy silverado before making your final choice!

Not ready yet to make a selection? No problem, just keep on reading the Frequently Asked Questions that come next

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though Chevy Silverado models vary depending on the year and trim package, most stock Silverado 1500 trucks can handle up to 32-inch tires as long as they maintain the standard width. Tires over 32-inches in size require a leveling kit or a lift kit in order to have enough clearance to perform properly. Always consider the width of the tires you purchase as well because wider tires often can't be as large without making changes to the suspension system.

Different Chevy Silverado model years and trims feature different wheels. That means you will have to refer to the current tires on your truck to determine which size is right for your pickup. It should be possible to install between 17-inch and 32-inch tires on most stock Chevrolet Silverado models without lifting them.

Major Brands

  • Falken – Falken is a leading full-line tire manufacturer that creates products for cars, trucks, and SUVs. It’s known for creating high-performance products.
  • Pirelli – Pirelli is one of the world’s leading tire-production companies with plants in 12 different countries throughout the world. The company makes car, motorcycle, and bicycle tires and accessories.
  • Cooper – This Ohio-based company is a leader in the tire industry with more than 100 years of experience.
  • Goodyear – As a top tire manufacturer for US customers and a provider of automotive services throughout the country, Goodyear is a reliable leader in the industry.


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