How To Choose Lift Kits For Your Chevy Silverado – Buyer’s Guide

Yitamotor Leveling Lift Kit for Silverado/Sierra, 3 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Forged Strut Spacers
Yitamotor Leveling Lift Kit for Silverado/Sierra, 3 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Forged Strut Spacers

Use lift kits for a Chevy Silverado truck to increase ground clearance, improve off-road performance, and to give your truck a more unique look.

The stock Chevy Silverado trucks come ready to tow and haul very effectively. These trucks are built for rugged performance, but they aren’t the perfect off-roading machines when set up with original equipment.

Plenty of Chevy Silverado owners scrape their gas tanks and gouge other underbody components while driving on rough terrain.

The best lift kits give more clearance so you can drive over uneven paths without dragging the body of your truck. If you plan to go off-roading, or you just want your pickup truck to have a more unique look, finding the best lift kit for your needs will make your truck more effective for you.

Choosing the perfect lift kit is difficult to do, and it is true that you will find a ton of products from different brands, which is why I made a buyer’s guide for choosing a leveling kit or suspension lift that will work well for you.

But the question is, which is the best lift kit for your need? It is a tough and time-consuming question to answer.

I made your life easier and listed in the below infographic some key points to keep in mind when selecting a lift kit for your silverado truck.

Durability, load capacity and ground clearance are elements to check when buying a lift kit for your chevy silverado
Tips For Choosing Your Lift Kit

You will find later in this post a more detailed explanation of each of them in our buyer’s guide section, as well as some frequently asked questions

If you are already curious about the models available, I have selected and reviewed for you the best lift kits for your chevy Silverado in another article. Make sure to read it before making your final choice!

Oh last thing, before moving on to the details of each criterion.

Have you already decided if you would go for a leveling kit or a lift kit? If not, just check this article: Lift kits vs Leveling kits.

Lift Kit For Chevy Silverado- Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best lift kit for Chevy Silverado 1500 trucks isn’t simple to do because lift kits aren’t simple.

A truck lift kit is made from a mix of components for the suspension as well as the underside of the body. Some kits include more than a dozen different components, which makes it difficult to determine which kits are the best lift kits.

That’s why I created a buyer’s guide to help explain what to lift for when buying lift kits for the best results.

Different pickup truck owners will benefit from different kits, but you should be able to look at a leveling kit or suspension lift and have an idea if it’s good for your ride after reading this guide.


When shopping for a lift kit for your Chevy Silverado it’s important to look at the durability of the materials used. Whether you’re getting a leveling lift kit or something more comprehensive for your pickup truck, you need to look at the hardware, the suspension components, the spacers, and everything else included, to see if it’s built well. It’s worth the money to invest in more durable components to ensure that your truck performs reliably after it’s upgraded.

Easy to Install

Many body lift kits come with installation instructions, and these instructions are useful even if you don’t plan on installing the kit yourself. The instructions are valuable because you can use the information to help you choose a kit that’s simpler to install.

When you get a Silverado kit for Chevy some kits are significantly more difficult to install than others. It’s normally best to choose a kit that’s easier to install whenever possible. Even if you won’t be installing the kit yourself, a mechanic will charge less in labor when installing a simple kit.

Most body lifts are easier to install than suspension lifts are. This is an important distinction to make when searching for a kit for Chevy that will meet your needs. A leveling kit with front top strut spacers will be significantly simpler to install than one of the Supreme suspensions kits for instance.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is one of the most important considerations to make when searching for the best lift kits for your needs. Ground clearance is the amount of space between the bottom of the Silverado and the ground. A quality Sierra full lift kit or Silverado kit will enhance your clearance enough to meet your needs.

Generally, a Silverado lift kit enhances ground clearance between .5″ and 6″ depending on its design. If you’re looking at Silverado lift kit options, it’s important to decide how much space you need for your ride before choosing one of the body lift kits. Many Chevrolet Silverado owners invest in suspension lifts in order to make space to install larger wheels and tires. If that’s your purpose it’s important to learn how much space the body lifts need to create in order to allow your new wheels and tires to function.

Load Capacity

When looking at kits for Chevy Silverado pickup trucks, it’s important to think about the load capacity they are rated at. The Chevy Silverado is built for hauling and towing and is expected to hold thousands of pounds. That means that the lift kits for Chevy should also be able to support that weight. This is especially important when getting components for the rear of the truck where much of the hauling and towing weight is positioned.

Always look at the kits for Chevy Silverado and avoid the options that aren’t rated to withstand a heavy load.


The price of a lift kit is an important consideration to help you choose lift kits for Chevy that will work best for your truck. Kits can range in price from as little as $100 to as much as $5,000. The price of a kit depends on the hardware and parts included the results achieved by the kit, and the brand offering the product.

Buyers should consider the quality of each product by looking at reviews and materials when comparing the prices of two similar kits. It’s also important to consider whether a kit offers performance-enhancing benefits or not. The more comprehensive suspension lift kits have a higher price tag, but they improve ground clearance and make the truck better at off-roading. The best lift kits often cost more, especially if you want enough clearance for larger tires and to off-road with confidence.

Use this guide to help you choose the right lift kit for Chevy trucks you own, or to help you evaluate the kits we recommend in my selection of the best lift kits for Chevy Silverado. A small hint from me – make sure you reviewed it before your final choice.

Not ready yet to make a selection? No problem, read further the Frequently Asked Questions

Lift Kits For Chevy Silverado – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. When lift kits are chosen carefully and installed by a Chevy Certified technician they don't always void the OEM warranty. Only specific kits are approved though. Always consult with your local dealer if you have questions about parts and your warranty.
You should lift your pickup truck the minimum amount that will make you happy and give you what you need to accomplish your goals. If you'll have enough clearance with a 4-inch suspension lift to fit the wheels and tires you want, or to give your ride the look you want, go with that kit. If you need a 6-inch lift kit for Chevy to meet your needs, invest in that. Larger kits are more expensive and difficult to install, so it's best to use the smallest kit you'll be happy with
No, not when selected and installed properly. It's true that the wrong suspension lift or even a leveling lift kit can hurt the performance or reliability of your truck. That's why it's important to select quality kits and to get them installed on your pickup truck by an expert.
t's impossible to name one brand that's better than all the rest because there are several companies that make a quality lift kit for Chevy Silverado trucks. Motofab, Supreme, MZS, and Dynofit along with others all make quality kits, you just have to select the right product for your specific needs.


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