How To Choose Floor Mats For Your Chevy Silverado

How to choose your chevy floor mat - buyer's guide

Trucks are built to get dirty and for doing work, by getting tough floor mats you’ll safeguard your truck floors and make them easier to clean as well.

Trucks are built to get dirty and for doing work. They’re common tools for tradesmen, hunters, DIY enthusiasts, and more.

No matter how you use your pickup, chances are good that dirt is getting tracked into the cab on a regular basis. Without a good protective covering, your truck’s floor will get dirty and wear out sooner.

I made your selection easier I listed in the below infographic some key points to keep in mind when selecting a Floor Mat.

Durability, Materials and capability to stay in place are 3 important buying criteria for a floor mat

By getting tough floor covers for your truck you’ll safeguard the floors and make them easier to clean as well. Floor accessories are made in so many different ways that it’s important to know how to determine which will work well for you and which should be avoided entirely.

We’ve assembled a guide that explains how to purchase floor mats for a Chevy Silverado pickup.

The guide explains what factors to consider when choosing mats, and it explains what makes a good product from a less effective one. If you follow the advice in the guide you’ll be more likely to select a product that works well for you. Use it to choose from one of the many floormats available online, and use it when reviewing some of the hand-picked options in our product review as well.

How to install Floor Mats In Your Chevy Silverado

It is true that you will find a ton of products from different brands. But the question is, which is the best Floor Mat for your need? It is a tough and time-consuming question to answer.

You will find later in this post a more detailed explanation of each of them in our buyer’s guide section.

If you are already curious about the models available, I have selected and reviewed for you the best floor mats for your chevy Silverado in another article.

Make sure to read it before making your final choice!

Floor Mats – Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the perfect covering for your truck’s flooring isn’t as simple as it seems at first, because there are so many different products available for purchase.

It’s important to consider how the different accessories will sit in your vehicle, how durable they are and whether they will provide you with the protective surface you want for your truck.

That’s why we created a full buyer’s guide for choosing the right floor covering. The guide should help you select the right coverage that will keep your truck’s flooring in good shape over time.


When searching for a floor covering for your Silverado in 2021 and beyond it’s important to look for a durable product. Often the toughest accessories are made from thick rubber and they’re designed to be scratch and wear-resistant. The floor covering you decide to use should fit your model pickup properly while protecting your floors from damage.

A set of dark matliner floor mats
Matliners floor mats

Look closely at any product you’re considering to verify it’s made from tough material and that’s it is built to last. You should look at the thickness of the material and the overall build design and select something that’s designed well and looks durable. This is the best way to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Choosing a mat that’s durable and a reasonable price will help you get the most value from your purchase and enjoy years of protection. When chosen properly a durable product will last for many years. Weak mats wear out sooner and require replacement more frequently.

Build Materials

Another consideration to keep in mind when looking for protective products for your ride is the materials they are made from. Textile products are affordable and work well for casual use. Truck-owners that do off-roading, hunting, or work in dirty environments regularly would benefit from the added durability that rubber provides.

Think about how you’ll use the products once they are installed and use that information to help you select something made from the right material for you. The right protective accessories offer impressive results and will help keep the floors of your pickup neat and tidy.


While choosing a floor covering it’s important to look at the sizing of the different accessories you’re considering. The right mat will be made for your make and model of truck. It should cover as much of the floor’s surface as possible so there is less open space for gunk to get tracked in.

With a properly sized set of covers for your pickup, you shouldn’t have much cleaning to do after removing and wiping down the mats. A properly sized set of accessories will be simpler to install as well, making it quick and easy to put in and use.

Keep your vehicle model in mind when choosing a covering so you can get a product that’s sized appropriately. By choosing carefully you can get something that will fit well and deliver a high level of protection as well.

An Easy to Clean Design

Another feature to look for when purchasing a cover for your General Motors truck is a design pattern that’s easy to clean. Before considering a product with a complicated design, think about how difficult it’s going to be to clean dirt, rocks, and debris.

Muddy Shoes On The Husky Liners 98231 Floor Mats
Husky Liners 98231 Floor Mats

The right product is one that will clean easily while still effectively holding the grime you track in on your boots. It’s okay to choose an accessory with a more unique design, just try and select something that will be simple to clean as well.

Stays in Place

For maximum comfort and effectiveness, a floor mat should remain in place when it’s used. Rubber mats slide less than vinyl and other textile-mats do, which makes them an ideal option. A high-quality mat won’t slide around your floor as much and will offer a higher level of protection while also giving you a comfortable place to rest your feet. Consider a product that’s designed with an intentionally grippy surface that will lock in position when you use it. This is the type of cover you want for your truck’s floor.

Wade 72-110052 Sure-Fit Front Floor Mat

This guide is dedicated to helping truck owners choose floor coverings that offer optimal protection and deliver a good value for their price. Hopefully, buyers will keep this guide in mind when searching for products themselves or while looking through our list of top-tier mats that have been chosen for performance.

Hopefully, with these key factors in mind, you’ll have an easier time selecting the most appropriate floor mat for your chevy!

You can now make sure to review my selection of the best floor mats before making your final choice!

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