How To Avoid Accidents In The Garage: 17 Tips That Need To Follow Every Garage Owner

Taking care of your garage should be given priority over cleaning your bedroom and living room. Sounds strange?

Well, this is because you do not perform any fixing and experiment inside your bed room or living room, you go to your garage instead.

So, a garage is not just a place to park your cars and bikes. Most of the people are heedless when it comes to the safety of their garages.

God forbids, if something bad happens, you are not only risking your life, you are risking the lives of your family members, as well as the neighbors.

In this article, I will share with you some valuable tips to keep your garage safe from dangers.

17 Tips for Preventing Accidents in the Garage

Taking care of your garage would take far less than what you spend to clean your rooms. Follow these easy and simple steps to keep potential dangers away from your garage.

1. Keep Things Organized

Start from organizing things inside your garage. Whenever you need to store something related to your work or experiment, the very place that you rush to is the garage.

Therefore, if your garage becomes a storehouse of all your stuff, you must ensure that the garage is well organized.

Keep sharp things such as blades, nails, tool, screws, etc. in a place that the kids cannot get access to. Make sure the door of your garage does not have any issue with opening and closing.

2. Locate the Door Switches High Up

To prevent happening anything bad, you must ensure that your kids do not get access to the garage in your absence. Therefore, locate the door switch such high up that your kids do not reach there using their hands.

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3. Do Not Overload Shelves and closets

As you are storing things in closets and shelves inside the garage. Make sure they are not overloaded by hardware. If the shelves and closets are weak or overloaded with stuffs, then accident may occur.

Be sure to use necessary hardware to install those shelves and closets. Also, do not strain your back that much when you are about to lift heavy objects.

4. Keep sharp tools protected

Sharp tools such as blades, knife, screws, nail, etc. should be inside protective covering or placed face down. So that things do not fall that easy and harm anyone or bring accidents.

5. Take Care of Electric Wires

Most of the time electric cables and wires lay on the floor, and we do not bother that much regarding this. It can cause fatal accidents sometimes. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Secure the wires by such an arrangement that cables and wires do not lay down on the floor. If any of the wires or power cords are broken, or wires are coming out from the plastic layer, replace them immediately.

6. Keep small items in a box

Keep small items in a box

Small items such as screws, nuts, nails are very hard to find if they are not kept in a specific place. In addition, as these items are sharp, if any of these falls on important equipment and gets inside, it will generate further problems.

Therefore, keep all the small items well organized. Locate boxes of different sizes and have labels on each of the boxes then place small items in organized way high up in the shelves.

7. Unplug Power Cords After Using

Do not even think of leaving electric cables, power cords plugged in state. If they are not unplugged when you are not in the garage, it can cause overheating, electrical shock, accidental activation, and even fires.

Each time you leave your garage for a long time, make sure you unplug all the power cords and cable that are not necessary to remain in plugging in state when you are away.

8. Dispose of Chemicals 

When you are done with any work that requires using chemicals, be sure to dispose of those chemicals properly. Do not store those chemicals as most of the chemicals are flammable and can ignite fires if something risky happens.

If you cannot but have to store any important chemicals, make sure you take necessary precautions to face if there is an unusual thing happens.

9. Use Protective Gears

In case of performing any experiments, fixings inside the garage typically involve welding, grinding, drilling, nailing activities. Be sure to use protective gears such as hand gloves, eye goggles, ear protectors.

10. Place Ladders Horizontally

Again, this has to deal with the kids. They will try to do almost everything without knowing the outcome. If your kids see ladders in your garage, there is a high chance that they will try to climb on it.

So, make sure ladders in your garage are in horizontal position as they are not strong enough to turn it in the vertical position.

11. Clean the Floor

Clean the Floor

Due to the substances that fall from your car such as grease, ice melt can easily make the floor of your garage slippery. And a slippery floor can lead to severe injuries. Avoid running in the garage.

To avoid that, you will need to clean the floor for a regular basis. Clean the floor with soap and water.

12. No Smoking Inside the Garage

Like most other people, your garage probably a great place for storing things. If you notice carefully, you will see many objects are flammable and can catch fires if they are exposed to any fire source.

The best suggestion would be to find another safe place for storing flammable substances. If that is not possible, then make sure no one is smoking inside your garage. And of course, get an ABC fire extinguisher to minimize damage if anything bad happens.

13. Keep Dangerous Tools Out of Reach

Having excess clutter in garage leads to many accidents in most cases. Keep your garage safe from dangerous outcomes by keeping potential risky tools out of reach. Make sure the tools are not easily accessible to other than you.

14. Keep Chemical Fluid Out of Reach

Your garage may be the storehouse of all types of car fluids you have. Most of them are poisonous chemicals. Therefore, you need to keep those things in such a place that is unreachable for the kids. Keep those chemicals on high shelves.

15. Safety Regarding the Door

Lots of accident take place in garages due to the doors. The most common accident that happens because of it is trapping finger under it or in between the panel of the door. Even your body can trap under a closing door.

You need to regularly check the garage door to see whether it functions properly or not. Also, make your family member aware, especially your kids about the potential risks of garage doors.  

In addition, accidents happen with vehicles and garage doors too. Often, garage owner hits the door with the car or swipes the side of the garage while pulling the car in and out. To avoid damaging your car this way, wait till the door is lifted fully and then pull your car.

If you have a problem pulling your car at night, install some automatic lights that will show you the way using sensors. And to avoid hitting on the side, installing viewing mirrors can help you in this regard.

16. Ping-Pong Ball Method

How many times have you struggled to park your car in the garage due to its limited space? 

Just make sure you left enough space on the sides for walking. Now attach a ping-pong ball to the ceiling.

The ball should be positioned in such way that it hits the windshield when your car is perfectly parked.

17. Have an ABC Fire Extinguisher

As the garage became a storehouse for your chemicals, electric equipment and tools, it increases the potential risk of catching fires. Therefore, you must ensure there is a fire extinguisher in your garage.

Not all the type of fire extinguisher works on your every classes of fires. There are specific fire extinguishers for different classes. For the garage, an ABC fire extinguisher will be the appropriate one. It can reduce fires that catch from paper, wood, chemicals and electrical shocks, sparks.

Final Words 

A garage is not just the house of your car; it is more than that. It is a workplace where all your innovation and creativity happens.

Working for a project in a good environment is an important concern too. And for that reason, you need to properly maintain the garage and things in it.

Taking care of your garage is not only for the garage and keeping your working area neat and clean. It has a connection to the safety of your family also.

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