Will my led outside light fixtures be a bother to my neighbors?


    If you install floodlights, there’s a good chance they’ll bother your neighbors. But that also depends on your neighbors’ tolerance for lights and the distance between your home and theirs.

    There are several ways in which you can reduce the effect:

    • Use motion sensor lights – these will stay off most of the time, so they won’t bother your neighbors much.
    • Install bulb covers – these will shield the direction of your neighbors’ homes and ensure the lights are shining only in your home’s direction. Try to focus the beam downwards.
    • Use low-lying low-brightness lamps – low lying lights are not as bothersome as high lights. Also, go for the bulbs with the least lumens that work for your purpose to reduce the brightness.
    • Don’t install too many lights – if your home looks like a light house, or as a beach restaurant, you’re likely going to have problems with your neighbors. Minimize the number of bulbs.


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