Why do I need a dash cam?


    The first benefit is that you will have an unbiased eyewitness to back you up in case of an accident or incident. Whether you’re defending yourself before the authorities or trying to justify your claim with the insurance company, video footage can be profoundly helpful.

    If that doesn’t convince you, how about the ability to record your journey and view it later? You could capture something newsworthy or even a clip that could go viral.

    If you have a fleet of cargo trucks, a dash cam can come in handy for monitoring the vehicles from afar. You will be able to accurately rate the driver and keep them in their best behavior, and you’ll be able to avert theft. Someone trying to break into the trailer will think twice after seeing the camera.

    If the camera is GPS enabled, it can help you know the exact location of the truck and once again, this is helpful for fleet management.


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