Which Salt I Need To Use In My Water Softener?


    There are several types of salts you’ll find in the stores. Some are cheaper than others but isn’t highly effective. With so many types and brands, it can be hard to find the one suitable for you.

    You’ll basically find three types at the stores. Salt pellets, salt crystals, and potassium chloride. The first two is sodium chloride. Salt crystals are found in two forms, rock salt, and solar salt.

    The rock salt is mined from the ground and contains a lot of impurities. Solar salt is extracted from seawater through evaporation and much cleaner than rock salt. Both are cheap, but not as effective as salt pellets.

    Salt pellets are the purest form of sodium chloride (99.9%). They are the most effective but comes with a slightly pricier tag. Those who want to avoid sodium in the household water can use potassium chloride as an alternative.


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