How To Use A Pipe Wrench?


    It might sound peculiar because wrenches are known as tools with the easiest mechanism. Well, like other things in life, a little know-how will help you save sweat and time.

    A pipe wrench is a clamp-like tool and it comes with two jaws. The lower jaw is fixed, while the upper jaw can move back and forth.

    So, to tighten or loosen a pipe, place the pipe between the jaws and in the center. Do not connect the upper hook jaw with the pipe. As a rule of thumb, always keep ½ inch gap between the two.

    Once the tube is properly centered between two jaws, tighten the hook jaw until two of the jaws bite properly on the pipe. Make sure the jaws are attached strongly. After that, move the pipe in order to tighten or loosen.


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