How to Install Running Boards on a Chevy Silverado ?

  1. Take running boards and brackets from box, verify all parts are there
    locate four installation points on the underside of the truck body
  2. Drill out factory nuts with 3/8 inch drill bit
  3. Twist off welded nuts with 17mm wrench
  4. Remove the rubber plug covers over the factory mount hole locations inside of the truck body up above the lower mount holes you already prepared for installation.
  5. Slide the bracket clips into position on both of the lower and upper mounting locations on the truck.
  6. Mount the running board brackets using bolts at the top and bottom factory mounting locations.
  7. Torque the bolts down to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  8. Place each running board in position over top of the brackets, taking care to line up the mounting holes to the holes on the brackets.
  9. Fasten the running boards to the brackets using the included mounting hardware and torque the bolts to lock the boards firmly in place.
  10. Your new running boards are now locked into position. Maintain the running boards by checking the mounting bolts periodically to ensure the bolts are still snug.


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