How to install Lift Kits?

    • Jack up the truck and support with jack stands
    • Remove the tires
    • Unhook the four bolts securing your rear U-joints
    • Jack up the leaf springs of your truck to create space between the leaf springs and the axle
    • Remove the original block and insert an enlarged one aligning the mounting piece to the hole on the axle and the leaf springs
    • Lower the leaf springs back down to lock the block in position
    • Reattach the U-joints to lock the rear suspension in place.
    • Go to the front of the pickup truck and unbolt the nut holding the tie-rod to the knuckle.
    • Loosen the nut holding the upper ball-joint to the knuckle
    • Break the knuckle loose with a hammer
    • Unbolt the nuts holding the strut assembly to the frame housing
    • Unbolt the bolts holding the strut to the lower control arm
    • Lower the vehicle slightly so that the strut can be removed.
    • Install the spacer on the strut and lock it back into position after turning the strut assembly 180 degrees.
    • Re-install all the front-end components in the reverse order to how they were removed.
      Your leveling kit is now installed.


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