How do I prevent rust formation?


    Rust is normally a result of exposure of metal items to moisture and air. To prevent rusting, you just have to shield the items from moisture and air. It’s not very easy to shield items against air,but you can shield them against moisture. Here’s how you can do that:

    Clean and dry your tools after use, then keep them safely and away from moisture.

    Keep your car in the garage when you’re not using it, and ensure the garage provides it with adequate protection from rain and dampness.

    After using your utensils, be sure to clean and dry them. Leaving them in a sink full of water all day will gradually cause them to rust no matter their quality.

    Ensure your bathroom stays clean and dry. After cleaning it, a fan can be very helpful for drying it.

    Apply a high-quality paint on your metallic items that are outside the house and unshielded from the moisture. That includes the gate, the fence, and more.


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