Difference Between Duvet and Comforter – In-Depth Discussion

Difference Between Duvet and Comforter

You’re looking to buy new beddings or to redecorate your bed, and you head to your local store and the seller asks, “Do you want a comforter or a duvet?”.

At that point, you’re stuck between the two because you don’t know which one fits you better. You also can’t fully trust what the seller says, because you don’t know if they have your best interest at heart or they’re just trying to sell stagnant stock.

That’s why we are here. In this post, we will help you know the distinction between duvets and comforters and help you make an informed choice when shopping.

Definitions​​​​​ First


This is a thick, filled blanket that is normally decorates with printed designs. You’re supposed to place this one over your bed linens.


This one is more filled and in tends to be plain white. You can use it as an altogether replacement for a comforter or you can place it over a comforter as an additional cover. If you’re not very fond of the plain white color, you can purchase a removable, washable cover that’s decorated; it will also protect your duvet from dirt.

Duvet vs Comforter- What’s the main difference

Let’s compare the items based on the following aspects:

1. Use

According to thehomedigs.com Both duvets and comforters are meant for keeping us warm. Here in the US, folks place comforters on top of bedsheets and at times, over other thin covers like quilts and electric blankets.

A duvet may be placed over a comforter or used as a replacement for a comforter.

With its decorative design affixed on it directly, a comforter frequently stays on the bed all year round. A down-filled duvet, on the other hand, is typically used when the weather is extremely cold, like during winter.

2. Filling

Originally, the word ‘duvet’ was connected to feathers. Duvets were filled with feathers. On the contrary, comforters were filled with natural and synthetic fibers like cotton and polyester respectively.

Today’s comforters and duvets are filled with synthetic fibers, though you shouldn’t be surprised to find some that are filled with natural materials like wool, silk or down. Typically, duvets are filled more thickly than comforters.

The filling is usually designed such that it doesn’t move and get heaped in one place but rather remains distributed uniformly.

Heard of down comforters? These are essentially down-filled duvets; they’re filled with goose feathers.

3. Size

Normally, duvets fit to the dimensions of regular mattress sizes. In contrast, comforters drape over the bed’s sides due to their typically large size.

4. Washing and Care

Looking for something that is easy to wash or something that is machine-washable?

We’d advise you to go for a comforter.

Comforters are not filled with natural materials, which are difficult to wash. Therefore, you can wash most of them in the washing machine. However, if yours is a large king-size comforter, you will need to wash it in a huge washing machine.

It may be appropriate or inappropriate to wash a duvet in a washing machine, depending on its filling. Down comforters, which are duvets filled with feathers, shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine. That’s why you need to get a cover for your duvet. The cover, and not the duvet itself, will get dirty, so you can remove it and clean it in the washing machine.

And when that cover starts getting worn out, you can replace it to give your duvet a brand-new look.

When washing your comforters and duvets, don’t forget to follow the instructions on their tags.

5. Cost

The cost varies greatly based on filling, size, design, and other factors. In most cases, duvets are more expensive than comforters.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the main difference is in the filling – duvets are more filled than comforters, and that is why they’re very valuable during cold seasons and of course, for those who live in naturally cold areas, particularly in the north. There are also other differences, like, duvets are more expensive, and comforters have a better aesthetic appeal.

Go over all we have talked about and you will see what suits you best. It’s okay to purchase both.


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