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Different Types Of Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas In 2020

Life runs smoothly until you bump into a corner, right?

Most designers draw up the kitchen cabinet as an L- or U-shaped layouts in their plan. As a result, the corners of these layouts end up being the most inaccessible and neglected part of the room.

So, what to do with such space, then?

Well, you can put up a regular cabinet against it if you want.

However, while you are tucking away your expensive dinner set or a hand mixer inside the cabinet, chances are they are never going to see the daylight ever again!

Either you have to strain your back and go through the whole cabinet to fish out that one particular item or you will get frustrated, lose your temper along the way and settle for something else!

That’s why today in this article we have gathered different types of corner kitchen ideas that will help you access all items quickly and keep your things organized in the most efficient way so that you can utilize every bit of the space you have to the fullest!

Necessary Tools For Making Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner cabinets are tricky.

That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional woodworker to build the whole thing.

However, if you love to do DIY projects and are confident enough to recreate one of our corner cabinet ideas, then you will appreciate the following tool list, which is a must-have in any cabinetmaking work, we have created for you!


Regardless of how big or small projects you take on, you will need to cut different shapes and sizes from the wood to build your desired cabinet.

And efficient cutting machine for this purpose is a “Jigsaw”. While choosing a jigsaw, make sure you purchase the one that comes with variable speed range, is easy to hold and compatible with different types of blades as well.

Random Orbital Sander

Woods have a rough texture that needs to be sanded down in order to use them for any purpose.

A random orbital sander helps smooth out the wooden surface by spinning aggressively in varied directions without leaving any swirl marks. It also helps you wipe off any mistakes that you made quite easily and allows you to continue working for a long period of time.

Drill Machine

What makes the cabinet doors open and close so smoothly?

Hinges, of course!

And to fix up the hinges in the correct position, you need a drill machine that’s powerful enough to work for a long time and handle any tough job you throw at it!


If you are an admirer of ornate cupboards that have beautiful designs on top of them, then you are going to love this tool for sure!

Chisels let you draw fine details on the wood and allow you to leave your artistic imprint on it. Make sure the chisel you choose has got a nice comfortable grip on it and is compatible with different types of blades that are available on the market.

Measurement Tape

It’s a small, yet perhaps the most important tool in the world of woodworking.

Before you let any power-tool cut or drill into the woods, you need to take all the measurements that are needed precisely. A good-quality reliable measurement tape should be able to cover the distance of up to 25 meters.


You already have this tool at your home most probably!

A hammer is an essential tool, which allows the woodworker to drive nails into the wood easily. A steel-made hammerhead with a solid wooden handle should be able to work perfectly in this case.


While installing the doors or the drawers of a cabinet, you will need a screwdriver to attach or remove screws on them. Especially, the hinges are a bit tricky to get it right with a power drill and a screwdriver, being small and easy to hold, works the best in this situation.

Saw And Saw Blades

Table saw and Miter saw are two important tools for all kinds of woodworking projects. A table saw is generally capable of handling blades between the diameters of 7.5 to 12 inches.

You will be able to cut any particular frame you want with this power-tool in a significantly quicker time.

A Miter saw accepts blade up to 12 inches in diameter and they can make any angular or geometrical shape ranging from 0- to 90-Degree cuts!

This tool comes in handy when you are trying to make curved cabinets corners for your kitchen.

Interested in making your personalized kitchen?

Before we dive into our creative ideas, first, let’s find out your taste and which style you prefer the most!

Types Of Corner Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

When it comes to styling your kitchen, you have several different layouts to choose from:


Traditional cupboards are timeless!

No matter what’s trending right now, these styles always make a comeback and get back in the game in a jiffy!

From off white to cream, tan, orange-red or the color of sunset, all these colors are usually found in traditional styles. The cupboard doors feature more detailed handwork on them and the countertop usually comes with a raised bar or a panel to help you keep all of your things organized neatly.


Modern style comprises of bright colors, glossy surface and chick designs.

Unlike the traditional ones, modern cabinets aren’t limited to wooden material only. Rather the structures consist of glass, metal, plastic and even concrete materials.

Usually, the modern kitchen corner cabinet ideas include bold, curved and angular designs to save space and make room for other components as well.

Interestingly, the cupboards doors feature flat slab doors and don’t usually contain any detailed handiwork on them.


Vintage designs are popular among people who like antique things from the past.

The retro-looking kitchen cabinets contain lots of vibrant colors including Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Instead of plain, slab door handles, retro-themed kitchen comprises of glass or acrylic knobs!

The vintage style also allows you to play with alternating heights of different cabinets, thus, adding a bit of an interesting dimension to the room.

Interested in redoing your cooking area following this style?

Then don’t forget to give the drawers and handles of the cupboards a bit of a distressed look to look more realistic and bring out the vintage-vibe!


20 Different Corner Cabinet Ideas That You Will Love!

1. Glass-Front Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Glass-Front Kitchen Wall Cabinet

The best way to save space in your kitchen is to set up a wall cabinet.

Wait a minute!

A wall cabinet in the corner? Won’t that be kind of an eyesore?

Well, this isn’t your plain old boring wall cabinets that you used to see in your grandma’s house!

Instead, we are putting a modern twist in it by aligning the cabinets along the curves of your cornered wall. And to make the focal point a bit more interesting, we suggest using a glass door in the middle!

Not only you get to make the best use of your corners, but also, it gives you a chance to showcase your favorite glass, bowl or any decorative piece and give the onlookers a chance to appreciate it.

2. Double-Door Cabinet for 2X Space

Double-Door Cabinet for 2X Space

Having trouble with finding the right place for all those big serving bowls and dishes?

Let’s get introduced to Double Door cupboards, which is known for increasing your storage space by twice the regular ones!

With no vertical frame in the middle, it’s much easier to stack up large items including serving platters, pans, pots and expensive teacups.

Interestingly, these doors are easy to fit into any small space and the installation process doesn’t take much longer. Easy, simple and great for adding a modern touch to your kitchen décor, these cupboards are perfect for utilizing any cornered space in your cooking area!

3. Flaunt The Curves

Flaunt The Curves

Curved designs are timeless!

If you are looking for ways to introduce a soft touch to your kitchenette, then curved corner cabinet designs are the way to go!

Not only does this cabinets conceal an oddly-shaped section like a champ, but also, it helps you transform that particular part into a stylish, practical storage area. I mean, come on!

Who doesn’t like a walk-in pantry, right?

You can also install different types of drawers, shelves or rotating sections to make it look more appealing.

Spoiler alert: you are going to love the fact that it doesn’t have any sharp edges to stub your little toe finger!

4. Stand Tall And Stand Proud

Stand Tall And Stand Proud

The space above the kitchen counter is often left unoccupied.

Either the space is too small to work with or you just happen to overlook that part of the countertop for some reasons.

That’s why our next idea might be an absolute hit!

A tall corner cabinet on top of the counter will let you utilize that area to the fullest. And if you just take a bit of time to install some square shelves on it, it will be like the cherry on top!

Oh! And don’t forget to use a glass panel as its front door to create an awesome light effect when you open the kitchen window on a lazy afternoon!

5. A Pantry Full Of Flavor

A Pantry Full Of Flavor

As much as we love to keep our money on the bank, a pantry essentially does the same job by stocking up canned goods, spices and cooking essentials for the future.

You can turn any awkward corner of your cooking area to nice storage space by building a pantry that’s going to hold cereals, cookies, crackers, pretzels, marshmallows and all of your favorite snacks!

And the best part is, the corner that was once supposed to be totally useless, will turn into the most exciting part of your kitchen!

Take that as a life lesson my friend and keep believing in yourself!

6. A 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Shelf

A 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Shelf

Want to have a 3-D effect in your kitchen?

Install a wall-mounted shelf that will help the objects you put on the shelf pop put in everyone’s eyes!

A 3-tier corner shelf is a perfect way to keep your cooking utensils, expensive ceramics or a potato masher easily accessible while you are working. And if you have got kids, then it’s a good idea to set these shelves a little bit higher so that the kids can’t reach them, but you can!

7. Let’s Swing It Out

Let’s Swing It Out

Bulky pots and tall jars are difficult to store.

While you are all for putting them away on the topmost shelf along with other appliances that are hardly ever used, you do need them when your friends and family come to visit during the holiday season!

Swinging pullouts are an excellent alternative in this case. It helps you store the pots and pans out of sight, but not out of reach!

Bonus point: you can easily access the items without bending too much and putting pressure on your knees. However, these pullouts cost a bit more than any other regular corner base cabinet options.

8. Add Dimensions With Diagonals

Add Dimensions With Diagonals

Cabinets can be inserted in all sorts of ways.

Even diagonally!

In fact, it’s a nice change from your standard ones and creates a nice visual break for the onlookers.

Drawers, boxes or doors, you can install and customize these cabinets just the way you like!

Not only this setting is aesthetically pleasant looking, but also, it’s convenient as well. For instance, you can easily install a Lazy Susan (A rotating device inside a cabinet that spins and lets you access all of its items easily) inside one of the cupboards and increase your storage area even more!

9. Go With Angled Drawers

Go With Angled Drawers

Sometimes the world is a bit too cruel.

And you have to look at it from a different angle to get through that phase!

Well, you can apply the same theory here and create an amazing storing space for your cooking area by installing angled drawers. The best part of these angled boxes is that these are super smart, modern and a great space saver!

Be careful though! You don’t want to ruin a perfect setting by installing drawers that collide while sliding in and out. Take measurements properly and enjoy utilizing every dead space in your room!

10. You Are Always Right With Chevron Style

You Are Always Right With Chevron Style

Pull it from the right or pull it from the left.

It doesn’t matter, as you are always right!

The beauty of a chevron drawer lies in its elegant style and design creativity. Not to mention, you get to have additional drawer space in your cabinet, which would have been wasted otherwise.

These drawers have two handles and you can slide them in or out using either of them. An awkward corner with limited flexibility is the perfect place to install these unique boxes.

Featuring a 90-Degree angle, these drawers sure do look a bit unusual, yet it’s super practical and trendy at the same time!

11. The More, The Merrier

The More, The Merrier

My favorite pastime includes a good storybook, microwaved pizza and Tom and Jerry’s cartoon playing on the TV!

And a great way of fitting all of these appliances in one frame is to build a multi-purpose unit!

A multi-purpose storage unit is one of the most practical corner cabinet designs out there. Not only it lets you utilize one particular spot to the fullest, but also, you get to have the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.

You can also add a coffee machine, hand mixer, blender or cookbooks in your collection and keep them organized on the corner shelf where you can access them at your will!

12. Build A Fun Corner Sink Layout

Build A Fun Corner Sink Layout

Small kitchen area?

Don’t have enough space in the counter to prep your dishes?

One way to solve this issue is by moving the sink over to a less used area!

Dead corner space is a perfect place to install your kitchen sink. You get to utilize that spot as well as boost your coking performance by giving you some extra space to work with. You can install one or two sinks depending on how you plan to design the layouts for this purpose.

A small tip: use an adjustable faucet to gain more flexibility while you wash the dishes in the sink.

13. A Raised Corner Bar

A Raised Corner Bar

A cute raised bar on top of the countertop features one of the most popular traditional corner kitchen ideas.

From dicing up the tomatoes to cutting vegetables into little pieces, these raised bars will help you stay focused on your work and let you concentrate!

Care for a coffee in the middle of the day?

You can rest your coffee mugs in this platform while working on the countertop and keep your workspace free from any spillage.

You can also decorate the bar with the cooking ingredients that you use most often like salt, spices, crushed pepper, tomato ketchup etc.

14. Play With Different Heights

Play With Different Heights

Which one you are willing to compromise?

Storage space or sense of style?

Well, you never have to face that dilemma if you learn how to play with different heights and make use of every little bit of space you have!

Drawers, shelves or small cupboards along with sliding doors are a great combo for a stylish interior look.

Remember to make sure the boxes and doors get enough room to slide in and out of their slots comfortably before installing them.

Pro tip: this retro-themed kitchen design is a must-have for the vintage lovers!

15. Create A Mini Reading Table On The Side

Create A Mini Reading Table On The Side

When life gives you a lemon, add a bit of sugar and make a cool lemonade!

While remodeling your cooking area, more than often you will find some awkward angles to deal with.

For instance, the kitchen countertop might run into a corner and come to an unexpected stop in the middle of nowhere!

Instead of leaving it in that way, you can add a small table to the end of the cabinet and make room for even a wider platform.

Add a rack on the side and some cool lights in the middle, this space will soon become your favorite spot to relax, read books and spend time with your family members!

16. Floating Shelves To The Rescue

Floating Shelves To The Rescue

Looking for an innovative way to deck up your kitchen yet don’t have enough cash for it?

A quick and inexpensive solution would be to install a floating shelf on the wall!

Pair that up with some lower bunk cupboards and your cooking arena is all ready to rock and roll!

The best part of having a floating shelf is that you get to access all the items without any hindrance and the objects seem to float on the wall, which also comes in handy if you want to show off some of your favorite decorative pieces or travel souvenir on it.

17. Space Saving Attached Doors

Space Saving Attached Doors

Doors take a bit of space when they open and close.

NOT true!

It’s time you replace the ordinary cupboard doors along with their straight doors and all with the brand-new attached doors!

The advantage of this type of door is that you get to fit it into any tight corner and just slide the door open from the other side without a hitch. However, the installation process is a bit tricky and you should make sure the hinges are attached tightly while setting this cabinet in its place.

18. And This Where The Magic Happens

And This Where The Magic Happens

Our next idea on this list is called the “Magic Cabinet”.

I am not even kidding. This is the official name for it!

Let me explain why.

It’s basically a wire basket inside the cabinets. However, there’s a small catch in it.

Once you open the cabinet, the inside of the basket automatically expands and pulls out more storage units! Meaning, you get to have 2, 3 or even more storage baskets crammed in a way that they don’t collide with each other and helps keep your utensils in separate sections at the same time.

If you have got a tight space that’s not suitable for accommodating a magic corner like this, then you can also opt for a single rack cabinet and use it as a spice storage.

19. A Tiny Hood Over The Cooking Zone

A Tiny Hood Over The Cooking Zone

The place where the delicious meals are made is called a cooktop!

Why not make this even more special by making it the center of attention?

By moving the cooktop to the center, you can make the unused corner turn into the most active part of your kitchen!

Also, it’s a great way to free up some extra space on the countertop and get access to all the utensils quite easily.

Might I suggest something that will add a little Oomph to this setting?

Install a small hood over your cooktop and decorate it with some cute jars of your preference. Also, try keeping the sink beside the cooktop for easier access.

20. Spin The Bins

Spin The Bins

Admit it, while cooking delicious meals for your family is fun, you have to go through a lot of hassles as well like peeling vegetables, remove the skin of a fish and shred some chickens.

And all those wasted parts go straight into the recycle bin, right?

However, it’s a bit of an eyesore when you leave the bin all out in the open for everyone to see!

Instead, you can try installing a rotating recycle bin in the lower part of your kitchen cabinet and safely tuck it away once your work is done!

You can also install a Lazy Susan cabinet and create 3 different sections inside it for recyclable, organics and trash materials.

Spin the bins until you reach the right compartment and close the cabinet once you are done. Easy and awesome, right?



Tips While Decorating Your Kitchen With Corner Cabinets

  • Before you pick a style for your kitchen cabinet, measure the area and determine if you’ve got the proper space for it.
  • While installing a double door cupboards or angled drawers, make sure they slide in and out comfortably before making the final cut on the wood.
  • Make smart use of the additional storage units by building them in a way so that you can fit multiple items in a single compact space.
  • Do NOT cram the room with a pantry unless you’ve got a deep and long corner to work with.
  • If you are unsure and looking for an inexpensive style to experiment with, then always go for the open shelves’ pattern as they are hard to get wrong!
  • Use good quality wood stain for protect your wooden kitchen cabinet.

Final Words

The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason.

This is the place where we make thousands and thousands of sweet memories without even realizing it for a bit!

From cooking delicious meals to having a heartful conversation with your loved ones, the cooking area is probably the most nostalgic and active part of your home.

Want to make room for even more memories?

Say goodbye to the blind corner of your kitchen today and get rid of all those storage units that are hard to navigate!

And while you are at it, don’t forget to decorate the space with one of the different types of corner kitchen cabinet ideas from this article. Enjoy transforming your kitchen into a more comfortable, cozy and happy place for your family!

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