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How To Clean Floor Carpet – Know The Different Ways

A good carpet can completely change the appearance of any room. From being a basic sitting space, it grows into a pleasant area of warmth, comfort and more. People coming into your home or office appreciate having a beautifully weaved piece under their feet.However, in the course of time, this pleasant decorative piece becomes the […]

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How To Remove Silicone Caulk In Different Ways

Have you looked at the tiles of your kitchen recently? Or how about the worn-out porcelain shingles in your shower that’s begging for your attention to do something about them? The main reason behind all those old and grumpy-looking walls and floors are the molds and mildews that have crept along over the years! And now no […]

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How to Clean Glass Shower Doors In Different Ways

There is hardly any other material that brings out the elegance of your washroom like glass. Especially for the shower doors, glass can prove to be the secret ingredient of creating the perfect bathroom interior. However, it is tricky to keep them squeaky clean at all times. The delicate transparency of glass doors can easily be […]

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Different Types of Shower Heads & Their Uses

From luxury rainfall models to ordinary single spray options, there are different types of showerheads that can enhance your shower experience. Perhaps you want to replace your old flow shower head with a little more kick, and don’t know which type to get. Or, perhaps you are remodeling your bathroom and want to avoid overpaying for […]

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