Best World Maps – Top 10 World Maps Reviewed

It seems like why we would buy a world map when we have the map on our smartphone, and we can use it with a fingertip! Well, even though there are multiple map apps available, they are actually for finding a particular location or place such as a town, a restaurant, an amusement park, etc. On the other hand, best world maps can give you the entire concept of the earth. You can know which country is located where.

If you have young kids at home, your kids will learn easily about geography. Besides, some world map looks like a piece of art that will enhance the interior of your living room. World maps that fit your wall are available with a variety of features.

Choosing the best world map could be difficult as there are tons of products out there. Here I am going to share the list of best products.

What Are the Benefits of Having a World Map?

Improves Geography Skills

Do you want to have a clear concept about geography?

It can be for your hobby or maybe for your professional works. But in both cases, a world map is a blessing. You can easily learn the basic geographical thing. When you have a world map on the wall, it is like the whole world is in front of you.

You can know anything at any time just by seeing the map. This is especially beneficial for young people who want to improve their skills in geography. Even you can teach your kids about the world map so that they can learn from an early age.

Useful for Business Purpose

Do you have a business and you have a deal with people from all around the world or from multiple countries? If yes, you must have to buy a world map for setting on the wall of your home or office. Whenever you need to create a business planning, you can take help from the map.

It is easier than you think. Most of the people don't even know that you can directly measure the distance between two countries using the map. All world maps come with lining from where you can learn different ways of communication with a particular country.

Easy to Find a Location Goal

Sometimes we may want to visit a new country and want to know the exact spot. For finding your location goal, a world map could be the best thing. There you can easily and comfortably find places all around the world. Especially, when you want to visit a remote area of the world.

Useful for World Travelers

People who like to travel a lot, need to make a proper plan before starting the trip. For making a perfect plan for traveling worldwide, there is no alternative to using a world map.

There you could find all the locations together which is not possible in a mobile app. Especially, if you have a plan to travel around the world in the by road, you will like a world map.

It is Affordable

The most interesting thing is, a world map is not expensive. They come in a good quality paper and you can order the great world maps within under $50. However, because of some advanced features, the price may vary. But it is always worth to spend a small amount of money for a helpful thing.

Top 10 Best World Maps 2019

1. Maps International - Giant World Map

World maps come in a variety of sizes. Most of them come in the smaller size and sometimes it could be difficult to find a place on the map. Also, when you want to cover the large area of a wall, it requires something bigger.

For users' convenience, Maps International has brought a giant world map that fits a large portion of the wall of any side of your room. The dimension of this world map is 77.5 x 46 inches. Scale for this map is 1:20m. Whenever you need to mark a place, it will be highly beneficial.

Unlike most of the common products in the market, this item comes with stunning detail. This is a political map where everything is marked with a variety of colors. Finding town r cities from a country is easier. For learning purposes, it is highly beneficial. It is suitable for both home and educational institutions.

For researching purposes, I would highly recommend ordering this one. It is designed by focusing on the top-quality cartography. If you are a geographer who like everything with details, will find this map helpful.

It is constructed with full laminating for durability. The heat-sealing process between two sheets of industrial quality film to ensure longevity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-large size for more details.
  • Variations of colors to make it easy to find a location.
  • Eye-catchy design for a decorative look.
  • Two sheet film with heat seal for durability.
  • Ideal to use in the classroom for geography learning.
  • Perfect gift for a geographer or geography enthusiast.

​2. L Scratch Off Map of the World with Flags by Travelization

Travelers don't need to use a political world map. Instead, they should use a travel map where it is easy to find places and make a tour plan. If you have a plan to visit some countries in the world, you can start using this L Scratch Off Map. This would be highly beneficial for regular travelers.

Unlike the traditional style, its scratch-off feature makes it fun to discover new places on the map. You can select a particular country and then scratch off the golden coating from that country for exploring new areas.

The map comes in a larger size that you can hang or attach on the wall. Designed with detailed cartography for users' convenience. The precise outline of United States makes it easy to get a better idea to know about other regions.

Different countries with major cities are colored. Finding a new place would be easier with the map.

The total dimension of the map is 35 x 23.5. The larger area allows using the map with less hassle. It could be a good companion for your kids to learn geography. Clean and minimal design makes it comfortable for your eyes. Ideal for fitting on a classroom, office room, kids' room, and more.

Besides the towns and cities of various countries, the map comes with 196 official flags of countries of the world. Besides all the features, this is a handy world map with user-friendly outlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Larger in size for making it eye-catchy.
  • Scratch off feature for more excitement.
  • 196 official flags of all countries.
  • Easy to use and plan for a tour.
  • High-quality printing with quality paper.

​3. Maps International Scratch The World Travel Map by Maps International

When it is about learning about geography, there is no alternative to using a world map. For best usage, a poster-size world map would be the best choice. Considering this fact, Maps International has designed this poster-sized wall world map. The world map comes with a dimension of 33 x 23 inches for best fit to the wall.

This is a scratch-off world map. Diverse countries have various towns and cities and those locations are hidden with a golden coating. You can scratch the coating off with a simple coin. The benefit of this feature is, you don't have to explore the whole area. Only uncover the locations that are related to your necessities.

The thing you will like a lot is its detailed design. Finding every information about a particul ar location is easy. Besides the towns and cities of different countries, the map contains the hill shading and state outlines.

If you are a teacher or you want to teach about geography to your kids, this single world map would make it easier. Names are printed in larger letters and pointing a location is not tough.

To ensure durability and longevity, the map is printed on top quality silk art paper. In all conditions, the map will remain the same at your wall.

Highlighted Features:

  • Scratch off feature to keep the design minimal.
  • High-quality silk art paper for longevity.
  • Colored letters for countries, towns, and cities.
  • Comes in larger poster size for handiness.
  • Rolled tube for delivery to keep it new.

​4. 24x36 World Classic Elite Wall Map Mural Poster Laminated

Whenever you are buying a new world map, make sure you are buying the latest version. The thing is, an old map may not include all the locations around the world. So, you should go for this updated world map which is best for fitting to your living room's wall.

The map comes in a very basic and traditional style but with proper location updates. This poster-style world map comes with the dimension of 24x36 inches. For handiness to find a location, countries, and cities are printed with colored letters.

There is no need of scratching any part of the map. Simply receive the map and hang on the wall and start using it. When you need to find a location with all the paths, this is the best world map I can suggest.

Use the map for learning purpose without any trouble. The exterior comes with lamination on both sides. You may write on the map when needed and erase easily. The lamination keeps the map protected from dust and wet condition.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in rolled style instead of folding.
  • Poster size map and easy to use.
  • Suitable for home, office, and educational institutions.
  • Colored letters for marking locations.

5. RMC Classic United States USA and World Wall Map Set

If you are a business professional and living in USA, only a world map is not enough for you. Rather, you need the map of USA with the world map. Good news is, this RMC Classic map set from Swiftmaps includes both. Planning for a business trip would be easy when this is in your hand.

Finding a place from a country or marking a city on the map is challenging. To overcome this challenge, this set is designed with a larger size. Each map has a dimension of 32x50 inches. You can either fit the maps on the wall or attach with cardboard for usages.

The classic style with color variation makes it easy to get the perfect info from the map. Ideal for both home and professional purposes. The classy look easily suits any home décor. Its antique look will give a different vibrant to your home or office.

For longevity and durability, the maps are printed on 80lb Poster Paper. The vendor delivers the products without folding so that it remains safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in rolled style to keep the map safe.
  • Durable heavy-duty poster paper for longevity.
  • Two maps in one set with affordable price.
  • Classy and antique look.
  • Laminated maps for writing on the map.

​6. Swiftmaps World Premier Wall Map Poster Mural 24h x 36w

Did you notice that most of the world maps have a little bit higher price because of advanced features? Now, what you will do when you are on a tight budget? Well, there is nothing to be worried even if you have a small budget. You can grab the Swiftmaps World Premier Wall Map.

This map is designed with the basic style but with real data. All data printed on the map are updated. There is no chance of getting the wrong information with this map. The poster mural style map comes with 24x36 inches dimension. It will easily fit the wall and there is no need for a large area.

The manufacturer has used color variation for printing countries' location. So, it is easy to find a place without any hassle. Moreover, the 3D shaded relief feature is useful for finding land and oceans separately.

The map is printed on 24lb paper which makes it durable. You will receive the map in rolled condition. There is no chance of folding on the middle of the map.

This is an ideal map for using at home, office, or any other place where people need to find a variety of locations effortlessly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best inexpensive world map.
  • Clear and updated data.
  • Easy to find any location with colored areas.
  • Poster style for attaching on the wall.
  • Suitable for making business plans.

7. Maps International Giant Classic World Map Poster

You may buy a world map for your hobby or you may want it for professional usage. In the case of professional purpose, you must order a high-quality product with the top features. If you don't care about the price when the quality is good, this world map from Maps International would be the best.

Maps International has a reputation in the market for their products. So, you can rely on them. Like any other maps from them, this item does have the updated information. There is no false data that may spoil your research.

This one comes with a massive size that fits a larger portion of the wall. If you consider the features, this is the best world map poster to use at home. The dimension of the map is 77.5 x 46 inches. As a result, all the information is printed with larger letters. Finding any location is easier with it.

The classic style suits any home décor. You can even use at your office for business purposes. If you are a geography teacher, this could be the best thing that you present in front of your students. Different colors are used in the design for users' convenience. Cartographic excellence will satisfy you.

It comes with lamination on the paper. Both the lamination and the paper is too good that longevity is guaranteed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a rolled tube to keep the map safe.
  • Larger dimension with 1:20m scale.
  • Different colors for marking the locations.
  • Suitable for both home and business.
  • All the major cities and towns on the map.

8. MyMap Gold Scratch Off World Map Wall Poster

It is always great to have your own country's map with details on the world map, right? This helps to plan with better information. If you are a USA citizen and looking for such a world map, you should order this scratch-off world map from MyMap.

The dimension of this map is just perfect for travelers. If you want to travel to too many places and want to track the areas, the map helps a lot. It comes with 35x25 inches size and rolled in a tube. Carrying the map is not a big hassle. Also, the larger size makes it easy to read the countries' name.

As I have mentioned, this is a scratch-off world map, you need to scratch the coating from the top to reveal the countries. Each country on the map is printed with bright color. No matter if you never have used a world map before, you will find it easy to use.

All the states of USA and province of Canada are clearly labeled on the map. This is highly beneficial for business purposes and travelers. You can compare your region with the world map for making a better plan.

You don't have to be worried about longevity. This item is printed on the best quality thick paper. Moreover, the glossy finish brings a classic vibrant in the room decoration.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to remove the golden coating.
  • Larger dimension to read the names easily.
  • Big countries like Russia and China are separated with details.
  • Bright color for countries' name.
  • Tube for carrying the map after rolling.

9. 24x36 World and USA Classic Premier 3D Two Wall Map Set

For convenience, many travelers and geography specialist like to use own country's map and the world map at the same time. This is because it becomes easy to compare two different locations when doing some research. In this set from Swiftmaps, you will get a USA map and a world map within an affordable price.

Both maps from this set come in the same size. The dimension of each map is 24x36 inches. The poster size maps are easy to fit on the wall. You can use the maps for home, office, education purpose, and more. Carrying is also easy by rolling it. Plastic tubes are included with the map to keep them safe.

The thing is, the map comes in the classic old style but with the latest information. Moreover, the 3D visual terrain relief in both map item makes it easy to find a location on the map. Countries, town, and big cities are printed on the map with a bright color. So, differentiating and identifying locations become easier.

The manufacturer used 100lb poster paper for printing these maps. Besides the heavy-duty paper, there is lamination on them. These things ensure durability and longevity of the products. The lamination allows to write and erase on the map for education and research purpose.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3D ocean and land topographic shading for convenience.
  • Two maps in one set with an affordable price.
  • Easy to read and clear printing.
  • The map has a dry-erase surface for research works.
  • Laminated to keep the maps protected.

​10. World Map and USA Map for Kids - 2 Poster Set

If you search for the top-quality world map online, will find most of the products are designed for adults. Particularly, for the people who want to do research works with the map or for education purpose. But if you don't want to buy such maps, instead of looking for a kid-friendly one, this map set is for you.

This product includes two maps in the set. One is the map of the United States and the other one is a world map. The United State map will allow the kids to learn about their own country. On the other hand, the world map is designed with the locations of different countries of the world. Kids can start learning geography from an early age.

The fonts are large enough and printed clearly. Reading the country or city name doesn't pressure on eyes. Moreover, the color variation from different regions makes it easier to understand the locations.

The maps are printed on heavy-duty thick papers. They are tear-resistant and remain safe in all conditions. You can either fit them on a wall or can use with a backboard. The lamination on the map keeps them safe from the wet condition.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a kid-friendly design.
  • USA and world map in the same set.
  • 3 MIL laminations for durability and longevity.
  • 18x24 inches dimension for reading comfortably.
  • Bright color for printing.

Things to Consider Before Buying World Map

There are indeed tons of world maps are available in the market. Each brand is claiming they produce the best world maps with the latest updates. But when you need to pick the right one, it becomes tricky. For your convenience, here are the things you must consider when purchasing a new world map.


The very first thing you need to consider for a world map is its dimension. Why? Because it is related to what you want to do with the map.

For instance, if you want to attach the map to the wall of your home, you may get a larger size or even extra-large size. But when it is about office or research purpose, you don't need a bigger size.

Before finalizing any product, read the product description where you will get this information. Once you are sure the size meets your requirements, you may consider other facts.

Latest Information

No matter how much money you spent on a single map or from which brand you have purchased it. The most important thing is if the map contains all the latest information about different locations.

For example, if you want to use the world map for the tour plan or carrying it when traveling, the map must have the exact information as reality.

However, you can't be sure about that only by reading the product description. So, read the feedback of existing customers from where you will get the exact data if the map is designed with real information.

Easy to Read

How to you get any information about a location?

By reading the data from the map, right?

So, it is mandatory to buy a map which is easy to read. Especially, before ordering, check the font size and the style. Also, there should be different colors for making it easy to distinguish between regions. If you find everything is according to your preferences, you may consider the map.

Number of Maps

There are mainly two options for anyone when buying a world map. You can either buy only the world map or you can buy with your own countries' map. If you need to do a comparison between your location with the rest of the world, I would recommend going for a set of two maps. A single map is not enough for this part. Also, a set of maps allow to about your own country with detailed information.

Quality of the Paper

Whatever price the world maps, you want to use it for a long time, right? It is possible only when you have ordered world map with durability. Look for the quality of the paper where the map is printed. The paper should be thick and durable. For better protection, the map should have lamination.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would someone buy a paper world map when there are apps?

First, a world map is more about research on a particular region. A paper map is easy to carry, and you get all the locations at a time which is not possible in any app. Though it will take time, you get the real data but with less hassle.

2. Is a World Map expensive?

Paper world maps are not expensive. Whatever your budget is, you will find some products within that range. But the quality of the products may vary based on the price. But if you check carefully different products, it could be easier to get the right product with less price.

3. Does every paper world map contain the same information?

The basic thing is the same for any paper world map. There will be the name of the countries, cities, and towns. But some map will give more detail when most of the maps give the basic data.

4. I am not an expert about maps, but I want to buy good quality world map, what should I do?

In this article, I have given a detailed buying instruction that you can follow. Consider the facts when selecting any product to order. Once you know what you need to consider, now you can either order from the top 10 list of this article or select a different product.

5. Can I carry a word map when traveling somewhere?

All paper maps are not suitable to carry with you. some of them are ready for carrying and some are not. Maps that come with thick and durable paper are more suitable for carrying. Also, the map should have a tube so that you can roll and store the map on that. That makes easier to carry anything.

6. Can I write on a map for research purpose and then erase it?

It is possible with some world maps but not suitable for all. Some manufacturers produce high-quality maps where they give a particular area for writing and erasing. However, if the map does have lamination on both sides, you may consider it for writing and erasing.

Final Words

It is tough to suggest best world maps from a bunch of products. But a team of expert has spent enough time to check more than 25 products. And finally, they recommended the above 10 products. According to your budget and necessity, you may order any of the items.

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