Best Whole House Evaporative Cooler Reviews For The Money

Soaring temperatures driving you crazy? Not quite prepared to face the heat?

Well, you’re not alone.

With global warming and its consequent climate changes, there has been a lot of dry regions with less than 60% humidity level.

What can we do? Air conditioning is a big and costly thing to ask, right?

If air conditioning the entire home is not a feasible option for you, yet you want to have a constant flow of fresh and clean air into your home, opt for the best whole house evaporative cooler!

These home evaporative coolers are also known as swamp coolers.  They keep your entire home cool and fresh if you’re living in a warm region with low humidity.

Not only are these evaporative coolers cheaper than air conditioning, these are also more environment friendly as they use less energy. What’s more – these are easy to install and won’t drive your electricity bill up the wall.

In this guide, we will take you through the top notch whole house evaporative cooler reviews, so that you know which one is the best suited for you. Read on and discover a whole new world of cool living!


Product Name

Editor’s Rating


Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

5 out of 5

Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler

5 out of 5

Honeywell 470-659CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler

4 out of 5

NewAir Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

5 out of 5

Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

4.5 out of 5

Best Whole House Evaporative Cooler Reviews

1. Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Air Cooler 

The Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Air Cooler is a portable cooler. Its size of 25″L x 17″W x 37″H is perfect to cool a space measuring up to 750 square feet.

It comes with 2 fan speeds and has a swing mode to reach more space to make your room cooler in a jiffy. The ASDS (Air Swing Delivery System) works without any noise, giving you peaceful moments to cool down in.

Armed with a 10.3 gallon water reservoir, its three-sided, high density, rigid media padding system ensures more intake of air and maximum cooling in the shortest time – 2,200 cfm. The rigid media pads require less maintenance and are more durable than their fiber counterpart.

They have 80% more evaporation capacity, leading to cooler temperatures. The specially designed wing-like prop works in tandem with the 3-sided pads to ensure lower static pressure as well as more efficient delivery of air.

Its four temperature settings can be easily controlled manually, giving you more options to set the perfect temperature, both indoors and outdoors. Although the manual switches are on the flimsy side, they work well to keep the indoor temperatures about ten degrees cooler than outside.

The Hessaire MC37M Cooler has four casters that make it easy to move it around. However, be careful when you install these casters as you may find them a bit too hard to push through.

If you’re too tired to refill the water reservoir, simply use the float valve to connect it to your garden hosepipe for a continuous supply of water. On a high setting, the machine is a water guzzler. But it works very well – a neat 8 hours without a refill – if set on low.  The latch of the water refill part may be not too comfortable to open and close, so a word of caution here.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Compact size for easy portability.
  • Air Swing Delivery System for maximum space reach in minimum time.
  • Faster cooling process with 3-sided rigid media padding.
  • Four temperature setting options for customization.
  • A float valve to the hosepipe saves the hassle of refilling the water tank.
  • Environment friendly and free from chemicals.

2. Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler​

Would you believe that the Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler rolls three functions into one? It works as a fan, cooler, and a humidifier – all at the same time!

In addition, its portability means you can carry it around easily, everywhere you go!

Because of the natural cooling technology where hot air is passed through pads to be converted to cool air for your home, the cooler is 100% eco-friendly and 75% more energy-efficient than a conventional air conditioning system.

Its cyclonic cooling technology enables the cooler’s fan-head to oscillate in a perceptive way, sending beams of air around the room to make it cooler in the blink of an eye!

As with all other whole house evaporative coolers, this one is no exception in the sense that you can leave your door and window ajar and the cooling technology will ensure you always have a fresh breath of air inside your home.

If you want your indoor temperatures to be lower by 20 -30 degrees, then Luma Cooler is for you. However, be aware that the coolness in your room might not last as long as you want it to, making it a little expensive in the long run.

With a contemporary look and design, this evaporative cooler comes with three different cooling speeds and wind modes to help you keep the heat where it should be – outside.

The oscillating powers of this machine is enough to cover spaces up to 250 square feet. and is more suitable for smaller rooms.

The removable water tank of the product makes it very convenient to be easily refilled. You can rest assured of the fact that the water tank won’t need to be refilled for up to 8.5 hours if you set it to medium.

The product comes with a remote control and a digital display so that you can do away with manual controls and be more at ease.

Unlike some air conditioners, you won’t even notice that this is in the same room as you because it makes no sound, thanks to the whisper-quiet technology. So, finally you can be at peace in your surroundings without the heat getting the better of you!

Highlighted Features:

  • Energy-efficient and natural cooling technology.
  • Cyclonic cooling technology for a cooler room.
  • Keeps inside temperatures down by 20 – 30 degrees.
  • Easy installation for quick results.
  • A wide option of cooling speeds and wind modes.
  • Quiet technology to keep your room peaceful.

3. Honeywell 470-659CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler​

The Honeywell 470-659CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler is a lean, mean, effective cooling machine! It’s best suited for hot regions where the humidity level stays below 60%.

The lightweight feature makes it portable, so you can find yourself in an ideal cool space, be it in your den, office room, or living room. The airflow technology has the power of 470-659 CFM and is ideal for small to medium spaces.

Its aerodynamic technology ensures only 230W power consumption while maximizing the air flow, thus keeping your power bills well within your budget. It’s very easy to install and you can cool your room within minutes of setting it up.

Choose from its three wind modes – Normal, Natural, or Sleep – and the humidifier control to create the right balance of moisture and cool. Its oscillating louvers spread the cool air to maximum coverage, resulting in a cool room within the shortest time.

You can create the right ambience with simply the touch of a button on the remote control. If you’re not going to be in the room, just set the timer and the Honeywell Cooler will turn off automatically. You can set the timer for up to 7.5 hours!

If the dryness that usually results in an air-conditioned room makes you feel uncomfortable, this machine will serve you right with three humidity settings that keep you from feeling dry and thirsty.

The specially designed honeycomb-shaped panels evaporate the warm air efficiently and converts it into cool air for your ultimate comfort in the torrid summers.

You can easily fill the water tank as it has a wide mouth that prevents any water spill. Be careful when filling the water tank. Make sure the top of the white float doesn’t quite touch the maximum mark. Cleaning the water tank may not be easy as the fan comes in the way of cleaning it thoroughly.

Want to make the breeze cooler? Just put some ice on the top-loading ice compartment to make the room go from cool to cold! You can use the Honeywell Cooler even during winters as a humidifier.

The carbon filter is great for trapping dust, smells and other particles, ensuing your home is free from any contaminants. You can easily wash these carbon filters every two months to keep them squeaky clean.

Highlighted Features:

  • A compact energy-saving system to keep bills low.
  • Functions as a fan, a cooler, and a humidifier.
  • Perfect for arid regions with less than 60% humidity levels.
  • Fan speed and humidifying options for the right balance.
  • Automatic timer to save energy and lower cost.
  • Ice compartment for lower temperatures in the room.
  • Easy to fill water tanks to prevent spillage and mess.

4. NewAir Portable Evaporative Air Cooler​

Now we are on the 4th candidate of our Whole House Evaporative Cooler Reviews, this product has killer looks and can easily add some oomph to your room! Besides the great design, it has the capacity to cool down a 300 square feet. room in a matter of minutes.

With only 160W power consumption, the NewAir Portable Evaporative Air Cooler will go easy on your electricity bill. Its automatic air louvres take the hard part out of the cooling system. You’ll always be welcomed by a gentle flow of fresh air in your room.

Did we mention that its casters and lightweight nature make it super easy to be moved around easily? Well, you have a super good-looking, portable evaporative cooler when you invest in this one. Just don’t forget to unlock the back wheel before moving it around.

The remote control makes controlling room temperatures much more convenient for you. In addition, the three fan speeds can be adjusted to give your room the perfect temperature and comfort.

With an automatic 10-hour timer, you’ll never need to worry about having the cooler on while you’re away from home. There are three types of filter- air filter, carbon filter and Ti02 filter to ensure you breathe in fresh air, every time.

The cooling pads are honeycomb designed to give you maximum cooling with the utmost efficiency.

Not sure how much water to fill up the tank with? Here’s some good news! There’s a water indicator that clearly shows you the maximum water level the tank can be filled with.

This product is a great buy for those living in dry areas with summers lasting for 2 to 3 months. It even works great in cooling small areas like shops or small office rooms.

For best results, keep one or two windows open when it gets too hot. Add some ice and keep the fan speed on 2 for about half an hour. You can also a few drops of your favourite essential oil to make the room smell heavenly!

One small downside to it is that it’s not completely noise-free. But then again, you can use the low fan settings if the noise bothers you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lower energy consumption for low power bills.
  • Sleek and contemporary design decorates your room.
  • Lightweight and smooth casters for easy portability.
  • An automatic 10-hour timer for optimum energy use.
  • Three fan speeds and remote control for easy temperature controls.
  • Honeycomb designed cooling pads for maximum efficiency.

5. Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler​

The Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler has given portability a whole new meaning! It weighs only 2.87 pounds and has the dimensions 6.7 x 6.7 x 6.9 inches. Talk about personal cooling!

The machine triples up as a cooler, humidifier, and an air purifier. So, there’s no worry as far as the outcoming air is concerned. It’s really easy to install. Just add water and plug into your laptop, power connection, or a power bank and watch the magic!

The device is suitable for cooling areas of up to 45 square feet, which roughly translates to a personal space of a bed, couch, or desk. The temperature drops by as much as 15 degrees with this compact yet powerful machine.

If you want just the space on your desk to be cooled, then this is the right product for you. It’s super easy to carry around. With the Evapolar Personal cooler, energy consumption is at an all-time low of only 10W, making it extremely eco-friendly.

The evaporative pads use EvaBreezeTM patented technology, where an inorganic nanomaterial is used. This special material prevents the spread of bacteria, keeping your personal space healthy as well as pet and child friendly.

What’s more, the nanomaterial evaporative pads do away with the need of a water pump as the water is sucked up by the cartridge pads.

The EvaBreezeTM technology makes the product compact, powerful, energy-efficient, and silent. The cooling pads are bio-degradable, making it a really green product.

It has built-in LED lights to create a nice, warm ambience and comes with fan speed levels that are adjustable. You can even control the color and brightness of the light to suit your mood.

The change in color of the light is also an indicator of water running out from the reservoir. So, that’s another benefit of having LED lights in the device. The product is ten times smaller than an air conditioner and is a perfect solution for cooling your personal space.

Its smart, cubic shape adds a touch of modernism to your personal corner. The fan speed is directly proportional to the sound it produces, so it might not be the quietest at the highest power setting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact size and portability for optimum personal cooling.
  • Cubic shape for putting on any flat surface.
  • Patented technology for energy efficiency and bacteria-free environment.
  • LED lights built in with brightness and color control.
  • LED brightness indicates water level in the reservoir.
  • Eco-friendly with power consumption of only 10W.
  • Easy installation with plugging to a wall outlet, computer, or a power bank.

6. Frigidaire EC200WF Portable Evaporative Cooler​

This is one of the great whole house evaporative cooler you can invest in. It works both as a fan and a cooler, making it the right product for arid climates.

You can either have the cooler on dry days for some cool moisture in your room. Or, you can let the tower fan run by itself on more humid days. Thanks to its light weight, it can be easily picked up by an average person.

The portability of the machine is made easier with a handle. You can use it to carry it around the house with perfect ease, even upstairs. Its casters are smooth and won’t give you any trouble when you’re moving it.

With its wide-angle oscillation feature, you can be sure that your room is being evenly cooled, and the air flow is reaching the maximum coverage. The honeycomb designed cooling pads offer maximum cooling efficiency, every time, all the time.

Coupled with cooling pads and wide oscillation, the air flow reaches up to 250 square feet, ensuring that your whole room is sufficiently cooled in the shortest time. It works great even in rooms as large as 15’ by 15’.

With a remote control, you can easily control the room temperatures from the comfort of your couch or bed. Just be aware of the battery compartment on the remote control as it’s a bit tricky to open.

The digital display and easy touch controls are a breeze to operate. The water tank has a capacity of 1.8 gallons and is very easy to fill as it’s removable. However, it might not be easy to put it back once it’s filled with water, so feel free to take help from someone if needed.

The Frigidaire Cooler has a whopping 4 fan speeds and 3 cooling modes, giving you the ultimate choice of having your own way of cooling the room to the right temperature. It is a silent machine and won’t disturb your peace in any way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Doubles up as both cooler and fan.
  • Wide angle oscillation for maximum space coverage.
  • A handle and casters for easier portability.
  • Removable 1.8-gallon water tank for easy refilling.
  • Four fan speeds and 3 cooling options for greater customization.
  • Wide-angle oscillation and honeycomb padding for maximum cooling.

7. AIRCARE 831000 Whole House Evaporative Humidifier​

You can’t stress the importance of a humidifier enough, especially if you’re living in dry climates. If your home is properly humidified, you run way less chances of getting a flu attack, static electricity, an itchy and scratchy dry throat, or decaying wooden and leather furniture.

The Aircare 831000 whole house evaporative humidifier is the machine that can save energy costs by as much as 20%. Once you install the Aircare humidifier in your home, you’ll see that it can run for an unbelievable 70 hours.

The wheels make it very easy to be moved around from one room to another. The capacity of the water tank is 6 gallons, which means you don’t need to refill it often.

Depending on the humidity level outside, it’s okay to refill every 2 to 4 days. However, if you run it at a higher fan speed or a higher humidity level, it will obviously need refilling more frequently. It takes only about 5 minutes to refill the water tank.

Its intuitive technology automatically turns off the unit when the optimum level of humidity is reached or when the unit requires a refill.

The Trapmax Filter Technology keeps out dirt and allergens from entering your home, rendering it a healthier environment both for you and your pets. These are long-lasting filters that can be replaced once a year.

Its nice and compact design is a treat for any corner of your home. It takes up very little space and is easy to stow away. The evaporation occurs naturally, without leaving a trail of white dust in your home.

The Aircare evaporative humidifier is not completely silent. It’s at its quietest on the low fan mode. However, if you turn up the fan mode, the noise increases consequently.

The buttons for humidity and fan control are the same size of the on and off buttons, making it somewhat difficult to figure out which one is which. The materials used are not the best quality of plastic but at the price, the machine still yields good value for money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Energy-saving feature reduces electricity bills.
  • Runs for an extended time of up to 70 hours.
  • 6-gallon water tank saves from frequent refilling hassle.
  • Auto Humidistat turns off the unit when optimum humidity level is reached.
  • Trapmax Filter technology contributes to a healthier home.
  • Easy installation let you get it started quickly.
  • Easy to fill water tank, takes around 5 minutes.

8. Honeywell CS071AE Evaporative Humidifier​

If you’re in the market for the best whole house evaporative cooler, then check this one out!

The Honeywell CS071AE cooler is a fan, a cooler, and a humidifier – 3-in 1! All you need is to add some water or ice to the tank and voila!

A full water tank lasts for about 8 hours if you have the unit on continuously. So, you might want to check on the water level before calling it a night if you don’t want to be roused from your sleep.

It’s ideal for spot cooling as it focuses its air flow on your personal space. At only 12 pounds, it is great for moving around easily and the smooth casters add more to the mobility.

Its easy set-up means you can have your immediate surroundings cooled in the twinkling of an eye, be it in your bed, couch, desk or the dining room. The product consumes only 32W when set at its highest speed, so you don’t need to think twice about your electricity bills boring a hole in your pocket.

Armed with a patented Brushless technology, this device is very quiet and offers 5 different air flow speeds. If you want to humidify your home during the winter, then this device is also suitable for you as it performs the functions of both a cooler and a humidifier.

Looking for a long night of peaceful sleep? This product has a unique Low-Energy Quiet Mode that saves energy while running at a super quiet level at the lowest setting. You can set the timer for up to 7.5 hours and forget all about it!

The patented Honeywell Honeycomb cooling pads are sure to give you the maximum cooling efficiency. With the remote control, it’s easy for you to turn the temperature up or down from wherever you are in the room.

Its carbon dust air filter protects your home sweet home from all kinds of odor, allergens and dust. These filters are easy to wash off. You might need to wash these frequently if you don’t want mildew build-up or a smelly room.

Highlighted Features:

  • Whisper-Quiet setting for light sleepers.
  • A weight of 12 pounds makes it very light and portable.
  • Super energy saver consuming maximum 32W.
  • Patented Brushless technology for quiet mode.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads for maximum cooling.
  • Remote control for easy operation.
  • Easy to wash carbon dust filters.

9. AIRCARE EP9 800 Evaporative Pedestal Humidifier​

This is a heavy-duty machine meant for cooling a whole house of up to 2,400 square feet. It comes in the shape of a table and is heavy at 27 pounds.

Although the exterior is made from plastic, it’s of good quality, guaranteed to last long. Even after a season of usage, it looks almost as good as new.

The surface is an epitome of style, fitted with a tile. You can change this 12” by 12” tile to match your home décor. It has a nice, modern design that won’t look out of place in your home. You can even place a potted plant or small vase of flowers on the tile!

The bottom part of the unit houses the water tank and filter while the top part holds the fan. The capacity of the water tank is 3.5 gallons so, you might expect a frequent refill if your home is quite dry.

The machine works fast to put the right level of humidity in your home, so you will probably have to keep an eye on the water level. You can also connect it to your water connection as it has the casters that make it easier to move around. This will save you from the trouble of frequent refills.

It’s easy to fill the water tank and it’s recommended to use a container with a spout to minimize chance of any spillage. There’s a small light that shows you the water level. The water level is clearly marked by a line that’s hard to miss.

There are 9 different fan speeds, so you’ll never run out of an option that’s just the right one for you! But be careful, the noise that’s produced at the 9th setting might be a tad too loud.

Its digital humidistat is a great signal to indicate when the desired humidity level is reached or when the unit is empty and needs a refill. The digital display shows you the actual versus the desired humidity level, so you can compare and adjust as per your choice.

This is a long-lasting pedestal style evaporative cooler that goes on without a hitch for at least two years. It works wonders even in less-than-ideal conditions where homes don’t have an open concept. It keeps the humidity level at a stable point even without a cracked door or window.

Highlighted Features:

  • Apt to cool an entire house of 2,400 square feet.
  • Made of long-lasting, good quality plastic exterior.
  • Stylish design for a modern look.
  • 3.5 gallons water tank capacity and easy refill.
  • Nine different fan speeds to suit your needs.
  • Automatic humidistat to turn off the unit.

10. SPT SF-612R Evaporative Air Cooler​

This is a medium weight evaporative cooler at 17 pounds, suitable for medium size spaces like offices, bedrooms, and garages. It’s packed with versatility and functions as a cooler, fan, and a humidifier.

It consumes as little energy as 65W and hence, is a big save on electricity bills. A perfect cooling and humidifying solution for your home and office, it comes with wheels to ease portability. Guess what – the wheels are already attached, so no hassle of installing these!

Oscillating air flow feature ensures that the room is getting cooled uniformly and reaching the maximum space.

The 3D honeycomb cooling pads are excellent for maintaining cooling efficiency for long periods of use. These come in a weaving pattern and helps to keep longer contact between the water and air. Also, these pads have been chemically treated to prevent bacterial or fungal growth.

Multiple cooling modes in three fan speeds are great for spot cooling. If you set this on high, it releases an airflow of 276 CFM. The remote control makes it more convenient for you to control the temperature and humidity.

The automatic timer will make sure you don’t waste energy unnecessarily. You can choose from 0.5 to 7.5 hours to set the timer. The LED control panel helps you to control all features with ease.

Minor flaws in the design may lead to water leaks. It’s recommended to fill the water tank in the bathtub or with a hosepipe. The ice-holder can help you cool down the temperatures further in your room.

The SPT SF-612R Cooler doesn’t come with batteries so, that’s something you’ll have to buy separately. The good news is that the battery compartment is pretty easy to open and you don’t have to wrestle with the compartment.

Although the left to right vents work by themselves, you have to operate the up and down vents manually. While doing so, please be careful to not break them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Saves energy with only 65W of power consumption.
  • 3D honeycomb cooling pads for superior cooling.
  • Attached wheels for easier mobility.
  • Oscillating air flow for uniform cooling.
  • 276 CFM air flow when set on High.
  • Remote control for ease of operation.
  • Timer can be set between 0.5 to 7.5 hours.
  • LED control panel to control all features.

11. Luma Comfort EC45S Evaporative Cooler​

The Luma Comfort EC45S Evaporative Cooler looks straight out of a sci-fi movie! A tower fan, humidifier, and a cooler – it serves all three functions seamlessly!

Suitable for medium to small indoor spaces up to 100 square feet, the versatile device is lightweight at only 12.8 pound. It is easy to move or carry around wherever you go, thanks to its built-in casters.

Its unique tower shape is great for saving much-needed space and for putting it away when not in use. The slim design with a silver finish adds to its overall look and you wouldn’t mind owning this pretty little thing!

The product comes with a remote control and three different fan speeds to make your life more comfortable. It’s a compact yet powerful cooling companion, not taking up much space. The water reservoir fills up to 1.6 gallons and doesn’t need a refill for the whole day.

Its three air flow modes – Natural, Sleep, and Manual – offer you more in terms of creating the perfect atmosphere in your room. The 90-degree oscillation is quick to cool your room. What’s more – it can reduce the temperature of your room by up to 20 degrees. That’s no mean feat!

The rigid cooling pads of this product make it more efficient to cool down your room in the minimum amount of time. The filters work well to keep the dust and grime out of the air.

At only 120 Volts consumption, it uses as much energy as a light bulb and redefines the term “economical”. Once you use it, there’s no looking back!

This is the ultimate eco-friendly cooler as it uses zero chemicals. About time we took more care of our environment. It’s been known to give service without any hiccup for three summers in a row. For a machine that size, its performance is commendable.

The maximum noise level it produces is only 64dB, making it the right selection for nurseries and living rooms. It’s not easy to clean the water tray as it’s not removable. So, please be aware of slime and mildew forming on the tray.

Highlighted Features:

  • Energy-efficient as it uses only 120 Volts.
  • Lightweight at 12.8 pounds for ease of mobility.
  • Built-in wheels for easy mobility.
  • Three different wind speeds for more comfort.
  • Reduces room temperature by up to 20 degrees.
  • Noise level of only 64dB for a peaceful environment.
  • 1.6-gallon water tank capacity.
  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly.

Things to Consider Before Buying Whole House Evaporative Coolers

Hope you are enjoyed our top 10 whole house evaporative cooler reviews, time for you to sit down and consider the things to factor in before making that purchase.

First of all, you need to understand that an evaporative cooler is not the same as an air conditioner. Once you have this firmly implanted in your mind, investing in the right evaporative cooler becomes easier.

We’re about to get a bit geeky. But don’t worry, it’s short and easily put. Below are the features you need to look at before buying the device.

Working Principle

As mentioned above, an evaporative cooler is different than an air conditioner. The basic difference lies in how the evaporative cooler actually works. You see, it uses the natural concept of evaporation – warm air touches a cool surface and absorbs the moisture, turning the warm air into cool air.

An evaporative air cooler works similarly. It runs the hot, dry air through moisture-laden pads and turns it into cool air.

The air that the evaporative cooler releases feels like a natural breeze and is up to 20 degrees cooler from outside air. Since there is continuous circulation, your home feels fresh and invigorating, doing away with all the stale and trapped air inside.

Evaporative coolers work good in dry regions where the humidity levels are very low – less than 60%. So, if you’re living somewhere where you tend to have humidity and rains, an evaporative cooler will not work well for you. However, evaporative coolers are used to absorb moisture in outdoor settings like garages and docks.

To prevent moisture from accumulating indoors, you should always leave a door or a window slightly open when using a whole house evaporative cooler.

Types Of Evaporative Coolers

Whole house evaporative coolers come in different types as per different needs. Here’s what you need to know to help you pick the right one.

Portable Evaporative Coolers – These can be carried around easily and work great for smaller spaces. They can cool a room of size 300 square feet. quite easily.

Window Units – These are fitted into a window to cool down an entire house or a single room or even a garage.

Down Discharge – This type of evaporative coolers is installed on the rooftop so that the cool air is pushed down to make the entire house cooler.

Side Discharge – Instead of air pushing down as in down discharge, the side discharge type of evaporative coolers is fitted on the side of a house or a building to discharge cool air from the sides.

Depending on your cooling needs, select any one of the four types mentioned above. If you’re looking to cool down a single room, a portable evaporative cooler is good to go. Otherwise, the other types would be advisable if you want your entire house or office to be cooled.

Types Of Cooling Pads

It’s important to know the type of materials used for the cooling pads in your evaporative cooler. This will affect maintenance and cost directly.

There are basically two types of pads used – fiber pads and rigid media pads.

Fiber Pads cost lower but need more maintenance. Chances are you’ll need to replace the fiber pads often. These are made from cellulose or synthetic fiber and are good for evaporative coolers that have cooling inlets from many sides. They are usually 1 to 2 inches thick.

On the other hand, Rigid Media Pads are more expensive but require low maintenance and are long-lasting. These are made from corrugated sheets and work better for evaporative coolers with single inlets.

These are better at keeping the room cooler for longer, mainly because of their thickness – which is 8 to 12 inches.

Ease Of Installation And Use

There are two ways to install an evaporative air cooler – either it’s on the rooftop or it’s mounted on the wall.

While a rooftop installation is more expensive and has the chances of a roof leak, it will, nonetheless, be more effective in cooling your entire home.

A wall mounted evaporative cooler is easier to maintain and more convenient.

Please note that a rooftop installation charge will depend on the region and the structure of your home.

Overall, both installation types are centralized to ensure that your entire home is evenly cooled. However, a more central-location installation is good for compact homes while using a duct system makes sure that all the rooms and passageways of a larger house are getting cool properly.

CFM Ratings

CFM or cubic feet per minute is the unit of measurement for how fast an evaporative air cooler efficiently cools a given space. This is an indication of the strength of the air flow.

Evaporative coolers for home use usually measure between 3,000 to 8,500 CFM, whereas a larger than average home would better with a CFM of 7,000 or more.

There’s only one way to make sure that your evaporative air cooler is functioning at its optimum CFM – regular maintenance.

Provided Accessories

Your evaporative home cooler may come with accessories like a purge pump or a ceiling vent.

A purge pump will raise the cost of the unit, but it is a good thing to have as it will automatically drain water every 6 – 8 hours, preventing mineral build-up and thus, making the whole unit last longer.

If you’re worried about keeping your doors and windows open, a ceiling vent will let you have peace of mind. The warm air is pushed out through this ceiling vent and you need not be on watch if someone was creeping into your home through your open door or window!


Once again, depending on your cooling needs, you have to decide on the size of an evaporative cooler.

A portable cooler is good if you want a single room or a small space to be cooled. On the other hand, investing in a big evaporative cooler for a small home would be a waste of money and energy as it would work over its optimum capacity.

For an accurate estimation of what size of an evaporative cooler you need, you simply have to divide your living space by 2 to arrive at the CFM you need.

For example, if your home is 1200 square feet. with 8-foot ceilings, all you need to do is 1200 X 8/2 = 4,800 CFM. So, you need an evaporative cooler with at least 4,800 CFM to cool your space,

Simple, isn’t it?

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Evaporative Cooler In Your Home?

Cost-Effective: The cost of installation of a whole house evaporative cooler is half that of an air conditioning unit.

Eco-Friendly: As the technology used in an evaporative cooler is based on the natural phenomenon of evaporation, it’s environment friendly and saves energy.

Fresh Air: With a continuous circulation of air in the house, your home will always feel fresh as the warm air is pushed out to make way for cooler air.

Lower Costs: Whole house evaporative coolers cost less than air conditioners and as these are 75% more energy-saving in nature, you don’t get a foot-long power bill at the end of the month.

Good For Your Furniture: With the air inside your home properly moisturised, an evaporative cooler prevents wood and fabrics in your home from drying out, making them effectively last longer.

Healthier Home: As the carbon filters trap dust and other allergens from the air, your home becomes a healthier environment, thanks to the evaporative cooler.

How To Take Care Your Evaporative Cooler For Longevity?

The maintenance of an evaporative cooler is simple and easy. Cleaning both the exterior and the interior can extend its life and you can reap the benefits for a long time.

You must take care of three fundamental things for proper maintenance – basic cleaning, proper storage, and shutdown when not in use.

1. Basic Cleaning

It’s good to check the filter, pump, water tank, and pads once a month. If you use your portable evaporative cooler for long periods of time, it’s recommended you clean the evaporative media and water curtains every fortnight with clean, lukewarm water and some detergent.

This will get rid of all the dust and dirt trapped in the filter. Besides, you might have to replace the pads every month if the cooler is in continuous use.

2. Cleaning Before Storage

The exterior part of the portable cooler should also be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth. When you are putting it away for the season, make sure to drain the water tank and clean the filter. Before packing it away, turn it on in the fan mode for half an hour to an hour so that the unit is completely dry.

When it comes to wall-mounted evaporative coolers, you need to prep it for spring and summertime use and once again, when you put it away for winter.

Before you start using it in season, clean the moisture pads and the pump to ensure these are completely ready to function.

3. Disassemble When Not In Use

Once you’re ready to put it away, check the water supply connection and disconnect it. Drain the water tank completely. Put a cover on the cooler to keep it dust-free and unplug the power cable. Make sure the evaporative media is absolutely dry and is not prone to mildew.

Remember to disconnect the unit from the power connection before you start the cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does Evaporative Cooling Really Work?

Answer: Yes, evaporative cooling is a natural way of cooling down the interior of a home or other larger space. It effectively reduces the temperature by as much as about 20 degrees than outside temperatures.

2. How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Answer: It uses the natural concept of evaporation. The fan draws warm air and passes it through moisture-laden pads to release cool air. The pump connects the water to the pads to keep them wet.

The water is supplied either by an external source or internal water reservoir. To provide better efficiency, the best whole house evaporative cooler models can draw as much hot air as it can and pass them through as large as wet areas.

3. What’s The Best Way To Use A Portable Evaporative Cooler?

Answer: Place the portable evaporative cooler near a window and fill the tank with water. Keep the window and a door open. After you turn on the unit, there will be cross-flow of air stream in the room, making it cooler.

4. Should The Windows Be Fully Open?

Answer: For these coolers to work, there needs to be an uninterrupted air flow. But if you open the windows all the way, hot air from outside will flow back inside and your room will have too much moisture. You’ll get to a compromising solution after using it for a few days.

5. Which Size Is The Perfect For Me?

Answer: Depending on the size of the room you want to cool, you should select your evaporative cooler. As a rule of thumb, divide the size of your room (square feet. X ceiling height) by 2 to get the CFM or the airflow capacity required.

6. What is CFM?

Answer: CFM or cubic feet per minute measures how fast your evaporative cooler can bring down the temperatures in each square feet of space. It shows the strength of the airflow.

7. What’s The Cost of Running an Evaporative Cooler?

Answer: Because the evaporative cooler uses less energy, it requires around $0.26 per hour as opposed to running an air conditioner that costs around $1.13 an hour.

8. How Long Does An Evaporative Cooler Last?

Answer: It depends on the usage frequency, maintenance and quality of the device. An evaporative cooler of a good brand lasts for several years, provided there is routine cleaning and maintenance before and after usage.

9. What’s The Difference Between An Evaporative Cooler And An Air Conditioner?

Answer: An evaporative cooler uses the natural phenomenon of evaporation to cool a room, using only a fan, water, and cooling pads. An air conditioner, however, uses refrigerants and a compressor, much like a refrigerator, to make the room cool.

10. What’s The Right Way To Clean An Evaporative Cooler?

Answer: Clean the tank, filter and cooling pads with water and detergent every two weeks and let them dry completely. You can use a damp cloth to rub the exterior part of the unit to clean the dust.

Final Words

The market is full of them, but there are only a few types of home evaporative coolers that fit your needs and won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Whether you’re living in a large house or require only one room to be cooled down, an evaporative cooler might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Keeping the needs of those who live in dry and low humidity weather conditions in mind, we tried to give you a comprehensive guide available in the market along with the best whole house evaporative cooler reviews.

It’s best to remember that evaporative coolers work differently than air conditioners and are much more energy-efficient and cost-saving.

These evaporative coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your cooling needs and the size of your room, you should pick the one that works best for you.

Wishing you the best on your evaporative cooler shopping endeavour!

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