Best Under Cabinet Light Reviews: Recommendations For 2020

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Hello darkness, our old friend, we would NOT like to talk with you again!

Almost all of us have struggled to find things under the cabinet at one point or the other. It seems like an obscure place where nothing seems clearly visible by default.

The obvious darkness at night, coupled with the occasional shadows in the daytime, make this space very inconvenient for us. As a result, we can hardly utilize such an enormous amount of space properly.

Little did we know, just a handful of affordable LED bulbs can solve this issue in minutes! That is why we are here to let you know all about these lights. Keep reading to find the best under cabinet light for your space!

TOP 5 Selection – For A Quick Decision

Image Product Name Editor’s Rating More Info
Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little LED Under Cabinet Lights Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little LED Under Cabinet Lights 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit Linkable Light Bars TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit Linkable Light Bars 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price

Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Light Reviews 2020

1. Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little LED Under Cabinet Lights

Have you been looking for an easily operable lighting arrangement for those tricky dark places? Well, here is a handy solution for you!

Bring in these stick-on portable light sticks to give your dark cabinets some luminosity.

They come in two color tones, white and warm white. The latter can provide 42% brighter with 6000k-6500k color temptation. As a result, you can have a clearer view of your cabinet content with these stick-on LED bulbs.

Turn it on or off with the convenient 3-way switch located at one end. There are two more options for your enhanced convenience – keep it always on or turn on mode G for automation. This mode utilizes the motion sensor set within to turn the light on and off automatically.

You can set it up anywhere easily using the built-in magnets. These help the bulbs to stick to any ironwork without any drilling or installing another switch. Besides, this also enhances your interior aesthetic by keeping things clean and minimal.

If your room does not have any ironwork or magnets, you can still install the lights with sticky tapes. They will fit into any standard cabinet, drawer, closet or similar narrow enclosed places.

Each package comes with two light sticks and each stick has 10 LEDs. It will also have a micro USB cable, an iron sheet and four sticky tapes for easy installation.

However, remember to keep them away from damp or wet places. These bulbs are not waterproof. Besides, you will need to charge the 850 mAh polymer lithium battery once in every month at least. This will ensure a longer battery life for the lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 3-way switch for convenient shifting of working modes.
  • 10 LEDs generate high brightness illuminating up any dark place.
  • The built-in polymer lithium battery is rechargeable.
  • The motion sensor can shut off the light automatically.
  • Built-in magnet sticks to ironwork easily.

2. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Being a reliable name in manufacturing and delivering home electronics, Albrillo confidently brings you these convenient under cabinet lighting.

Just one of these light bars can produce 300 lumens of brightness. So installing one in any cabinet or a similar area will be enough to shed illumination on everything stored inside. No need to struggle for finding items in the dark anymore!

If any of the bulbs are too bright for you, just modify it to your most preferred level! The brightness of each light bar can be adjusted between 0% and 100% with its dimmer.

The construction of light bars contains aluminum and plastic. This enables them to be strong, durable and lightweight all at the same time. As a result, they provide good quality, last a long time and stay in place.

Because of their trivial weight, you can install them anywhere! Be it cabinets, counters, closets, shelves, cupboards or bookcases – you can install the setup there.

Each bar can be mounted in two ways. You can either install it using the traditional method of screws, or you can also make use of the double-sided tapes to keep your cabinets interior unharmed. In terms of ease and speed, both installation methods score the same on our convenience meter!

You don’t have to purchase any of the installation accessories separately. They are included in the package along with the light bars and charging cables.

Get them in either a pack of 3 sticks or 6 sticks, depending on your interior requirements and budget. Each of them will fill up your dark cabinets with a beautiful soft white glow. This has been possible with the frosted PC cover reducing the extreme brightness of each bulb.

All in all, this can be the best under kitchen cabinet lighting for those of you who prioritize convenience the most.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two kinds of kits available with 3 bars and 6 bars.
  • Saves 85% energy-producing 3000K soft white glow.
  • Fully adjustable brightness levels from 0-100%.
  • Easy and fast installation with provided accessories.
  • Lightweight and durable LED strips.

3. URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light

Make sure you are not the victim of accidental slips or hand injuries by installing these handy lights with motion sensors.

They are a little different from our previous two options in terms of structure and shape. Instead of being a stick or bar, these bulbs come in small circles. Each circle holds in 10 small and powerful LED bulbs. Just one of these is enough to illuminate your cabinet, closet or staircase at night.

Even though they are powerful, you don’t have to worry about heavier electric bills to pay every month. That is because they are built to be energy-efficient.

Once they sense no activity around them for 15-30 seconds, these lights shut themselves off automatically. Then, if you move across them, they will illuminate again! So these can save you a lot of unnecessary expense if you stick them at the staircase area.

The LED bulbs inside come in two light tones of cold white and warm white. They both can produce very high brightness with 20 lumens. Once fully charged, they can stay on up to 10,000 hours! They will need three AAA batteries in total which are not included in the package.

You will have no trouble installing them since the process is straightforward. Just use the 3M double-sided adhesive pads to stick them on any surface. You can also just utilize its magnetic properties to stick on metal surfaces. No wires needed for either method.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cold and warm tones available.
  • Automatic power shut-off saves energy.
  • Motion sensor turns the bulbs on automatically.
  • Simple installation with 3M adhesive pads.
  • AAA batteries are not included in the package.

4. TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit Linkable Light Bars

It is very common to have certain areas in your home where you are not really sure how to do the lighting. They seem too large or too short for certain bulb models. What do you do then?

Torchstar is here to resolve that issue with their conveniently linkable light bars! You don’t have to take the pressure of figuring out every single detail of length measurements anymore!

The distance between these light bars can be modified easily. The kit comes with five extension cables which you can use to link up the bars.

If you need more of these cables for the interior, you can purchase them separately using the model number. You can also buy extra bars to meet the lighting needs.

Since the bars are narrow and linked with cables, they provide a flexible solution to lighting problems. They don’t take up much space while producing the required brightness. Each bar produces 150 lumens which illuminate the whole space.

These six light bars can come in either warm white or daylight. Thus, you can choose the best under cabinet light for your interior aesthetics. Install it in minutes with the common tools present in your home.

The best part of this kit is that it can be controlled in multiple ways. You can control the lights manually with a rocker switch, digitally with an app or just let themselves do it using motion sensors! So you have the freedom to invest in the variation which is most convenient for your lifestyle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Six light bars in warm white or daylight color tone.
  • Can be controlled manually, automatically or with an app.
  • Fast installation using common household tools.
  • Each bar produces 150 lumens of brightness.
  • Getting an adjustable length is possible with extension cables.

5. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light

If you want absolutely clean lighting arrangements without any involvement of wires, these puck lights from Brilliant Evolution will be a brilliant solution!

These LED puck bulbs require no mess of wires to operate. You can install them using the convenient stick-on pads. So you can put them anywhere – staircases, closets, cabinets and more!

Be it open or closed spaces, these pucks can provide adequate illumination to all of them. Each one can produce 55 lumens. The generated color is a 3000K warm white glow that does not overbear human eyes.

If it still seems too bright or dark for you, adjust the brightness levels between 50% and 100% using the convenient remote. This wireless remote will also help you to turn the lights on and off from a distance. It can control the bulbs within the range of 15 feet away from the pucks.

It comes with an optional timer that allows you to turn off the lights after a particular interval. This auto-timer has the intervals of 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes programmed into it.

The pucks will need to be charged by three AA batteries. Once fully charged, they can run for up to 100 hours at 100% brightness! No need to worry about spending on batteries since the package comes with 18 of them.

These light pucks are available in packs of 1, 3 and 6. So you will have the freedom to choose the most suitable one for your apartment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each puck produces 55 lumens of warm white glow.
  • Convenient control with wireless remote.
  • Brightness can be adjusted between 50%-100%.
  • The battery runs for up to 100 hours when fully charged.
  • The optional timer can turn off the lights at set intervals.

6. Litever Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit

Those who prefer continuous illumination instead of several dots of LEDs in a line will find solace in this one. The continuous line of light is much more comfortable to look at. Besides, the diffused light covers provide much smoother glow than the alternatives.

You can also adjust the brightness with the LED dimmer included in its package. This rotary dimmer can help turn down the luminescence anywhere from 0% to 100%. The brand strongly recommends to not use any other dimmer for this purpose, not even the ones which already reside on your wall.

Bring these mini tube lights into your home for making the cabinet spaces easier to view. They require a low voltage of just 12 VDC which ensures safety for the overall circuitry of your house.

Another reason behind the long life of these bulbs is their construction. These bars are made of aluminum PCB with a thermal paste which ensures proper dissipation of heat among the high-density LEDs.

The light bars are 12 inches long and can generate up to 2000 lumens together. You can get them in either warm white color or daylight. They are available in packs of 3 and 6 bars. So you have enough options to not make any unnecessary expenditure.

Its package also includes premium quality power supply and a US plug with 1.15 long cable. So you can just plug it right in and let the lights glow. This can be the best under cabinet light for those who want comfort and convenience.

However, if you need them to work in separate spaces, there will be some hassle. You will need a professional electrician to hardwire it so that you can connect the bars to an on-and-off switch.

Highlighted Features:

  • Kits of 6 bars and 3 bars available.
  • Free from LED dots and light glaring.
  • Each is 12 inches long producing 2000 lumens.
  • Adjustable brightness using included LED dimmer.
  • Hardwired installation requires professional help.

7. Brilliant Evolution BRRC116 Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar

Work at the kitchen with a clearer view of all utensils using this wireless light bar. Brilliant Evolution brings you another handy solution of under cabinet illumination. This one claims to be ultra-thin measuring less than an inch in thickness.

One of these light bars has four LEDs which produce 65 lumens. These 3000K light sources fill the space with a warm white glow. As a result, your eyes don’t have to suffer from glaring bulbs and you can carry on daily tasks comfortably.

Install it anywhere easily using either adhesive tapes or screws. The former method leaves your cabinet design untouched while the latter ensures a greater grip on the surface. Neither of the processes takes up much time or effort.

You will need three AA batteries to run each light bar. Unfortunately, these batteries are not part of the package. So you will have to purchase them separately.

Once fully charged, this bar can run for up to 100 hours. That is four times the runtime of any other LED bulbs.

A possible inconvenience is that you will need to get up every time to turn it on or off. There is no remote involved and it does not have any motion sensor for automatic function. This light bar requires a tap on the lens to switch it active or inactive.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3000K LEDs produce 65 lumens from each bar.
  • Easy and fast installation with screws or tapes.
  • Stays on up to 10 hours when fully charged.
  • Turn on and off with tap lens.
  • AA batteries need to be bought separately.

8. LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bar

These linkable lights may prove to be quite useful for those of you who need longer light bars. This particular model of under cabinet bulbs from LED Concepts are available in much bigger sizes than the standard 12-inch one.

You can find them in the sizes of 12 inches, 22 inches, 34 inches, and 45 inches. So if you are looking to illuminate other larger spaces in addition to your cabinet area, these light bars will come in handy. Besides, you can get smaller models individually or in packs of two.

Add more aesthetic to your kitchen with their white and warm white tones. One fills up the space with cool white light complementing black or silver interior while the other enhances a golden or wooden interior.

Each bar comes with the cool-touch design which brings a soothing atmosphere in your kitchen. You can also use them in any other room for mood lighting.

You can install one light bar under the cabinet or several of them easily with their linking feature. It is possible to link as many as 75 bars together this way.

However, remember that the package comes with only one power cord and four mounting hardware. So you may have to purchase the other additional accessories for linking separately.

Turn it on or off with the user-friendly button anytime. The light bars need the power of 120V/60Hz to operate.

They prove to be quite an affordable option among all our under cabinet lighting recommendations for those of you on a budget. Besides, the availability of other sizes should make for a highly satisfactory experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-slim structure with cool-touch design.
  • Available in four sizes and two tones.
  • Install separately or link multiple together.
  • Easy and fast setup with included hardware.
  • Affordable solution to brighten up narrow spaces.

9. Phonar Under Cabinet Lighting

Phonar brings you this under cabinet lighting which offers many conveniences in one place. First of all, its ultra-slim structure of just 0.4-inch thickness illuminates the cabinet area without looking tacky.

The bars are made of anodized and hardened aluminum alloy. This has made the ultra-thin body possible. On the other hand, the acryl matte diffusor provides smoothness to the overall lighting. The bars also have a polished chrome finishing which adds to the overall aesthetics.

Even if you need these bulbs in much larger places than a cabinet, you can make that happen easily with its bigger sizes. Along with the standard edition of 12-inches length, this setup is also available in 24, 36 and 48 inches.

The two smallest sizes come with two lighting tone options of 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (cool white). Your room can shine bright with their bulbs producing 500 to 1200 lumens. This is arguably the best under cabinet lighting for kitchen.

You can also choose either of its two lighting modes. One is done through the built-in touch button and the other is via the 12V power adapter included in the package.

You can keep it on at all times with the latter method until cutting off the power. If you want to be able to switch it on or off conveniently without reaching the power socket, the touch button is the better option. Remember that the button will not work when the adapter mode is on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-slim structure with just 0.4 inches of thickness.
  • Touch sensor switch and two illumination modes.
  • Four sizes are available from 12 inches to 48 inches.
  • Warm white 3000K and neutral white 4000K temperatures.
  • 12V adapter included in the package.

10. Moobibear LED Cabinet Puck Lights

Let your kitchen shine brighter with a great deal of light produced by these LED cabinet pucks. No matter what your interior looks like, you will definitely find a solution matching its aesthetics.

If the room looks too dark, buy the bigger packs of these light pucks. They are available in groups of 3, 6 and 12 pieces at a time.

While most of them come only in either warm white or daylight white, there is a 6-pack with the illumination of three colors simultaneously! So you will have a lot to play with when it comes to style and aesthetics.

But how does it perform in illuminating? Well, each puck can produce 200 lumens of bright light and its CRI is more than 80! As a result, your kitchen will glow with natural glows that are not too bright for the eyes.

If it still does not go with your interior vision, you can adjust the brightness using the dimmer switch. This is the same switch which turns the light on and off.

Despite the superior brightness, these bulbs actually save energy! Their body made of top-notch aluminum ensures fast heat dissipation and enhances durability. This increases their lifespan up to 50,000 hours! Besides, you can save more than 90% in electric bills while enjoying the same brightness.

You can install just one of them in a narrow compact space, or install several in a line with the extension cables. It is possible to link as many as 6 light pucks in this way.

In addition to the light pucks, its package includes 12 screws, a power adapter, a control button, and a hub. The 12 VAC power adapter ensures safety by eliminating the risk of electric shock.

Highlighted Features:

  • Packs of 3, 6 or 12 light pucks.
  • 200 lumens brightness from each puck.
  • Saves your electric bills by over 90%.
  • Brightness can be adjusted using a dimmer switch.
  • 12V adapter ensures safety in the kitchen.

11. Moston USB Rechargeable Under Kitchen Cabinet Light

Let these convenient light bars make it easier for you to find necessary utensils in the dark. Each bar comes with ten bright LEDs which are enough to brighten any narrow or enclosed space.

These 6000K-65000K lights produce 100 lumens of illuminations. It results in a beautiful white light looming over the kitchen space, hallway or similar areas.

You will not have to spend a lot on buying new batteries again and again for this device. It comes with a built-in battery that can be recharged anytime.

Just plug it into a laptop, power bank or USB adapter using a 5V USB. The light will recharge itself while you can continue with your tasks.

This way, you can raise your productivity levels while also saving a significant amount of money. So this one is definitely part of our under cabinet lighting recommendations for the workaholics.

There are many more ways this product will be a useful partner for you. It comes with three lighting modes. You can manually turn it on and off with the switch. If you want it on all the time, that is possible as well.

The most convenient option available on this device is its motion sensor. The light will automatically turn on when it detects human movements. It will shut off by itself after 20 seconds have passed.

Its body is made of aluminum alloy. The magnet placed inside makes installing this on any ironwork surface a breeze! Alternatively, you can use the double-sided tape and metal strip. All you have to do is set it on a clean surface and place the light on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6000K-6500K bulbs generate 100 lumens in each bar.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery saves cost.
  • Stylish sleek body made of aluminum alloy.
  • Magnet set and double-sided tape make installation easy.
  • Three lighting modes including motion sensor and manual switch.

12. WOBANE LED Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Kit

If you have been thinking about creative ways to make use of bulbs, this particular kit can mean the world to you! It is much more than just under cabinet lights.

This kit is one of the rare lighting products which come with flexible ribbons. So you don’t have to maintain the rigid straight structure. You can incorporate them in creative ways to decorate any room!

Replace the shadowy space under your cabinets with these powerful LED lights producing 1200 lumens. That guarantees full-on brightness covering the entire space.

The lights also have a high CRI – over 80. This ensures that the colors produced by them will be pleasant and accurate. If any of your guests feel inquisitive, let them touch these lights without any worry. They are cool to the touch!

Even though this kit produces a generous amount of brightness for the area, they don’t take up too much power. They all operate at the low power consumption of just 12W. As a result, you can save a significant amount in your monthly utility bills.

Everything you will need to install these lights is already provided within the package. This makes for a very affordable solution to your under cabinet lighting.

Take just a few minutes off your busy schedule and install them yourself! Stick the light bars under your cabinets or on any surface you want with the strong 3M tape. This will keep your cabinet design unharmed since no drilling or screwing will be necessary.

Two kinds of connectors available for these lights make the flexible structure possible. These are U-style and extension connectors. Using them, you can ensure an easy and neat design of bulbs in your kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6000K LED ribbon bulbs producing 1200 lumens.
  • Delivers high brightness at low power consumption.
  • 6 flexible connectors keep the lighting arrangement neat.
  • Easy to install with strong 3M stick-on tapes.
  • The in-line switch makes using the light easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Under Cabinet Light?

Initially, under cabinet lighting may seem unnecessary to many. However, these handy lights truly bring in some sustainable benefits.

Easier On The Eyes

It is very hard to work in the dim-lit spaces available below cabinets. For instance, the utensils are not clearly visible in the kitchen space under cabinets. As a result, one can easily be injured by an accidental grip on sharp utensils.

An under cabinet light can make the space easily visible to your eyes. You don’t have to struggle anymore to get a good look at the place and what it holds.

No More Shadows

Even in places with bright bulbs installed above, shadows take over the space under cabinets. So installing lights in this space will illuminate the corners making the entire area clearly visible.

Aesthetic Pleasure

The under-cabinet lights add great value to the overall aesthetics of a room. Your guests and clients will both feel happier being there. Besides, these lights also play a great value in real estate projects.

Things To Consider When Selecting Under Cabinet LED Light

Let us discuss some of the primarily significant points. You need to keep these in mind while selecting the best under cabinet light for your kitchen.

We are not considering any illumination source other than LED in this case. Those alternative sources like fluorescent or xenon bulbs are hardly used by people nowadays. They have taken a backseat when it comes to affordable and durable household lighting solutions.

On the other hand, it will be very hard for someone to find a modern product that does not involve LED. That is why the following points apply to LED variations only.


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the shape. This is entirely up to your kitchen interior or your own aesthetics preferences.

Keeping the style factor aside, the shape of an under cabinet light decides how it covers the specified area.

Linear bars or strips come with several tiny LEDs. Since they are all uniform in size and set at a particular distance from each other, these bars produce uniformly distributed glow underneath. You will not find any shadow lurking in that area anymore.

Another common shape for cabinet lights is the circular pucks. These are a lot smaller than the linear light bars and thus, produce less illumination than them. A puck only sheds light in smaller areas on the surface directly beneath them.

So a series of pucks installed above will look like multiple pools of light created underneath.

Power Source

These under cabinet lights can have their power from mainly three sources:

A. Battery

Batteries are comparatively the most common power source found in these lights.

You may have to buy 2-3 batteries for every light bar or puck to make them work. Usually, these batteries are part of the whole package. However, some also need you to purchase them separately.

A good investment would be to buy bulbs with a rechargeable battery. This way, you won’t have any excess expenditure to maintain the lights. Just recharge them using USB cables every once in a while and they will be good to go!

B. Plug-in

These lights need direct access to a nearby socket through plugs. The best ones come with the necessary power cords and adapters. They are prone to accidents unless the associated power is 12V or less.

C. Hardwire

This is the most complicated power source available for lights. Hardwiring means establishing the connections through internal wiring of your apartment. We do not recommend this one unless you have a professional electrician.

Ease of Installation

It matters how long and arduous the installation process is for the light. This will depend on how much time you have in hand for such situations.

The easiest and fastest way is to utilize the adhesive tapes for mounting a light. Just stick the light bar onto the double-sided tape and it’s good to go! This also keeps the cabinet design unharmed.

Another way is to screw in the mounting points into the cabinet and installing the lights there. While this is easy too, it requires a little more effort than the previous option.

Energy Conservation

The LED bulbs support energy conservation the most. Another good option for this purpose would be the fluorescent lights below the cabinet.

Apparently, it may seem the costlier option in the market. However, since they both last a long time and generate the minimum amount of heat, they seem to be the better solution for long-term use.

They both save you money on replacement bulbs and electricity bills at the same time.


Rather than sticking to only a static glaring light, it is better to invest in a device whose brightness stays under your control.

There are many under cabinet LEDs available now which come with a dimmer. This allows you to adjust the brightness levels from 0% to 100%.

As a result, if you are suffering from migraine one day and need to tone down the glare of lights, you can do so easily with the dimmer.


The modern under cabinet lights offer switches with varying degrees of convenience!

Most of them allow you to manually turn the light on and off. Some come with mechanical or rotary switches while others rely on a touch or tap switch.

However, the most convenient and advanced option from our under cabinet light reviews seems to be the lights with motion sensors. These devices glow automatically whenever they sense movement or presence of darkness around them. So you never have to take measures yourself to operate them!

Different Types Of Under Cabinet Lights

Based on Shape

1. Linear

This type come with several LEDs arranged in line over a bar or a strip. Many of them are linkable with each other which can last for a long distance with extension cables.

Some of the linear lights come with flexible structures making more room for creative lighting and other conveniences.

They are the easiest to install via some double-sided adhesive tapes or the traditional screw method. If your cabinets make up very narrow spaces, these are the best under cabinet light for you.

2. Pucks

If you want a more artistic display of illumination, you can try the circular pucks of light. Their structure allows for a discontinuous array of lighting. It looks like several pools of light arranged in a series.

They provide lesser coverage than linear lights unless they are installed close to each other.

Based On Bulbs

1. LED

LED lights are the most popular choice for under cabinet lighting. They ensure maximum energy efficiency by ensuring even heat dissipation. It is also easier to adjust their brightness. Many of them come with the cool-touch design and last for as long as six years on average.

2. Fluorescent

The fluorescent bulbs cannot usually be dimmed. So you need to stay on the same brightness level at all time if you choose this one. However, since their heat emission is still lower than many, these can be another energy-efficient solution that can last for a long time.

3. Xenon

Xenon bulbs are never cool to the touch. But you can dim them down as much as you want. Their distinct warm tone fills up the space with a cozy glow. They are great options for interiors dependent on wood, beige or golden shades.

4. Halogen

These bulbs produce the maximum brightness. At the same time, they burn the fastest and hottest compared to any other under cabinet light. As a result, they do not last long and do nothing for making your energy bills any easier.

Take Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Under Cabinet Lights

1. Keep Them In A Cool Place: LED lights are the easiest to maintain over a long time. However, their long lifespan gets shorter in a hot environment.

2. Keep Them Away From Stove: Too much heat can degrade its quality and cause the bulb to glow less bright every day. So make sure the LEDs in your kitchen are safe from the stove heat as much as possible.

3. Do Regular Maintenance: Another aspect to keep in mind is that LEDs deteriorate gradually. Instead of burning out all of a sudden like fluorescent or xenon bulbs, the LEDs grow dimmer with time until it can’t anymore.

Thus, if you observe a significant reduction in its brightness, let an electrician check the bulb’s state. It can be easily fixed if it is just an electrical malfunction. Otherwise, you need to replace it soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you need to measure the total length of your cabinets. Then divide it into half to find out their center point. Mark it on the bottom of wall cabinets.

Now measure the cabinet from front to back and then divide it into half for marking the depth center.

Mark the intersection point between the two center points. This is the ideal place for a puck light. To install linear strips, extend the point on left and right until they are the required length.

Generally, LED under cabinet lights can last for up to 50,000 hours. This roughly translates into six years of continuous performance. Then they deteriorate to 70% of the original brightness. So if you use the lights for less than 12 hours per day, they can last more than 10 years.

The amount of brightness for LED bulbs vary significantly among different manufacturers. Lumens can be counted for each LED bulb incorporated in a light strip or for the whole strip together. The ideal amount depends on the kind of activity you are going to perform below the cabinets.

For example, if you need them only for decorative or aesthetic purposes, 150-250 lumens will be enough for each foot. On the other hand, for carrying out cooking or similar tasks under these lights, you will need 175 to 550 lumens per foot.

Keeping the kitchen tasks in mind, we recommend using white color LEDs for under cabinet illumination. They can be in warm or cool tones to match your interior aesthetics.

White seems the best choice for this matter since it does not overpower the natural color of utensils, food items or the surface below. This makes it easier for you to work with normal vision when the lights are on.

You can place the LED lights at the back, front or in the middle of under cabinet space. Installing them behind will help to brighten up the backsplash where utensils may be placed. Doing the same in front will help you to continue cooking tasks effortlessly.

LED lights have proven to be the best solution to under cabinet lighting. They generate a generous amount of illumination while also providing the freedom of adjusting its brightness.

Besides, they are among the most energy-efficient options available. You can find them in circular pucks and linear strips or bars. So you can install them in several ways for aesthetic value.

It depends on your preferred coverage and intensity of bulbs. Ideally, every 0.5-1 feet of a cabinet surface will require one puck light. Such consistent intervals will ensure an even distribution of light everywhere around the cabinet. It also avoids the formation of any shadow or dark areas.
Yes, under cabinet lighting has been proven to add value to any home. These affordable lighting solutions enhance interior aesthetics and make the kitchen space much more attractive to potential buyers.

Even though most house sellers tend to overlook this feature, such lighting actually succeeds in drawing more customers.

The installation process depends on the product type. Generally, light strips and bars can be installed by sticking to the surface with double-sided adhesive tape. You can also mount the light using screws into the cabinet.

Some under cabinet illumination systems also come with built-in magnets. They can be installed directly on any ironwork surface using their magnetic properties.

Final Words

Finding the best under cabinet light for your unique space may be tricky. However, it does add great value to your home and interior aesthetic.

These lights make life easier by letting you make the most of all that available space. You can now organize your showpieces, books and other decorative pieces there without being overlooked.

Besides, they also encourage safety by bringing all kitchen utensils and tricky cooking processes under illumination.

 So make your pick among the many options available for under cabinet lighting. Go with linear strips or circular pucks to play with lights and shadows. Or, go fully creative with the flexible ribbon lights. Your room is your canvas!


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The 3 best fender flares for your Silverado are the Tyger Auto TG-FF8C4057, the Tyger Auto TG-FF8C4068 and the Tyger Auto TG-FF6C4218