Top 10 Best Texture Sprayer – Reviews and Comparison Guide 2019

Whether it is a blank wall or an already painted one, you might often feel that it’s in need of some tender love.

A flat or building full of smooth yet empty walls and ceilings are like a canvas ready to be painted. There are a thousand possibilities of how to fill them, each directing towards a new dimension and contrasting appeal.

And the same goes for the external walls, patios, and decks. You can paint attractive colors and splatters to these otherwise mundane surfaces, giving them new and exciting looks.

Not just painting, textured spray can be a crafty way to mask impurities and spots of the surface. I mean, you can choose from splatter, orange peel, knockdown, popcorn textures, and whatnot? You can also go for deck coating, acrylics or synthetic finishes.

Texture spraying is a cost-saving way of remodeling, enhancing the aesthetic look of a room. You can always do it yourself. Yes, it’s a messy job, but you’ll love playing with textures and draw a finish just like you wanted. On top of that, it’ll save you some money.

 But for that, you’ll need the best texture sprayer. Something that’ll help you achieve a uniform finish and flawless texture. Gladly, we have some suggestions for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Texture Sprayer Intended Use

There are three types of paint guns. They differ in operation styles. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the requirements, the best texture sprayer might differ from job to job.

Compressed air paint sprayers need an external compressor to operate. So basically the system consists of a gun and a compressor connected through a hose. They are good for heavy uses, like automotive painting, woodworking, etc.

Airless sprayers don’t need a compressor, they have a turbine built in to drag the paint. They have a high-pressure rate. As they are portable, users find them suitable for interior and exterior paint jobs like wall painting, patio, and deck painting.

HLVP sprayers have low pressure but high volume paint flow rate. This makes them extremely convenient for various uses like wall painting, fence painting, trim works. They also have the lowest wastage percentage.

Materials/ Compounds

Your choice of paint guns will be hugely influenced by the materials you’re going to use. Not every gun can work with all types of materials. Check the product description to know which paint you can use the sprayer with.

If you’re using regular residential paints or latex paints, airless guns should work just fine. You might need to thin the material a bit though.

Some materials are sturdier and equipped to withstand the high pressure required for the application. Compounds like wood stains, shellacs, or other specialty compounds might need the use of a compressed air gun.

Ease Of Use

This is directly connected with safety and control of the operation. Although heavier sprayers have benefits, it can be challenging to maneuver them. If you find your gun too heavy and difficult to control, you can opt for devices that have separate storage for paint other than the paint gun.

Also, some jobs require precision and sublime control, like painting a car bumper or cabinet. Thus you need a device that has a controllable flow.

There are many compress and airless sprayers made for detailing especially. Some allow you to control the size of the spray fan. You can choose narrow for precision and wide for more coverage. Decide beforehand if the device is able to facilitate your job.


Usually, you’ll find this feature in compressed and HLVP paint guns. Airless guns usually don’t have this option. As airless guns offer better portability, you have to decide which feature you need the most.

Compressed and HLVP textured sprayer machines have several adjustability options. You can adjust the speed. The pressure is controlled by a knob. You need to apply more pressure if you’re working with thicker materials.

Additionally, you can adjust the thickness and pattern (vertical, horizontal, circular). This gives you flexibility and saves time. As for airless sprayers, the adjustments are done with different sprayer tips.

Flow Rate

This stands for how many gallons of materials a spray gun can bestow in a minute. Higher flow rate means you can do the job quicker. But the catch is, it’s hard to control these machines.

For beginners, we recommend using a gun with 0.075 gallons/minute flow rate. This speed is decent to get your job done, and controllable at the same time.

Some devices allow you to control the flow rate. It’s useful when you work with different types of materials. If you work with one type all the time, flow rate control isn’t that required. 

Dimension And Weight

Usually, heavier texture spray guns are more powerful. But that also means it’s hard to hold them for a long time. You might experience fatigue and strain in your hands.

Paint guns can be as heavy as 30 pounds. Obviously, that’s not an option for elongated painting sessions. If you want comfort, there are models that come with 3-5 pounds of weight.

Heavier models often come with wheels and handles which certainly helps with the portability. The unit stays on the floor and you can connect and use a gun with that.

Additional Accessories

There are some accessories that might or might not come with the package. But if they do come with the paint gun, your work gets a lot easier. Also, that means you don’t have to purchase them separately, which saves your money.

Filters: Prevent the paint sprayer from clogging. It helps you achieve a smooth finish.

Tips: Helps with paints of different viscosity. Also, allow you to choose from different patterns.

Hoses: Depending on your job, you might need longer hoses. For more demanding jobs, 25 feet hoses are recommended.

Extensions: No matter if you’re spraying high or low, extensions can make the spraying job easier.

Protective Equipment: Paint fumes can be harmful. You must use protective gears. Some sprayers come with protective gears like googles, mask, and gloves.

Our 10 Best Texture Sprayer Reviews For 2019

1. Wagner Spraytech 0520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer

The Wagner Spray Tech is an all-in-one device. It comes with a turbine strong enough to cover the whole ceiling, yet subtle enough for small jobs.

With this in hand, you don’t need any additional air hoses or compressors. The package includes one-gallon hopper, lubricant, cleaning brush and three nozzles (large, medium and small).

You can hold the electric texture gun in one hand. You’ll also love the ergonomic and comfortable armrest. Finding the right nozzle and mud viscosity balance might be hard at fast. But with some trial and error, you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon.

The motor is slightly noisy, but it does its work well. Spraytech comes with Lock N Go technology that allows you to set up the device and get started almost immediately. Adjustable hopper allows you to position it as you see fit, thus suitable for both walls and ceilings.

The paint gun works pretty well on walls. As for ceilings, you have to be careful and adjust the hopper appropriately otherwise it’ll be a mess. The 24 inches long power cord doesn’t give you ample freedom to move. So you might have to use an extension cord if your job demands it.

With variable flow triggers and three nozzles, you can accomplish different professional looking designs. Spraytech is compatible with a wide range of water-based materials, including diluted joint mixture, standard aggregated and aggregated texture.

Highlighted Features

  • Electric drywall texture gun for walls and ceilings.
  • You can accomplish textures like orange peel, popcorn, and knockdown.
  • One gallon hopper and strong turbine can cover large areas.
  • Three nozzles and variable flow trigger bring flexibility.
  • Quite lightweight, around 5.7 pounds in weight.
  • Parts can be attached and locked in places immediately.

2. Graco 17H572 TexSpray RTX 1400SI Texture Sprayer

Graco texture sprayer is a great solution for optimized texture solutions, be it exterior, interior or decorative purposes.

Graco is one of the leading paint solution providers since 1992. And the RTX 1400SI comes from the fine line of RTX interior decorative series. This paint gun provides a smooth and uniform flow, With 1.4 GPM output, you’ll get a steady spray pattern.

This is a traditional compressor paint gun. The air compressor capacity is 6.1 CFM. Since the capacity is high, you’ll get 33% more air supply than most of its counterparts. With the adjustable flow control dial, you can increase the flow for thicker materials, and decrease it for thinner materials.

The hopper can hold 10 gallons of materials. Compared to those smaller sized hoppers, this one can cover you for a long time between refills. The air hose is 25 feet long, suitable for jobs that need movement.

You can change and replace the pump without any tools thanks to the FelxChange pump system. This saves time and delays on the user's end. The gun has a braided sling to support the pump tube.

The ergonomically designed, and lightweight spray gun is a beauty. It’s rust-proof and long-lasting. This gun has a built in air and trigger flow adjustment for convenience. The easy to read gauge makes the control even easier.

The package includes several trigger guns i.e. 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8 mm size. The best thing is, you don’t have to worry about storing all these accessories. Graco provides an onboard tool box to store all of these conveniently.

Highlighted Features

  • Electric hopper gun with 120V high output AC motor.
  • Oversized hopper with 10-gallon fill capacity.
  • Multiple different sized nozzles provided.
  • Material flow control dial for adjusting speed.
  • Easy pump replacement thanks to the no tool replacement system.
  • Suitable for painting home, decks, rooms, fences, etc.

3. Hiltex 31229 Pneumatic Air Texture Spray Gun

Hiltex 31229 is a great professional paint gun. But it can also be used for house capacities. For a very cheap device, this one has no shortage of strong features.

For instance, this gun has an easy to grip handle. You’ll go for a long time until your wrists give up. The metal handle is sturdy and durable. The trigger has a locking control mechanism built in for uniform spray.

The air regulating components are made of solid brass. Not only the construction is lightweight, but it also holds itself up for a longer period. The hopper is basically gravity fed. With a decent 1.3 gallons or 5 liters capacity, you can keep working for quite some time.

For the huge air the machine consumes, it needs a compressor with at least 7 CFM capacity. The pipe thread fitting is quarter-inch in diameter. Since this machine is fortified with side handles, you can go at the ceiling from any angles, even odd ones.

The nozzle variety is important because it helps with accomplishing different designs. Hiltex 31229 has 3 nozzles (4mm, 6mm, and 8mm) that are interchangeable. You can use different viscosity materials with these nozzles.

Overall, this is a quite good product for its price. The metallic body and easily squeezable trigger make the user experience great. It’s suitable for home uses and some commercial uses. However, you might need heavier devices for demanding jobs.

Highlighted Features

  • Full metal body with brass air regulating components.
  • The gravity fed hopper cup has a 5 liters capacity.
  • Side handles allow covering odd angles without discomfort.
  • Three different sized nozzles for different thickness materials.
  • The ribbed and textured handle enables a comfy yet secure grip.

4. Neiko 31228A Pneumatic Drywall Texture Gun

Orange peel, drywall mud or popcorn, you can accomplish any of them with this versatile spray gun. You just have to make sure the compressor is strong enough to provide enough air.

You can use this for various materials. Be it waterproof coatings, joint cement or acoustic, this device will work wonders. The sprayer attaches to the air compressor easily and almost immediately to facilitate different applications.

The hopper has a 1.25-gallon capacity. The gun is fed by gravity and attached to the hopper in a way that prevents clogging. The grip is very comfortable and sturdy.

The trigger is another great addition from Neiko. It’s easily controllable and has a locking control that helps with uniform coats. It has one downside though, it doesn’t spray paint. I mean, you can work with the materials we said above, but not paint.

It comes with everything you need for varying texture patterns. The package has four nozzles with 1.5mm, 2.7mm, 3.5mm, and 3.6mm size. As if that weren’t enough, the manufacturers also provided 5 spray patterns.

For maintenance and easy operation, you’ll get a 3/8 inches socket and 2 hexagonal wrenches. The package also includes a 45-degree offset connector. With this at your hand, you can reach difficult angles.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight spray gun with durable construction.
  • The hopper is made of plastic, but it’s strong.
  • Four nozzles and five patterns for varying designs.
  • Trigger locking control for a uniform coat.
  • Offset connector to reach difficult angles comfortably.

5. ZENY Air Hopper Spray Gun

ZENY spray gun is a heavy duty plastic hopper gun. You can get various textures like knockdown, popcorn and orange peel with the beast. The hopper is made of semi-plastic, but the body comes decked with full metal.

ZENY brings a nice balance between price and performance. It won’t cost you most than a few dollars. Pricewise, it’s one of the best texture sprayers on the market.

Despite being cheap, it’s sturdy enough to cover your whole house. While these type of hopper guns aren’t suitable for heavy duty commercial uses, they are more than enough for household uses.

The hopper can hold 1.45 gallons of paint. You can do a continuous painting for quite some time. The trigger has an easy-pull mechanism. This is extremely useful when you want to control the finish. The hopper comes with a handle, making it extremely beginner friendly.

The recommended pressure for this gun is 50-70 psi. It’s not extremely high, that means you’ll get a good flow rate and less wastage. You’ll need a compressor with 4-6 CFM power to run this machine.

With only 3.3 pounds of weight, using this gun should be comfortable. You’ll also love the dark red and white color combination of this machine. The gun is fed by gravity pull of the materials so you shouldn’t experience any discontinuity.

The package also has three nozzles with it. The small and medium nozzles are 4mm and 6mm in size, suitable for medium viscosity materials. The large nozzle is 8mm in size and suitable for high viscosity materials.

Highlighted Features

  • Air hopper gun with easily adjustable control.
  • Made of plastic and aluminum alloy.
  • Very lightweight at 3.3 pounds of weight.
  • The hopper can hold 1.45 gallons of materials.
  • Easy pull trigger helps you control the finish.

6. MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line SS20 SharpShooter 2.0 Hopper Gun

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line SS20 SharpShooter 2.0 Hopper Gun

MARSHALLTOWN takes flexibility and convenience up to a notch. I mean, you won’t find many machines that allow you to work with a hopper or a portable texture sprayer.

This is where The Premier Line SS20 provides flexibility for its users. As the name suggests, this is an updated version of the previous SharpShooter model. What changed? Well, you’re getting softer grips, trigger adjustment, and even smoother application.

The soft grip will help you hold this gun for long operations. The body of this machine is constructed of nylon. It’s lighter than metal and much more corrosion resistant. This is also the reason why this machine is so lightweight.

The hopper can carry 2 gallons of materials. You can use it with different types of materials like drywall mud, silica sand with primer, acoustics, waterproofing materials even fine concrete overlays. The hopper has seamless sides that prevent any type of clogging.

The wide range of use gives this gun sublime versatility. The gun has a flow control valve that enables you to control the flow from the gun instead of the compressor. Also, the trigger lock makes sure you are getting a uniform coat.

It can be hooked up with any air compressor, but texture sprayer pump works better with the machine. You can easily rent one from your local shop. Also, the air pump makes the coating operation fast and uninterrupted.

The gun has seven holes covered by a plate. They are placed on a threaded stud to provide you different patterns. With the seven pattern options and easy control trigger, you can achieve attractive textures on your wall and ceiling.

Highlighted Features

  • An updated version with better control and features.
  • You can use it with a hopper or portable sprayer.
  • The hopper can hold 2 gallons of materials.
  • The gun has seven versatile pattern options.
  • It can be used with a wide range of materials.

7. Homax Texture Touch Up Kit

So, we’ve discussed products that spawn texture in the wall and ceilings. But like every good thing in the world, these designs can and will damage one day.

So, what to do when that day comes. Staring at your ceiling and getting disappointed? Not an option. The product we’re discussing now is Homax Touch Up Kit. This isn’t exactly a texture gun, rather its specialty lies in repairing damaged textured walls and ceilings.

And the package is designed to perform that important task. The kit comes with a touch-up spray gun, knockdown tool, and stir-stick. We’re not finished. To cover different patterns, the kit also comes with 4.2 ounces popcorn texture dry mix and 9.2 ounces wall and ceiling texture dry mix.

With some sprayer adjustment, you’ll get popcorn, orange peel, splatter, and knockdown textures. So basically all the popular patterns are covered for repair.

So how much exactly these dry mixes cover? The wall texture covers up to 15 square feet, while the ceiling one covers up to 2 square feet. This should be enough when you’re handing with repair, not full-fledged spraying.

But if you have to cover more, indulge yourself. Homax isn’t your typical pricey product, so it won’t hurt your money bag to purchase additional quantity if needed.

The gun is reusable, so you can use it for a long time. The hand operated gun is so lightweight, you can go through elongated repairing sessions. The manufacturers also provided an instruction manual to make your job easier.

Highlighted Features

  • Texture touch up repair kit for wall and ceiling.
  • Dry mix AKA mud packets are provided with the gun.
  • You can get different texture with some spray adjustment.
  • It’s great for small repairs on previously designed textures.
  • The hand-operated plastic gun is reusable.

8. Super buy Air Hopper Spray Gun

When the market is full of similar options and your mind is full of confusion, the only things that make a product stand up are additional features.

This is often a common scenario with hopper gun users. I mean, they have almost similar products to choose from. And the worse thing is, they aren’t often up to the task you need them to do.

Many people search for texture guns that work with paints. Most of the hopper guns aren’t good with paint. But not Super Buy Air Hopper gun. This is one of the best drywall texture sprayer models on the market. Let me explain to you why.

The hopper is made of strong plastic. The hopper along with the sturdy aluminum frame gives the product extended durability. The hopper itself can carry 1.45 gallons of paint. Thus, you don’t need to refill it frequently.

The trigger is long and can be pulled easily. The mechanism easy to master. You can control the trigger pressure, thus the finish as well. The total structure is compact and lightweight (only 3.5 pounds).

The hopper feeds the gun through gravity. It works well with compressors ranging between 4-6 CFM capacities. For maximum result, you should keep the psi within 50-70.

The kit comes with three nozzles. They are 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm in size. With them, you can use materials of different viscosity. The overall mechanism is DIY friendly and you can use it paint cabinets, dressers, furniture, and crafts.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy duty drywall texture paint sprayer.
  • Easily controllable swing trigger for a better finish.
  • The hopper can store 1.45 gallons of paint.
  • Three interchangeable nozzles for different materials and patterns.
  • Lightweight and non-slip handle for extended operations.

9. MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line E400 Portable Texture Sprayer

MARSHALLTOWN is one of the most renowned names for texture guns. They have a long line of spray products, led by the finest Premier line E series.

MARSHALLTOWN E400 Portable Sprayer is a fine addition on this list. E400 texture sprayer reviews will leave you wondering. Because some people just love this, while other people didn’t get what they expected.

I think that has to do with the wrong selection of products. E400 has several features certain people like, even root for. One of those features in portability.

The sprayer has a 2.5 gallons capacity. And it delivers a decent flow rate of 1.75 GPM. The kit comes with a hopper gun, air hose and a tank. When you attach the tank and gun to a compressor using the hose, it pressurizes both.

Now, as we said, this product is made for users on the go. The inner tank wall is cleaned by piston seal, so lesser mess to handle. The tank is airtight and needs less cleaning, thus facilitates easy portability from job to job.

You can load the tank with a mud pump. The top cap can be removed with quick pressure release, thus cleaning the tank is a piece of cake. The tank weighs 15 pounds when empty and 45 pounds when full. The tank has an enforcer to keep the pressure to 15 psi regardless of the compressor power. This helps with uniform and even coat.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable texture sprayer with 1.75 GPM flow rate.
  • The tank has a 2.5 gallons capacity.
  • You can do popcorn, splatter, orange peel, and knockdown textures.
  • The tank pressure is constant at 15 psi.
  • The airtight tank allows you to move without cleaning up.

10.  MOTOOS Air Hopper Spray Gun

MOTOOS hopper spray gun is what you can say a balanced product. It doesn’t cost much, yet capable enough to perform various jobs and moreover, it looks good.

This is an ideal product for wall and ceiling. But it can be used for other household purposes like deck painting, waterproofing and fireproofing surfaces, fence painting, etc.

It comes with a hopper with 1.45 gallons capacity. The handle is comfortable to hold. The hopper gun contains a long easy-pull trigger. If you want, you can lock the trigger for an even and uniform coat. The hopper cup is gravity fed and it has a handle for easy management.

The handle and body are made of aluminum alloy. The air regulating parts are made of brass. The sturdy construction indicates that the product will last for a long time. The machine allows the user to spray at difficult angles, thus suitable for both wall and ceiling.

The recommended compressor power for this machine is 4-6 CFM, and the pressure should be within 50-70 psi. The adjustable material control reduces wastage and makes the coats just like the user wants.

Nozzles are important to achieve different textures and work with different thickness materials. Keeping that in mind, MOTOOS comes with three nozzles. Use can use 4mm and 6mm size for medium viscosity materials. For high viscosity, 8mm size will suffice.

Highlighted Features

  • 1. Air hopper gun with 1.45 gallons capacity.
  • 2. An easy-pull and lockable trigger for a uniform coat.
  • 3. Different parts made of aluminum alloy, brass, and plastic.
  • 4. It comes with three nozzles of different sizes.
  • 5. Adjustable material control helps to achieve the desired result.

Benefits Of Using Texture Sprayer

The best texture sprayer gun can help you with applying texture or drywall compound on the surfaces with sheer ease. But apart from traditional uses, textured guns have much more benefits which make it worth having one of your own.

1. Faster Work Speed

If you’re working on a big apartment or several rooms, time is of the essence. You shouldn’t spend several days using a trowel. A textured gun will do your job way faster and cover a larger area.

The principle is simple. Apply several thin coats, one main coat and then finally apply the sprayer. Use a scraper if you need any final shaping. By using the sprayer, you can reduce the time by 50%. I hope you know time is money.

On top of that, your texture will be just like how you want, wherever you want. You don’t have to be disappointed just because the painter didn’t follow your instructions.

2. Ease Of Use

One of the reasons why people choose these sprayers is the ease of use. I mean, you don’t have to go through the rigorous prepping and application methods that come with regular paintwork.

That means no compound mixing, trowel loading, smoothing the paint, and repeating it over and over. You just need to load the hopper with the mixture and pull the trigger. It’s very simple. And you’ll end up doing less work but achieving even better results.

These products come with electric or gas engines and are highly portable. Also, they can be moved by cart or dollies. This makes using them highly convenient since you don’t have to drag large engine and equipment around.

3. Smaller Learning Curve

Learning using a sprayer is an instantaneous thing, and mastering the art takes only a few minutes. Once you get a hang of it, you can achieve pretty professional looks out of your wall.

On the other hand, learning to use a trowel properly can take days. You will have to learn about how to avoid marks and lines on the finished paintwork.

Sprayer guns apply the paint in the form of tiny droplets. This way, the paints spread out evenly and cover any imperfection on the wall.

With traditional paints, you have to mix two batches of compounds at the minimum, sometimes even more. With a textured sprayer, the job is simple. Just blend the mixture, load the hopper and start painting.

4. Cost Saving

Textured guns can save your money big time. Your required time for a certain area coverage comes down to half, so you can save time and earn money elsewhere.

Texture mixtures are prepared by mixing sand on the paint. When you apply the mixture, the sand spreads over the paint and gives a glossy finish. But the catch is, textured paints can dry on brush and rollers, and you’ll get voids on the paint.

Also, once the sand dries, the paint tray, brush, and roller become unfit for further use. You cannot reuse them. With the wall textured sprayer, you just need to clean the nozzle and you can reuse it. Saves money every time.

Different Types Of Texture Sprayers

There are basically three types of sprayers. Traditional air models, airless models and HVLP models. Each comes with its own advantages.

1. Traditional Texture Sprayers

They are usually air powered. These devices come with funnel designed hoppers and use gravity force to load the mixture into the pump. The pump pushes the mixture to come out through the gun and introduces air in the process. This way, the texture is formed.

Since these devices are air powered, you’ll need a compressor. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to purchase or rent one. However, you need to make sure the compressor is compatible with the sprayer.

2. Airless Textured Sprayers

These products usually work faster than traditional ones. Also, they are made in a way that minimizes overspray. Also, they provide better and more consistent paint coverage than traditional products. You’ll usually need lesser coats to cover the same surface compared to traditional options.

They have the source for compressed air integrated into them. The sprayers atomize the mixture using high pressure, and textured designs are formed in the process. Naturally, these spray guns don’t work when aggregates are added to the mixture.

You don’t need to apply thinners with these guns. This way, less solvent is released in the atmosphere. Also, the curing time reduces significantly.

3. High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer

As the name suggests, these devices deploy a high volume of material along with low air pressure. That means more paints are reaching the surface with reduced wastage and pollution.

As the mixture drips slower, you need a lesser amount of paint to get the job done. Also, more droplets sticking to the surface means you’re getting a smoother finish.

They’re great for interior projects like painting doors, cabinets and trims. They’re usually costlier than the other two models, but use the least amount of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Use A Texture Sprayer?

Answer: Using a paint gun is easy. Clear out or cover other stuff in the room so that they don’t get wasted. Blend the drywall compound with water according to the instruction. Make sure you blend them properly, otherwise the nozzle will be clogged.

If you don’t know how to use a drywall texture sprayer, practice with an old piece of plywood beforehand and then start spraying. Stand 3-4 feet away from the wall and start with the top portion. Put the mixture into the hopper and press the nozzle to start applying paint. Spray side by side and make sure no spot remains untouched. If you spray excess paint, scrap it level with a knife.

And yes, take proper safety measures. Use a dust mask, safety goggle, cap, and gloves. Wear old clothes that you can get rid of later.

2. Is The Extra Prepping Time Worth It?

Answer: You need to blend the mixture and spend time masking the untargeted areas. This brings the question, does spraying really saves time, even after all the additional masking time?

Well, it does. Spraying is around 5-10 times faster than traditional brushes and rollers. For every additional hour you spend prepping, you’ll save around four hours of time that would have been needed for brush painting. So even with the extra preparation time, you’ll still be saving time by quite a margin.

3. Do I Need To Dilute The Paint?

Answer: Yes, you might need to dilute the paint by 10%-20%, but the amount depends on other factors like temperature, material thickness, and power of the device. You should find the recommended amount into the manual.

If you don’t see any instruction regarding diluting percentage there, we suggest you start at 10%. Test the result and slowly add water if needed. Test the result on a block of scrap wood or bag.

It’s not wise to use thick paint as it can hurt the device. A little bit of trial and error and you’ll find the balance.

4. What Are Spray Tips, Needles & Nozzles?

Answer: Spray tips or nozzle usually come with airless texture sprayers, and the needles are associated with HVLP and traditional compressor guns.

Why are they necessary? Different paints can come with different thickness. Depending on the viscosity, you might need different nozzles for thinner and thicker paints. This way, the paint flows correctly and effortlessly.

Since the nozzle diameter or hole-size cannot be adjusted for airless paint guns, you need just the right size for every job.

5. How Long Does It Take To Clean The Machine?

Answer: It depends on the paint gun and paint type. Usually, oil paints take more time to clean than water-based paints. As for the device, HVLP guns are easier to clean than other types as the paint stays in the gun and doesn’t get into the hose. They usually take 10-15 minutes to clean.

6. Are Texture Sprayers Messy?

Answer: That they are. They are quite messy, to be honest, but so is any paintwork. Depending on the type you use, the level can vary.

For instance, HVLP guns are usually the least messy. They have a low pressure (like 10 psi) and apply in a high rate of 80%. That means you waste only 20% in forms of bouncing back and overspray mist.

Airless guns are the messiest. Being a high-pressure gun, they have an application rate of 50%. That means half the materials will spread over the air and furniture.

To avoid messy situations, you should paint in a room that has no furniture. That’s the most ideal scenario. But if you can’t do that, cover the furniture and other stuff properly.

Final Words

The history of sprayers goes back to 1880s. It was a revolutionary invention back then that saved time and money. It freed people from hours of paint works.

But it’s not until recently the sprayers were available for home uses. Previously, they were used only for industrial settings. Thanks to the new technologies and safe application methods, homeowners have access to a wide range of texture sprayers.

However, the vast amount of choices might instigate a little ‘paralysis by analysis’ in you. That’s why we decided to review the best texture sprayer on the market.

Since this guide comes with products with different price range and feasibilities. Hopefully, you’ll find the right one for your particular requirement here.

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