Top 12 Best Spin Scrubber Reviews For The Money 2019

Got some specks of dirt around the bathroom, kitchen, window or floor of the house?

If positive, you have two options in hand-

Number one- chose a typical brush and bend yourself over and over to clean the dirt up with quite some time of hard work. And number two- be smart enough to deal with the dirt with the best spin scrubber, a device that rotates the brush 360 degree and takes the dirt right away.

As long as you’ve landed on this page, we assume, you’re with option two.

Having said that, finding a truly dependable spin scrubber is a mammoth task. You've to literally take 100s of good models under the radar and take a handful of other factors into the equation.

Throughout this list today, we've made this whole thing easier for you. We've hand-picked 12 of the good quality spin scrubber reviews of the market, and explained why we're calling them the ‘best' of the game.

Sounds interesting enough? Let’s proceed-

Our Top 12 Best Spin Scrubber Reviews 2019

1. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Take a moment to welcome our crown winner model of the list, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber. To be honest, we've got a handful of reasons to put it on the top of the list. But here are the most important ones for you-

Whenever it's about cordless spin scrubbers, the battery and its capacity come at the first row. On that note, this model from Homitt scores a perfect 10. There are 2 2150 mAh batteries, which will power up the device for 90 straight minutes. And once it's out of energy, it will take around 3.5 hours to get recharged. Truly way ahead of many conventional models indeed.

While you'll be browsing through the rest of the piece, you'll see even many pricey models to have only three(or even two) brush heads. But this winner pick has got four of them, each are of different shapes and capacities. With a perfect combo of them all, you will have no hardship in cleaning your shower, floor, kitchen toilet. Wall, ceiling, window, and whatnot!

A common issue with spin scrubber brushes is their strength. Over regular uses, they usually get decayed. But this Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber has got some real durable bristle onto its brush heads. So, they'll get right into every corner of the spot and bring out every speck of dirt that's bothering you

One thing that many of the biggest brands don't put effort into is the noise level that the motorized scrubber creates. On that note, this brand deserves a round of applause. They've engineered this best electric spin scrubber in such a way that it will create 70dB of noise while working on the idle mode, and 80 dB when it's cleaning on its full swing.

The length of the handle is supposed to be long enough so that you can operate it with ease. Keeping that in mind, they've provided a 21 inches handle with this model. And such a length is perfect for users who're neither too tall nor too short. We mean, it's the right pick for us average users. 

The ability to deal with a wide variation of dirt is just mesmerizing. Starting from water stains, to dirt buildup, mold, mildew, calcium buildup, soap scum, hard water stains, etc, it can handle it all. All you have to avail this scrubber at home, and it will take care of the rest of the cleaning process.

Before we checked out the price that we came from, we anticipated quite a high price tag on it. But surprisingly, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber is way more budget-friendly that we expected. In fact, this price-quality ratio is one of the biggest motivators for us to keep it at the top of this long list of scrubbers.

Overall, our recommendation goes in favor of this model in every way. If you're worried about the dirt and the ways to take care of them, this one is the model of your dreams.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    2*2150 battery capacity.
  • 4 interchangeable brush heads of unique shapes.
  • 70 dB to 80 dB of noise level while operating.
  • Quite durable and strong bristles on the brush heads.
  • 21 inches long handle for operating quite easily.
  • Can deal with every kind of usual household specks of dirt.
  • Highly rotational, deep clean provided.
  • Quite satisfying price-quality ratio.

2. Vandora Electric Spin Scrubber

The runner up pick of the list goes to another charming spin scrubber, namely the Vandora Electric Spin Scrubber. We'll explain the important features below-

First thing first, let's start with the stand out feature of this model. And that's the ability of custom adjusting its length. See, this model has got a 24 cm long host(where you'd attach the brush head), a 39 cm long handle, which is the spine of the device, and a 52 cm telescopic rod, which is great for distant operating. A combo of all these three detachable parts is what any user would really fall for.

There are three different brush head variation to attach with the host. They are called- the ro9und brush, the flat brush, and the corner brush. The round brush is for cleaning concave surfaces. The flat one is for leaning wide and open floors and the corner brush is for cleaning narrow corners and edges.

Worrying about whether water will get into the parts and damage its functions? Well, this model is made to be waterproof from top to bottom. So, no worries there.

The kind of dirt that this scrubber can deal with is- scum, grime, mildew, and any similar dirt. To deal with tiny parts of the target, the bristles are made to be strong and durable.

With typical scrubbers, you might need to move and wave your hand a lot. But that's not going to happen with this one. It's completely friendly for cleaning at its best without a lot of movement from the user's hands. So, we can call it one of the most satisfying scrubbers of the market.

To connect the parts of this scrubber to each other take it in a stage of operation, you don't have to spend more than a minute. All you need to pick up the right brush head, connect the extension handle to the main handle, and start cleaning. 

There are some models of spin scrubbers which are not supposed to be clean both indoor and outdoor. We have good news regarding this model that it's not one of those. No matter if it's your bathroom, sink, kitchen, drawing room, it's good to go. On top of that, it's an ideal pick for your car rims, car windows, car body and so on. So, we can say it will serve you in both indoor and outdoor cleaning chores.

Highlighted Features

  • Quite adjustable, long handle parts.
  • Flexible, strong bristles on the brush heads.
  • Comes with 3 superb quality brush heads.
  • Relaxing operation with minimal hand movements.
  • A perfect cleaning assistant for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Quite convenient, minimalistic design.
  • Runs on battery, completely free of cord-hassle. 

3. ELLESYE Electric Spin Scrubber

Would like to go for an all-purpose scrubber that deals with every kind of dirty spots on your kitchen, bathroom, car, window and so on? The ELLESYE Electric Spin Scrubber is there for you.

Let's explore the insider features and specs of the scrubber-

One of the best selling points of this scrubber is its handle design. There are three sections in this scrubber, which can be collapsed and expanded if needed. While expanded, the length of the brush becomes 40 inches, which is perfect for distant cleaning. And in case you want to clean short distant corners, it will allow you with that as well.

To make sure that you don't have to find a separate place to store this scrubber, there is a bracket. You can wall-hang it if you want.

But different surfaces might come with different space allowance and shape- what to do with that? Well, this brings on our next feature of this scrubber- the brush head variation.

To make sure that you can deal with every sort of dirty places at every corner, there are three replaceable brush heads with ELLESYE Electric Spin Scrubber. They are- the round brush for concave cleaning on sink and bathtubs, the flat brush for large and flat surface cleaning, and the corner brush for cleaning hard to reach, narrow areas.

So, no matter whichever place it is, you can equip the scrubber with any of these heads, and you are good to go.

The scrubber runs on battery power of course. But it has not got that sort of typical batteries that will decay their lifespan over regular use. In fact, the ELLESYE Electric Spin Scrubber has a 2150 mAh battery with a voltage output of 3.65 volts. Once fully charged, this battery will power this model up for 70 minutes. But for best output, you are advised not to use it at a stretch.

Worrying about the recharging time? Well, there comes a tiny drawback of this product. See, the battery has got a 2150 mAh capacity. But the recharging time for it is 3 hours for this scrubber, which is a bit longer than what we expected.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Three different brush heads.
  • Can work on any surface of any sort.
  • Runs on a 2150 mAh battery power.
  • The body is split into 3 sections.
  • Has got a bracket to hang from wall.
  • Quite space saving, convenient design.
  • Improved battery life of up to 70 minutes.

4. Hurricane Cordless Rechargeable Spin Scrubber

At #4, we have reviewed Hurricane Cordless Rechargeable Spin Scrubber. It has been there in the market for about three years now. And still, it's one of the top choices by homemakers.

Let's explore why-

Let's start with the best features that this Hurricane Cordless Rechargeable Spin Scrubber has got. And that's the capacity of this brush to deal with stubborn and almost permanent dirt, stains, molds and mildews. While other brushes are not so powerful against such dirt, this one will make the magic happen.

When it comes to spin scrubbers, the RPM at which the motor rotates is quite an important spec. In that terms, the 300 RPM motor of this Hurricane Cordless Rechargeable Spin Scrubber is something extra ordinary. Such a high rotational speed is well enough to eradicate hard and stubborn specks of dirt like mold, mildew, stains, mineral deposits and what not!

The next important question is, which kinds of places are usually cleanable with this scrubber. Well, we can say- it's for almost every nook and corner of your home. No matter if it's the sink, the window, the counter, the floor, the hub or anything similar, it's good to go. On top of that, it works like a magic on regular specks of dirt like calcium buildup, soap buildup, hard water stains, etc.

As you are not expecting yourself to deal with twists of cords, this scrubber has got a rechargeable battery that it runs on. To recharge the battery, it might take a long time of 8 hours. But the output that it comes with, is worth the charging time.

To let you custom clean every corner of your home, there are three different brush heads. They are known as the multi purpose dome brush, the large flat brush, and the corner brush. With each of them, you'll be provided with the ability to deal with different kind of surfaces.

As the brush is the only thing that is going to be in contact with the dirty surfaces, it's important for the brush to be strong. Keeping that in mind, Hurricane had provided all 3 brushes with flexible, bristle teeth. No need to worry about the durability of these brushes as well.

The 44 inches extension rod is something that many of the users would fall for. Specially if you are a tall person, this will come to be really handy for you. All you have to do is to stretch the extension cord and hold a firm control over the brush. No need to bend over your knees anymore!

The long handle of this brush might give you a tension of being overweight. But worry not my friend, this scrubber weighs only 3.2 pounds once it's fully expanded. So, you can hand carry it with only one hand, and still be able to operate it at full extent. Consider all features this is one of the best spin scrubber for daily uses.

Highlighted Features

  • 300 RPM motor rotation power provided.
  • Deals pretty well with stubborn and hard to remove stains.
  • Comes with three different brush heads.
  • Bristle and durable brush heads.
  • 44 inches long handle, perfect for tall users.
  • Weighs only 3.2 pounds.

5. DoubleFly Spin Scrubber

Coming up next, it’s the beautiful and efficient DoubleFly Spin Scrubber.

A unique quality of this scrubber is its ability to work underwater. All three brush heads of this model are made to be waterproof. So the dirt under the water tank or the bathroom floor can be easily dealt with this model. But that being said, you are not advised to keep the brush heads underwater for a long time, as they are mere electric products after all.

The kind of dirt that this scrubber can deal with is diverse. No matter its soap scum, grime, mildew, mold build ups or anything similar, you're good to go with this. To make sure that there is not even a speck of dirt, the hard and bristle brushes will be on duty.

There are many of the spin scrubbers in the market which are great in work, but hard to store in a space-saving manner. Leave that worry about this model, however. The detachable parts are quite convenient and easy to store in even the limited space you have in your bathroom, kitchen or store room.

Handle length had been quite an important part of the scrubber. Y9ou might have noticed that we have picked up a few models with long handles previously. But this time, it's for users who are short in height. The handle of this DoubleFly Spin Scrubber is 21 inches only. If you're looking for working on a tight space under your kitchen countertop or the sink, this would be just the perfect pick.

That being said, in case you are looking for something for longer spaces or if you are a tall enough user, this model might not be the best choice for you.

Just like any good scrubber in the market, this model has also got three variations of the brush heads to work with. There is a regular flat brush, which will be perfect for the floor to ceiling windows, bathroom floors, etc. Secondly, there is a rounded brush head which will give you a hand in cleaning not-flat surfaces. And thirdly, there is a pointed brush which will let you clean hard to reach, narrow spaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Can deal with all regular dirt and build-ups on home and kitchen.
  • Three detachable brush heads.
  • 21 inches of length is perfect for shorter users.
  • Quite compact and elegant design.
  • A finer alternative of harsh and abrasive cleaner.
  • Detachable parts for easy storing.
  • Comes with 1 AC adapters.
  • Doesn't require battery recharging.

6. WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber

When you are going to work on a regular basis with dirt and buildups, just a random scrubber with fabric brush heads won't do the job up to par. You need a better, more heavy working model. And that's what the WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber is all about. We would call it our best pick for the best professional use scrubber, and we will explain why-

First things first, it's the brush head that we are interested in. And on that note, WimiUS claims to have an ungraded brush head variations. There are 4 different materials, shapes and sizes of the brushes that will provide you with unlimited access to any kind of hard to reach spots. The brushes are made with a combo of plastic and stainless steel, and that's what gives it a certificate of durability.

While you will be fighting against bacteria and mildew on your kitchen or bathroom, there will be water splashes for sure. To make sure that that doesn't get into the brush head, they are made to be waterproof. So, no need to worry about electric malfunctions while working with this WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber.

Moving forward, let's take a moment to have a look at the design of this brush. They call it the humanized design, which makes pretty senses. There are three sections in this scrubber, and each of them is connected to each other.

To detach these parts from one another, there are push buttons with each of them. With a light press on the buttons, you can detach them from each other and store it in a safe place. In case you need extra replacement brushes, the WimiUS services are there for you.

This WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber is a battery driven spin scrubber. It will take 4-5 hours to get fully charged, and once charged, it will run for up to 75 minutes at a stretch. To recharge the battery up, you can use USB cables. A power outlet of at least 5 volts will do the job.

The overall opinion from our side is pretty much positive. In case you are looking for a model that deals with dirt decently, you will be loving to keep this WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber into your buying shortlist.

Highlighted Features

  • Four brush heads(one is made of stainless steel).
  • Quite easy to detach the parts with pressing buttons.
  • Good for users with back pain and arthritis.
  • Upgraded battery to run for up to 75 minutes.
  • White, minimalistic design.
  • Weighs pretty light, only 3.3 pounds.

7. Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber

Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber is what they call the power cleaning tool and that makes quite some sense if you look at its feature details. It makes making deep clean with less effort that you would need with other models.

The motor power of this model is 300 RPM which is almost the best for this kind. On top of that, there is a 39 inches extendable handle that would be perfect for distant cleaning. So, when you have a nice blend of these awesome features, that's what you really want from a surface scrubber, right?

Like many other models in the list, this scrubber also comes with three different brush heads. But the unique thing about these brushes is their design. The first one is called the flat surface brush, which is as regular as the other models. But the round brush has got some unique shape with discrete teeth distribution. Definitely, it's going to give you a finer cleaning experience.

The device runs on batteries. So, you don't have to be tangled with wires while cleaning with this scrubber. They claim it to contain a 20 percent longer battery life. And that power is used to provide the scrubber motor with a 15 percent additional torque. So, you are expected to see some improvements in power compared to your older scrubber.

To make sure that your scrubber never gets out of order, there is a rechargeable adapter provided with the model. So, when the battery is empty, all you have to do is to charge it for 3-4 hours. On some extent, this battery might require a charging period of 4-6 hours. Once charged, this will keep your cleaning chores running for at least an hour.

Now, come to the question of what sort of areas you can clean with this scrubber. As long as we are concerned, the grout brush of this model is there for hard to reach tight spaces. And the flat brush head will clean up the flat surfaces like your bathroom floor, kitchen floor, restaurant floor, etc.

However, there is an additional requirement for cleaning the best with this model. And that is- you need to use it with the best Clorox cleaner detergents. That being said, overall, this Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber is a great pick.

Highlighted Features

  • 300 RPM torque capacity in the motor.
  • 20 percent improved battery life.
  • 15 percent more torque in the motor.
  • Takes up to 6 hours to get recharged.
  • Has got a 29 inches long handle.
  • Comes with unique and effective brush head designs.

8. GOOD PAPA Turbo Power Spin Scrubber

So far we have been talking about spin scrubber models that are supposed to be used in long and spacious areas and to deal with stubborn dirt. But moving forward from that, you might require one that is not too gigantic in operation, and still is a durable one.

If that's also in your mind, you can look at the GOOD PAPA Turbo Power Spin Scrubber. We'll explain the features down-

First thing first, the motor of this scrubber is not a massive one. It has got 84 watts of power, which will end up with 240 RPM torque power. So, if you think about it, there are perks of having not so powerful cleaner scrubber like this. For decent household chores, something like this should be in your choice list.

To make sure that you are acknowledged with the settings and operating controls, there is a LED display. ANd that's certainly a rare feature that we can hardly find on regular spin scrubbers. Through the display, you will be able to keep an eye on how much percentage of battery charge is there, and when to recharge it over again.

Along with the display, there is a quite efficient battery. According to the spec chart, the capacity of the battery is 2000 mAh, and it is of Lithium Ion type. Once you charge it fully, it will be there to serve you for 90 minutes at max.

Now, it's one of the most stand out features of this model, and that's the number of brush heads you get with this. There are four different brush heads with this model, and that's very extraordinary. Not only the brushes, but you will also get a brush stand to store these brushes.

Each of these brushes are of different shapes, and sizes. Also, the bristle level of these brushes is unique from each other. So, based on the dirt you are dealing with, and the type of surface you are working on, you can make the best choice of brushes.

Now, there is one drawback about this scrubber, and that's the price point. From some viewpoints, the price point seems a bit high. But think about the highly powerful motor, the battery, the exclusive scrubber handle, the four brushes, and their stands. All these should charge you a bit of extra money from what others do.

From that viewpoint, we think the price is quite worth it.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    2000 mAh battery power.
  • 240 RPM torque provided by the motor.
  • 90 minutes of straight operations.
  • Four different brush heads.
  • Comes with a brush headstand.
  • Quite stand out design with nice aesthetics.

9. SEAPHY Electric Spin Scrubber

Do you have a soft corner of simple, minimalistic and yet elegant designs? If yes, then the next product might create a good first impression to you just by appearing in front of yourself. We call it the SEAPHY Electric Spin Scrubber. And for now, this product is on our podium.

Let's explore its features and specs-

Before anything else, let's talk about the most unique and standout feature of this model. And that's the strength and density of the brush heads that this model comes with. There are four different brush heads- the flat, the round(small), the round(big) and the pointy shaped ones. All these brushes have their separate areas of applications. But the brittleness and density of these brushes are what make them unique.

Moving forward from the brushes to the battery system, we get to have a powerful battery of 3.6V. That's pretty much standard if you compare it with other battery power systems. Once you charge the battery up for only 3.5 hours, it will keep you serving for 90 minutes at best.

They call it the 360-degree rotational spin scrubber, and that's the most desirable features in a spin scrubber, right?

To make sure that it doesn't get affected by the water splashes and rain, all the parts and brush heads are made to be waterproof. There is a strong seal into this product, and that makes it durable for years.

There is a pretty long extension arm with this model. That ensures that you get to use it from a distance. So, no need to bend over your knees to reach those areas of dirt. All you have to do is to hold a firm control on the movement of the brush head.

The length of this handle is 21 inches. So, we would label it as a perfect fit for short users. In case you are a tall person, you better look at other choices of this list where the handle length will be at least 35 inches or longer.

To recharge this model's battery, there is a USB cable provided. But no additional adapter is there in the box. In case you would like to look at this positively, you can recharge it from remote power sources like power bank, laptop, mobile charger, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • Black-themed gorgeous appearance.
  • Comes with four different brush heads.
  • Strong and dense brush heads for harder cleaning.
  • Powered by a strong battery for at least 60-90 minutes.
  • Takes only 3.5 hours to get recharged.
  • Waterproof and sealed.
  • Long 21 inches extension arm.
  • Hook to store it on the wall.

10. Spin Scrubber Turbo Scrub

​Spin Scrubber Turbo Scrub

One of the most iconic features of this Spin Scrubber Turbo Scrub is, it's universal in many senses. At first, you can use any kind of detergent with this scrubber. Unlike some models that come with a specific detergent requirement, this one will not. Also, if the charger provided in the box gets lost or broken, you can just use any charger from the supermarket. Because it's universally compatible with any charger as well.

A regular feature of this model that is mention worthy is its brush head variation. You can use any of the three brush heads provided- the flat brush, the round brush, and the corner brush. Like regular cases, the flat brush us for large and flat surfaces. The dome or round shaped brush is for concave surface cleaning, and the corner brush is to clean edges and corners, it's of a cone shape.

It's a battery driven spin scrubber, which runs on a 3.6V highly durable battery. To make sure that you can charge it from any port, they will provide you with a charging cord. To charge itself up, the battery will take 2+ hours, which is quite usual. And once charged, it will be able to serve you with constant service up to 120 minutes.

You can operate this Spin Scrubber Turbo Scrub for plenty of job variations. No matter you're cleaning your dirty wall window, or the wet bathroom floor, it will be there to assist you. To ensure that even wet and underwater condition doesn't affect your scrubber, it is made to be completely sealed and waterproof.

The motor power that is equipped with the battery to keep your cleaning chores going, is able to make 300 rotations per minute. And that's the absolute maximum that you can expect from any usual spin scrubbers.

Now, it's another important question that what sort of cleaning tasks are okay with this scrubber? Is it indoor only? Or you can use it multipurpose? Well, as long as we are concerned about the user's reviews of this product, it's an easy fit to use on tile, sink bowls, curvy surfaces, bathtub, toilets, door slots, shower windows, etc. But if you want to make its use on outdoor surfaces like automobiles, driveways it might not come up with the best results. 

From the viewpoint of the price-quality ratio, this scrubber is also a satisfactory one. If you're not too much tight un budget, then this model might be in your preference list.

Highlighted Features

  • Universal compatibility with detergents.
  • Comes with three brush heads for diverse cleaning.
  • The motor provided 300 RPM of rotational power.
  • Battery-based, which has the ability to back up for up to 2 hours.
  • You will get a handy operating instruction.
  • Detachable scrubber heads.
  • Charging time is 2+ hours.

11. YOUKADA Upgraded Spin Scrubber

Alright, the next pick on the table is YOUKADA Upgraded Spin Scrubber. We've been through quite some analytical points while deciding the rank for this model. But because of a blend of some over the top features and some tiny drawbacks, we've decided to keep it here at number 11.

Let's go and explore its features and benefits-

First things first, it's the ease of use that we would like to draw your attention at. There are several parts of this model and while working, you have to set them up together. But that won't that more than a minute. There are clicky sounds to let you understand whether the parts are joined or not.

So, if your current scrubber takes a whole lot of time to get adjusted, this YOUKADA Upgraded Spin Scrubber can be a finer alternative.

The next big thing about this scrubber is the battery power. As it's a cordless, remote spin scrubber, it's obvious to have a battery inside. But when you find the battery to be as powerful as 4000 mAh, that is quite a gift. If you talk about the runtime of the battery, it would run for 2.5 hours straight.

Therefore, in terms of runtime, this cordless spin scrubber is one of the best in the market.

The power of the motor that this model has is quite good. In fact, the high rotational mechanism will provide you with a 360 degree cleaning freedom. Such an approach is perfect for cleaning everything from soft dimes to hard water stains and everything in between.

Another point of appreciation that we think important is it's high built strength. What you will get in the package includes an ABS+ Aluminium & Rubber combo. Such a construction is more than perfect for providing you with a high impact strength. At least compared to conventional PP material, you're supposed to receive a way higher output.

A regular feature of this scrubber is, you will get three different brush heads with this model. These will come handy when you will be cleaning different surface types.

Now, let's look at a couple of tiny drawbacks that we mentioned earlier. The first one is the massive charging time it takes. As the battery is of 4000 mAh, the charging time is more than 6 hours. For some users, that might be too high.

Another thing that you should be aware of is the ultra lightweight(2.8lbs) of the model. We mean, when your spin scrubber is that might light in weight, it's hard to hold the stability while working.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    4000 mAh battery power.
  • 2.5+ hours of runtime.
  • Strong Aluminum and ABS material combo.
  • Quite easy to set up within minutes.
  • Comes with online customer support facility.
  • The total extension length of 36.6 inches.
  • 3 different brush heads.

12. Vandora Electric Spin Scrubber

Alright, so we've reached the end of the product list of this top spin scrubber reviews article.

And let's end the list with a newly arrived model, the Vandora Electric Spin Scrubber. Like any other products in this list, it has a set of praiseworthy features, and some drawbacks as well.

We will showcase them all below-

At first glance, we were quite amazed at the strength that an AC power driven scrubber like this can provide with. It suits with both 110V household power outlets and the 220V commercial standard power outlets as well. So you can make use of it both in yo9ur home and office or workshop.

Moving forward, the length of the extension handle is 21 inches, which is quite praiseworthy. With such a length of the handle, you don't have to bend your body to reach even the hardest to reach places.

On top of that, then there are two brush variations that will let you deal with a different kind of dirt and debris. The large, flatter style brush head is perfect for deep cleaning, and the smaller and stiffer one will let you deal with dirt in corners.

As it is not driven by batteries, it's a plug and play type scrubber. So, you don't have to wait for the battery to get recharged and then you get to use it.

The power cord that you have to connect with the power outlet is 40 inches long, which is another plus point. So, it gives you a degree of freedom to cover large areas of cleaning.

In the box itself, you will receive a spin scrubber, an AC adapter, a flat brush head, a dome brush head, and a default corner brush head.

The drawback of this product is its price-quality ratio. In the competitive market, you might be surprised at the high price that they charge for this product. But if you take durability into consideration, we guess that makes quite a sense.

Highlighted Features

  • 40 inches power cord for distant cleaning.
  • 21 inches extendable hand;e.
  • Comes with a 3.6V battery.
  • The brushes are interchangeable.
  • Perfect for users with back pain.
  • Quite elegant design.
  • A durable pick for spin scrubbers.

Things to Consider Before Buying Spin Scrubber

Alright, so you have had a look on the all 12 best spin scrubber models and the broken down analysis of their specs. Now it's time to make your own shortlist of products, and chose a final one from there.

To assist you up with the shortlisting process, here is our handy buyer’s guide-

The Brush Head Variation

With a spin scrubber, you are not going to clean only one particular kind of surface, right? There would be flat surfaces, dome-shaped surfaces, concave surfaces, and narrow surfaces as well.

To make sure that your scrubber is a well-suited one on each of these surface variations, make sure it comes with three of more brush head picks.

The Bristle Quality

Talking about the brush heads, the next obvious thing is the bristle of the brush heads you're getting with them. If they are not hard enough and weak, they're soon going to get out of order. If the bristles are strong enough, you can make months of uses out of them.

The Battery Power and Recharge Time

In 2019, no one would love to deal with tangled cords anyway. And that's the reason that brought the essence of cordless, battery powered spin scrubbers.

If you’ve got one like that, make sure that the battery is powerful enough in terms of mAh rating. Also, ensure that it takes a minimal charging time( 2 hours to 6 hours) as well.

The Handle Length

There are a number of handle(rod) types in spin scrubbers. Apart from the main handle, most of the models come with a telescopic handle that is attachable.

In case you are a tall user, you would like to telescopic handle to be long enough. In case you are short use(or looking forward to clean narrow spaces), a short telescopic handle would do fine.

The Price-Quality Ratio

Last but not the least, it's the price-quality ratio. Don't fall for shiny advertisements of beautiful TV commercials. Before paying your hard earned money, make sure that it is completely worth the investment after a spin scrubber.

Step By Step Guideline For Using Spin Scrubber

Owning a perfect spin scrubber is the first part of tasks if you aim for a dirt-free, clean house. The next part of it involves knowing how to operate it for best output. Therefore, at this stage of this article, we've come up with a step by step guideline to clean with a spin scrubber.

Take a moment to have a look at the steps-

Step 1: Build up the scrubber

Most of the spin scrubbers come in detachable parts. So, you have to pick up the host, the handle and the telescopic rod and combine them up to form the scrubber body.

Once done, you need to choose the right brush head from the provided options. Usually, there are three or more brush heads provided with each of the scrubbers. Based on the type of surface and dirt you are working on, you have to make the right choice. Once done, you are ready to move to the next option.

Step 2: Power It Up

Spin scrubbers are based on electrical and mechanical power. So, you need to source some sort of power outlets in case your model is a non-cordless one. Usually, such models come with long cords to give you a freedom with this.

In case your model is a battery driven one, just make sure that it's full of charge. Once done, start it up to power the scrubber.

Step 3: Apply detergents on the dirty spot

No matter if it's your bathroom, shower, kitchen floor or any other place, you have to apply a good quality detergent and a few water onto it. Once done, wait for 5-10 minutes and let the detergent work.

Step 4: Start Deep Cleaning

Now, aim the brush head of the scrubber on the dirty spots and start spinning it up. Let it stay on any speck of dirt for a definite time based on how strong or stubborn the dirt it.

Step 5: Wipe the place up

Once you have scrubbed the dirty places long enough to get eradicated, you have to use water splashes to take that away. In case you don't have a chance to do that, wipe it off with a wet cloth.

Once you are done with all the steps, let the place dry in the open air. By now, you should expect to have a completely clean space.

Tips to take care and Maintenance Your Spin Scrubber For Long Lasting

Brands will ensure that you get the right spin scrubber for the right job. But they will hardly come up with an everlasting durability of their models. To make sure that your scrubber lasts for a long time without prior damage to its parts, you need to follow some specific tips.

Here we go-

Don't press hard while you are cleaning the specks of dirt on any particular surface. This will damage the shape of the bristles and the brush head as well.

Make sure that your scrubber is not submerged underwater for a long time. This will cause a water insert into the electrical part of the scrubber.

While you are attaching the parts of the scrubber, make sure you are going to the exact steps that are mentioned in the user's manual.

If your scrubber is battery driven, make sure that the battery is charged up always. Emptied up batteries are not supposed to leave there for a long time.

While recharging the battery, you should not overcharge it at all. So learned the time of the battery to be recharged, and work accordingly.

Brans might promise you that your scrubber will run constantly for X minutes or hours. But you should not do that. Take little breaks after every 10 or 15 minutes of use.

The telescopic rod of a spin scrubber is not made of that much solid metal or so. So, don't push it so hard or pressurize it. Otherwise, it will bend.

While you are done with cleaning up with the scrubber, store it in a safe, dry place where no water exposure is there.

Clean off the specs of dirt from the brush head and the bristles. Otherwise, the dirt will get stuck to the bristles and decrease their efficiency.

Always stick to the user’s guide whenever it’s about some sort of operation of this scrubber that you are not sure about.

Many brands come up with dedicated customer support facility. If required, don't hesitate to take their assistance.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How long does it take to recharge the spin scrub battery?

Answer: If it's between a power capacity of 2000-4000 mAh, it would take 2-10 hours to recharge an empty battery.

Question: Do I need to use the telescopic rod with a scrubber?

Answer: In case you’re cleaning from a distance, or you are a tall user, you have to.

Question: How much detergent do need to clean with a spin scrubber?

Answer: It’s based on the kind of dirt you are using, the kind of detergent you are provided with and the spread of the dirty area.

Question: Is water splashes any nad for scrubbers?

Answer: Most of the top models are made to be protective against water. But you are advised not to keep it submerged underwater for long.

Question: Where can I buy a good spin scrubber?

Answer: Mostly, they're available in home improvement shops, super shots and electrical supply chain shops. But the best option is to buy it from trusted sellers over e-commerce platforms.

Final Word

Thanks for going through the entire post on best spin scrubber reviews of the market of 2019. Hopefully, this list had been helpful enough for you to pick up the right one without your budget. Make sure you get it from an authentic seller and claim the after sale services that they use to offer.

Happy cleaning!

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