Top 10 Best Roof Rack Awning For The Money 2019

Outdoor adventures are a great way to cool off from the hustles and bustles of city life. Apart from the escape, outdoor activities provide an excellent platform for meditation or family bonding.

The serenity and tranquility of the sun, the wind, and the blue waters are aspects you will appreciate. They are a true reflection of relaxation.

However, what would be the case if the winds or the sun are too strong? What about an outdoor expedition characterized by heavy downpour? A slight change in weather may turn into a nightmare or a life-threatening situation.

You know, a successful outdoor expedition requires adequate preparation. You need time and outdoor gear. On the top of your list of outdoor gear should be something to protect you from unpredictable weather.

While your SUV, family van, or wagon provide you with a home away from home, an additional shade improves your comfort in the wilderness.

Let's think about that for a couple of seconds!

There are endless options for the task. However, a roof rack awning complements your automobile amazingly. It is a perfect addition to your camping gear. Set it side by side with your truck and enjoy the comfort and protection.

Now, with a saturated market, choosing the best roof rack awning is a difficult task. Don't worry! Read through this article to find reliable information and reviews.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Roof Rack Awning

Well, we agree that you want a truck awning, but which one? Making the right pick from thousands of brands out there is not a walk in the park. You feel the heat, don't you? Everyone does; seasoned outdoor enthusiasts and newbie alike.

So, here are the features you really need to consider before buying a roof rack awning.


This is pretty more of personal preference. However, if you intend to invest a considerable wad of cash on a roof rack awning, then pricing is a top consideration. Look at the price against what it offers!

As you may already know, most product reviews follow the basic price to performance ratio. The products we mentioned below are no different. A loose interpretation of this rule means that for every single cent you throw into a product, there's an additional feature.

But don't get confused. Cheap does not necessarily mean substandard. You will learn this as you read through the impartial reviews in this article.

Types Of Awning

The type or style of a roof rack awning should have probably come first. However, it's never too late. For you to pick correctly, it is vital to know the types available.

  • Straight Awnings

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a vehicle camping? Most people think of a truck, van, or SUV camping and imagine straight awnings. Maybe you think so, too. It is for this reason that straight awnings remain the most popular.

More importantly, straight roof rack awnings are comparatively more affordable. Without having to break the bank, you have a car canopy that offers excellent value for the money.

Straight awnings are highly versatile. Setting them up or pulling them down is easy. Most of them come with additional accessories such as extra walls, mosquito nets, and extra rooms, to name a few. These features give straight roof rack awnings an unbeatable convenience and versatility.

  • Wing Awnings

Unlike straight style awnings, which are pretty basic and straightforward to use, wing-style awnings are more advanced. They cover one or both sides of your automobile as well as the rear. They use a pivot point to function and are often referred to as 270 degrees awnings.

What are the benefits of covering the tailgate of your truck? Talk about convenient coverage for cooking, games, or extra storage. If you value that, then a wing awning is a perfect choice for you. This enormous style awning is ideal for adventurers who need extra coverage.

As you'd expect, most of them cost higher than straight awnings but rest assured that you'll enjoy a vast range of additional accessories and features.

  • Manual Or Electric Roof Rack Awning

Just like the names suggest, a manual roof rack awning requires manual set up and take down while an electric roof rack awning uses a power source. Moreover, electric roof racks retract automatically while manual ones require manpower to put up. This article only reviews manual roof rack awnings.


Hey, this is an awning you are shopping for and not a duvet. You might think the right choice of material should be the thickest out there. Umm, Not really! When it comes to the choice of material, prioritize on the strength and not thickness. A good awning material should reliably withstand wear and tear from the harsh wilderness.

Luckily, most awnings are made from materials that have a great balance between strength and density. This factor is an invaluable determinant when it comes to the lifespan of your shelter.

Still, on the type of material, consider one that is entirely waterproof. While all industry players try to address this, the level of protection from rain varies. Stay on the lookout for an awning that will keep you dry.


How much coverage do you need? Well, there is no standard recommended coverage for adventurers. In fact, the amount of coverage that you need will depend on your adventure needs.

Ask yourself the number of people in your entourage, the amount of gear you will need storing, and the necessity for any extra rooms for games or cooking.

Weight, Ease Of Use And Portability

It's no secret that you'll be in your van when you go camping, so portability over long distances should not be an issue. However, the weight comes in during use; set up, and dismantling.

A roof rack awning should be easy to use. Well, you don’t want to break your back while hauling it up. On the other hand, make sure it isn't featherweight. Too light means increased vulnerability to wind and torrential downpour.

Support And Additional Accessories

The support poles and columns are an essential factor to consider when shopping for an awning. We can't dictate the weather. So, the only option is to stay prepared for any eventuality. They not only need to be strong to survive through strong wind, but they also need to be easy to work.

Another critical feature of awning support is that they should accommodate a range of adjustability to allow various heights. Low awnings will keep you to certain heights. This will be an inconvenience if you are tall.

Do a little research to find out if your prefawninshelter has additional support accessories. Mounting brackets, pegs, and support knickknacks add more stability to the structure.

Other accessories such as a mosquito net, additional walls, and extra rooms included in the package add more value to these equipment. On the other hand, they add more convenience and comfort to your adventure! Go for them if you can.

Warranty And Company Responsiveness

Across board, almost every product in our list and the entire market comes with a one year warranty. So, that is not a problem. The problem would be if your claim for a product replacement or repair takes a lot of time to be responded to.

The products we have reviewed are from manufacturers with proven customer care efficiency. However, do yourself a favor by going through individual customer reviews for a more informed decision.

Type Of Automobile

Roof rack canopies are popular on mid-size SUV's, full-size SUV's, camper vans, and trucks. Sizes will undoubtedly differ, but the key is to set up your shelter properly.

Fear not! Just ensure that the canopy is the right one for your vehicle. This would be best if you consider checking the attachment to your vehicle.

Alarm! Some awnings won't be suspended with roof racks that are not from the same company. So, stay on the lookout for support compatibility.

Finally, where exactly do you prefer your canopy? Do you prefer it on the rear? Or, do you prefer it at the driver’s side or on the passenger's side? Well, that's all up to you to decide.

Our 10 Best Roof Rack Awning Reviews 

Having looked at the factors to consider when shopping for a roof rack awning, let's now have a detailed look at the products that made it to this impartial list.

1. ARB 4x4 Accessories 814301 Retractable Awning (ARB3110A)

ARB is a reputable brand when it comes to producing high quality outdoor gear. The ARB 4x4 Accessories 814301 Retractable Awning (ARB3110A) stays true to the quality mark from the company.

To start with, you certainly want a roof rack canopy that is easy to mount and operate. The 814301 retractable is arguably very good outdoor car shelter. It will easily attach to the roof bar or roof rack of your car.

The freestanding awning mounts in less than a minute, by a single person. Mounting nuts, bolts, spanner, and comprehensible instruction manual further make your work easier.

You certainly won't be using this camping gear within the confines of your living room. Granted! Featuring an incredibly lightweight but rugged material, the retractable awning is suited for the harsh outback elements.

It is resistant to wear and tear hence will serve you for a long time. The fact that the material is PVC-lined polyester says a lot about its quality. It, therefore, takes the top spot of our Best Roof Rack Awning for the money.

You can't stop the rain. However, you can prepare yourself pretty well for such an occurrence by opting for the ARB 4x4 Accessories Retractable Shelter. It is reliably waterproof to keep you dry throughout your expedition.

Like most ARB outdoor shades, the ARB3110A is stable despite its self-standing model, a feature that gives it the ability to withstand wind. It comes with a wide range of additional accessories. They include guy ropes and pegs. These accessories further enhance stability by securing the poles.

Highlighted features:

  • Measures 1250x2100mm, which fits all cars.
  • It comes with a carry bag made from durable PVC lined with nylon.
  • Adjustable telescoping poles increase its visibility.
  • It comes with a carry bag for portability and gear organization.
  • A freestanding straight design that is easy to mount.

2. Yescom 4.6x6.6' Car Side Awning Pull Out Tent

Are you looking for a good car canopy without necessarily breaking the bank? Well, the Yescom Car Side Awning is your deal product. Over the years, Yescom has stood out as a reputable designer and manufacturer of high quality but affordable outdoor equipment.

You will fall in love with the sleek look and design of this car side shelter. Most users have confessed to like the look and entire design. True to their sentiments, Yescom features a clean and subtle look.

If you love Nature then this sleek looking outdoor shelter will faultlessly blend with your camping environment to create a fantastic view.

The equipment is not all about good looks with no quality. It is properly anchored on a sturdy aluminum alloy structure. What does that tell you about it? Well, simply put, it is rust-resistant hence durable.

In addition, it boasts of remarkable fabric quality. A 420D fabric is something you wouldn't want to underrate. A UV50+ rating is another aspect that helps to improve its overall value for the money. The material is water-resistant and will shield you from rain, wind, sun, and dust.

If I tell you that this is the best roof rack Awning you can find in the market today, then that will be an exaggeration. However, the Yescom Car Side Rooftop Shelter will satisfy your primary requirements of a car roof rack canopy. Of course, at a very affordable price.

Highlighted features:

  • Self-standing design is easy to set up.
  • 30 square feet of shelter.
  • Can be retracted to utilize the smallest of spaces.
  • Rust-resistant poles improve longevity.
  • Comes with a strong carry bag for easy storage and portability.
  • Reasonably priced for the quality.

3. Offroading Gear Premium SUV Roof Awning

If you are looking for top-notch versatility, then the multipurpose Offroading Gear SUV awning is your typical apparatus for a comfortable adventure. Are you worried about its compatibility with your vehicle? Don't wet your pants. The attachment system will seamlessly mount on the roof rack of your truck, SUV, car, van, jeep, or trailer.

Its versatility is further enhanced by the fact that it is ideal for any outdoor adventure. Tag it along wherever you go. So, whether you need a reliable shade for picnics, fishing expeditions, beach parties, or camping, the Offroading Premium shelter perfectly fits the bill.

No one wants to shop for a particular product every often. Well, based on its construction and workmanship, it will certainly serve you for a long time.

It features a heavy-duty construction to last you through several outdoor missions. It's made from 600D ultra-thick polyester. The sturdy aluminum structure further boosts the durability value of this invaluable equipment.

Investing in this versatile product guarantees a 6.5' by 6.5' shade. Isn't that spacious enough? Have it retracted and set your chairs, table, and other picnic equipment. Moreover, the product comes with a free wall extension. This combination provides additional protection from wind, sun, and rain.

Many people purchase high-end shelters only to use them once or twice. Thanks to the trouble that comes with complicated setup mechanisms.

The retractable Offroading Gear Premium SUV Rooftop shelter is easy to set up and bring down. You will be able to set it up or  retract it in less than a minute. You do not need professional help to install.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a strong carry case.
  • An absolutely free front wall extension is included.
  • Very versatile and easy to use.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Made of durable, thick polyester.

4. Hasika Lightweight Roof Rack Awning With Two Sandbags

With the lightweight design, Hasika has made a permanent mark when it comes to roof rack canopy. The company blends functionality, usability properties, and price in an impressive way.

Traveling large and need sufficient coverage? The Hasika Lightweight Shelter guarantees enough protection. It provides a large shade. More excitingly, you can adjust the size of shade from 60 square feet to well over 76 square feet. This will efficiently offer sufficient shade for the kids, pets, and camping gear. Simply set it to your desired coverage size.

It provides utmost privacy, thanks to the adjustable humanized design. It allows for the convenience to adjust the outboard size to the ground. The designers appreciate the fact that you are worth the privacy.

You will like the multipurpose options provided by this product. Firstly, you can rope it at the rear of your vehicle and use it as a gazebo. The shelter is ideal for sedan, MPV, teardrop, truck, SUV, or trailer. You can use it on any vehicle. Secondly, use it with steel poles independently as a ground shelter and the results will still be great.

For the price, the item provides good value for the money. Should you decide to invest in it, you will find it ideal for camping, festivals, sporting events, boating, and car travel, among other outdoor activities.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • The ripstop polyester fabric is durable.
  • Provides a large shade.
  • Compatible with all types of vehicles.

5. KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter Auto Canopy

KingCamp is an industry leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment. Well, they do not disappoint with the functionally versatile KingCamp Car Awning. Read through the features and find out why!

The KingCamp car shelter is made from rip-stop 210T polyester fabric. Again, the structure is made from a combination of two steel canopy poles and three fiberglass poles. The poles and durable polyester fabric can stand the test of time. This car canopy is, therefore, generally durable.

Well, this KingCamp product is another multifunction item on the list. It is an ideal gazebo on all types of vehicles. If you do not want it roped on your vehicle, find the pleasure and comfort to use it as a low profile standalone tent.

Another important attraction to this product is the inclusion of a wide range of additional accessories. It has side storage pockets to help in storing small personal items and keep your campsite more organized. Besides, it comes in a durable zipper bag complete with handles for easy portability.

At just 9.7 lbs, this is one of the most lightweight  in the market. The lightweight feature makes it easy to handle during set up and disassemble. Well, this seems obvious, but a lightweight awning is also portable, particularly if you intend to use it as a standalone shelter.

Highlighted features:

  • Highly ventilated and lightweight product.
  • Steel and shock-corded fiberglass poles.
  • Additional accessories include a rope, pegs and a carry bag.
  • Rip-stop 210T polyester fabric.

6. Offroading Gear Portable Roof Rack Awning With Private Wall

Offroading Gear is synonymous with high quality and great function! It is for this reason that a second Offroading Gear product features on the list. The Offroading Gear Portable Awning features exclusive characteristics.

If you are looking for extra protection from rain, sun, wind, and dust, then look no further. It does better than most rooftop shelters appearing in this list.

This is attributed to the additional extra-large sidewall. It reduces the effects of billowing wind, rainfall as well as intense sun rays. Apart from protection, the sidewall improves your privacy.

The portable outdoor shelter is an excellent addition to your collection of camping gear. You can use it as an extension to your car or as an independent shelter. As a standalone shelter, you get to enjoy ample and luxuries spacing. It houses up to 4 adults and extra space to set up other equipment. If you have kids around, they'll enjoy playing under the roof. Enjoy great experience under a typical open-air tent.

The extra-rugged 210 polyester material has all the qualities of an ideal tent or outdoor shelter material. There's no better way to get protected from external elements.

The fabric, coupled with the stable 5-pole structure, ensure that the tent serves you for a long time. Still, on longevity, the fabric's UV coating is something you will appreciate through your outdoor seasons.

Whether you intend to use it as a roof rack attachment or an independent shelter, you don't need an entire crowd to set up this equipment. The fiberglass poles snugly slide into the pockets.

Highlighted features:

  • High-grade polyester with UV coating.
  • Incredibly large to shelter 4 adults.
  • Heavy duty fiberglass poles.
  • Rear window enables visibility and ventilation.

7. Smittybilt Overlander Heavy Duty Tent Awning

With more than 5 decades in the industry, Smittybilt continues to churn out high-quality outdoor gear and equipment. The popular Smittybilt Overlander Awning bears not only the company's brand but also the quality mark. Why does it stand out?

The Overlander is created with reliability and functionality in mind. It features a strong and durable 280g polyester cotton fabric. Moreover, a stable UV-coating further enhances its strength and function. Aluminum poles and rails are incredibly lightweight. However, this doesn't compromise its strength and other features.

This car side shade is designed for Jeep or other Jeep-like vehicles. Any jeep out-rider will love it. You see, the Smittybilt Overlander Awning gives two width options to choose from. Conveniently choose between 6.5'and 8.5'. Your choice will most certainly depend on the coverage you need, or the size of your vehicle.

It's needless to say that the canopy will stand freely in calm camping conditions. Can you stop wind? The manufacturers had that in mind and included stakes and ropes to secure the poles in harsh weather conditions.

The quick storage and set up of the overlander deserves a special mention. Well, it is easy to set up and easily attaches to 4-Door Jeeps and other long vehicles.

Unlike most straight awnings, this design features permanently attached side rails and support poles. However, this doesn't imply that you have a full load to haul around. It folds easily to fit in the provided waterproof carry case.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustability to 6.5' and 8.5' widths.
  • It’s an UV-stabilized cover.
  • Lightweight and incredibly portable.
  • Easy to pitch.
  • Ideal for longer vehicles or camping enthusiasts in need of more coverage.

8. ARB 813208A Deluxe Awning Room With Floor

ARB 4x4 Accessories continues to cement its mark as the ultimate industry leader with the 813208A Awning Room. Honestly, this product goes beyond a necessity outdoor requirement to provide ultimate protection and luxurious comfort. You have no option but to buy it if you can afford it.

Well, this awning room is sold separately but compatible with both ARB ARB4402A and the more popular ARB 814201 canopies. The Deluxe ARB Awning Room impressively attaches to your car alongside one end and your suitable ARB shelter on the opposite side.

The ARB Deluxe Awning Room with Floor capitalizes on your need to stay safe and protected. It, therefore, functions as a fully enclosed rectangular room or as a mosquito net. This is a feature that provides utmost privacy, all-weather protection, and protection against insects and other bugs.

You are probably thinking about access to your car as well as to your luxurious camping room. Don’t worry. All the four sides of the rectangular shelter have zipper doors for smooth movement.

Keep the door on the rear wall (which runs alongside your vehicle) unzipped to access your car easily. The other access doors can be closed and opened at your convenience.

I'm pretty much sure that your mission to engage in an outdoor adventure is to refresh yourself, and not to confine yourself in a tiny room all day and night. Well, fold up the walls to enable a serene view of your camping environment. You can't go wrong with this enclosed, but adequately ventilated shelter.

Highlighted features:

  • Has a mesh pocket to keep your room more neat and organized.
  • Can turn into a functional mosquito net.
  • Features spaces for power cords through the roof corners.
  • Comes with a nylon sack for storage and easy portability.
  • Waterproof walls and flow keep you dry.

9. Smittybilt Overlander Tent With Waterproof Top

Well, Jeep Wrangler owners have something to smile about. Thanks to the Smittybilt Overlander Tent from the renowned manufacturer, Smittybilt.

This tent comfortably sleeps 2 or 3 adults. So you have the chance to enjoy a nap from the top of your Jeep Wrangler. An XL-sized tent is also available, and both tents come with mounting brackets.

The base has a weight capacity of 300kg and is made from a 2.5 cm blend of polyester and polyurethane. Anodized aluminium frames make up the structure of the tent. These are brought together by stainless steel hinges. The fabric and frame make up are provide remarkable strength and durability.

In just a few minutes, the Smittybilt Overlander Tent sets up easily on top of your car. This provides you with a secure and comfortable place to rest and sleep.

Accessing the tent is not a problem since the package comes with a telescoping ladder. You can comfortably access your tent through either side of the vehicle; driver's side or passenger's side.

We acknowledge the fact that the Overlander's price is arguably on the higher side. The sheer fact that it is durable, functionally reliable, and easy to use is a consideration for its inclusion here. Talk about getting what you pay for and this tent is a real example. It is worth every single penny that you put into it.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes with a high density 92" by 55" full mattress.
  • Sunroof includes a mosquito netting to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Heavy duty travel bag with a hook and loop fastener.
  • Made from a 620D heavy duty rip stop polyester fabric.
  • External shoe storage bag.

10. Rhino Rack Batwing Awning With Universal Mounting

The renowned Australian roof rack products manufacturer, Rhino Rack, does not disappoint with the new Rhino Rack Batwing Awning. For your information, the Batwing is included for all the right reasons. This is the only wing style awning that makes it to this list.

The robust 270 degrees style canopy provides a massive 118 square feet of shade. Ideally, this is sufficient space for all your outdoor needs. Despite its robust size, the easy-to-use-design allows easy set up and break-down.

You can comfortably do that singlehandedly. Guy ropes, pegs, and user instructions make your work easier. After use, dismantle and store conveniently into the carry bag.

The versatile product is a perfect fit for small and medium adventure cars but will also provide a shade around bigger cars. It is a great equipment for camping, beach parties, backpacking, boating, tailgating, and fishing expeditions.

A strong combination of ripstop polyester canvas and aluminium poles make up the body and structure of this reliable wing style shelter.

Highlighted features:

  • Resistant to water and mould.
  • Resistant to mould and water.
  • The frame has channels for mounting lightweight accessories.
  • Equipped with an impact protection mechanism for off-road.
  • Easy set up mechanism.

Benefits Of Using Roof Rack Awnings

Rooftop canopies are getting more popular by the day. I know that you probably think you need one, but why? Let's face it! The best roof rack awnings come along with the following benefits. These basic benefits run across the products reviewed in this article.

1. Privacy

The amount of privacy needed from person to person on an outdoor mission varies. That's why rooftop canopies give you the power to control how much privacy you are left with. Simply shut them down completely are raise it to your desired height. Enjoy this benefit more by opting for products with telescoping stands.

2. More Coverage

Honestly, the simple fact that a roof rack canopy gives you more space for use is reason enough to get yourself an awning. If you intend to go on an adventure and you see the need to have more space, then a car side will do.

It gives you ownership of the covered area. As you already know, you need extra space to cook, play games, or set your portable tables and chairs.

3. Protection

Weather can be unpredictable, but that should not stop you from enjoying your adventure. Canopies will reliably block the sun and rain. This gives you an ideal chance to escape the heat in your automobile.

It also protects you from the sun, or rain. An outdoor canopy is, therefore, not an option but the ultimate solution for maximum protection from weather elements.

4. Better View Of Your Environment

Confining yourself in your car doesn't give you the best of your outdoor excursions; neither does a tent do any better. Well, sticking out your neck from your car window is tiring, too. Enjoy a full view of your camping environment from the comfort of your shelter. There is no better way to admire the environment.

5. Overall Versatility

The rule book is left open! Awnings have no limitations. In fact, you'll find your favorite canopy beneficial across a wide range of outdoor activities. With time, it will be your outdoor companion. How do you get the best out of your roof rack awning?

Well, play around with its adjustment to suit your preferences. It would also be great to invest in extra accessories that complement your shelter for more comfort, reliability, and protection.

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How To Take Care Of Your Roof Rack Awning

Under suitable conditions, the best roof rack awnings will last for more than a decade, serving you dutifully. Drying, cleaning, impregnation, repair, and correct storage significantly increase its durability. We take you through the main points!


The alpha and the omega of roof rack awning care and maintenance rests on the drying. So, don't just dry your car canopy after your trip but also during the trip. Ensure that it does not take more than 12 hours with moisture. Residual moisture causes mildew and mold stains, which compromise the quality of your fabric. Well, many shelter fabrics are treated to resist mold, but who wants to take any chances?

Cleaning and impregnating

Clean your awning regularly, particularly after use. This helps to reduce the accumulation of dust and debris. While you can find professional awning cleaning companies around your city, you can as well go through the cleaning alone. Of course, if you have some free time! How do you do it?

Lukewarm water and a soft brush!

The miracle cure lies in the use of lukewarm water and a soft brush or a piece of cloth for regular cleaning. Use these together with a special tent or awning cleaner but if you can't find that then any gentle detergent will do.

Do not use vinegar or any other strong detergents as these interfere with the coating. In any case, you don't have an alternative and have to use strong detergents for very stubborn stains, ensure you impregnate the fabric again. Make sure it is dry before storage.

The Ideal Storage

Ideal storage determines the lifespan of nearly every property, outdoor shelters included. What are the basics of storing an awning?

  • Ensure it is properly dried before storage.
  • Pack nearly in the carry bag/case.
  • Store the whole package in a dry room with proper ventilation.
  • Check regularly to see if there is any cause for alarm.


Any signs of tear and wear must be responded to immediately lest they enlarge and completely damage the poles, and fabric. Inspect regularly and repair any damaged areas.

Further Tips and Tricks

Awning care doesn't stop with storage but goes way further. Consider the following!

Control: Unpack them when not used for more than 6 months and control on humidity, stains, and mold. The earlier this is done, the better. Finally, you need to be more vigilant if your storage area is less ventilated or if you didn't dry the fabric properly. Don't ignore the shelter till another outdoor season.

Zippers: Tents with zippers may occasionally develop friction-related issues. Use slip and release sprays on the zippers to reduce friction and facilitate easier insertion into keder strips.

Seam sealing: Seams are some of the most vulnerable parts of these invaluable camping gears. Most of them have seams that are already treated, but this may not last the entire lifespan of the fabric. Once every 2 or 3 years, consider using a seam sealant.

Professional Tent Cleaning: Well, professional tent cleaners know how best to clean and treat your tent. That's what they do anyway. Consider using these services once after a couple of years or so.

Do not Drag: Pack the canopy and carry dutifully to your car or store. Dragging on the ground or other abrasion surfaces not only destroys the fabric but also weakens the treatment or coating. This extends to handling during pitching and dismantling.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Rack Awning

1. Q. Is a manual roof rack awning better than an electric awning?

Answer. Opening and closing a car shelter with a simple click on a button is highly appealing. Moreover, you don't have to use any working capabilities. Those are the core benefits of electric car canopies.

However, these appeals are not as enticing when you realize that you need a separate power source for operating the canopy. A fair bit of freedom and portability is also lost when dealing with electric car shelters making them less preferable.

2. Q. Are car awnings permanently fitted in a vehicle?

Answer. No. However, rooftop shelters come with fitting kits. You can install and remove them at will.

3. Q. How many minutes does it take to set up an awning?

Answer. There is no standard time but most canopies are pretty easy to set up. You need an average of 10 minutes, even with the complicated options.

4. Q. Is a freestanding (self-supported) awning better than a ground-mounted (non-free standing/supported) one?

Answer. This is a hard call to make because both types have merits and demerits. The core factor when it comes to this is to consider your working capabilities and the type of weather you hope to face.

Freestanding designs are pretty easy to mount and take down. They will also easily be mounted anywhere, including on rocks where drilling holes is impossible but may not be stable enough for strong winds.

On the other hand, supported shelters have the ability to stand firm against harsh weather but will take you some time to properly set up. The choice is all yours.

5. Q. Are all awnings waterproof?

Answer. Yes, all outdoor shelters are waterproof or rather should be. But like every other product with diverse brands in the market, the degree will vary from one product to another.

6. Q. How many people will efficiently set up a roof rack awning?

Answer. Again, there's no definite number of people who are required to put up an a car canopy. One person can singlehandedly install most canopies but two pairs of hands will be fine for any of these shelters.

7. Q. Should the weather be a factor when choosing a roof rack awning?

Answer. Indeed, the kind of product you purchase will influence the type of environment you venture into. Summer outdoor enthusiasts will have no problem with nearly any type of canopy. However, all seasons campers will need shelters which are well ventilated and also have perfect waterproofing ability.

8. Q. Do all awnings retract automatically?

Answer. Manual roof rack shelters do not retract automatically, like their electric counterparts. In spite of that fact, they are easy to set up.

9. Q. Do I need extra space in my car to store the awning when not in use?

Answer. No! They are installed on the roof racks even when folded and not in use. More importantly, camping canopies come with weatherproof storage cases often made from PVC or nylon materials. This helps to keep the roof rack decent and compact on top of your automobile.

10. Q. How frequently can I clean my roof rack awning?

Answer. Clean your car-side shelter after every use. Make sure it dries out in the open before you store it. However, if your canopy takes more than 6 months unused, inspect it.

11. Q. Should I buy a wing awning or a straight awning?

Answer. Your choice of canopy will basically depend on your budget and your ideal coverage. Wing awnings guarantee sufficient space for most, if not all, your activities.

On the other hand, straight awnings are averagely smaller, but it would be great to look at individual specifications. When it comes to budgetary considerations, you are guaranteed high-quality straight options at slightly lower prices than those of high quality winged brands.

12. Q. Do all awnings come with a warranty?

Answer. Yes, all car canopies come with a one year warranty. please read through individual warranty information for more company details. There could be personal preferences.

Final Word

It has taken us a lot of resources in terms of time and research to come up with this review. Hopefully, you now have in mind the most essential features to look for in an ideal outdoor canopy.

Even with that, the decision for your ideal roof rack shelter may still be a hard one to make. We bet that by now, you probably have an idea of the exact product you are looking for.

Or maybe, you now have a few options from the above list to choose from. It gets more exciting when it comes to making your pick!

You can get the right car-side canopy without committing your lifetime savings. So, even as you peg your budgetary allocation to it, the best roof rack awning guarantees protection, comfort, and privacy.

Peeps, that's it! The information seems too much to take one go but will invaluably help you make a pick.

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