Top 8 Best Roof Cleaners 2019- Reviews for Different Roof Types

Rust stains, mold, mildew, dust, fungi, lichens – which one among these is menacing your house or RV roof? Perhaps it’s all of them, and you’re worried that apart from stealing the beauty of your roof, they’re also destroying it. 

Worry not, because all you need is a good roof cleaning product. With that, you’ll get rid of the stains and dirt and prevent them from returning for months, even years!

Below, we’re going to introduce to you 8 of the top roof cleaning products.

In our roof cleaner reviews, we’re quite certain you’ll find the best roof cleaner that works for your roof, whether it is asphalt, cedar, metal or ceramic, or any other roofing material for that matter.

We’ll also walk you through the buying guide to help you pick the product that works for you.

Delve in.

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Our Top 8 Best Roof Cleaners Reviews

1. Wet and Forget – 1 Gallon

Cleaning a roof the traditional way is a hassle. You have to climb up there and scrub the surface till your fingers get sore and hurt.

Fortunately, there are now better, more effective ways, like using the Wet and Forget.

As the name suggests, this product is applied to the roof and left to sit. There’s no scrubbing or rinsing required. That means less work for you, and therefore the product is extremely convenient when you want to save time or energy.

With its combination of biodegradable selective surfactants, the solution gradually gets rid of mold, mildew, moss, dirt, and other grime on the roof. When the rains come, the loosened dirt is washed off, leaving you with a clean roof.

Like most other roof cleaning solutions, it needs to be diluted with water. And guess what?

With every gallon, you can get up to 6 gallons of roof cleaning solution. The concentrate is that strong.

And with the 6 gallons solution, you can clean 700 and 2000 sq.ft of the roof surface. That, of course, depends on the surface’s porosity and the amount of dirt you’re dealing with.

The product says ‘biodegradable’. While that might be true, we encourage you to take proper safety precautions before using it as it contains acids.

Spray water on any plants growing nearby before and after spraying the roof with the solution.

The disadvantage with the product is that the rains are needed to wash off the dirt.

But, with proper timing, the product does excellent. Spray it 1 or 2 months before the rainy season, and you’ll see how effective it is.

This product goes for around 30 bucks on Amazon. Check it out.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 gallon capacity
  • Easy to use – no scrubbing or rinsing needed
  • Versatile – usable on aluminum, concrete, siding, etc.
  • Inexpensive

2. RMR-86 Instant New Improved Stain Remover (1 Gallon)

If you’re looking for the best roof cleaner that uses bleaching properties to get rid of stains, try the RMR-86 Instant New Improved Stain Remover.

This is one of the quickest and most effective roof cleaners. In less than one minute of application, the stains are already starting to disintegrate.

The product is versatile in that it solves a variety of stain types.

Whether it is mildew, mold, moss, or rotten leaves and dirt, the formula breaks down the grime and leaves you with a clean surface.

And you know what the coolest part is? You don’t need to do any sanding, brushing or scrubbing. The formula’s strong bleaching properties break down all the dirt all on its own.

Another versatility perk is that the formula works on the majority of surfaces. It works on wood, vinyl, fiberglass, tile and grout, concrete, siding, and most other surfaces.

When it comes to effectiveness, the product is truly exceptional. It totally gets rid of the grime, leaving the surface absolutely stain-free. Some have called the action of this product “magical” because it seems to work excellently and much better than most of its substitutes.

It even blocks the stains from coming back for up to 5 months.

One really convenient factor is that there’s no dilution needed. The product is ready to use. Just attach a sprayer to it and spray.

The coverage is also good. You can clean up to 400 sq.ft with just one gallon.

The only issue is that the product is really harsh. We highly encourage you to protect the surrounding plants by spraying them with water both before and after using the product.

Also, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

Go on to Amazon and see the great things other users have said about it while viewing the buying options.

Psst…the pack of 4 is the most cost-effective choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bleach-based formula
  • Fast acting
  • Versatile – works on a range of surfaces including wood, concrete, vinyl, etc.
  • Powerful – no scrubbing needed

3. Spray & Forget Revolutionary Concentrated Roof Cleaner – 1 Gallon

When buying a roof cleaner, most of us want a product that is effective but not very harsh; one that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like acids and heavy metals.

We also look for a product that is low-priced but not low-quality.

If these are the features you’re seeking, the Spray & Forget Roof Cleaner is for you.

The 1-gallon bottle contains a concentrated solution that you can dilute with water to make up to 10 gallons. With the 10 gallons solution, you can treat and clean up to 2000 sq.ft of the roof surface.

That, folks, is what we call a truly economical product. If you’re on a budget, it’ll come in handy.

You’re going to enjoy the products versatility. You can use it on a variety of surfaces, including wood, slate, and asphalt shingles. You can even use it on tile or clay roofing.

The ease of use is also worth mentioning. The only thing that you need to do is spray the solution. There’s no brushing required. Moreover, you don’t need to do any rinsing. Apply it just before the raining season and mother nature will wash off the disintegrated dirt.

Are you looking for a non-corrosive, eco-friendly roof cleaning product? This is it. It contains no heavy metals, acids, phosphates, bleaches or any other harsh chemicals that harm the environment.

Any shortcomings? Yes – you need to spray a lot of it to realize good results. That is if the stains are really bad. If they’re only moderate, then you don’t need much.

In case you’re dealing with harsh stains, we suggest you start with an undiluted bottle and then spray the diluted solution over it.

Once you do that, the results are incredible. The stains will go and it will well over a year before they return.

One gallon of the Spray & Forget Revolutionary Concentrated Roof Cleaner sells for around 55 bucks on Amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient – no scrubbing or rising needed
  • The chemical isn’t very harsh
  • Versatile – works on most roofing materials
  • Economical – one concentrated gallon makes up to diluted 10 gallons

4. Mold Armor E-Z House Wash – 1 Gallon

For those looking for an inexpensive solution to mold, mildew, and stains on the roof, the 14-dollar Mold Armor E-Z House Wash will come in helpful.

This product comes at a fraction of the cost of most of the top roof cleaners, but even then, it’s a really effective product.

You just spray it on and wait a few minutes before blasting the roof with a pressure washer. What you’ll see is a totally transformed surface free of stains.

The level of effectiveness is really high. If you mix it well with water, following the instructions, you might see the mold start to disappear right before your eyes.

Mildew, mold, algae, and leaves will all get vanquished by the time you’re done.

Unlike other brands, which don’t tell you what is in the formula, Mold Armor has a clear formula composition table on the front part of the bottle. One of the ingredients is sodium hypochlorite, which is essentially chlorine.

That’s for bleaching; it’s what gets rid of the stains. Don’t worry about the chlorine killing your grass or plants. It’s in low quantities, and if you follow the directions and spray the plants with water both before and after the task, your plants will be fine.

The Mold Armor E-Z House Wash doesn’t really have any shortcomings, but one thing we’d like you to know is that you cannot dilute it with much water. Unlike other brands, whose 1 gallon can make 10 gallons after dilution, this one makes just 3 gallons.

On the brighter side, it’s a really effective product. One run is often enough to remove the stains.

Moreover, the product is really versatile, working on most surfaces, including brick, wood, aluminum, vinyl, and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dilutable cleaner – 3 parts of water for 1 part of concentrated solution
  • Extremely effective
  • Removes mold, mildew, and algae without scrubbing
  • Acts quickly
  • Inexpensive

5. B.E.S.T. Rubber Roof Cleaner – 48 oz

Are you looking for the best roof cleaner for your rubber roof? Allow us to introduce to you the B.E.S.T. Rubber Roof Cleaner.

This is a non-petroleum formula with enough strength to clean rust, streaks, and other stains on your rubber roofing. It works excellently for both EPDM house roofs and RV roofs.

If you’re struggling with mold, fungus, and mildew, this product will come in handy as well. It not only removes them but also inhibits their growth for up to 6 months.

As the formula doesn’t contain petroleum, you rest assured your rubber roof will not deteriorate from using it. Unlike cleaners that contain petroleum, it cleans off the stains without denting the surface of your rubber roof.

The B.E.S.T. Rubber Roof Cleaner isn’t just a roof cleaner. It’s formulated with properties to moisturize, condition, and preserve your EPDM roof. It helps to enhance the appearance of your rubber roof.

Another perk that you get to enjoy is the ease of use. You just spray the product on the surface of the roof; no scrubbing or sanding needed.

From there, you wait just a few moments and blast it off with water.

Before you purchase this roof cleaning product, there’s one drawback we’d like you to know – it dries quickly. And if it dries before you rinse it out, you’ll have to do some scrubbing to get it off.

But that’s an issue you can avoid. Just ensure you don’t wait to do the rinsing. Before five minutes are gone, rinse the application, and you’ll not have to struggle to get it off.

This rubber roof cleaner sells for around 40 bucks on Amazon, and right now, they have an attractive quantity discount where you get 4 bottles at less than the price of two.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rubber roof cleaning solution
  • Petroleum-free
  • Moisturizing properties
  • Removes and prevents oxidation
  • Each application remains effective for 6 months

6. Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner – 1 Gallon

Versatility, performance, convenience, and safety are the attributes that make this an ideal cleaner for rubber roofs.

The Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner does the job perfectly. This product is formulated with powerful active ingredients to dissolve chalk, dust, decaying leaves and insects, mildew, and all other grime on your EPDM roof.

Whether it’s your RV or house roof, the product will work just as long as it’s a rubber roof.

One of the joys of using this product is that it’s so convenient. In that regard, you needn’t do any scrubbing. You just spray and mop a little and then you wait for it to work its magic. There’s no rinsing required.

The thing about rubber roofs is that they’re sensitive. Unlike clay, aluminum, or other tougher roofing materials, they get damaged easily if a harsh chemical is used on them.

And that’s why where a gentler cleaning solution like the Protect All comes in. This is a non-abrasive product that doesn’t contain petroleum or any of the harsh chemicals that would ruin your EPDM roof.

Furthermore, the product is biodegradable. It won’t kill the plants growing around your house or RV or harm the environment.

If your budget is tight, you sure want to know about the coverage. And here comes the good news – the product spreads easily and goes far. With a gallon, you can clean up to 100 sq.ft.

Even with all these benefits, the product isn’t without shortcomings. The major drawback is the extra work needed. Though there’s no rinsing needed, you have to mop the application.

If there are heavy stains, you might have to scrub a bit with a brush.

Another issue is that if the product runs down the side, it forms white streaks, so you have to ensure it doesn’t run.

Other than that, the product works great and has long-lasting results.

A gallon costs around 50 bucks on Amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-abrasive and safe on EPDM
  • Powerful, effective formula
  • No rinsing needed
  • Biodegradable
  • Spreads easily

7. D2 Biological Solution – 1 Gallon

Mold, algae, fungus, lichens, and mildew can give you a real problem especially if your roof is made of clay, bricks, cedar, slate or wood shingles.

These are biological infestations that not only discolor your roof but also eat into it, making it weaker and even creating leak pathways.

When it comes to protection against biological infestation, the D2 Biological Solution is the ultimate answer. You first scrub off the heavily-affected areas then you spray the solution on the surface.

After giving the product 10 minutes to deal with the unwanted organisms growing on there, scrub again with a brush. What you will have is a much cleaner surface free of the moss, algae, fungus or whatever unwanted organisms you were dealing with.

One thing we loved about this product is that it’s safe around plants. Unlike other cleaners that contain salts, acids, bleaching agents and other harsh chemicals, this one does no damage.

It only acts on the mold, algae, mildew and other small organism growing on your roof.

Another amazing perk is the versatility. This product ideally works on stones and bricks, but you can also use it on vinyl, fiberglass, and metal with amazing results.

If you have a painted surface and don’t want the paint getting ruined, go ahead and use the D2. It’ll remove the stains without damaging the paint. Just don’t wait too long before getting the application out. Rinse it out within 10 minutes.

The manufacturer says that scrubbing isn’t required when using this product, but we find that most of the time, you have to scrub the surface to get good results.

Aside from that, the D2 is a really good cleaner for getting rid of biological infestations.

Give it a try. It goes for about 100 dollars. Don’t worry about the price; the coverage is great.

Highlighted Features:

  • Formula for getting rid of mold, fungus, and other biological invasions
  • Biodegradable – doesn’t harm the environment
  • Non-toxic – doesn’t damage your roof
  • Versatile – works on stone, clay, wood, fiberglass, and other surfaces

8. Green Off Mold and Mildew Remover

Is your cedar or redwood roof affected by organic infestations like moss, algae, lichens, and mildew? Are you looking for an inexpensive solution to this problem? We recommend you use the Green Off Mold and Mildew Remover.

This is an acid-based chemical roof cleaner that uses a combination of surfactants and acids to get rid of biological organisms growing on exterior surfaces.

The solution is pretty versatile. It doesn’t work on just cedar and redwood. If the surface is made of stone, concrete, or ceramics, the product will remove the unwanted organisms effectively.

Apart from roofs, this chemical works on furniture, driveways, and even ceramic pots!

The ease of use is incredible. You just add water to dilute and spray the solution, and you’re finished. There’s no scrubbing or rinsing needed.

Once you’ve treated the surface, you’ll start seeing the results in a week. Sometimes, the organisms might take up to 6 months to clear, but you can rest assured they’ll be gone. The coolest part is that they’ll not return for more than a year.

What about the shortcomings? You ask. There is one issue you need to know about – the harshness of the product. It contains lots of acids and chlorine, and that’s what gives it all that power.

The harsh properties are good for cleaning, but they’re bad news for you and the surrounding plants. Thus, when using this product, be sure to take proper precautions.

Wear protective gear and spray the surrounding plants with water both before and after application.

This product is relatively inexpensive, going for around 50 bucks on Amazon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acid-based
  • Bleaching properties
  • Effective on moss, lichens, and mother biological organisms
  • A gallon covers 400 to 1000 sq.ft

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Roof Cleaning Product

When looking for the best roof cleaners, there are a couple of considerations that homeowners make. Below, we’ve summarized the essential ones.

Type of cleaning product

There are 2 main types of roof cleaning products – those that are eco-friendly, containing no/minimal harsh chemicals, and those that contain harsh chemicals like chlorine and acids.

The harsh chemicals require extremely careful handling because they might end up harming you and your environment. If you’re not comfortable using such products, you’re better off using the eco-friendly ones.

But keep in mind, eco-friendly roof cleaners are generally more expensive than the harsh cleaning chemicals.

Also, the harsh ones are more effective against stubborn stains.

Type of roofing material

The idea here is that different roofing materials react differently to cleaning products. If your roof is made of metal or stone, or anything that’s very tough, you needn’t worry much. You can even use harsh cleaners.

But if it’s made of rubber or asphalt, or anything that’s not very strong, you better stick to gentler cleaners to avoid damage.


Most cleaners have the coverage indicated on the bottle. If you’re on a budget, coverage must surely be important to you.

Whether or not the product needs dilution also affects the coverage. The dilutable cleaning solutions are generally able to cover more area than those that cannot be diluted.

It’s to be noted that when looking for the best roof cleaners, effectiveness is more important than coverage.

Rather than having to go over the same surface many times to remove the stains, a good roof cleaner removes them in one or two runs.

Ease of application

Most roof cleaners are applied by spraying. However, while some require scrubbing to work, others don’t require any scrubbing. Once you’ve sprayed the solution, you leave it there to do its work.

Also, some products require rinsing while others don’t.


It goes without saying that you should go for an effective product that gets the stains out. But, keep in mind that different products take different times to show results.

The ones that need rinsing typically show results immediately after application, while the ones that don’t need rinsing might take months.

Again, there are some that loosen the grime and count on the rain to get the loosened grime off.

Different Types of Roof Cleaners – Which One Works Best for You?

Before buying a roof cleaner for your roof, you’ve got to consider whether the product is safe and appropriate. Will it affect your roof? Will it work?

Well, here are the 3 main types of roof cleaners and the recommendations on use.

Harsh cleaners

Cleaners containing sodium hypochlorite or other forms of chlorine, acids, petroleum, or phosphates are considered harsh cleaners. These are powerful formulations that get rid of the toughest stains.

The ingredients in these chemicals also get rid of the biological substances on the roof, including mold, moss, fungi, and so on.

Depending on the concentration of the active ingredients, the chemical may or may not kill the plants and wildlife living around the house.

It’s recommended that you get a product containing a low amount/percentage of active ingredients. That will help avoid harming the plants, grass, and other useful organisms growing around the house.

Again, when using harsh roof cleaners, you want to spray the surrounding plants with water before and after spraying the cleaner.

Harsh chemical products often don’t need any rinsing or scrubbing. They’re also less expensive as compared to the eco-friendly cleaners.

Because of the abrasive nature of the harsh cleaners, these products are recommended only for tough roofing materials like metal and stones. Avoid using them on weaker materials like asphalt and rubber.

Also, exercise caution when using them on painted surfaces unless you don’t care about the paint.

Eco-friendly cleaners

These are the so-called non-toxic formulas. They don’t contain harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleaches, phosphates, acids, and petroleum.

If your roof is made of asphalt, EPDM, wood shingles or other sensitive materials, you should definitely consider using an eco-friendly cleaner.

These cleaners also work well for painted surfaces, since, unlike the acid-based cleaners, they don’t corrode the paint.

You have to realize, however, that eco-friendly cleaners don’t work very well where the stains are widespread and stubborn. If you have very bad stains that are also resilient, you’re left with no option but to use harsh bleach-based or acid-based roof cleaners.

Another thing about these cleaners is that they’re generally more expensive than their harsh counterparts.

And lastly, eco-friendly cleaners often need a little scrubbing and rinsing.

High-pressure cleaning

This method involves blasting the roof surface with water under high pressure. The method doesn’t actually require any products; only water is needed.

The process is environmentally friendly as there aren’t any chemicals being used.

Although the method is relatively easier and more convenient since it doesn’t require any products, it’s not that effective. The stains and organisms will go, but not nearly as effectively as they would if you were using store-bought products.

Moreover, there’s a high chance you’ll damage the shingles.

High-pressure cleaning is mostly used for ceramic tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is that black substance on my roof?

The black stuff that is developing on your roof is likely mold. Those are biological organisms that invade damp surfaces, and they love to grow on stones and wood surfaces.

Discoloration on the roof could also be attributed to mildew, corrosion, dust, and dead organisms including leaves and insects.

Can dirt and mold harm my roof?

The grime and the biological organisms growing on your roof do more than just ruin the aesthetics; they cause roof deterioration.

Your roof grows weaker, and if no corrective measures are taken, it has to be replaced eventually due to leaks and weakness.

Can I use water and soap to clean my roof?

Yes, of course, you can go ahead and use water and soap. Some people use a brush and soapy water to scrub the roof clean, going from shingle to shingle. But that’s a long and exhausting process that you might not want to go through.

Others use a pressure washer to blast the surface with high-pressure water. This method often damages the shingles so it might not be an option for many people.

What’s the best way to clean my roof?

Most people prefer using chemicals cleaners because that’s the easiest way. There are abrasive/harsh roof cleaning products, and there are also gentler products out there.

The harsh cleaners work for the most stubborn stains, but they need to be used with care to avoid damaging the roof or killing the plants or wildlife around the house.

What household products can I use to clean my roof?

Some folks use vinegar or baking soda mixed with water to remove stains and kill moss and fungi. While these products are largely safe, they’re not very effective. You’ll have to do huge amounts of work if you’re to see any results.

Are chemical roof cleaners safe?

The safety of chemical cleaners depends on their composition. First of all, there are two kinds of chemical cleaning products – the abrasive/harsh ones and the eco-friendly type.

The abrasive types contain acids, phosphates, and other ingredients that might kill the plants and wildlife around the house if caution isn’t exercised. It’s normally recommended that you don’t rinse the product to prevent it from flowing down from the roof.

Again, the risk depends on the percentage of the active ingredients in the products. Around 5% is relatively safe.

The eco-friendly cleaners generally don’t pose a threat; they can even be rinsed.

Final Word

Did you find a suitable product in our roof cleaner reviews?

The best roof cleaner is the one that effectively gets the stains out without corroding or damaging your roof.

For instance, while you can safely use an acid-based product on stone or metal, you cannot use it on a rubber roof, as it’d quickly cause damage. You need a gentle, eco-friendly product for rubber and other weaker surfaces.

Also, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them for safety and effectiveness.

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