Best Rock Lights For 2019: Reviews with Comprehensive Buying Guide

Driving off-road with your jeep or SUV is fun. But if you're really random about the track you're driving on, that can be dangerous sometimes.

To help you recognize the rocks around, and to make your ride look cooler, rock lights are in rescue.

If you're familiar with these notorious kits, you may notice how they can change the whole appearance of a vehicle. With a set of best rock lights installed under the bumper or rear, it turns into a rock-n-roll version of the usual vehicle.

On that consequence, when you’re up to buy one for your vehicle, that’s where the real trouble begins.

As they're quite trendy accessories, dozens of brands are in a rat race to produce them in bulk. And find one right pick within your budget is quite of a hard task.

Therefore, we've hand-picked 12 of the best LED rock lights from the market and explained every bit of their functionalities. Let's go through the whole list, and we're certain that you'll find your jackpot.

What Is A Rock Light?

Rock lights are accessories lights that are designed to make the off-road journey safe and exciting. As you can sense it from the name, rock lights will give you hands to see rocks around the road that you may not be able to see otherwise.

These lights are usually mounted around the front or rear side of the off-road vehicles. And almost all kind of such vehicles is eligible to install rock lights. Apart from showing off the rocks, these lights also enhance the visibility of the vehicle, and to make driving more efficient.

Most of the rock lights come up with LEDs, as these type of lights are the most durable ones. Along with the LED chips, there are metal cases and glass coats to protect the chips. Also, a certain number(2/3/4) of LEDs are mounted on a pod.

Each of the models that we’ll be talking about, contains several such pods. 

Our Top 10 Best Rock Lights Reviews

1. MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights

The crown winner of today’s list is MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights. And we’ve found obvious reasons behind putting it at that height.

First of all, let us clarify that there are rock lights that have default lighting and flashing patterns in first place. As a smarter and device-friendly versions of that, we’ve also got rock lights that are controllable from devices as iOS and Android.

But the second type of models come with a high price tag, about double of the first type- to be exact. But MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights seems to do wonder in that case. The price-quality ratio is unbelievably low. And that’s of course, our first impression about the product.

It’s 4 pods set, where you will have 3 LEDs inside each of them. The LEDs are of RGB multi-color, triple-core, and high intensity. So, you can cover a decent area around your vehicle and be visible different than others. The stunning light show that you can create with the lights will leave everything jaw-dropped.

Now, come to the power supply and installation.

Although, we expected it to be compatible with a range of voltage inputs, it only takes 12V to run. However, almost every off-road vehicle is able to provide a 12V DC power, right?

Installing it with your car undercarriage is made to be simple. Right in the box, you’ll be provided with all the pads and screws that are needed to install it. There are installation instructions provided with the box, in case you need it.

The protection against environmental odds is pretty much impressive. They are IP68 grade waterproof standard, and the bodies are made of high-grade aluminum. Therefore, they are highly resistive against shakes, jerks, vibrations as shocks as well.

Now, come to the best fact about this rock light kit, and that is it’s controllability through mobile devices.

There are two apps to control these RGB lights- RGB Remote and MIC LEDs. With any of the app, you can connect this light set via Bluetooth. And there you can control the multicolor pattern, the music mode, the flashing pattern, timing and anything else that’s possible to control about RGB rock lights.

You can set any of the 15 scenarios that come along with the app by default. The speed, brightness, and stroboscopic speed are adjustable as per your requirement. For an off-road journey and even for a party, nothing can be the best source of solid fun if you think about it.

One tiny drawback is, it’s not waterproof. So, you can’t use it with a boat or any water vehicles.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 premium LED lights in each of the pods.
  • 15 built-in lighting scenarios.
  • Works on a 12V power supply with indicators.
  • Easy to install in all kind of surfaces.
  • Solid, and durable .
  • Dustproof, waterproof and toughed with glass coat.
  • Aluminum construction for impact-resistant performance.
  • Controllable through iOS and Android.

2. SUNPIE LED Rock Light Kits with 6 pods Lights

We are about to discuss the second best rock lights of our list and the name is- SUNPIE LED Rock Light Kits with 6 pods Lights. To run this right along with your vehicle, you need to have a power source between 9-30V.

The color of these LED light is white, and there are 6 LED what's inside the box. it's compatible with an average of vehicle type, and we are certain that your vehicle is one of them.

There are 6 pods light in the whole set, and they are entirely made for using with jeeps, ATVs, Cars, SUVs, Motorcycles etc. The light source is original Cree LED chips, and they are as bright as you wish them to be.

Now, let us talk about the strongest reason behind why we have selected this Rock light kit into our list. And that is it it’s 50,000+ hours of durability. We mean, it's not only about in the advertisement. But it had been tested and proven to be as durable as that long.

The type of light that will emit from this model is quite soft in nature in order to prevent any kind of glare. On a side note, it's also mentionable that it can be used in rain, snowfall, or any kind of harsh environment as well. Just because it doesn't come with any glare, we cannot take it for granted that it cannot be used in such conditions where light is hard to pass through.

You know that, when you are on a journey off-road, the rock lights have to be built of high-quality material. To keep up with the pace, this case of this rock light is made of die-cast aluminum cell with a decent thickness. The materials are good in handling heat dissipation, comes with a great paint dusting aging, and is protective of water, corrosions, and shocks.

Also, you don't have to worry about re-coloring the light after every few months. With the IP67 seal system, the paint will not fade away even after years of use.

The next question popping up on your mind is- what kind of vehicle it is compatible with? Well, you can use it with a range of vehicles as car lights, headlight assistant, off-road lights, constructional lights, agricultural lights, snow lights, light armored vehicles, and literally any vehicle that requires a rock light kit.

If the position of the light is somewhere close to the engine, there is a good chance that the engine heat may affect the health of the light. But as long as you have this Rock light set installed beneath your vehicle, you don't have to take any tension.

The capacity of heat dissipation of these lights are so good that heat cannot affect its body performance.

We know that color matters a lot as long as Rock lights are concerned. To bring a smile on your face, there are 5 different colors, each having 6 lights of the same color.

Highlighted Features

  • 4x4 off road vehicle-compatible LED rock light.
  • LED chips are durable for 50,000+ hours.
  • Thickly reinforced for long term uses.
  • Shells are made of die-cast aluminum.
  • Good dissipation against heat.
  • Anti corrosion, waterproof and shockproof.
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of off-road vehicles.

3. Ampper Waterproof Underglow LED Neon Trail Rig Lights

To make your vehicle look like the rock version of what it used to be before, Ampper Waterproof Underglow LED Neon Trail Rig Lights is right up there. It is stylish, durable, protective, and offers compatibility with car, truck, UTV, ATV, and even boats.

We will be discussing its features and consecutive benefits one by one-

First of all, it is about materialistic strength. To house for pods, there is a die-cast aluminum casing which is reinforced strongly to be waterproof and to work in all condition. Because of such a materialistic strength, it is proven to last for at least 50,000 hours.

To make up the durability, even more, the PC lenses are wrapped as a strong, protective polymer. And that polymer doesn’t let any kind of water, dirt, mud or heat let in. As a result, you won’t figure out any kind of yellowing even after long term use.

In every pod, you will find 3 chips, and each of the chips is capable of intake 3W of electric power. In total, the voltage range you have to stick to is 12-24V, which is pretty much used for off-road vehicles.

Talking about the vehicles, it is compatible with any models of car, Truck, boat neck, Cruiser,  sports bike, ATV, UTV, and whatnot? No matter it is the underbody interior or exterior, you can feel free to grab this one and install it with your vehicle.

The design of the rock light that is pretty much compact. And what exactly is the benefit of that?

Well, because of its compact design, you can adjust it into literally anywhere of your car undercarriage. You can use it as the assistant of car light, construction lights, headlight, boat ride, forklift light, headlight excavators, no lights, and almost every other kind of light armored vehicle.

However, operating capacity with different vehicles should also come with power compatibility, right? Well, these lights are able to intake any voltage between 12V to 24V. And the wattage is 9W. You can hardly find any vehicle that’s not suitable for this range of power.

If you wait for your mind to go for this, there are a few tips from our side.

There are five different colors to choose from, and we are certain that you will like one of these five.

Installing & mounting this Rock light is not a job then anyone can do. As this is a compact model, you need a professional for the installation and to connect the wiring harness. If there is any kind of malfunction or lack of proper connection, it can be likely to create short-circuit and the whole place can catch on fire.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be mounted at anywhere as per your requirement.
  • Quite compact in design, takes less space.
  • Has a good voltage range from 12V to 24V.
  • Takes on 9W to operate fully.
  • Durable and meant to last to 50k+ hours.
  • Comes with a protective layer of polymer.
  • Thickly reinforced LED lights.
  • Comes in five different colors to chose from.
  • Best suited for vehicle’s underbody exterior.

4. Amak 4 Pods LED Rock Light Kit

The Amak 4 Pods LED Rock Light Kit is a set of four pod rocks lights, where you will find three White CREE lights inside each of the pods. There are five different color scheme to choose from. And we have to admit that, the quality and mountability is quite off the mark.

First thing first, it’s about the CREE chips- the source from where the light emits. Well, these chips are of high power, super bright LED chips. But to overwhelm with the brightness, they’ve not forgotten about keeping it mild. Overall, we’re satisfied with the quality and quantity of brightness that it can provide. 

In the case of the previous models, you have seen the voltage compatibility range to be 12-24V or so. But this range is quite broadened up in case of this Amak 4 Pods LED Rock Light Kit. And it’s 9-32V.

So, any kind of automotive day-to-day vehicle can be a good fit to house this rock light along. Some of these are- Jeep, ATV, Truck, Car, Boat, Motorcycle and even small vehicles like golf carts etc.

You can use this light set as a companion to the existing lighting system of the car, or as a replacement of reverse light, off-roading light,m Neon light, Dome light, LED light and so on.

It’s claimed to be shockproof. And the reason is, the base it’s stood on is made of rubber. So, shocks and vibrations won’t loosen up it’s position. Another benefit of having a rubber base is, you can place and install it in both plane and a curved surface.

That was about he base. Now let’s talk about the casing. Well, it is housed inside a die-cast aluminum shell. It’s durable and can undergo heavy impacts.

To install and mount the light units, you might be in need of a strong set of screws, right? Well, this one does come with a set of anti-rust and anti-corrosion screw to mount the rock light set with the surface. There are 2 sizes of the screws and both of them fit with almost any kind of vehicle.

As the light set is going to be exposed before extreme environmental condition, it’s a burning question that how capable it is to protect itself? Well, the die-cast aluminum casing is covered by a toughed glass.

On top of that, it has got a layer of waterproof material. Overall, we’ve found it well-capable to protect itself against water, dust, heat, quake, corrosion, vibration, rust and so on.

The color of the casing and the glass exterior is quite complained to be fade away after about a few months of use. But we’ve found no such case in this model. It’s made to be durable, and the color is as durable as the material as well.

Overall, we would rate this rock light set as a consistent, budget-friendly set of light to combine with any kind of vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 pcs Cree LED in each of the pods, four pods in total.
  • Cree chips are made of a durable and stable semiconductor.
  • The casing is made of strong, rugged die-cast aluminum.
  • It’s capable to intake heavy impacts and shocks.
  • Shakeproof and shock-resistant rubber base.
  • Can be installed on both plane and bent surface.
  • Waterproof layer to protect it from environmental odds.
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust materialistic design.
  • 9V-32V of voltage acceptance, compatible with almost any kind of vehicle.

5. SUNPIE RGB LED Rock Light Kits with Phone App Control

It’s not rare when people look for a low budget pick when it comes to rock lights. But if you want to go an extra mile, you should be expecting cool features like phone app control, variation in lighting patterns and so on.

On that note, we’ve picked up a smart, super cool and durable rock light to discuss at this point. And it’s called the SUNPIE RGB LED Rock Light Kits with Phone App Control.

You can control the lighting pattern and timing with an app compatible in both iPhone and Android mobiles. Apart from the lighting pattern and timing, you can also control the flashing function and the music mode as well.

To let you create your own lighting pattern, there are unlimited function and color options. You can create literally any color combination you want, and roll them around a number of function including- flashing, blinking, dimming on and off etc.

If you would love to play around with the lighting pattern, you can change the colors and color combination anytime from your phone.

You can make them blink, fade away, flash quickly move slowly between the colors and so on. Right at your fingertips, you will have unlimited options to design your Rock light as per your wish.

To work on the mobile app compatibility, Sunpie did not forget about providing a rock solid construction and durability. The casing is made of die-cast aluminum, and it is housed inside a tough glass case.

From each of the lights, you will get about 500 lumens of brightness, and it can be provided from any voltage source of a 12V grade. Although we expected this light to be compatible within a range of volts, 12V seems to be perfect for any kind of off-road vehicle we can think about.

It comes with a flat beam within a wide angle of 120 degrees. Before releasing the commercial version, it had been tested to last for 50,000 hours at least. While lasting for so long, it won't fade away, or get impacted by the environmental odds.

The list of environmental odds that it can protect from containing- water splashes, muds, dust etc.

It is not only waterproof and Splash proof, but it can also undergo underwater pressure. If you think about installing it with your boat, the water pressure cannot damage its functionality and body to any extent.

As it is supposed to be installed with an off-road vehicle, there is a good chance that it has to go through constant shocking and vibration.

Don't worry if you are thinking about any potential damage to the rock light from such odds. It is well protected against shock and vibration.

The next question popping up in your mind is- what kind of vehicle it is compatible with? Well, the answer will bring a smile on your face. It can be installed on any off-road vehicles such as car, Truck, motorcycle, Jeep, ATV, SUV, tractors, boats, and whatnot?

All you have to do is, install the SUNPIE RGB LED Rock Light Kits and replace it never!

Highlighted Features

  • iOS and Android phone app controller.
  • Unlimited lighting patterns and functions.
  • Produces 500 Lumens per light(at max).
  • Compatible with 12V/9W arrangements.
  • Solid aluminum construction with a toughed glass case.
  • Highly resistant against impacts, shakes, and vibrations.
  • Waterproof design to protect against moisture and splashed.
  • Can undergo underwater pressure while installing on the boat. 

6. Xprite Victory Series RGB LED Rock Lights

So far in this list, we have been going through Rock lights that come with either 4 or 6 pods. But what if you are in necessity of more? What if you need more than 6 rock lights to cover up your whole vehicle?

On that consequence, we are going to showcase Xprite Victory Series RGB LED Rock Lights. It contains a set 8 pods, with mobile controllability, music mode, flashing and multicolor neon LED lights.

There are a number of essential features that any top quality Rock light should have. We will tell you one by one-

First of all, the best part of the list of features of this product is the number of controllability from the mobile app. You can connect it with the mobile app through Bluetooth, and the connection will completely automate itself.

You can turn on and off the light, adjust the speed and brightness through it, change your music with the lightning patterns, randomize the light patterns, control the modes, and reset the color patterns.

If you want, you can create your own color pattern and flash timings. It's totally cool, right?

This RGB type 3rd Generation Rock light has unlimited color options and functions. The list of the function contains- blinking, flashing, dimming on and off the brightness and so on. You can certainly rock the crowd with this cool transitions.

The LED chip used to create the light is quite high quality. To provide a layer of heat dissipation, there is polycarbonate lens provided. This lens has several other benefits as well. Some of them are- shockproof, dustproof, rust proof and of course, waterproof.

Let's talk about the compatibility of this light set and the controller mobile device. No matter you are a user of iOS or Android, the Bluetooth controlled app will be compatible with your device. If you are an Android user, all you have to make sure is your Android version is 4.3 or above.

Now, let's talk about the compatibility of this model with the vehicle. As long as its size and number are considered, it fits with any car, jeep, off-road vehicles, 4x4, SUV, ATV, Boat, motorcycle etc.

As you have seen before, we are talking about the eight-pieces set for now. But that is not the only version that it comes with. If you are with a demand for fewer lights in number, you can choose the six-pieces model or the four-pieces model as well. The price will, of course, deduce accordingly.

There are two types of mountain pads provided along with the box. The pets are easy to install to house the lights. If you need more in-depth instruction, you can follow the user manual that comes with the box.

To download the app, all you have to do is, you have to go and scan the QR code. You’ll be sourced to the app download link.

Highlighted Features

  • 8 pcs rock light set with three lights in each.
  • 3rd generation app controller.
  • Unlimited color options and functions.
  • Durable layer coated.
  • Protected against heat dissipation.
  • Waterproof, shockproof and rust proof.
  • Rock solid aluminum construction.
  • Highly protective against heavy impacts.
  • Compatible with iOS or Android(V4.3 or higher).
  • Easy to install with mounting pads provided.

7. LAMPHUS 6pc Stardust SDRL14 4x4 LED Rock Light Kit

If you want your off-road journey to be as soon as the sea in the event and races, you should definitely go for something like the LAMPHUS 6pc Stardust SDRL14 4x4 LED Rock Light Kit. It is yet another cool LED Rock light kit that we are going to discuss through right now.

There are 6 different pods and each of them contains four different LED lights to provide maximum coverage. The number of LED light is important because usually you can see 3 LEDs combined in a single pod. Definitely, 4 LEDs are going to enlighten stronger than the lumen you would get from 3 LEDs.

Let's talk about the construction now. The lights are with rod and durable aluminum housing, provided with a coat of polycarbonate lens. Such a combination is definitely shatter-resistant.

Its capable for dust and water resistance is rated as IP67. You can definitely rely on the rating as long as the safety and durability of your Rock light are concerned.

As there are four different LED lights, the range that it can cover is expected to be more than other models. To meet the expectation, it comes with an Ultra Wide-Angle light that can provide coverage to a large area around your vehicle.

Any viewer or audience would definitely get cleared and more visible insight of the journey you are through on your off-road vehicle.

The installation technology is patented by Lamphus itself. To make it easier to install, there are the mounting rubber pads included with the package.

No matter it is a bar, a plain surface, or a bent surface, it is super easy to install. You will be provided with 6 flat rubber pads, and 6 more curved rubber pads as well.

To present in this article, we have picked up the model that contains six pieces of LED rock lights. But there is an option to choose a single piece as well. In case you need a  highlighter only for a particular area around your vehicle, you can buy one or maybe to single phase light instead.

There are five different colors to choose from-  Blue, Red, Green, Amber Cold white. Based on the color of your vehicle & your personal choice, you can pick up the right one.

The amount of light emitted from each of these colors are also different for obvious reasons. If you choose the cold white color, the lumen will be 650.

And the lowest one in the list is the red color one, where the lumen will be as low as 90. We can suggest you make a mix of colors to look your vehicle cool and diverse.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 4 LEDs in each pod, 6 pods in total.
  • Color diversity is from 650 lm to 90 lm.
  • Rugged and durable aluminum extrusion.
  • Dust and water resistant.
  • Ultra wide angle coverage for spacing up more area under the light.
  • Both flat and straight mounting rubber provided.
  • Installation is easy for even first timer.

8. LEDMIRCY LED Rock Lights White

At this point in the review, we have got a product that is manufactured by a brand which is enormously popular for producing light and rock lights only. Presenting the LEDMIRCY LED Rock Lights White.

The best part about this Rock light set is, it is available in 12 different colors. the whole set consists of 6 pods, and each of the parts comes with three pieces of Cree XBD LED light chips.

The fact about the LED light chip is, it doesn't get Yellow even after the long term of use. The lens is made of thickly reinforced material which is not easy to scratch.

The technical specification is, it runs on 9 watts of power, and the voltage requirement is 9 volt to 32 volts. Within a working temperature of -40 degree to 145 degrees, it will operate completely fine.

Just like any other top-notch Rock light, it is proven to sustain for 50000 hours of lifetime. No matter how hard or regularly you use, it's consistent structure and protective casing will not let it die.

The cell is made of die-cast aluminum, and it is highly impacts resistant. On top of that, it is wrapped by a waterproof layer which had made it protected from dust, corrosion, and shakes.

You might be installing the rock light on a plane surface or on a curved surface. No matter whichever the case is, the rubber base that you get with the box will help you to fit right in.

To help you in the installation, there are two sizes of anti-rust head screws and nuts. The screws are in such size that, it will fit all kind of vehicles right away.

In consequence, the next question is what kind of vehicle it is compatible with?

We guess that you can already assume the answer. It is compatible with cars, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, sports bikes, touring, UTVs and literally any kind of off-road vehicles. You can use these lights as the headlight asistant, under glow neon lights, agricultural machinery, lightly armored setups, and whatnot?

The LEDMIRCY LED Rock Lights White can be a great helping hands to improve your nighttime driving efficiency along with safety. Even if you think about how cool looking your vehicle will be, you can definitely understand its worth.

Apart from the regular features, we would like to mention the heat dissipation feature of this light set particularly. Because there is an IP68 waterproof same system, no heat can enter or get out of the compartment where the lights are located.

The cables are indicated in black and red color to help you with the installation. All you have to do is, find the right place to install the lights, drill a hole and insert the screws and tighten them up. Once you are done with the installation, you have to power them up.

After everything is done, you can control it by the car switch. it may take  18 to 20 gauges of wire.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 high quality LED chips in each pod.
  • 5000 hours of lifespan tested.
  • Applicable with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Made of Cree type chops and a die-cast black aluminum housing.
  • Waterproof and heat dissipative.
  • Comes with 2 types of screw sizes to install the pods.
  • Waterproof and rugged against environmental odds.
  • Can be controlled by car switches.

9. OPP ULITE 6pods RGB Led Rock Lights

This set of lights are definitely the next level style cake that you can control right from your mobile app. With the features stick interface of the application, you can do a lot of things with your lights.

As an example, You can switch between 15 different color modes and control the brightness, flash frequency, and speed.

There is a cool feature which will randomly select colors just when you use the smartphone. Also, to help you with tcolorhe music control, there is a default music controller button that will help you out.

You can switch between the red colour and gradient color with another control panel. And all of the functionalities can be directly employed on the rock light itself by connecting them with Bluetooth.

Let's move on to the hardware part right now.

There are 14  different RGB colors split between 6 of the pods. You can switch among the colors through the app and find out the best combinations that suit your style.

The construction is pretty much solid, and it is rated as IP68 waterproof label. It is not only waterproof, but it is also protected against dust, shock, and rust as well.

The additional layers of protection   provided by the diecast aluminum housing along with a toughed glass. Once you have installed it in the right way, you don't have to worry about replacing it in even a few years.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS system, and you can download the controller app from the Google Play Store or iCloud app store.

The multicolor RGB can give you 15 different turning mode, along with a variation of effects and transitions. Using the app, you can set your own lightning scenario and adjust the speed, time and brightness.

To give an extra layer of frame and fun, there is also a music mood. According to the music you play, the flashing frequency and the lights will adjust instantly. it's fun, right?

To discuss this article, we have picked up the model with 6 pods. but there are other models where you can find 4 pods, 8 pods, 12 pods, and single pod.

One tiny drawback is, human need a good amount of extension work when you are installing the set. The manufacturer sells the extension wire separately if you are interested to buy.

Comparing to many other App controlled Rock light, the price-quality ratio is quite impressive. If you are stuck within a low budget, and still want to bring out the best output of it, OPP ULITE 6pods RGB Led Rock Lights can be your go-to choice. 

Highlighted Features

  • 14 colors RGB rock light set with combinations.
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 12 and single pods.
  • Waterproof and rock-solid construction.
  • 15 different turning modes and effects.
  • Die-cast aluminum constriction.
  • iOS and Android friendly controller app.
  • Built-in music mode.
  • You can set your own lighting scenarios along with the app.

10. OPT7 Quantum 4pc LED Rock Lights

If coolness is what you are looking for in a rock light, OPT7 Quantum 4pc LED Rock Lights should be on your buying shortlist. It’s a 4pc LED collection which can be controlled via a remote sensor.

The outlook, the performance, the controllability, and the durability- it ticks almost every boxes of the list. That’s also the reasons that motivated us to pick up the product in this list.

Let’s have a look at its features and benefits-

With the remote control, you can change the color, bass, flash patterns, and bass sync just with the press of buttons. We have seen models that can be controlled from mobile applications, or the cars switch.

But for the first time, we have been lucky enough to experience a model that can be controlled with a remote. The remote itself is also quite cool as long as the outlook is concerned.

The best part about the list of features it comes with his- it's Quantum   Technology. What is can do is, it lets you create any color combination that you can imagine and project over the LED pods. Each of the four LED pods is of 1600 lumens in power.

Talking about the 1600 lumen pods, you might have noticed that it is a new milestone when it comes to rock light for an off-road vehicle. The amount of light you can get from four pods in total, is insanely bright. It can definitely increase your driving skills, reduce the risk of accident, and make your car look cooler.

The Waterproof design is as impressive as the color Technology itself. When you are driving your car to any wet terrain, the water splashes will not damage the health of the lights.

They are particularly engineered for working with vehicles like cars, SUVs, trucks and literally any off-road vehicles. But one little trouble is- you can not use it with motorcycles, as you need to have an access over the remote control.

The next level technology rock light is really impressive as long as you want to dazzle around the crowd while you’re riding. Although, you can not sync it with any music, the color combination itself is pretty much amazing to leave the audience jaw dropped.

So, the next query is, what is inside the box?

Well, you will find 4 pods of LED lights, a fuse tape, the remote controller, and the connection cables. You see, there is no screw provided with the box in default. So, you have to grab some screws from he local store to use in the installation process.

As the design is quite complicated, you may face a hard time to install it at first place. We advise you to go through the user’s manual or check out some videos on Youtube before actually going for it.

The last consideration is the price-quality ratio. Although it can’t satisfy you if you are looking for something budget-friendly. But if you’re fond of coolness in design and outlook, you can resist it.

So, that was our point of view on OPT7 Quantum 4pc LED Rock Lights. What’s your thoughts?

Highlighted Features

  • Designed through QUantum color technology.
  • Remote controlled control with tons of color combinations.
  • Perfect for working on any off-road vehicles.
  • Scratch-free rubber made mounting pads.
  • Heavy duty aluminum casing.
  • Comes with 1600 lumnes from each of the pods.
  • Works within a good temperature range.
  • The LED chip is Quar core RGBW Cree type.

11. Sundopt 8 Pod Rgb Led Rock Lights Kits with Bluetooth Control

At this point of the list, we’ve Sundopt 8 Pod RGB Led Rock Lights Kits with Bluetooth Control.

It’s a combination of 8 pods. Each pod has got 3 RGB LED lights, and each of them can provide a power output of 9W. You can create literally hundreds and thousands of color combinations.

As long as you are passionate about auto decorating your off-road vehicle, this Rock light set should be the go-to pick for your purpose.

You can establish a strong connection between the rock light and your mobile app via Bluetooth. The app will run on any kind of mobile operating systems, and it will give you a handful of controllability.

In the list, you can have RGB light timing control, blinking frequency control, brightness control, flashing control, color combination control and so on.

To install this product is pretty much easy for even a first timer. All you need is to install the cable with the power source and establish the connection between the mobile application and the product itself. You will be provided with  an instruction manual that will help you throughout the process.

The design is waterproof and the construction is rock solid due to it’s die-cast aluminum housing. The glassware is proven to protect against shocks, dust, rust and literally any kind of environmental threats.

The input voltage that this device is compatible with is 9V to 32v. If you consider the general type of off-road vehicles, this voltage requirement seems pretty much fine. You can also use it as an interior light if you want to decorate your indoor household.

The wire that comes by default is 12 and half feet long. for most of the vehicle, it seems long enough. But if you need any more extension, the manufacturer themselves sells it.

We have picked up the 8 pod version for this review. There are also versions available in 6 pods, 1 pod, 12 pods as well. The 1 pod is mainly used as a replacement, in case any of the pods get damaged.

The price quality ratio is also within a satisfactory zone.  Combinedly for all of the reasons, this product is already receiving a round of applause from the users.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 Cree RGB lights in each of the pods.
  • Each of the LEDs can provide 9W of power.
  • Bluetooth controlled mobile app connectivity.
  • Rugged and tough cast aluminum construction.
  • Shockproof, and waterproof.
  • Can intake any voltage between 9V to 32V.
  • Requires a 12.5 ft cable to connect.

12. MAX LUX LED Magnetic Rock Lights

We are eventually at the very last pic of our list of 12. To discuss this position, we’ve got MAX LUX LED Magnetic Rock Lights. It is a good quality Rock light set of 4 pods, and each of them contains 4 LED magnetic Rock lights.

The most unique quality of our last product is, these are magnet rated and can be strongly attached with the car body in case the car body is metal.

All you have to do is mount it on several locations of your car or along with the rail. No matter how hard the water, rain, snow, mud is, it won't come out from this place.

The placement of the LED lights may seem quite naked to you. But it has a good quality and impact-resistant rasin cover. The connections between the LED lights and the cable is sealed. So there is no chance that any kind of dust or debris or water will enter.

The magnet used to build this product is called Neodymium magnets. As we have told before, the magnet is responsible to make the light stick to the car body. So you don't have to install any new systems to attach it with your car.

On a side note, let us mention that this magnetic connection Technology is patented by the brand themselves. We highly appreciate the technology as much as its users are doing.

The light quality is quite bright, and it will cover a good amount of area around the vehicle. 4 set of pods should be well enough for a SUV or a off-road tractor. You can also mount them on cars and motorcycles as well.

There is a tiny drawback that we should notify you about. MAX LUX LED Magnetic Rock Lights don't come with any harness. To install it along with your car, you have to buy a a separate harness and inline fuse.

Also, the product is not waterproof. So, you have to make sure that you want not driving on a road which is wet or muddy.

Apart from a few tiny drawbacks, we think that it is a good want to go. But the price point may frustrate many of the users. Be watchful that you don't turn out to be one of them.

Highlighted Features

  • Covered with impact resistant resin.
  • Sealed against environmental odds.
  • High power emits of light.
  • Magnetic connection enabled.
  • Triple insulation between the cable and the LEDs.

What To Look Before  Buying A Rock Light?

We've been taken you through 12 of our best picks from the market. But we know that choosing only one out of them is quite of a hard job.

You can try comparing the price-quality ratio and buy one according to the size of the pocket, but that's not the ideal scenario.

Here are some important buying factors that you keep in mind while making the final purchase decision-

The Compatibility

In most of the cases, the compatibility isn't an issue anymore. As long as you're with an off-road vehicle. But in case it comes with an odd, make sure that your vehicle is compatible with the rock light that you're thinking to purchase.

That being said, some lights are ideal for bikes, some ore for off-road vehicles, some for boats and some else are for all. You can identify that via the type of pod they're in, and the type of protection they're provided with.

As an example, a rock light that doesn't come with any waterproof protection, can not be used on any boat or water vehicles.

The Amount and Number of Light

This is another important factor, where you have to calculate the number of light lumens you're receiving from the lights. Although it quite depends on the voltage input they are taking from your car. But the power, lumen output and the number of lights are also key role players.

There are either three or four LED light chips in each pod, and rock lights are likely to come with 4-16 of such pods. In together, you should be covering the whole area under your car surface, and check whether the light is perfect or not.

Also, take the lumen/LED ratio into consideration.

The Protection Against Environmental Odds

It's pretty much obvious that the lights are exposed towards dust, muds, debris, water splashes and so on. So, make sure that your rock light is able to handle that.

To give them layers of protection, there are cast aluminum casings as well as waterproof layers. To make sure that the LED chip is protected, the glass coats are also made to be durable.

Lastly, the joint amount the LED lights and the power cables should be sealed for optimum protection. If you find all of these features in one rock light, you should definitely go for that.

The Control

The last buying factor of the list is the controllability. You see, in most cases, you can find that they can be controlled by mobile applications that run well on Android or iOS. But in some cases, they are designed to be controlled with a remote controller as well.

Whether it is the mobile app or the remote control, you need to make sure that the connection is strong. If it's a mobile app connection, make sure that the product is equipped with the latest technology Bluetooth.

How to install it on your vehicle?  

Most of the rock lights are supposed to be installed on any kind of off-road vehicles. As most of them are either of screw-tightening design or magnetic design, cars, SUVs and other similar vehicles are ready to equip these rock lights. 

However, if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly guide, here you go-

Step 1: Identify the harness that comes with the rock light, and run it through the engine bay.

Step 2: Connect the red colored positive wire to the positive battery terminal, and the black colored negative wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

Step 3: Now, run the harness to the central point, where you’re planned to install the rock lights. This choice of placement may vary a lot based on your vehicle and rock light type.

Step 4: Mount each of the rock lights to the places you’ve planned them to a house. Make sure you’re through the user’s manual, where they’ve mentioned steps of connecting it to the car body. It can be either a magnetic attachment or a screwing system. Whatever it is, make sure that the connection is tight.

Step 5: Lastly, run the switch through the firewall and locate it on your preferred position in the cabinet. For most of the people, the place is on the dashboard or anywhere nearby.

What is the Top Rated rock light Brands on the market?

As you’ve seen throughout the review, there are a number of brands that are head to head when it comes to producing rock lights. At this point, we want you to have a look at top-notch rock light brands of the market- 


Sunpie is an American brand, which specializes in producing lighting solutions for Jeep, cars, and automotive for more than 10 years now. In the zone of rock lights, they are one of the leading brands as well. Among other products, they have Jeep Lights, Harley Lights, Jeep accessories and Motor accessories.


Mictuning is another manufacturer who's at the top chart when it comes to producing cost-effective car lightings. Being founded by an ambitious team of engineers, they guarantee excellent light bars and accessories. Apart from rock lights for vehicles, they produce light br, work lights, strip lights, light kits wiring harnesses, switches, and car lighting accessories.


​​LedMircury had been there in the industry for quite a while, and they’ve created their own place already. Apart from a whole lot of car accessories, they seem to focus on only LED car lightings. Among popular creations from then, we can name LED rock lights, LED light bars, Car LED strips, LED light bulbs and LED headlights.


Lamphus seems to be another giant manufacturer who produces not only premium grade rock light kits but also other lighting solutions for automotive vehicles. In the list, they have got Horizontal off road bar clamps, Sound Alert Siren and Speakers, Mini light bars, Harness kits, Backup alarms, Emergency vehicle warning systems and so on.


No matter you call them Oppulite or Oll Ulite, they’re the emerging giants in the industry of vehicle lighting systems. We can see them to have a number of popular rock lights, LED light bars, LED work lights, Reverse lights for the car and so on. Definitely, more products are on the way to be launched from their inventory. 

Different Types of rock light

To classify off road rock lights, there are a number of viewpoints. Let’s dive in- 

Based on Mounting

The two most popular rock light mounting methods are- 

  1. Mounting through screw systems.
  2. Mounting through magnets.

Based on Number of LED Chips

In each of the lights, there are variations of LED chip number, and matters a lot when you’re about to choose the correct light intensity you want. 

  1. 2 LED Rock Lights.
  2. 3 LED Rock Lights.
  3. 4 LED Rock Lights.

Based on Light Type

LEDs are not the only type of light available in rock lights. There are other lights as well, but for a higher price. However, here is the list- 

  1. LED Rock lights.
  2. RGB Rock lights.

Based On the Control

Rock lights need to be controlled manually. But the way of controlling differs from brand to brand. Here are the basic types- 

  1. Switch-panel controlled rock lights.
  2. Remote controlled rock lights.
  3. Bluetooth(mobile) controlled rock lights.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Can I use a rock light on my water boat?

Answer: Waterboats are mostly exposed to water pressure and water splashes. So, if you decide to get a rock light for water boat, make sure that it's super protective against water.

2. How can I determine the lumen output of the lights?

Answer: Firstly, you have to figure out the lumen output of each of the lights. Then, multiply it with the number of LED chips in the total set. That's the total lumen output.

Question: How can I power up these lights?Answer: Almost all of the rock lights are able to intake DC power input to run themselves. All you should check is the voltage compatibility.

3. How to install the lights on the vehicle bumper strongly?

Answer: With each of the best rock lights models, you will be provided with screws that are attachable with the vehicle body. Follow the prior instructions to mount the lights onto the boards.

4. Is there any replacement available if any of the pods get damaged?

Answer: We have seen that some manufacturers sell single pods as replacements. You can try one of those in such cases.

5. Can I create my own light pattern with the rock lights?

Answer: Not in case of all models. Some models come with built-in blink and color patterns. Some expensive models will let you create your own patterns.

Bottom Line

So, that was the long list of rock lights for all kind of off-road vehicles. We've tried hard to be as diverse in terms of price, quality, and functionality as possible. But while chose the picks, we've maintained a hard strictness when it was about the quality and performance.

Hope the list helped you out to find out the best rock lights for your off-road travel. Good luck!

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