Best Mortise Locks in 2020: Top 10 Set Reviewed

Best Mortise Locks

Shopping for mortise locks that go with the doors of your new home? Or do you want to replace the old worn down locks at your bachelor pad which just doesn’t look cool anymore?

It can be difficult while choosing something that seems so mundane such as door locks but hear us out. You will want a sturdy and secure lock. But what if it can do that while looking good and adding a pleasant aesthetic to your home just like a decoration?

In this article, you will find a compiled list of the best mortise locks out there in the market. They’ll provide your home with extra security while exhibiting additional desired features.

TOP 5 Selection For A Quick Decision

Image Product Name Editor’s Rating More Info
Wright Products VMT115PB BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set Wright Products VMT115PB BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set

5 /5

Detailed Review And Price
Prime-Line Products E 2293 Mortise Lock Set Prime-Line Products E 2293 Mortise Lock Set

5 /5

Detailed Review And Price
FPL #3-45-S Sliding Glass Door Replacement Mortise Lock with Adapter Plate FPL #3-45-S Sliding Glass Door Replacement Mortise Lock with Adapter Plate

4.5 /5

Detailed Review And Price
Prime-Line E 2497 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob Prime-Line E 2497 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob


Detailed Review And Price
Old Time Mortise Lock Crystal Knob Set Old Time Mortise Lock Crystal Knob Set

4.5 /5

Detailed Review And Price

Top 12 Mortise Locks Reviews

1. Wright Products VMT115PB BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set

Wright products specialize in the production of a range of door hardware and have had a well-known reputation in the industry for decades. This is a product that reflects the company’s excellent ability to reproduce vintage designs.

Many people own very old doors but are unable to find a fitting replacement. This brass model displaying an old-fashioned metallic appearance is the ideal replacement for any old lock designs. Furthermore, it has an adjustable back-set allowing flexibility of fitting.

The VMT115PB is a single-cylinder type model. Therefore, you are advised to be careful with doors that have glass windows. Ensure that the knob can’t be reached from outside after the glass is broken.

Installation hardware is inclusive of the order package. A downside is that the given instructions may be slightly difficult to understand. The installation is a bit time-consuming too.

Although the lockset is reversible, it comes as right-handed by default. You will need to turn the components around for left-handed fitting. Many buyers aren’t aware of the simple procedure to reverse the lock.

Built for heavy-duty and hence able to withstand very frequent usage, it is optimal for fitting on exterior doors. Moreover, the deadbolt equipped with the lock is of a high-security grade suitable for the main entrances.

Customers say that they were satisfied of the aesthetic appearance after installation. Regarded as one of the best mortise locks for retrofitting, it’s quality, durability and other features outweigh the few cons.

Highlighted Features:

  • An adjustable back-set allows fitting in different pocket sizes.
  • Escutcheon plates and levers, old-fashioned appearance.
  • It comes as right-handed by default but can be easily reversed.
  • Manufactured with a heavy-duty grade, able to endure frequent use.

2. Prime-Line Products E 2293 Mortise Lock Set

Consisting of polished brass plates and trims, this product is a great replacement for the problematic lock of the old doors that you inherited from your forefathers.

Some users say that they could easily install this in hundred-year-old doors! In addition to ancient ones, the universal replacement set can also be easily installed on modern doors. Installation is quite easy with clear and concise instructions given in the manual.

The durability of E 2293 is comparable to antique sets, which are known to last for several decades. Perform maintenance as needed and it may never have issues as long as it lasts.

It is advised to add a little grease to the inner parts before the initial installation. We don’t recommend that you disassemble any of the internal components for maintenance. That’s the job of a professional.

The set uses a double-cylinder and hence can be key-operated from both sides. This allows it to be used as safety locks for bathrooms and bedrooms. The lock body is made of hardened steel and is reversible, fitting right or left-handed doors.

This product is an amazing decorative element that you can add to the interior of your house. It’s a Victorian-style mortise set that can easily replace old and new models. On top of that, it doesn’t cost as many bucks as other products with such a quality grade.

Highlighted Features:

  • A replacement that fits universally on all ancient doors.
  • Easy installation, clear and concise instruction in the manual.
  • Reversible lock body made of hardened steel and thus very durable.
  • Double-cylinder mortise, the bolt can be key-operated from both sides.

3. FPL #3-45-S Sliding Glass Door Replacement Mortise Lock with Adapter Plate

Although the title says it is for glass patio doors, it fits doors made of plastic, aluminum, and wood as well. The lockset is available in a wide range of dimensions and different sizes of mounting screws. This increases the chance that at least one of them fits your door.

All the parts are made of steel and hence they have extra strength and durability. However, steel is prone to rust and corrosion. FPL tackled the issue by applying different coatings to each model.

For instance, the yellow zinc dichromate protects from corrosion. The Stainless steel finish variant is suited for coastal areas with high humidity. Each type of coating gives them a different appearance and finish.

The product package consists of the mortise lock body, mounting screws and strike plate. The mortise body contains a circular faceplate, adjustable hook, and 45-degree keyway.

Installation of the lock is simple and achievable in a matter of minutes. If you are installing it yourself, take precautions to ensure that nothing falls inside the hollow patio door.

The models have a load capacity of 1000 lbs. and hence are suitable for frequent daily uses. Available in a range of dimensions and with different coatings, the FPL #3-45-S series is a compatible model for every patio door.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mortise locks of different dimensions are available.
  • A range of coating to choose from.
  • Only a few minutes are required to install the product.
  • Made of steel and therefore offers additional strength.

4. Prime-Line E 2497 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob

Old handles and trims had exquisite appearances. Such glamorous designs are often absent in most modern-day types. As a result, once they are non-functional after decades of use, people have a tiresome time looking for suitable replacements.

Fitting into older and newer doors, the E 2497 set makes the perfect alternative for antique locksets. It features glass knobs and bronze trims, a classic fashion. The bolt can be operated by a key from both sides. It is an appropriate interior decoration that can also serve as privacy locks.

Turning the knob gives a solid feel and the sound made when closing the door resembles a vintage lockset. Such features may seem like a flaw to those who never used an older model. Most users seem pretty satisfied with these characteristics.

A disadvantage of the product is that the provided set screws are not tight enough and the knob may slip. Using better-set screws or thread-locking adhesive should fix the issue. That’s an easy solution to the only problem of this low budget decorative item.

The E 2497 is meant for interior doors only as the lock doesn’t offer enough protection for uses on storm doors. Nonetheless, it serves as a great addition to your home’s interior design.

The installation of the product is easy as a pie. Users say that they could effortlessly figure out the steps even without reading the instructions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Glass knob and steel trims, old-fashioned look.
  • Works on older doors and can be retrofitted to modern ones.
  • Reversible; suitable for both right-handed and left-handed doors.
  • Simple and easy installation.

5. Old Time Mortise Lock Crystal Knob Set

Ultra hardware is a company that is well-known, offering a wide range of accessories for buildings, doors, and cabinets. They focus on producing high-security products with great quality.

The configurations of modern doors and locksets are quite different from the ones produced long back. As a result, it is almost impossible to find a replacement for a door that is older than a century.

Well, not anymore. Here’s a suited product that you can have delivered to your front entrance. This lockset is constructed in a way to perfectly fit ancient doors. However, it is incompatible with modern ones. Users are advised to avoid attempting to retrofit this device.

Brass-plated trims and glass knobs give it a gorgeous old-fashioned look. Unlike its ages-old predecessors, the knobs of this lock turn smoothly. Therefore, it can be said that you have a mortise set from the past minus the rough feel.

It can be operated using a skeleton key. A skeleton key has a basic structure without the pins. This allows them to be used for opening multiple locks. Modern security locks employ features to prevent their cylinders from being turned by such keys.

A screwdriver can also be used to turn the bolt. It is well-suited to be utilized as privacy locks for the old doors that nobody has replaced for several decades.

If you are looking for an ancient-looking decorative piece, this might just be the perfect one. It’s an old-fashioned lock that is produced with a vintage finish, a rare find in the digital market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Constructed to provide east fitting with age-old doors.
  • It has a glamorous vintage appearance.
  • Turns smoothly despite the old design.
  • You can use it as a privacy lock too.

6. Prime-Line E 2014 Mortise Lock – Adjustable, Spring-Loaded

When it comes to finding a suitable replacement for patio doors, the E 2014 is a lifesaver for many. It can be fitted to wood, aluminum and vinyl doors. In addition to sliding ones, the device is compatible with a range of other types.

The set includes two screws, a rounded faceplate and the lock body consisting of an adjustable hook latch. It is essential to observe your older lock before ordering the replacement. Check whether the keyway is vertical when locked or angled 45 degrees to ensure you don’t need to return an unfit purchase.

Sliding doors are hollow and therefore care should be taken while replacing them. The video uploaded on the website will be very helpful for the users. It guides customers step by step through the installation process. The tools that you will require are also mentioned in it.

Users should grease the internal parts before the initial installation. This effectively makes the device work smoother. Lubrication also extends the lifetime of the product.

The E 2014 has a major advantage over its competitors. It is a mortise lock that is compatible with doors other products of the same type can’t be fitted to. With proper maintenance, this lockset is guaranteed to last for ages.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be fitted to uPVC, aluminum and wood patio doors.
  • Easy to install; “how-to” video displays all you need to know for installation.
  • All the parts are constructed with high strength materials.
  • Steel constructed, thus should last for a long time.

7. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock

Whenever any of us come across a new type of product from Samsung, our first reaction is “wow, they make these too?” There isn’t an electric device you need at home that the company doesn’t produce.

Able to store 31 RFID tags or PIN codes and 100 fingerprints, this futuristic device has an appearance that goes well with residential areas and business premises.

What’s remarkable about this lock are the reinforced security elements it offers. Not only it is constructed with durable materials, but it is also equipped with dual deadbolts. Every product undergoes harsh testing before arriving at the store.

The lock is pick-proof and bump-proof. In addition to the physical protection it has, numerous digital security ingredients are embedded within, such as double-locking and double-authentication. It also has built-in sensors that set off alarms in case of intrusion attempts or fire.

Double-locking prevents burglars from opening the door after getting inside some other way. Authentication is required for unlocking the door from either inside or outside. To illustrate double-authentication, if you tap your RFID tag then you must input the matching PIN or scan fingerprints.

An interesting feature is that it generates 2 random numbers before you enter your PIN. The purpose is to spread fingerprints across the screen. Hence, intruders find it difficult to use the on-screen fingerprint traces to make guesses.

The device works on 8 AA alkaline batteries that last for about 12 months. It plays a tune when the battery is low. In case the batteries die, you can temporarily connect a 9V battery to the control panel located outside.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sleek futuristic design that looks great in all surroundings.
  • Equipped with several hard and soft protective features.
  • It offers extensive digital security.
  • The long-lasting battery and the option for supplying emergency power.
  • Double authentication increases further security.

8. Prime-Line C 1282 Mortise-Style Sliding Door Handle Set

Nobody wants to buy a full set when they only need certain parts. It could be that the handle doesn’t look nice, or broken, scratched, etc. Whichever is the reason, the C 1282 can take over your older patio handles.

This order is inclusive of 2 handles, 2 trims, and mounting screws. The interior and exterior handles are almost identical to each other. The only difference is that the interior handle has a latch lever known as thumb-turn.

A satin-nickel coating provides a pleasant appearance and acts as a protective layer. The set blends in perfectly with doors made of the same material. The ones made with wood are uPVC are compatible too. Supported thicknesses range from 1-5/8” to 1-3/4”.

It can also be installed on thinner doors. To do that, you need to either purchase shorter mounting screws or cut the provided ones to smaller lengths. Another advantage is that it fits doors with both handing, as the set is readily reversible.

Produced with Die-casted materials, the handle set is very less likely to have any defects. This is because the production process has very low dimensional tolerances.

The lockset comes as keyless, restricting it to interior usage. However, its design enables installing a mortise cylinder. This allows you to use it as a keyed lock on your main entrances.

Manufactured with great accuracy and supporting a range of materials and thicknesses, the C 1282 is truly a universal fit for sliding doors. This product is often bought together with PRIME-LINE E2014. Both are considered being amidst the best mortice locks replacement kits by users.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be converted to a keyed type by installing a cylinder housing.
  • Manufactured with high dimensional accuracy.
  • The lock can be fitted to doors thinner than 1-5/8” by using shorter screws.
  • Die-cast material makes this lock very sturdy.

9. Pacific Doorware Storefront Door Mortise Lock

This is a product package comprising of 2 lock cylinders with Adams Rite cams and 2 Schlage keys. The manufacturer produces a wide variety of hardware and accessories for doors.

The cylinders have standard length and diameter. For this reason, they can be fitted to popular storefront door brands such as Adams Rite and Kawneer. You have the flexibility to either use the cylinders together as inner and outer keyways or install them on different doors.

A 5-lever lock and key pair makes it harder to duplicate the key. However, Schlage keys have certain codes on them that indicate their dimensions. These codes allow locksmiths to duplicate it without requiring an original.

While the feature provides you with easy rekeying, a burglar with the right information could have disastrous consequences.

In case you have difficulty with installation, there are YouTube videos that guide you on how to do it. You can also contact Pacific doorware customer support. Many buyers appreciate the assistance provided by PDW in installing. It saves them the fees that would otherwise be paid to professionals.

What impresses customers most is the smooth turning of the bolt. Loss of this smoothness is an indication that lubrication is required.

If you still have difficulty turning the key, it’s advised to check that the doors are properly hung. Storefront doors are likely to sag routinely due to their heavy usage. Adjusting or replacing the hinges should solve the problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • PDW provides excellent customer support.
  • The Schlage keys are quite easy to duplicate.
  • Suitable for places requiring a medium level of security.
  • The operation of the set is very smooth.
  • You can easily remake the key using codes.

10. Global Door Controls 1-1/8 in. Mortise Lock

Have you got a lockset with great trims and handles but the lock body needs replacement? Then this is the right product for you. Nobody wants to spend extra money to buy a full set when their current one has parts that don’t need to be thrown away.

Unlike the other products on this list, this one comes without the mortise cylinder. The included parts are the lock body and the faceplate. It supports all standard cylinders and cams. These characteristics allow the product to be used as a replacement kit for broken locks.

Cylinders are sold separately by the same manufacturer. However, you are free to use any cylinder from any brand as long as it fits. This makes the device more flexible to use. For instance, you can decide whether to use a double or single cylinder.

The casing measures 7/8 x 6 x 1-1/8 inches. It uses a deadbolt with dimensions of 5/8 x 1-3/8 x 13/16 inches. It is important to know that the door isn’t locked unless the deadbolt extends fully. The extra-long bolt is only beneficial if you have made pockets with suitable depth in the doorjamb.

All components are manufactured with high quality materials. This makes them very durable and strong. For added protection, the bolt is secured with a steel security pin.

The specialty of the product is its versatility. It has high-security grade components allowing installation on external doors. You can also use as a privacy lock. Moreover, it works on right-handed or left-handed doors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports all standard cams and cylinders.
  • A longer deadbolt with a steel security pin adds extra protection.
  • It can be used with your current trims and levers or knobs.
  • Long deadbolt enhances the security it provides.

11. PINEWORLD Biometric Fingerprint Smart Lock

The amount of features that PINEWORLD managed to squeeze into this lock is simply stunning. It can store a maximum of 100 RFID tags and 100 fingerprints. Master codes can be saved, allowing up to 3 admins in addition to other standard users.

The device can also be remotely controlled from your smartphone using the TUYA app. It is compatible with IOS and Android. The app allows you to monitor door usage by maintaining an access log. In case anyone attempts to break the lock, the app receives a signal and alerts you by displaying warning notifications.

You can also use a mechanical key to operate the bolt. The keyhole is positioned to be hidden in plain sight, deterring lock picking. It’s located right next to the USB port for emergency charging.

The Q202 is suitable for both interior and exterior doors. Constructed with Zinc-alloyed stainless steel, it makes an excellent lock for the main doors of a building.

Furthermore, the components are weather-sealed to prevent particles from accumulating inside. This in combination with the backlit keypad make it a perfect fit for the storm doors of your residence. The background lighting can save you from being unable to see the keypad on a sunny day.

A feature that users find very convenient is the doorbell function that gives voice instructions. Overall, this is one of the best mortise locksets available in the market when it comes to digital locks, thanks to its durability and highly futuristic attributes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Numerous ways of operating the lock.
  • Weather-sealed components, convenient to use of exterior doors.
  • Hidden mechanical keyhole deters intruders.
  • Emergency charging allows operation when the battery dies.
  • Very strong and durable as it’s made of Zinc-alloyed stainless steel.

​12. Maxtech Heavy Duty Mortise Lock Satin Chrome Finish

Maxtech America was founded in 1996. The company produces door hardware suited for heavy-duty usage and high-security environments. This product consists of a full mortise set compatible with exterior doors made of wood or metal.

A satin-chrome finish gives the mortice lock set an industrial look. Such an appearance makes it look well-protected. Strike boxes can be installed to provide additional security and increase deterrence.

The main components are designed to provide excellent resistance to intrusion. It has a deadbolt able to withstand several hammer strikes. Moreover, the levers and trim plates can sustain multiple ramming hits.

A downside of the mortice lockset is that it uses Schlage keys. These keys have some codes engraved on them. Locksmiths can use the information alone to reproduce a key. Therefore, it is indispensable that potential intruders can’t observe the key closely.

Sometimes, you may intentionally or unintentionally leave the key inserted in the inner keyway. Fortunately, the device houses a single-cylinder deadbolt. Therefore, the only way you leave a key exposed is forgetting to remove the key when leaving your residence or business premises.

The lockset isn’t reversible, so you need to know the handing of your door before ordering. Both left-handed or right-handed patterns are sold by the manufacturer.

The lock set is designed to be highly durable and withstand very frequent use. It is well-suited for the exterior doors of commercial or residential buildings. Overall, the device provides good protection and can be expected to last for decades without issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • Crucial components have a high-security grade.
  • A satin-chrome finish functions as a deterrent.
  • Able to withstand a very high frequency of usage.
  • Uses Schlage keys and thus very easy rekeying.
  • Single-cylinder mortise overrides the downside of Schlage keys.

What Is Mortise Lock And What Are The Key Benefits Of Using One?

The term ‘mortice’ refers to a hole in a wooden piece for fitting it with any other material. These sets are required for making mortises on the door edge and doorjamb before installation. Commonly observed in residential and commercial premises, they are the most demanded products in their category.

A mortise lockset consists of a rectangular body that fits into a pocket across the door’s thickness. It operates by using one or more deadbolts and latch bolts. Retracting the bolts engages the lock. A strike plate is screwed into the doorjamb to secure the bolts when retracted.

Mortise locks are among the most heavy-duty, capable type of locks available in the present day. They date back to the 18th century and have been improved in various ways ever since.

Better Compared To Other Locks

What makes this type of mechanism utilizable to this day is its numerous benefits over others. For instance, padlocks are a hassle to use and can be easily cut with widely available hardware. They are also more prone to rust.

Another type called the bored-cylinder lock is built with a much simpler mechanism offering very little protection. This type isn’t as durable and can’t withstand frequent usage.

Additional Security

The larger size of mortise locks offers numerous advantages. For example, they can be equipped with multiple deadbolts and auxiliary latch bolts. Strike boxes can be added around the casing for additional security against impact forces.

Replaceable Parts

External parts of the device are replaceable. This allows fitting with decorative trims and handles to give a vintage look. Polished steel can be used to give a professional look for use in offices.

Such versatility leads to a wide range of products available, divided into many sub-categories. Although brands sell models that are modernized in several ways, the fundamental working principle of the mortise locks has not changed at all.

Mortise Locksets Buying Guideline

Door Compatibility

When selecting the mortice locksets for your doors, the most crucial check to be made is the door type, its material composition, and thickness. “One size fits all” does not apply to this type of device.

Information regarding the required thickness and suitable materials is usually provided by the manufacturer. Sellers also mention the door types their products are intended for. It would be unwise to overlook these data; below are a few reasons why.

The entrance type needs to be factored in. It would not be fitting to utilize the same device for a storm door and the one in the kitchen. Similarly, the main entrances of a commercial building and the interior entrances for offices, meeting rooms and other areas require various locksets.

Making cuts on a door made of steel is a difficult task. A glass type can’t be fitted with such a lockset due to its thickness. uPVC and aluminum doors are also incompatible with such locks.

The structural strength of timber doors is adversely affected by the removal of material. So it is vital to consider the consequences of pre-installation cuts.

Because the mortise cylinder is attached to the internal casing and not the surface, it is imperative to consider the door thickness. Suppose that a mortise lockset is too small, the keyhole surface won’t be parallel to the door’s surface.


We may not catch a glimpse of the handle while opening a door every time. That doesn’t make it unnoticeable. Whether it’s at home or in an office, an internal or external door; the appearance is always a concern to all of us.

Choosing the right look seems like an easy task. Most people are careful about choosing one that matches the door but they forget about the surroundings.

It’s worth taking the time to decide if the appearance of your choice blends in with the place. This would help ensure that you are not disappointed after installation. You don’t want it to be the most odd-looking thing in its surrounding environment.

Number OF Levers

A key has to move a certain number of levers to turn the deadbolt. The more levers there are, the harder it is to duplicate the key. Five levers are among the most commonly used. They come with additional anti-picking features, hardened steel plates and sometimes a night latch.

When applying for home insurance, most companies will require that you have a five-lever lock set on external doors. Insurers also look for a kitemark showing BS3621. Make sure to look for the 5 level engraving and the kitemark before installing the device.

Security Grade

Deadbolts, knobs and other components of a lock have a security grade ranging from 1-3. Grade 3 is the standard level suited for light-duty usage. They are meant for low-level security requirements and interior doors in residential applications.

Grade 1 devices are the best mortise locks in terms of durability and offer maximum protection. They are capable of withstanding 1,000,000 cycles. A door knob with such grade is can sustain 6 strikes from a 360-pound battering ram. Grade 1 deadbolts can withstand 10 strikes from a 75-pound hammer.

Intermediate grade 2 products are great for residential purposes. They are described as suitable for light commercial applications and hence do not provide adequate security for business premises.

For your own home, arming the exterior doors with grade 2 locks should do. Regarding business use, some rooms may require more protection. We would advise that you carefully asses the level of protection needed in different sections of the building before ordering.

Smart Technologies

Just like all other devices, age-old mortice locksets are being modernized with digital features. As brands compete in adding newer features to these products, they are becoming more futuristic and “smarter”.

PIN code protection and fingerprint recognition provide a keyless experience. Nonetheless, you can still use your keys to use smart locks traditionally.

Remote control via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allows you to let in guests when you are out. Some models are equipped with a built-in camera and other monitoring features. These allow you to keep an eye on your home regardless of wherever you are.

One of the downsides of wireless connectivity is that digital systems can be hacked and used to a criminal’s advantage. Such cybercrimes have not been reported so far, but the possibility remains.

Another disadvantage is that its functionality is limited by battery life. It’s nothing more than a traditional lock when the battery dies.

If you plan to purchase one of the smart types, it’s important to have a look at the details of all it has to offer. Does it have a long-lasting battery? Can I control it from my phone? These are some questions you may have. Our advice is to have all your questions answered before you decide to purchase one.


This is the distance from the center of the lock hole to the door’s edge. A mortise lock can only fit a door with a fixed backset. The information is mentioned on the seller’s website and the product packaging.

It is essential to take those measurements for your door to select a suitable product. Otherwise, the lock body won’t fit the door pocket.

How To Take Care Of Your Mortise Locks

Check The Screws

Try to use longer screws, preferably 3 inches for the lock, strike plate, hinges and other critical components of a door. In case the manufacturer hasn’t provided smaller screws, it best to purchase suited longer screws. This is because they decrease the likelihood of sagging at the hinges.

Shorter screws for strike plates drastically reduce the effective protection offered by the plates. It’s important to regularly check for loosened screws and any sagging. We advise that any screw that seems damaged by rust or any other effect must be replaced. Even if it doesn’t seem to have any effect at all.

Using The Right Door Closer

Closers are used to prevent users from slamming the door shut or leaving it open. If you use a door closer, we would like to draw your attention to the effect it has on the door, hinges, and lock.

Firstly, the hinges should be of suitable size and strength for withstanding the generated extra bending. Otherwise, the hinges or its screws could be damaged, sagging the door. Additional ones may need to be installed to reduce the load on individual hinges.

The swing speed of a door has a significant effect on the wear and tear of the door parts. The closer should not slam the door too hard against the jamb –deteriorating the condition of the door and lock. Nor should it swing the door so slow that it does not latch.

A closer should be chosen or adjusted in a manner that it provides the right swing speed. A routine investigation is essential for detecting corrosion, rust, and defects as they have a serious impact on the durability of a lockset.

Cleaning And Lubrication

Aggressive chemicals may harm the mortice lockset. Mild detergent should be good enough to clean it. The protective coating on the lock, trims, and handles can be damaged by petroleum-based products. So they must not be used for cleaning or lubrication.

It’s recommended that you follow the cleaning procedures as instructed by the manufacturer for the finest results. Occasional cleaning of the external parts with a damp cloth is sufficient according to most manufacturers.

Lubrication is essential for increasing longevity. Dry lubricants that can be sprayed into the keyhole are preferable. The next step is to repeatedly insert and remove the key and then wipe off the dirt from it each time. Lubricating the latches and bolts would mitigate any issues with the locking mechanism.

There is no need to disassemble the lock to lubricate it. It is a complex device and you will most probably have trouble putting the parts back together. Performing maintenance in the internal parts is strictly not a DIY project, seek professional assistance in that case.

Duplicating Keys

Keys have a lifetime much shorter than a lock. We recommend that when you get your first set of original keys, set aside one. Use this key to only create duplicates. The reason for is that keys wear out with usage and the duplication creates keys with slight inaccuracies.

If you duplicate using a previously duplicated key, you will eventually end up with a non-functional key. A worn-out original key for duplication can result in the same situation.

Regular Inspections

Ensure that there is enough clearance between the door and the frame. Locking and unlocking should be achievable without the need to apply excessive force. The bolts and latches should be able to fully extend without colliding with anything else when the door is closed.

The need to push, pull or lift the door while turning the bolt is a good indication that the door requires adjustment. Not taking care of the issue will cause components to bind, eventually leading to broken pieces that will disable its functionality.

If you find it slightly more difficult to turn a key, this is a hint that either the key is worn out or the keyhole requires lubrication. The door closing at an inconvenient speed suggests issues with the hinges or the closer if one is used.

The best mortise locksets usually do not require regular maintenance. However, when you notice any problems, it is advised to take action at the earliest possible. Failing to do so could leave you or anyone else locked in or out.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s necessary that a deadbolt fully extends when retracted. Otherwise, the door doesn’t properly lock and poses a security risk. If you are facing resistance when turning the bolt it could be due to interference with the strike plate. The problem can be resolved by correctly aligning the strike plate with the faceplate. Misalignment can be caused by sagging of the door.  Therefore, it's suggested that you inspect the hinges and check if the door is properly hung before making any adjustments.
The cause of the problem could be that the key is unable to shift the levers properly. There are two main reasons why this happens. Firstly, dirt and debris accumulate in the keyhole. Secondly, keys wear out over time and the accuracy of the cuts decreases. In both cases, the shape of the key doesn't match the levers accurately resulting in more force required to turn the bolt. It is advisable to avoid applying excessive force in such situations. Lubricating the keyhole or using a new key should solve the problems. If the issues persist, contact professional personnel.
Mortise locks need infrequent cleaning and lubrication. Wipe external parts with a damp cloth when necessary. Periodic lubrication of the keyhole, bolts, and latches should keep the lockset in a good condition. We advise you to not disassemble one and attempt cleaning internal components.
Smart types come with a range of additional security features. Pins, passwords and fingerprints scanner make them easier to use and more secure. There are models available and upcoming in the market that have built-in cameras for snapping pictures of the door users. Improved digital security does not increase the physical protection of a lock. A built-in camera does little help in identifying a burglar trying to break in. Therefore, It’s more important to pay more attention to the physical security aspects.
A reversible lock is simply one that can be fitted to both right-handed and left-handed doors. Purchasing such a lockset doesn’t require you to determine the handing of your door beforehand. You can bulk purchase them for multiple doors that differ in handing.
It’s quite simple to determine the handing to a door. First, you need to face the exterior part of the door. In other words, stand outside the premises the door leads to. If the hinges are positioned to your right, then it is a right-handed door. Otherwise, it’s left-handed.
A single-cylinder has an inside knob and an outside keyhole. This means that no key is required to unlock from inside. Nevertheless, an intruder breaking in through other means will be able to walk out through the door. Using single-cylinder type on storm doors with glass is not advisable. This leaves an easy way for burglars as they can break the glass and turn the knob inside. In a double cylinder type, a key is required to turn the bolt from either side. This defeats the security concerns of the former. Self-locking double-cylinders are a double-edged sword. In case the key is missing during an emergency, the door has to be destroyed for gaining access
It is a mechanism that automatically turns the deadbolt when a door is closed. The same task can be achieved with latch-bolts. Such a feature is useful for incidents like when you forget to lock the door while leaving your house.

Final Words

It can be very difficult to differentiate between mortice locks because each of them has very subtle and intricate differences between one another. As a result, buyers often face the dilemma when it’s time to make a purchase.

For this very reason, we have broken down the functionality of the best mortise locks available in the market to shed some light on the matter. The simplified suggestions and maintenance advice are given in this article will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for – satisfaction and security.


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