Top 10 Best Mechanics Tool Sets for The Money: Reviews 2019

Ever found yourself admiring the modern styling of the IKEA furniture and having an urge to buy that product instantly?

Probably the mere thought of assembling the little pieces to their rightful places made you immediately change your mind, didn’t it?

Often times, we tend to give up on our small dreams and wishes just like that instead of trying to find a probable solution. But hey, the solution might be a lot easier than you thought!

For this particular scenario, you only need some basic handy skills and the best mechanics tool sets to build up an awesome decor that goes with your interior!

From performing regular maintenance on your vehicle to repairing common problems in your own apartment, a good mechanic tool set is a must-have in every DIY enthusiast’s checklist.

Curious to know which one is the best tool set for mechanics that'll suit your particular needs? Read along to the rest of this article to find out!

Need A Quick Decision? Here's Our Top 5 Mechanics Tool Sets Picks:

Why Do You Need Mechanics Tool Set Anyway?

Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast who is beginning to learn his way around hand tools, you will need to have a solid starting point, where you get the most common tools all sorted out, so that you can start working right away!

A standard mechanic appliance kit is something you are going to need for several other reasons as well.

Let’s take a look!

  • Doing your own car repair helps save a great deal of money.
  • It allows you to salvage things that would have been thrown out otherwise.
  • Instead of buying each item separately, you get them all in one purchase.
  • It comes with a travel-friendly case that lets you carry easily.
  • By sharing the tools with your neighbor, you may start a new friendship!

Top 10 Best Mechanic Tool Set For The Money 2019

Once you start trying your hands at basic repairs and maintenance, you will soon understand that the quality of the tools matters a lot! 

From fixing the nails of a newly-purchased bed frame to assembling your own DIY computer table, you will need the right equipment that will help you get a quick-fix as well as allow you to develop new skills along the way!

To make sure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to any undeserving candidate, we have hand-picked some of the appliance kit that’s easy to use, lasts long and covers the basic need for everyone from a newbie to all the way to advanced users.

Ready or not, here they come!    

1. Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Mechanics Tool Set

A craftsman doesn’t have much time to keep things organized and nor should he have to!

Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set features a heavy-duty plastic case that keeps all the things that are inside in perfect order so that you waste no time while organizing them!

Once you open this little beauty, you will be greeted with all sorts of instruments. Tools that you might need for screwing, fastening, rotating or spinning any kind of application.

Installing a new doorbell in your home?

You will need a T5 driver bit which comes with this toolset. It contains a total number of 40 driver bits including Hex, Torx, Slotted, and Phillips driver types.

The all-in-one package also contains around 67 sockets which come in varying sizes like, ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, ½-inch 6-point, and 3/8-inch 12-point.

To tighten up the occasional nuts and screws you’ll have 3 quick-release ratchet variations which help you work on small sockets with its ¼-inch drive, the 3/8-inch is mostly used on cars and the ½-inch socket helps work on bolts that are larger than 10 mm on average.

Every tool on this set is made with the utmost precision to meet your expectations. The 72-tooth ratchet that comes with this case needs only a 5-degree swing arc and works considerably faster to complete tightening any given application.

Having car trouble all of a sudden?

You have all the things that you might need including an 8-inch adjustable wrench, 10-inch tongue and groove pliers, 4 magnetic screwdrivers and 24 Hex keys to get access to all the tight spaces like the center console, under the seat and even behind the glove department!

Many more surprises like these are waiting for you once you purchase this product and the greatest part is, the tools meet the ANSI and ASME specifications to provide you with an overall good experience!

Highlighted Features:

  • The instruments come with a flawless chrome finish.
  • All the tools are neatly organized inside a durable mold case.
  • The set contains 3, 5 and 6 inches of extension for hard-to-reach places.
  • The quick-release ratchet helps more comfortably while switching sizes.
  • It comes with the ANSI and ASMI certification.

2. AmazonBasics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit Set With Case

Amazon’s newly introduced house brand, AmazonBasics is one of the best mechanic tool set brands! After all, their products are cheap, yet the quality will challenge any reputed brand.

This tool kit aims to be useful for all kinds of mechanic requirements. That is why it comes in five distinct combinations. You can pick the one which matches your mechanical expertise level and regular requirements the most.

It is available in sets of 40 pieces, 85 pieces, 123 pieces, 145 pieces, and 201 pieces. As a result, you don’t have to spend any extra amount on the pieces you don’t actually need.

The smallest of these sets comes with only the absolute essentials like most common sockets, screwdriver bits, an extension bar, a driver handle, a bit adapter, and reversible ratchets. You can gift this 40-piece set to a beginner who aspires to learn more about the basics of mechanical work first-hand.

On the other hand, the biggest set of 201 pieces brings in wrenches and hex keys along with all the previously mentioned common components. So this can be the perfect go-to toolbox for an expert mechanic who knows exactly which tool to use for his various endeavors.

All these parts are available in both SAE and metric sizes. They support reversible mechanism and quick-release switch to make each operation easier. Investing in this socket set for mechanics just once can prove to be quite a good deal since it is built to be highly durable.

The sturdy construction of each piece is forged in chrome-vanadium steel which guarantees strength and reliable torque at the same time. Moreover, having full finishing of polished chrome helps the pieces to fight against corrosion.

Don’t worry about finding the right bag size to put all these into. The original case it comes in has an integrated handle that enables the user to carry this set anywhere anytime.

Highlighted Features:

  • Five combinations to suit all levels of customer needs.
  • Set has sockets, wrenches, hex keys and common screwdriver bits.
  • Strong and durable construction of chrome-vanadium steel.
  • Full polished chrome finishing protects from corrosion
  • Easy to operate with reversible mechanism and quick-release switch.

3. Stanley STMT71653 Mechanics Tool Set 

Being a veteran of the automobile industry, Stanley surely knows how to make impeccable auto mechanics tool sets. They have been developing such tools and similar components since 1843! After an experience of over 150 years, it is evident that their newest products will be well-received among the customers.

This is one of the most popular mechanics tool sets. One major reason behind such popularity is the affordable price point it comes in. Despite offering many useful components at a time, this set will not demand a heavy investment from you.

There is something for everyone in its seven variations. You can get it in sets of 40 pieces, 50 pieces, 60 pieces, 85 pieces, 123 pieces, 145 pieces, and 201 pieces. As you can see, the range does not include a giant gap between two consecutive sets.

Have them always by your side wherever you go with the compact case it comes in. Its narrow size allows you to put it behind the bench seat of a vehicle without further adjustments. Besides, you can also carry it easily with the convenient handle integrated into the case.

In respect to quality, both the case and the pieces inside assure high durability. Each piece is made from chrome vanadium. Forging in this steel boost strength and torque for better performance. Additionally, the finishing of full polished chrome keeps it safe from corrosion over time.

Complete any task faster with their reversible mechanism and quick release switch. These features will help you increase your speed of work without creating too much pressure. You will be able to remove sockets and extensions using just one hand.

This is the best starter mechanic tool set that comply with ANSI specifications. In fact, they claim to even exceed these requirements for delivering superior performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in seven sizes of 40 to 201 pieces.
  • Each piece is forged in chrome vanadium steel for better torque.
  • Easy to operate with quick-release switch and reversible mechanism.
  • Protection against corrosion through polished chrome finishing.
  • Sturdy, durable and compact case for easy storage and portability

4. DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set DWMT81534

DEWALT is always looking for a way to make things extra-special for you! The manufacturer has a reputation for introducing high-quality power tools and supplies within a budget that’s affordable for everyone.

The first glance at this 205-piece tool set tells you it has a lot of options for both a beginner and an intermediate level mechanic. Sockets, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Ratchets, Adapter, Extension Bar, Hex Keys, Special Bits and many other accessories are all decked up and ready to use at your command.

All the screwdrivers that come with this budget mechanic tool set are treated with anti-slip technology. Thus, you have a comfortable and safe environment while working. Moving on to the ratchets and spanners offset, they are both well-constructed and shows a promising future with their durable handles and performance.

The ratchets make a nice ‘click’ sound to announce its presence while in operation and help you reach all the tight and narrow spaces with the help of its 72 teeth mechanism.  

Did you know choosing a wrong socket size might damage your tool as well as the socket itself?

Well, DEWALT got you covered with its 62 different sizes of variations in terms of socket collection! On top of that, all the sockets and box end wrenches are treated with DirectTorque Technology, which makes it super easy for you to fasten or unfasten any application.

All these tools and more items come neatly packed in a durable blow mold case, which protects it from getting damaged and allows you to safely carry it around wherever you go. That makes it an ideal travel companion of yours!

Highlighted Features:

  • The DEWALT brand is reputed for making products that last long.
  • It contains 205 pieces of items to start working right away.
  • The 72-teeth ratchet helps you fit it easily into any small space.
  • The anti-slip screwdrivers allow you to work comfortably.
  • The set comes with a full polish chrome which fights against corrosion.

5. Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

The brand of Craftsman has shown its craftsmanship for almost a century by developing convenient components for mechanics, car lovers and home builders. Even if you were unaware of their capabilities, this mechanics tool set of 450 pieces will be good enough to introduce you to Craftsman.

This is the best-quality tool set for you if you ever need a good mechanical fix or makeover. It will prove to be worthy for especially those who have to complete such tasks on a daily basis and require a set complementing professional expertise.

Similar to the previous options, the pieces of this set are made from the alloy steel of chrome and vanadium as well. Such construction along with the chrome finishing provides them with remarkable durability.

Among the 450 pieces, only sockets and bits make up more than half of the set. The rest include 40 hex keys, 16 wrenches, 3 ratchets, 6 adapters, 6 extension bars, and a magnetic handle.

There is the convenience of quick-release among those ratchets. Besides, they come in three drive sizes of ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and ½ inch. Among the sockets, you will find all the popular sizes like 6-point, 8-point, and 12-point. Both metric and standard measurements are applicable here.

If there is a place where the ratchets have failed to access, you can use any of the combination wrenches to get the job done. Extend the reach even further with the extension bars. Make the installation process of nuts or bits easier with the magnetic handle.

The only struggle of this giant tool set is the high price point it comes in. Compared to other competing products, this might seem too expensive for many. However, the cost is totally justified given the high-end quality it provides.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable construction of alloy steel and silver finishing.
  • It comes with quick-release ratchets in all three drive sizes.
  • Includes 116 sockets and 6 combination wrenches.
  • Magnetic handle with 40 screwdriver bits makes working easier.
  • Available at an expensive price point.

6. Wilnerkot Mechanics Tool Set

Wilnerkot aims to help out both male and female mechanics with this 205 pieces tool set.

For those of you who are not used to such tasks, this can be a great choice to be your first ever set. It has all the essentials required to get used to the tedious mechanical repairs and setups. Any amateur can train himself or herself to perform such tasks more professionally by practicing with them.

It can also teach them to keep things organized with the handy case. This will enable them to find the required items within the shortest possible time whenever needed. Even the experts who struggle with putting things in order can make the most out of this set.

These tools for mechanics will enable you to fix or assemble any mechanical object. Along with arranging the components in proper positions, it also improves portability by providing a comfortable handle. You can store this sturdy plastic case conveniently by folding it up.

Among its 205 pieces, there are sockets, ratchets, wrenches, hex keys, and common screwdriver bits pliers. They come in both metric and SAE measurements.

The sockets have three sizes of ¼-inch, ⅜-inch, and ½-inch along with a type-6 drive. You can work with the three ratchet handles adopting the same three sizes.

For those of you who like to maintain their monthly budget, this tool set will be well within your expense limits. However, that doesn’t mean they are cheap in quality! These pieces maintain or exceed the specifications laid out by the American National Standards Institute.

Besides, their sturdy construction of steel, rigorous production process, polished finishing, and electroplating enhance the quality. You can rest assured that these will last you a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • 205 pieces of sockets, screwdriver bits, wrenches, and hex keys.
  • Sockets of three sizes in both SAE and metric measurements.
  • Quick-release switch and reversible mechanism make easy operation.
  • Meet and even exceed ANSI specifications.
  • Affordable set provided in a sturdy foldable case with handle.

7. STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set

Another offering from the brand of Stanley is this mixed set of 210 pieces of mechanical components. You can keep it in your shortlist if all you want is a general set of the most frequently used tools. Because of this, we would suggest this set for the amateurs or the individuals who just need the bare minimum.

Since it is for common uses, the experts or mechanics enthusiasts will not get much high-end equipment from this set. However, it will be very useful and worth the money for others. Considering the number and versatility of its pieces, this set comes at a very reasonable cost.

The pieces provided here include multiple variations of combination wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and other such common mechanics tools. You can measure them in both SAE and metric units. The drives for ratchets range from ¼-inch to ½-inch sizes.

Along with these, other components included in this set are cushion screwdrivers, utility knife, tape measure, spinner handle, groove joint pliers, long nose pliers, adjustable wrench and extension bar.

All of these are forged with chrome vanadium to deliver better torque, improved strength and longer lifespan. The durability is enhanced even further with the full polish chrome finish. This set complies with or does even better than the ANSI specifications.

Secure the pieces in their individual positions within the expanded case to keep them organized. This way you don’t have to panic or spend too much time searching when you need a particular tool.

Along with this convenient setup, the case also helps in keeping the pieces safe while traveling. It is a tri-fold case which has a twist lock to ensure security for the tools. Carry it anywhere easily with the integrated handle.

Highlighted Features:

  • 210 pieces including tape measure, spinner handle and more.
  • Forged in chrome vanadium for enhanced torque and strength.
  • Coated with full polish chrome to prevent corrosion over time.
  • Tools either comply with or exceed ANSI specifications.
  • Easy to store and carry using the provided molded case.

8. DEKOPRO Tool Set General Household Hand Tool Kit

DEKO is an abbreviated form of “Designated for Extraordinary Kindness Only”. This inspiring brand is a globally renowned name for developing appliances and accessories. Their main target has always been the individuals who need to perform these tasks at home in order to repair a high-end tool.

As you may reckon, this tool set also reflects the same values and objectives. You can rely on this DEKOPRO set for fixing any mechanical household item or assembling a similar product delivered to your doorstep. That is why it has been categorized as a general household hand tool set.

You can get this kit in two sizes of 128 and 196 pieces. It may also be available in a smaller size of just 40 pieces in order to suit the bare minimum requirements of home-based mechanics. So you have plenty of options here when it comes to sizes and the respective expenses.

The pieces of this set include sockets, ratchets, screwdriver bits, various wrenches, precision screwdriver, spinner handle, socket adapter, long nose plier, lineman’s plier, rip claw hammer, universal joint and measure tape rule. They come with both metric and SAE measurements.

You will find three sizes of 6-point drives for the sockets which include ¼-inch (MM), ⅜-inch (SAE) and ⅜-inch (SAE). The ¼-inch screwdriver bits are comprised of Slotted, Philips, Star, Pozi and Square styles. Such variations are evident in other pieces as well.

Because of this versatility, you can utilize this multi-functional set for completing a wide variety of tasks. The best part of investing in it is the associated cost. You can own all the tools, as well as a storage case, at an incredibly affordable price.

That case is built through the process of blow molding. Its sturdy interior will help to keep the stored items safe and organized.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in two sizes of 128 and 196 pieces.
  • Multi-functional set that can help in a wide range of projects.
  • Easy to store and carry using the blow-molded case.
  • Sturdy interior keeps the pieces safe and organized.
  • It comes at an incredibly affordable price point.

9. Hi-Spec DT30016 SAE Car Tool Kit

If you are a passionate gearhead and need a new set of “toys” to suit your automotive mechanical skills, this is the perfect tool kit for you! Made specifically to quench the thirst of car enthusiasts, Hi-Spec has developed this kit comprising of 67 pieces related to automobile mechanics.

The components included in this kit have been arranged so that both the experts and amateurs of mechanics can find the items they need here. This will be an ideal purchase for those of you who want to share a mechanics tool set with other car-loving individuals.

If you are a master of motor mechanics, you can utilize this set to unravel new mysteries of your beloved vehicles. In contrast, this set will also help out the people who have only recently grown an interest in car mechanics and need tools to carry out their DIY projects successfully.

Among the pieces of this tool kit, there are 8 hex keys, 17 sockets, 2 pliers, an adjustable wrench, an extension bar, one ratchet drive handle with 72 teeth, sliding T-bar, extension bar, universal joint and more. The hex keys can only be measured in metric. All other pieces support both SAE and MM units.

The two pliers include variations of long nose and combination. Both of them have heavy-duty construction and measure 150mm or 6 inches.

All of these come at a very affordable price which makes things even easier. Get rid of any electrical charge before working with them.

You can put them all inside the robust storage case provided with the kit. It is very sturdy in construction which ensures the security of its set pieces. Carry the whole kit anywhere without any trouble using its convenient handle. You can also store it in some spare cupboard or in the vacant space on a shelf.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mechanics tools specified for frequent automobile uses.
  •  67 pieces include 17 sockets, 8 hex keys and more.
  • Meant to suit both specialist tasks and general DIY projects.
  • Most pieces support both SAE and MM measurement units.
  • One of the most affordable tool sets for sale.

10. MVPower 95 Piece Home Mechanics Repair Tool Kit

After DEKOPRO, another good tool set for conducting household mechanics jobs is this kit from MVPower. You can use its pieces for casual home-based mechanical tasks like assembling a recently delivered item, repairing a broken structure or maintaining the quality of an object.

If there is a faucet leaking in the bathroom or kitchen, you can fix it fast with this tool kit. It also helps in tightening the loose screws on your motorcycle. Impress all your colleagues at the office by showing them your mastery in mechanical quests! Besides, some of them also help with simple vehicle repairing.

These scenarios can be a convenient reality because the tool kit pieces come inside a sturdy plastic case. You can carry it anywhere with a casual grip on the integrated handle. Besides, you will face no trouble for keeping this compact case close by for fast and easy access to the pieces.

Some of the popular tools included in this set are hex keys, slip joint pliers, long nose plier, water pump plier, diagonal cutting plier, precision screwdrivers, wrenches, drive sockets, bit driver handle and snap-off knife. Besides, 40 bits and 20 drive sockets are also present here.

Use the long nose plier to reach narrow places and the precision screwdrivers to install small screws. Cut through cardboard boxes of fresh deliveries smoothly with the snap-off knife. Slip joint pliers on the other hand help to grasp and turn properly.

All of these 95 pieces are built from solid carbon steel to ensure strength and durability simultaneously. Beginner mechanical geniuses can utilize this set for honing their skills better for both household and basic car operations. It comes at a pretty affordable price point which makes this investment even more worth it!

Highlighted Features:

  • Pieces include hex keys, two kinds of pliers and more.
  • Aimed at helping with household repair and assembly tasks.
  • Precision screwdrivers help to install small screws.
  • Sturdy body of each piece is made of carbon steel.
  • It comes within a compact case made of durable plastic.

11. WORKPRO W009044A 408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

The brand of Workpro specializes in developing tools for home-based mechanics and DIY users. They have been doing so for over 23 years gaining recognition all over the world. So you can be assured of their expertise in producing this kind of product.

Their mechanics tool set comprising of 408 versatile pieces is one of the most unique home-based options we have seen so far. That is because it doesn’t look like any of the kits discussed above. Instead of being in a standard case, this set comes in a heavy-duty metal chest resembling jewelry boxes.

Besides, it will not bore you with the same monotonous color palette of matte black or dark gray. This time, you will get to have some fun with the stark contrast between black and red.

An equally vibrant color combination is present on the tool pieces themselves! Almost every piece has donned the celebratory palette of white, red and blue.

All the 408 pieces are neatly organized in the three drawers of the main box. Undoubtedly, this is the most compact and tidy storage arrangement available in the market for mechanics tool sets.

The pieces include screwdrivers, pliers, hex keys, combination wrenches, ratchet wrenches, sockets, bits, hammer, wire stripper, tape measure, and utility knife.

They are made by forging chrome vanadium for ensuring durability and toughness. This sturdy construction is then made even more long-lasting by finishing with full polish chrome. It prevents corrosion from attacking the set pieces and thus ensures a longer lifespan for the tools.

Both professionals and hobbyists can have a productive time with this tool set. It should be more than enough to complete basic mechanical tasks like repairing household objects, assembling new items and maintenance jobs. All these advantages surely make their high price point absolutely worth it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique design and color palette of three vibrant shades.
  • Finished well with chrome polishing to prevent corrosion.
  • 408 pieces including pliers, hex keys, wrenches and sockets.
  • Works for professionals, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts alike.
  • It comes in a sturdy aluminum case built with 3 drawers.

12. Yaheetech Sturdy 1099pcs Tool Box​​​​ 

If you were not quite satisfied with the size of our last choice of mechanics tool sets, this one will surely blow your mind!

Yaheetech brings in another layered tool box for the ultimate mechanic-oholics. The e-commerce brand of Yaheetech has been delivering heavy goods to people since 2003. Now they have a global user-base crossing ten countries across the planet. You can be a part of their global family by getting one of these huge sets!

When you first see this tool box, you probably won’t even think of it to be a set of mechanical pieces. In the case of appearance or style, it has more similarity to luggage bags than regular tool boxes.

There are several reasons behind such a resemblance. The rolling trolley, silver shade, engraved striped texture all over the body and to top it all off - a black telescopic handle in the back have made it look uncannily similar to luggage bags.

This unique design does provide a lot of aesthetic value to the user. However, it has not overlooked security or convenience while doing so!

The trolley structure helps out by making the whole set much more easily portable than competitors. It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Its construction includes an aluminum frame, soft EVA foam lining, as well as premium ABS and MDF case. So you can enjoy quality and convenience simultaneously.

For ensuring security, the case has two lockable latches on top. Keep the two associated keys with yourself for accessing the items anytime.

You will get 1099 pieces of mechanics here which are arranged in four layers. They are mostly aimed at helping with household tasks. Built from a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel, these pieces ensure both durability and strength.

Highlighted Features:

  • Humongous set of over a thousand mechanics pieces.
  • Lightweight but sturdy rolling case of aluminum for easier portability.
  • The container has a telescopic handle and two locked latches too.
  • Durable construction of carbon steel and stainless steel for tools.
  • Pieces are arranged in four tiers for easy findings.

13. GEARWRENCH 239 Pc. Mechanics Tool Set

Keeping the parade of layered tool sets alive, Gearwrench brings in another such casing. However, this is much more sturdy and bulky than the previous options. The hinged lid and accompanying handle are both made of steel. As a result, it is highly durable.

Within the black jumbo case, there lie three independent red sliding drawers. You can take any one of them out without disturbing the other two at all. The stored pieces will not fall off at all since each drawer is equipped with side flaps to lock it in place.

A total of 239 pieces reside within these three drawers. Among the pieces, some of the most frequently used by mechanics are quick release ratchet, standard sockets, long combination wrenches, hex key sets, screwdriver bits, nut driver bits, magnetic bit driver and extension bars.

Some of them support only SAE measurements while others support both SAE and metric units. Among the drives, ¼-inch, ⅜-inch and ½-inch size variations are available.

The pieces are constructed from steel for durability. Then they have been finished with bright and beautiful full polish chrome. This makes them a lot easier to clean up any time by just wiping off the dirt or oil from their surface. This set meets or exceeds the specifications set by ANSI, DIN, ASME and even Federal bodies!

You will not have a hard time identifying the sockets and picking the one you need since each of them has a large hard stamp on it. The brand claims to have a serration depth equal to that of the fastener. With the thin head, you can use the ratchet to snap on fasteners into the narrowest places.

Because of such an impressive array of features, this set comes at a very expensive cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • 239 pieces arranged in three sliding drawers for easy findings.
  • The case comes with hinged-lid and handle for better portability.
  • Meets or exceeds multiple specifications like ANSI, ASME, DIN, etc.
  • Full polish chrome finish on tools makes cleaning easier.
  • Both SAE and MM measurements are applicable to the pieces.

14. Apollo Tools 79 Piece Multi-Purpose Tool Kit

Since its inception in 2001, Apollo Tools have specialized in manufacturing affordable and convenient household tools. In succession, they have produced this multi-purpose tool kit aimed at being the go-to set for beginner mechanics.

So if you have been thinking to get down on the mechanics business, this set can get you started.

It has 79 essential pieces that are crafted from 45C carbon steel. This is a popular material for manufacturing such tools because of its wide range of strength. Besides, its inexpensive cost enables the brand to keep the product’s cost at a minimum as well.

The collection includes all the common pieces which you will need on a regular basis for both household and basic garage tasks.

There are the sockets necessary for repairing or installing a part of cars and motorcycles. On the other hand, you can easily repair a leaking faucet, hang up a mirror or assemble new furniture with this set. Of course, it can also be used by DIYers for making their unique projects successful.

Some of the most prominent pieces of this collection include sockets, hex keys, ratcheting bit driver, long nose pliers, adjustable wrench, drive adapter, extension bar, claw hammer, tape measure, and utility knife. All of them come with both metric and SAE measurements.

Keep all of them organized to the T with the provided case. However, putting the tools back in there after use can seem a little difficult because of the tight compartments. At the same time, such a structure also ensures better security by preventing the pieces from falling off.

Carry it anywhere with the built-in handle. The set comes at an incredibly affordable price point so that anyone can start learning these tasks without breaking a bank!

Highlighted Features:

  • A basic set suitable for primary household and garage tasks.
  • All 79 pieces are constructed from strong 45C carbon steel.
  • Double-dipped plastic handles make each tool easy to use.
  • The built-in handle makes transportation easier.
  • Available at an incredibly affordable price point.

15. Kobalt 227-Piece Standard/Metric Mechanics Tool Set

If you want to purchase just one tool set for completing all kinds of mechanical tasks, this one is a fitting option for you.

There are a total of 227 pieces here including 117 common sockets of 6 and 12 points. Besides, it also has 4 extensions, 40 hex keys, 3 ratchets and 30 wrenches having a 15-degree offset. Among the drives, three popular sizes of ¼-inch, ⅜-inch, and ½-inch are available for sockets, ratchets, and all other accessories.

Each ratchet is a PRO90 which has gears holding 90 teeth. They deliver a precise swing of 4 degrees every time. This allows you to work within tight spaces without the usual restrictions in mobility.

The rest of this set includes spinner handle, magnetic bit driver, 12 nut driver pieces and 19 insert bits. These will make any mechanical tasks a little easier by eradicating the complexities of installation. The pieces meet or exceed specifications set by ASME.

Sockets, wrenches, and ratchets are built from the strong chrome vanadium steel. To make them more professional and enhance their durability, these pieces have been treated with heat. Besides, the highly polished finishing gives them a truly masterful look.

You don’t have to struggle every time you need a particular socket since each of them has easily identifiable markings. Their size has been etched on the body with lasers. The red mark represents SAE reading while the blue one is for metric measurements.

All these come within a blow-molded chest divided into three drawers. Such a structure makes it easier for you to store and organize hundreds of pieces. The manufacturer has kept the bottom drawer empty so that you can fill it up with your own essential tools. Carry this whole package anywhere with the lid handle.

Highlighted Features:

  • 227 pieces including 117 common 6 and 12 point sockets.
  • Precise Pro90 ratchet delivers a 4-degree precision swing.
  • Easily identifiable measurements in both metric and SAE formats.
  • Blow-molded tool chest of three drawers for storage and organization.
  • Expensive set meeting or exceeding ASME specifications.

What To Look Before Buying The Best Tool Sets For Mechanics: Beginners Guide

We all have some general tools that are needed for basic operation at our home, right?

Well, a mechanic toolset is considered special because it has some unique characteristics. And before you go shop for one of these sets, make sure it contains the following key features to get a good deal out of it.

Purpose of Use

Suppose, you are a homeowner who bought a kit that contains all the necessary tools for an auto repairing service.

While searching for a powerful drill or a heavy-duty saw in that toolset, you will find yourself surrounded with screwdrivers of varied sizes, Hex keys, pliers and extension! A little bit inconvenient, don’t you think?

So, before you look for a suitable kit, first ask yourself, what the intention of this purchase is and then choose accordingly.

Tools Included

Once you have sorted out your selection, it's time for deciding which types of tools should be included in your kit.

For instance, if you have a big project coming up that requires to take apart something and then put it back together, then choose a set that comes with varied sizes of ratchets and sockets.

We have created a list of few items down below to give you a better vision of what types of basic tools should be included in your kit.

Screwdrivers with Bits

This one is a must-have item. In fact, I would suggest looking for a kit that contains a wide range of screwdrivers including Flat head, Crosshead, Allen and Torx.

Also, don't forget to make sure you get the flexibility to choose from different sizes for each head type so that they can reach all the tight spots with ease.

Ratchet Extenders

While trying to unfasten a bolt that’s located at a tough spot, you might ruin your chance of ever getting your job done properly if you select a wrong sized extension.

So, check your mechanic kit to ensure it has all the right sizes that’s needed and a bonus point should be given to those that come with both metric and SAE measurement systems as it will give you more flexibility while working.

Extension Bars

Having trouble squeezing into the little gaps and cracks?

Well, grab the extension bar from your box and choose the size that you need to proceed! You can use extension bars with both standard socket wrench and torque wrench to get your desired result.


Pliers help you hold, strip or even cut a wire!

While you can find an all-purpose plier at any hardware store, some pliers cater to a particular need like compressing the hose and spring clamps, cutting wires, fixing gears on mountain bikes, etc.

We recommend looking for a kit that includes multiple pliers for different purposes.

Pry Tools

Once in a while, you might find yourself in a situation where a screwdriver isn't good enough to get the job done. That's where pry tools come into play.

Pry tools allow you to gain access to any closed space with much more precision and help you gain a better outcome. If you are planning to work on a project that needs some fine detailing works, then make sure to purchase a kit that includes this item.

Warranty & Price

Companies that are well-known for their generosity and good-quality products tend to give warranty to their customers as a token of reliability. Some companies even go as far as giving you a lifetime warranty on selected items. Great, isn’t it?

However, a quality product from a reputed manufacturer also comes with a similar price tag. Don’t worry! You will be able to find plenty of options to choose from if you go through this article within an affordable budget that will suit your needs hopefully.


A toolset contains hundreds of little pieces in one package. Can you imagine what’s going to happen if you purchase a kit with a poor-quality case, which comes crashing down after a few times of use?

So, choose wisely and go for a case that's heavy-duty and is built with solid construction. Also, if you travel a lot, make sure the case is portable and fits in your car properly.


You can skip this factor if you want. The weight of the toolset doesn’t matter much unless you decide to hand-carry this item for some reason. In that case, try looking for a kit that weighs below 20 pounds.

The Grip Of Tools

While working for a long time in your garage, you are most likely to get exhausted and sweaty. Imagine holding a wire-cutter in your slippery hands and accidentally losing control over this tool all of a sudden!

To save yourself from getting injured in a situation like this, select the items that come with anti-slip properties and provide a wide handle to grip on comfortably.

Benefits of Using a Mechanics Tool Set

Whether you are someone who likes to explore and learn new things about how to fix your car or an enthusiast with a dream of being a professional mechanic someday, a complete toolset is going to play the most important role in your life on both situations!

Saves You Money

The great thing about having a tool kit nearby is that you don’t need to run to the car repair shop every time something gets broken anymore.

Not only it saves your pocket from losing some extra bucks, but also it brings a huge smile on your face when you brag about that event to your friend circle!

For instance, the next time your fuel rail sensor gets broken, you can easily get it fixed or replaced if only you have a wrench and bit set on your hand.

Helps You Learn Faster

Have you wondered why kids learn faster from a visual aid?

And they tend to catch up even more quickly when they are participating or experiencing a particular event! As we grow up, this theory constantly reminds us to get our hands dirty if we truly want to learn something.

Once you purchase an appliance kit for learning purposes, you will find yourself searching for YouTube videos like how to use each one of these tools properly and soon start practicing on your own!

Helps You Fight Boredom

Feeling a down lately? Does everything seem a little dull and worthless for a while?

Well, you are not alone my friend! This feeling hits even the best of us and makes us lose our precious time and productivity.

Just like we used to play with our favorite toys to get our mood back on the right track, you can apply the same theory here as well. Except now you get to play with some bigger appliances and have the chance to develop some real-world skills at the same time!

Saves You From Getting Stranded

Although it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next, a little preparation goes a long way in helping you face reality with more confidence.

Imagine, you are rushing to the hospital with your kid who is suffering from an allergic reaction. Suddenly your tire bursts! It’s like you are reliving your worst nightmare, isn’t it?

While the average response time for roadside assistance is approximately 50 minutes, you can easily fix the tire within 15 minutes and get your car back on the road if you have the necessary tools in your car!

See? That’s how you become a superhero and a role model that your kid might look up to someday!

Types of Tool Sets for Mechanics

Just because you are getting a ready-made appliance box doesn’t mean you have got no say in this!

Each kit is different from the other and depending on how large your toolset is, you may get to have a wide range of accessories to play with. However, the most common tools like Wrenches, Ratchets, Sockets and Screwdrivers are some things that never change and are most likely to be included in every craftsman’s treasure chest!   

So, without any further ado, let’s get you introduced some of the basic gears that are going to be in the box, how to use each one of them and what sizes are available on the market.

1. Wrenches

Use: For providing you with a strong grip while loosening or tightening bolts, nuts, screws or any other kind of rotary fastener.

Depending on what type of work you need to do, there are a variety of wrenches to choose from. They sizing starts from 6mm. However, most of the household applications need sizes between 21 and 24 mm.

A wrench set usually includes Box-end, Open-end, Adjustable, Crowfoot, Short-body or Stubby and Combination wrenches in different sizes. All of these are used in various styles for loosening or tightening any nuts or bolts.

The best-quality home mechanic tool sets come with chromium-vanadium alloy coated wrenches. They have a reputation of being sturdy and durable. With proper maintenance, these wrenches should stay in pristine condition for a long time.

2. Ratchets and Sockets

Use: For turning fasteners.

Along with other equipment, you will get a set of ratchets and sockets to play within your toolbox!

A ratchet and socket combination come handy when you need to turn a fastener without altering the position of your hand appliance.

Moreover, you will find sockets of different sizes that come with a mechanic kit, which allows you to fit the tool perfectly around the bolt, as a result, there’s less chance of them slipping off by accident.

Ratchets are usually available in 3 different sizes:

  • ¼-inch – small.
  • 3/8-inch – medium.
  • ½-inch – large.

3. Screwdrivers

Use: For fastening or loosening screws.

Since the early 15th century, screwdrivers have been a part and parcel of our everyday life!

From opening the bottom case of a MacBook Pro to tightening the screws of your car’s engine arts, screwdrivers are a must-have item for everyone. To get the best result, make sure to include a variety of sizes and different lengths of this gear in your appliance kit.

There are five most common types of screwdrivers:

  • Slot head – flat, slot-shaped head.
  • Allen-head – most commonly referred to as a hex key.
  • Phillips – shaped like a cross.
  • Robertson – shaped like a square.
  • Torx drive – shaped like a star.

4. Pliers

Use: For gripping objects and turning wires. They can also be used for turning fasteners.

Whether you want to hold an object firmly and cut something or tighten and loosen various things, pliers will help you get your job done in an instant!

We have mentioned some of the common design of pliers down below, where all of them come with two handles, pivot and head. Depending on the thickness of the material and requirement, you can choose the one that meets your needs.  
  • Slip-joint pliers.
  • Water-pump pliers.
  • Linesman's pliers.
  • Locking pliers.
  • Needle-nose pliers.

5. Hammers

Use: For breaking stuff and driving nails.

If you want to strike an object with enough force, there’s no other tool that does a better job than a mighty hammer!

A lot of hammer designs with varying shape, weight and size are available. Take a look at some of the common ones that should be included in your kit.

  • Sledgehammer.
  • Ball peen hammer.
  • Club hammer.
  • Clawhammer.
  • Tack hammer.
  • Rubber mallet.
  • Dead blow hammer.
  • Framing hammer.


So, there you go! These are the most commonly found appliances that are found in every crafter's treasure box!

Don’t be afraid to look out for tools if you need them. For instance, you will also be able to find kits that include spanners, utility knife, measurement tape, groove joints, etc.

Top Mechanics Tool Set Brands on The Market

1. Workpro

Workpro was first developed by Hangzhou Greatstar Ind Co. in the year 1992.

Since then, this company has been able to deliver high-quality products to more than 100 countries around the world! Currently, this company reigns the topmost position in Asia as the biggest hand-tool manufacturer.

Did you know that every product that’s made by Workpro goes through several critical inspections?

Yep. The Quality Control engineers are always there to make sure you receive a flawless product made from the finest raw materials and it all fits right in your budget!

Want to try one of the Workpro’s creation?

Check out the Workpro W009044A Mechanics Tool Set on our review and see what it’s got to offer!

2. Stanley

The “Stanley” that you see today started its journey as a small shop in New Britain, USA. Frederick Stanley first introduced the world to “The Stanley Works” in 1843.

There’s a reason why this company has been able to run successfully and gained so much popularity over the past 176 years!

The secret lies in their ability to create innovative ideas, which not only helps people work faster and safer but also it allows them to excel in performance and gives them a boost in confidence.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can give excellent customer service even after you have purchased an appliance, then go for this brand. You won't regret your decision for sure!

3. Craftsman

Craftsman is yet another brand under the Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

This company is so popular among its consumers that it received the “Reader’s Choice Award” in the year 2009. Later in 2017, it achieved the prestigious “Edison” award for bringing creativity into their innovation.

So, what makes this brand so special?

Well, it believes in optimizing the product’s performance in a way that it not only meets the customer’s expectations, but also it aims for exceeding them altogether! Especially, when it comes to purchasing work-wear, lawn equipment or mechanic appliance kit, Craftsman is a brand you can trust without a second thought.

4. Dewalt

From the year 1922 to today’s date, Dewalt has been one of the toughest competitors for the rest of the tool brands out there!

The company first started its journey with the help of its inventor Raymond E. DeWalt. The entrepreneur’s motto was to give every one of his customers a product that lasts for a long time.

And boy! He had been tremendously successful!

So, did he ever reveal his secret?

Yep! The reason why DEWALT has so many top rated tool sets is that they are all passed through the "DEWALT Tests" before they get delivered to you.

The infamous tests include a lot of critical examinations including dropping them on the floor, switching them on and off a million times, using the devices on max speed dials, covering them in the dust, shaking them violently, etc.

If the tools make it to the final stage without failing a single one, then and only then, the appliance sets deserve the chance to meet you!

Take Care And Maintain Tips Of Tool Set

An appliance kit remains your best buddy for a long time. Whenever you are in any sort of trouble, you can count on these bad boys to help you fix your problem, be it home repair work or car trouble at night!

So, let’s get to know how you can take care of these instruments properly so that you can enjoy the benefits for a longer period.

Store The Tools Properly

Most of the appliance sets come with their own cases to keep things organized. However, you should probably check the quality of these cases before buying, as they play the most vital roles in keeping your tools protected from moisture and the surrounding environment.

Often, you might end up buying some extra tools. So, what do you do with the spare stuff?

Well, you could hang them on pegboards if you are planning to use them on a regular basis. Otherwise, it’s best to arrange a separate chest and keep them organized in there.

2. Protect Them From Rust

The glossy look of a brand-new appliance might impress you for the time being, but keep in mind, it’s destined to go away if you don't take measures to protect them from rust and corrosion.

Moisture is the biggest enemy of any tool ever invented!

So, before any taking further steps, first, make sure that the place you are keeping all of your tools, for instance, the basement or garage, has a moisture level below 35%. You can use a dehumidifier for this purpose to get rid of all the dampness in your house.

Another thing that keeps the items from getting corroded is Oil. Use fine mists of mineral oil on your appliances and use a clean rag to wipe off the excess once you are done to keep your things in a perfect condition.

3. Clean Your Tools After Every Use

I know, I know!

You are so exhausted from doing all that hard work, the mere thought of cleaning the appliances afterward is making you stifle a big yawn!

Trust me, I get it. But, it’s so essential for keeping your appliances in a good shape that I couldn’t skip this part. Don’t worry! I am going to share a short-cut cleaning hack with you guys that’s super-easy and a real time-saver at the same time!

Start by filling a small bowl with water, preferably warm if possible. Then pour a few drops of any commercial cleaner into the water and soak a dishrag or a sponge in it.

Use the sponge to scrub away all the dirt and grease off the tools and finally wipe them with a clean towel.

There! Now you can store them in your toolbox after they have dried out properly.

4. Inspect And Repair Them After Use

Up until now all we have talked about is how to take good care of your appliances.

But dear, do you know it’s equally important to take care of yourself while you are using these tools?

Well, we care a great deal about your safety as well and that’s why our next point is entirely dedicated to this purpose!

Before and after using any hand tools, inspect them to see if they are in good condition. Small things like scratch marks can easily be fixed with the help of sandpaper. If you fail to repair, by all means, replace them as soon as possible.

Common Problems That Needs To Be Fixed:

  • Rust and corrosion – See this article on.
  • Cracked or loose handles – Can be fixed through sanding, coating with linseed oil, and so on depending on the extent of the damage.
  • Getting blunt – A blunt edge can decrease your productivity by a great margin. Fortunately, it can easily be fixed by sharpening the edges properly.

5. Clean The Case

What happens when you pour clean water into a dirty container?

The water becomes impure too, right?

The same thing happens when you put all of your appliances in a dirty storage box!

And that’s Big NO-NO under any circumstance!

Depending on how frequently you need to open the box, you should make a schedule and polish it once in a while. It’s highly advisable to do it at least once every two weeks.

The cleaning process is quite simple and will take only 15 minutes at most!

To clean the chest, first, remove all the tools. Then, with a damp cloth, wipe down the interiors and the exteriors of the case.

After that, take an abrasive pad and dip it into soapy water. Scrub the entire chest with this pad to get rid of all the grease and dirt.

When you’re done, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the chest dry and give it a few moments to air dry before restoring the tools.

6. Apply Aluminum Wax

The storage box is there to protect all of your appliances from moisture and corrosion.

But who’s protecting the toolbox itself?

No one, apparently!

Well, you can change that factor by pampering the storage box with a coat of quality aluminum wax over the outer surface quite easily. Not only it prevents dust accumulation on top, but also it gives the case a nice, glossy look that it deserves and glam up your garage look by a lot!

7. Utilize The Sections

Hold your chest with two hands and shake it up a bit.

Is it making a rattling noise?

It’s the sound of the tools colliding with each other! To keep the tools from getting damaged, it’s probably a good idea to divide the box into several sections and keep the tools in their respective places.

Different Uses for A Mechanics Tool Set

If you thought an appliance kit comes in handy only when you are working on your vehicle, you couldn’t be more wrong! There are several other uses as well. Spoiler alert! Some of these ideas may surprise you in the end!

Undoing Screws

Having trouble removing a screw from a tight spot?

Well, bring on the toolset you just bought and find out how easy it is to do that with the right equipment!

First, find out a ratchet that’s about the right size for getting into that small space. Then, get a socket of proper size and attach it to the selected wrench.

After that, take the bit of a screwdriver, which is located on the head and insert it on top of the socket.

Voila! You get to make a tool of your own and easily unfasten screws from any space that’s hard to reach otherwise with this cool trick!

Removing Nuts And Bolts

There are approximately 40,000 nuts and bolts in a car! And you never know which one comes loose at the wrong moment, right?

Well, a toolset contains everything you need to fix a fastener including wrenches, pliers, sockets, and screwdrivers. These appliances should be able to take care of your basic needs as well as come in handy in a few other situations at the same time.

Check out some of the examples that are mentioned down below to get a better idea.

1. Boat/RV Repair And Maintenance – Whether you own a boat or an RV, having an appliance kit at home means you got them all covered in one shot! From doing basic repair to performing regular maintenance, the toolset comes in handy at all times.

2. Fixing Stuff Around The House – Common home repairs are one of the simplest things to do only if you have the right equipment for it. Bolts coming off from the detachable bed you use? Bring on the wrenches and screw holders and get it fixed in an instant!

The wheelbarrow has developed a problem in the wheels? The socket wrench in the appliance kit will come in handy at times like this and help you get your job done quickly without the hassle of calling a handyman quite easily.

3. Fixing Electronic Devices- If your TV has an issue and you’re good with electronics, the screwdrivers can help you access the interiors and perform whatever fix is needed.

4. Versatile Uses- From garden equipment to electronics and furniture, the varieties of items in your home that you can fix with the help of a toolset are limitless.

5. Plumbing Jobs – The most common plumbing issues include broken pipes, sewer line blockage, dripping faucet, etc. Although you may need to call a professional for major troubleshooting, most of the time these issues can easily be solved with the help of a Pipe-Wrench, Rib-Joint Pliers or an adjustable spanner from your appliance kit.

6. Offering Professional Services – Does your friend or neighbor often ask for your help whenever they come across a mechanical problem? Do you think you are capable of solving some basic to intermediate level repairs all by yourself?

My friend, it’s time you take this work seriously and start offering some professional services right away! Grab your toolbox and start earning cash by offering your expertise to the homeowners in your locality and see how quickly your business perks up right in front of your eyes!

7. Organizing Kids’ Toys – As you start to develop more skills, you might feel the need to upgrade to a newer toolset. In that case, you can give the old case to your kid and teach him how to organize his favorite toys, puzzles and building blocks inside it.

 Not only you will be rewarded with a tidy playground, but also it would be a great way of encouraging them to be more disciplined in their life.

The empty tool chest can also be used for storing and organizing the following items:

  • Pens and inks.
  • Firearm magazines.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Keys.
  • Kitchen spices – instead of using a rack or cupboard.
  • Medicines.
  • Jewelry.
  • Remote controls.
  • Small battery packs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, let’s look at some common questions. Answers to these quiry will definitely give you a clearer idea about the good-quality mechanic tool set.

1. 1. What Pieces Should Be Included In A Set For A Car?

Some universal items that come handy in any emergency situations like, pliers, screwdrivers of different sizes, adjustable wrench, wire cutters, ball-peen hammer, ratchets, sockets, etc. should be included in a car appliance kit.

2. Can I Collect My Own Tool Set Instead Of Buying One?

Of course, you can! Many people prefer to customize their toolset instead of buying a ready-made kit.

However, it’s going to take you a long time before you get to complete the whole collection and it might end up costing a lot more eventually. 

3. How Should I Organize My Tools?

Keeping you tools organized will help you maintain and access them easily. It’s often overlooked, but a tidy toolset has more possibility to last longer.  To discuss how to organize your own tools requires a separate article. You can visit this link to get a clear idea.

4. How To Determine The Tool Set Quality?

The best way to do that is to purchase from a renowned brand that usually delivers quality products to their customers. You can also ask for advice from your friends and neighbors or follow online reviews to get a better understanding of the quality.

5. Do The Tools Stay In Place When You Open And Close The Case?

Most appliance kits come with a case that holds the tools in their respective places and keeps them organized. So, before you purchase a set for yourself, be sure to check out if the box has different sections for holding each type of tool firmly.

6. What Tools Are Most Essential For DIY Car Maintenance?

The most essential tools for any basic car maintenance or repair services include the items down below:

  • Adjustable wrenches.
  • Sockets and ratchets.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Pliers.
  • Jack stand.

7. Do I Need An Education To Be A Mechanic?

It depends.

If you are only interested in basic car repair and maintenance services, for instance, how to change the tire or replace the headlight of your car, then you can easily gain that basic knowledge by searching online.

On the other hand, if you aspire to be a mechanic one day and want to offer professional services, then you need to get an associate degree or a certificate in automotive technology.

8. What Tools Are Used For Removing A Battery?

The battery terminal of your car is pinned down with the help of some nuts and bolts and terminal cables. To loosen up the wires and remove the battery, you will need a socket wrench (10 mm), adjustable pliers and a hammer for this purpose.

9. Is The Tool Set Case Important?

Yes, it is extremely important. This is the part of the set that enables you to arrange your tools properly as well as protects them from getting damaged or stolen.

10. What Are The Most Essential Tools To Carry When Going On A Road Trip?

It’s advisable to take the entire tool case with you if it fits in your boot. However, if you like to travel light and pack only the essentials, then don’t forget to take a multi-purpose screwdriver, utility knife, wrench, adjustable pliers, jack and ratcheting sockets with you.

Final Word

To conclude, I would say that there’s no hard and fast rule in choosing the best mechanic tool set. And the choice varies from mechanic to mechanic and reviewer to reviewer.

Having said so, the DEWALT DWMT75049 is my pick among these five, if I don’t need to carry it frequently.

I’ve one final recommendation for you. If you have a hardware store in your locality, buy tool set from there. Probably, no other reviewer would make such a blatant statement. But I want you to enjoy your mechanic life free from unwanted hassles.

It’s not goodbye, but until next time!

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