Best LED Truck Bed Lights for Visibility, Safety, And Style In 2020

Truck bed lights installed on the outside reduce the chances of an accident occurring by 19%. That’s a huge figure!

When I first heard about it, my truck had been hit behind a week earlier when I was driving at dawn. It was raining, and all signs pointed to poor visibility being the cause of the accident. The guy with the other car and I were lucky that the accident was not severe.

So, one of my friends who also owned a truck suggested installing truck bed lights to alert the motorists behind. And I did that as it seemed like a great idea.

Later, when I installed a tonneau cover, I figured I could use truck bed lights for more purposes than just safety. I was having trouble seeing inside the truck bed even during the day, let alone at night. As I would later discover, many people were already using led lights to light up their truck beds.

So, I installed those as well and enjoyed the benefits, such as never again having to hold a flashlight to see inside the truck bed.

I am telling you about the events of almost five years ago. Since then, I have experimented with numerous led lights for truck bed. I can say I have some good experience with these items and I can help a friend as I was helped.

In this article, I will help you get the best led truck bed lights by introducing to you the best models I have come across.

Let’s get started.

How to Choose the Right Led Truck Bed Lights

There are a few factors to think about to ensure the lights you’re getting will work smoothly on your truck:

  • Cord length – there are two cord length aspects to consider – the length between the pods and the length of the power cable. The length between the pods determines how spread out the lights can be, and the power cord length will determine whether or not the cord can be wired to the power source without the need for an extra wire.
  • Required voltage – how much power do the lights need to shine. Ideally, the voltage requirement shouldn’t exceed 12V, as you’re sourcing the energy from the vehicle’s battery.
  • Power source – some units come with their own AA batteries, while some come with a power cord to be wired to the vehicle’s battery.
  • Construction – how sturdy are the materials? Are they waterproof to protect the lights and wires from water damage? Units with metal pods to protect the LEDs and silicone seals to keep the water out are most desirable.
  • Colors – although the primary color is white, pickup truck bed lights come in all sorts of colors, including red, blue, pink, green, and more. There are some flashing and color-changing models as well. It’s all a matter of preference.
  • Brightness – if what you want is to be able to see the truck bed in the dark clearly, the brightness matters. How many lumens do the lights give?
  • Ease of installation – some lights come with a strong adhesive backing, so that all you need to do is peel and stick. Some have to be bolted on, making the installation a little more tedious. Most models come with a wire that has to be run to the power source but there are wireless truck bed lights that need no wiring, making the installation so much easier.

Our Top 10 Best Led Truck Bed Lights Reviews For 2020

1. MICTUNING 2Pcs 60” White LED Truck Bed Light

Looking for a bright yet cost-friendly solution for your truck bed’s lighting?

Check out the MICTUNING 2Pcs 60” White LED Truck Bed Light. As the name suggests, this one comes in the form of two strips, each measuring 60 inches in length.

As they are sufficiently long, these can be run in the sides, underneath almost the entire length of the rails.

The installation of these is a no-hassle affair. The strips stick to your bed rail’s underside perfectly and with quick connects, everything is super easy.

To help you preserve your battery, the strips also come with a pin switch. You can turn that on or off manually. If you like, you could wire the strips to a magnet switch, so that when you open the tailgate, the lights turn on and go back off when you close it.

You can still override the switch using the included manual switch in case you need the lights to stay off when hauling something with the tailgate open.

If the MICTUNING 2Pcs 60” White LED Truck Bed Lights have one thing going for, it is the sturdiness and durability. These are entirely sealed, effectively protecting them from water, dirt, snow, and other elements. The construction is also robust, so you can expect them to last.

The only fault we found is that the wiring is not that long. Depending on the installation method you want to utilize, you might have to splice some more wire to get to the power source. That, of course, lengthens the installation time.

But that’s a mild complaint considering the awesome bright light these give, and the fact that they’re built to withstand the cold weather.

Highlighted features:

  • 2 separate strips of led lights.
  • 60 inches per strip.
  • Pin switch is included.
  • Completely sealed – waterproof.
  • Fast installation – peel and stick.

2. Xprite Led Rock Light For Truck Bed

When it comes to the ease of installation, the Xprite Led Rock Lights are the best truck bed lights. These come in the form of separate pods, which can be mounted under the bed rails using 3m tape. If you want a tighter connection, then you can use screws.

The unit comes in the form of 2 separate strands. Each of the strands has 4 pods. And each of the pods has 3 leds. So, that is a total of 24 individual LEDS.

Because of the layout, in the event that one light bursts or gets broken by the cargo, you can disconnect it and remain with the rest. That adds to the durability.

About the durability, the unit is well built and sealed properly. It looks like it will last. Also, the seal creates a good waterproof surface, so you never have to worry about water damage.

How much light do these put out, you ask?

Actually, one of the reasons why people love these is that their ability to provide a great spread of light. The light is so bright that you can see inside the bed with the cover on without a struggle.

Another reason why we think these are great is the fact that they come with plenty of lead wire. The wire between each pod measures 2 feet while the power wire measures 21 feet. That way, you have a good length to run the wires to the power source and the truck bed switch.

In case your truck doesn’t have a switch, not to worry; the unit comes with a pin switch.

Highlighted features:

  • Over 21 feet of wire.
  • 24 LEDs for bright light.
  • Strong build.
  • Waterproof.
  • Individual LEDs are removable.
  • Easy installation – using 3m tape and/or screws

3. LEDGlow White Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit

Although the LEDGlow White Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit comes with just 8 truck bed lights, you’ll be surprised how much light it puts out. In each of the 8 pods that the unit has, there are 6 LEDs, bringing that to a total of 48 LEDs.

The LEDs are collectively able to shine 5000 K white light. That’s a high color temperature, providing a good level of sharpness and clarity. Seeing the truck bed in the dark will be effortless with these LEDs.

When looking for LED lights for your truck bed, one thing you cannot afford to disregard is the length of wire provided. You want to know if there’s good space between the pods and if the wire will be adequately long to wire to the power source.

And when it comes to the wire, LEDGlow has you covered. There is a foot of wire between each two pods, making that a total of 6 feet of wire. The power wire is a total of 21 feet, meaning you have enough length to reach the power.

There’s no worry even if you don’t have a truck bed switch for the light. The kit comes with a toggle switch, which activates and deactivates the light without issues. I loved the compact design of the switch and the way it moves smoothly and firmly.

The only issue I observed was that there were no instructions on how to wire the 3 prongs on the switch. Not convenient, but not to worry, you’ll do just fine with a YouTube video.

Mounting the unit is a piece of cake, thanks to the provided 3m tape. The 3m tape is surprisingly sturdy. It’s just as sticky as foam mounts. If you need extra grip, you can attach the included screws.

Overall, the quality appears better than average, and the seal offers a decent level of protection against water and dust.

Highlighted features:

  • 48 bright LED lights.
  • Compact toggle switch.
  • More than 21 feet of wire.
  • Sturdy 3m tape for mounting.
  • Cool, bright white 5000k light.

4. Excoup LED Lights for Truck Bed

If you’re seeking an inexpensive but efficient truck bed light that’s able to illuminate a large area, you might want to think about the Excoup LED Lights for Truck Bed.

Like the previous option, these come as 8 pods, each with 6 LED units. That makes it a total of 48 LEDs, providing you with adequate lighting for a clear view in the dark.

The ease of installation is one of the good aspects of this unit. With a pod thickness of just 0.2 inches, the unit doesn’t take up much space under the bed rails. Although the unit is ideally to be installed under the rails, it can be mounted anywhere on the truck.

The included 3m adhesive pad on the back of each pod makes it possible to install them without having to do any drilling. Screws are also included in case you need a tighter connection.

All you need is connect the light to a 12V power source. Thankfully, enough wire is included to ensure reaching the power is not a hassle. Between the pods is a 2-foot wire, and the power cord measures a total of 21 feet.

Being able to control the lights is an essential factor. Excoup covered for this factor by including a toggle switch in the package, which is very easy to set up and operate.

How’s the brightness? I know you must have that question. Each LED puts out about 20 lumens in brightness. For 48 units, that is a total of 960 lumens, which is sufficient to nicely light up a truck bed area.

Highlighted features:

  • Toggle switch for operating the lights.
  • Long wire – 2 feet between pods and 21-foot power cord.
  • Easy to install with 3m adhesive backing.
  • Screws are included for a reinforced connection.

5. Nilight TR-05 180 LEDs Bed Strip Kit

Up to now, we’ve only talked about LED lighting units that provide a decent amount of light, but not anything impressive. If you’d like to kick the lighting up a notch and get a unit that offers more light, consider going for the Nilight TR-05 180 LEDs Bed Strip Kit.

Coming in the form of two strips each with a length of 60 inches, the unit contains 180 individual LED units. 90 on each strip.

Each of the LEDs puts out about 20 lumens, meaning you have a total of 3600 lumens. That is so much light for the small space. You can expect to see the entire space clearly in the dark, without any dark spots.

You will love the intensity and quality of the light. It is a bright white light with a high warmth level – over 5000K.

Something else you will love about this unit is the ease of installation. You can install it speedily, in less than 10 minutes, thanks to the peel and stick design of the strips. Being tough as a foam mount, the 5X strength adhesive provides a secure grip. Still, extra lock mounting hardware is included so that you can reinforce the installation if you like to.

With regards to safety and power preservation, Nilight has you covered. In the package, you will find an inline blade fuse, a 2-way splitter, and an on/off switch.

Flexibility and durability are two more benefits you’re going to enjoy. The strips are flexible, making them easy to handle and install. With a IP67 sealed housing, the strips are safe from water, dust, snow, and other elements.

Highlighted features:

  • 5X strength adhesive backing.
  • Peel and stick installation.
  • Extra lock mounting hardware for a more secure installation.
  • Inline blade fuse, 2-way splitter, and switch for security and power conservation.

6. Wigbow LED Tailgate Light Bar

Perhaps you’re not looking for a truckbed light to illuminate the space. Maybe what you need is a tailgate light to serve for such functions as braking light, signal light, and so on. Is that what you need?

Well, you might want to check out the Wigbow LED Tailgate Light Bar.

This unit comes with 504 LEDs of three different colors. There’s an equal number (168) of red, white, and amber LEDs.

White is for reverse, amber is for the signals, red is for running, and brilliant red is for braking. Flash amber is for when you’re on strobe mode.

As you can see, the colors are well defined to separate between the various functions they’re meant for.

The unit comes as a single strip measuring 60 inches in length. That gives you an adequate size that will cover the tailgate almost from end to end. And at the same time, it isn’t too lengthy or big that the installation becomes a long and tiring process.

There are three rows of the LEDs on the strip. The lights are arranged such that the collective brightness is quite plentiful. With 504 LEDs, you have enough brightness to effectively remind the vehicles behind of your position. This helps improve safety on the road.

Being a peel and stick unit, the Wigbow LED Tailgate Light Bar is extremely easy to install. The task takes only about 5 minutes.

Even though some of the LEDs might burn out, the unit continues to be popular among consumers because of the brightness it offers, the ease of installation, and the price, which can’t be beaten.

Highlighted features:

  • Three colors – red, white, and amber.
  • Lights for braking, running, signals, and strobe.
  • Brilliant light to get easily noticed by the vehicles behind.
  • 60-inch long single strip.
  • LEDs are arranged in 3 rows.

7. Linkstyle RGB LED Rock Lights with Remote Control

For the best led truck bed lights that change color, the Linkstyle RGB LED Rock Lights would be a great option. These come as 2 separate strips, each with 4 pods. Each of the pods has 6 LEDs, so you get a total of 48 LEDs.

Thus, the lights not only provide the color change option but also offer a decent amount of lighting. You get about 2400 lumens, which is enough to help you see what is in the bed.

But do you know what makes this truck bed lighting system such a worthy option for many people? The price, which is unbeatable. These go for less than 20!

There are 4 colors to work with – red, blue, green, and white. These are very vibrant, giving your truck a beautiful, cool look.

Operating the lights is relatively easy, thanks to the included remote control. As long as you put the IR sensor in a place where the rays from the remote are unobstructed, it should be easy to change the color of the lights.

But at the same time, I have to tell you about an issue I noted with the whole remote control thing. The device won’t be useful if you’re more than 2 feet away from the sensor. It’d have been perfect if the sensibility was better, but for the price, the issue is tolerable.

Two switches are included – one for each strand. Thus, you can turn then strands on/off individually.

If you love a unit that is easy to install, then you’ll like these pickup truck bed lights. These have an adhesive backing that you only have to peel and attach wherever you want on your truck.

Highlighted features:

  • 48 LEDs providing 2400 lumens.
  • 4 different color lights – red, blue, green, and white.
  • Easy to install.
  • Remote control operated.
  • Relatively waterproof.
  • Unbeatable price.

8. Partsam LED Truck Bed Light

The Partsam LED Truck Bed Light may not be super bright, but they add just the right amount of light to help you find things in your truck bed.

These are a good alternative to the Linkstyle RGB LED Rock Lights because they have a lot in common.

For instance, they two have 8 pods (4 on each of the two separate strands). And now that there are 6 LEDs in each pod, you get a total of 48 LEDs. The light is not very intense, but it’s adequate to help you see the bed.

Also, the Partsam LED Truck Bed Light comes in four colors of light – red, blue, green, and white.

Between every two pods, there is a wire with a length of 2 feet. And for each stand, there is a 21 foot power cable. That’s plenty of length to help you install the lights where you want and run the cables to the power as you like.

A switch is included so that you can light up your truck by simply flipping it.

If these lights have one awesome thing, it is the waterproof nature. These can be relied upon to keep the light shining in the rain, snow, dust, and other elements. They feature a good quality silicone seal.

The only issue you have to deal with is the weak adhesive backing. You might want to get an adhesive separately. Heating the glue on there might also work.

That being said, the price of these is also less than 20. Weighing the pros against the cons, and considering the price, these are a great buy.

Highlighted features:

  • Sturdy silicone seal – for water resistance.
  • Plenty of wire length – 2 feet between pods, and 21 feet power cord.
  • 4 colors – red, blue, white, and green.
  • Great price.

9. Truxedo 18-inch Battery Powered Truck B-Light

For someone that doesn’t want something that sucks up energy from their vehicle’s battery, good wireless truck bed lights that are battery powered would be a great option.

One such model is the Truxedo Battery Powered Truck Luggage B-Light. This is a strip of led lights that you can mount anywhere on your truck – under the rails, on the tailgate, near the cab, anywhere.

The strip is attached to its battery case, which contains 3 AA batteries that supply the needed power.

Apart from the fact that the unit will not use your vehicle’s battery at all, there’s one other great advantage – there’s no wiring needed. That drastically reduces the amount of work you have to do.

Mounting is a breeze. You only have to peel the adhesive backing and stick the strip and the battery case wherever you like. It’s a 3-minute (or less) task.

On the battery case, there is a button that makes operation super easy. You just push the button t turn on the lights and push it again to retract it and turn off the lights.

There are a few issues, nonetheless. First, the wire from the battery box is too short. It could be longer to make it possible to place the switch near the tailgate and place the led strip further inside the bed.

Secondly, the adhesive isn’t too strong. You might want to add some extra adhesive.

And thirdly, the unit box is not weather resistance. Water will damage it. But by adding some weather stripping, you get to solve the problem.

All in all, the unit is a great option for someone who needs wireless truck bed lights. The light it provides is decent, and the unit even has auto-off mode to preserve the battery.

Highlighted features:

  • Battery powered truck bed lights – uses 3 AA batteries.
  • Easy mounting – peel and stick.
  • Seamless operation with the push of a button.
  • Auto-off mode for battery saving.
  • Adequate light.

10. AUTUNEER LED Truck Bed Lights

When considering safety, usability, and price, the AUTUNEER LED is some the best led truck bed lights you could get.

The unit comes as two strands of lights, each measuring 60 inches long. The LEDs are arranged from end to end of each strand, providing you with ample white light to see what is in the truck bed clearly. Collectively, the strands are able to put out more than 2500 lumens.

Inspecting the unit, I am positive it will last. The LEDs are encased in a vinyl tube, which offers some good protection from elements. There is also a bit of silicone sealing, so you needn’t worry about water damage.

If you don’t want to do any drilling, then you better get a good truck led bed light with an effective adhesive. One such unit is the AUTUNEER LED, which has a strong adhesive backing. The adhesive sticks quite effectively.

I was a little concerned about the adhesive holding up to the summer heat. But, the retaining clips included in the package calmed my worries; these will be useful for reinforcing the mount.

A button switch for turning the lights on/off is included. The switch seems to be of decent quality and is quite comfortable to operate. It’s also well sealed and weather-resistant.

One thing I didn’t like about this unit is the short length of the power cords, which are less than 20 feet each. You will likely need to buy additional wire.

That being said, the unit gives good amount of light, and its price is excellent.

Highlighted features:

  • 2 strands of LED lights each measuring 60 inches.
  • Weather resistant power switch is included.
  • Comes with blade switch.
  • Potent adhesive backing.

11. Truxedo 36-inch Battery Powered Truck Bed Lights

Earlier on, I talked about the Truxedo 18-inch Battery Powered B-Light, which I said has great features except for the length, which some of you might find too small for their applications.

If you need the same unit, but with a longer strand, check out the Truxedo 36-inch Battery Powered Truck B-Light. As the name suggests, this one has a longer strand (36 inches), making it possible to place the switch nearer to the tailgate and the light further inside the truck bed.

Many led lights for truck bed come with wires, making the installation a long process where you have to run the wires in a way that they’re out of the way. Some units also require drilling. These tasks consume time and energy.

Perhaps you’re not looking to waste any time or energy with such tasks. In that case, the Truxedo unit would be a good choice. It is a wireless unit that comes with its own battery box attached to a switch.

The only wire you’ll be dealing with is the one running from the battery box to the light strip, and as this one is short, there’s minimal hassle. The installation will barely take 5 minutes.

If you’d like to conserve power, you’ll be glad to see the unit has its own battery; it takes no energy from your truck’s battery.

It uses three replaceable AA batteries. And as the unit has a power saving mode where it switches off automatically, you’ll not have to replace the batteries now and then.

Before you get this light system, note that the adhesive backing on it is not the best. It will hang on tightly for a few months, but not past that. You’ll need additional adhesive or clips.

Highlighted features:

  • Wireless, battery powered truck bed lights.
  • 36-inch cord from battery case to light strip.
  • Easy, speedy installation – peel and stick.
  • Weatherproof switch.

12. Audew Pickup Bed Light Strips For

Looking for a truck bed light kit with a powerful light emitting diode system that gives a great illumination? The Audew unit is one pick that will not disappoint you. It emits so much white light that everything in the truck bed is vivid.

The unit is built as 2 separate light strands with different power sources. Each strand has its own switch so that you can control it individually.

On each strand, there are 4 pods, with every one of them containing 6 LEDs. Hence, you have a total of 48 LEDs.

You will love the switches. They move so smoothly and make operating the lights a piece of cake.

How is the installation? You ask?

It’s a 1-wrench task, meaning it’s effortless. The pods have an adhesive backing, so you just remove the paper and stick the pods where you want. And if you want the connection to be tighter, you can attach the included screws.

The wire that comes with the unit is so long that you won’t have to get any extra wire. Between every two pods is a 2-foot length, making it possible to keep the pods apart and spread out the lights. And as each of the strands has a 23-foot long power cable, reaching the power source doesn’t require any extra wire.

I loved the sturdiness of this truck bed lighting system. The LEDs are housed in metal pods, where they are well protected from impact and water damage. I expect them to last.

Highlighted features:

  • Waterproof switch.
  • Super bright illumination.
  • 2 separate strands each with its own power source.
  • Plenty of wire.
  • Sturdy make – metal pods house the LEDs.

Benefits of Using Led Truck Bed Lights

Why should you install LED lights for truck bed? In case you have the same question, you’ll be surprised to know there’s a whole list of benefits that come with installing them. Here are some of the most important:

  • No need to carry a flashlight anymore – having to use a flashlight to find things in your truck bed is inconvenient. With the best led truck bed lights, you needn’t carry a torch anymore.
  • You can install a tonneau cover – perhaps you’re worried about your truck bed space becoming too dark when you install a truck bed cover. Led lights in there will enable you to see clearly no matter how dark it becomes.
  • Safety – if the lights are installed on the outside, say on the tailgate, and they stay on when driving at night, the vehicles behind will see you better. That helps reduce the chances of an accident occurring, especially when it’s raining.
  • Enhanced looks – if you’re looking to give a boost your truck’s aesthetics, then LED lights will do that for you efficiently. There are even lights that change color, and these can instantly transform your truck, making it appear super cool at night.
  • Driving lights – if you’d like to enhance the braking lights, running lights, signal lights, and strobe lights, there are lights for truck bed specialized to do that.

Common Questions and Answers 

What sort of vehicles can I install led truck bed lights on?

Truck bed lights are obviously meant for pickup trucks. But they’re not limited to just that. You can install them on an SUV or even an RV.

What are truck bed lights for?

Apart from helping you find things in the dark without having to hold a flashlight, truck bed lights have a whole range of other benefits. They improve the safety when installed on the outside as they alert the vehicle behind there’s a vehicle ahead in poor visibility areas. Also, they serve aesthetic purposes.

Is it legal to install LED truck bed lights?

It is legal to install truck bed lights. Nevertheless, there are certain restrictions you have to keep in mind. The main limitation has to do with the colors.

If your lights flash red, blue, and yellow, that might confuse other motorists, leading them to think that your truck is an ambulance, fire fighting truck, or police vehicle. You might want to avoid that color combination.

What are the colors that I can have my truck bed led lights in?

Most truck bed led lights come in white or red. But that’s not all you’re limited to. You can get the lights in many other colors, including pink, blue, red, yellow, green, and more. There are even models that flash and change color as you go.

Is it hard to install LED lights for truck bed?

Although the level of difficulty depends on the specific model you’re using, truck bed lights are relatively easy to install. With some models, all you have to do is peel the paper on the adhesive backing and stick the lights. Sometimes you have to attach screws to make the connection stronger.

The real task is that of wiring the power cords to the power source.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking for the best led truck bed lights to see your truck bed space better, for safety, or to make a statement of your style, I trust that I have been helpful. In the review, I tried to cover different styles, including colorful models so that you can meet your goals.

Look at the features of the model you’re interested in and follow the included link to learn more about the product, including what other users think about it.

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