15 Best LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures In 2020

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 41% of home buyers look at outdoor lighting as an essential factor when deciding whether or not to purchase a home.

The exterior design plays a huge part in determining how desirable your home is, not just to buyers but also to your friends, even to yourself.

Home, being the place to relax after a long day, should be inviting and comfortable. And it doesn’t have to be that when the sun goes down, the only place you can be is inside the house.

With proper outdoor lighting, you can relax outside on the backyard or the porch. You can even throw a backyard barbeque party at night with your friends and family. Or you can have a romantic dinner with your darling.

Outdoor lighting illuminates the path outside, so people don’t trip and fall as they go into and out of your home. And not just that. You can use it to deter thieves.

In this article, I will be telling you about the best led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures.

Let’s jump in.

Benefits of Using Led Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures

When we think of home, we think of a place to relax, to let the stress drain out. That beautiful lawn, the flower bed of the porch, the BBQ area – it all brings peace and happiness. But there’s one more thing that can make home feel even more amazing – outdoor lights.

These are some of the benefits of installing outdoor led bulbs:

  • Illuminating your outdoor space – that way, you don’t have to be limited to the living room as the only place you can spend time with friends or family. You can now host parties in the backyard, have romantic dinners, and so on in the evening.
  • Minimizing the risk of falling – if the lights illuminate the paths, people can feel more comfortable and confident walking to or out of the house at night.
  • Keeping criminals at bay – lights are a great deterrent to thugs.
  • Enhancing property value – Outdoor led lights accentuate your outdoor décor, making your home more desirable.
  • Keeping your lighting bill low – outdoor halogen and incandescent bulbs consume lots of energy. One way to reduce your power bill is to replace them with led lights. You might save more than 85% of the energy you’re currently using with halogen and incandescent lights.

Our Top 15 best led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures

1. AmazonBasics 60-Watt A19 LED Bulb (Two-Pack)

If you’re looking for good solid LED bulbs that are bigger than Twinn and Phillips, you might want to check out the AmazonBasics 60-Watt A19 LED Bulb.

The construction of these is truly first-rate, and it’s no wonder they last.

As the title suggests, these come in a pack of two. But, buying from Amazon, you can choose a pack of 6 or even 16.

If there’s one special thing you’re going to get with these bulbs, it’s a good quality light. They give a bright, soft white light. It creates a very comfortable atmosphere.

You know how some bulbs take time to achieve full power brightness? These units are different. They light up to full power with a brightness of 800 lumens (each) instantly.

Longevity is one of the most important factors to look at when looking for light bulbs. You’ll be glad to see how long these last. The overall lifespan of each bulb is 15000 hours. That means the bulb can last more than 8 years, even when you use it for 5 hours per night daily.

If there’s something that the AmazonBasics 60-Watt A19 LED Bulb is able to balance, it is quality output and energy saving. Using slightly over 10 watts when used for 5 hours a day, the unit costs you less than 2 bucks to operate per year.

The same cannot be said of incandescent bulbs, so installing these LED bulbs would be a massive step towards reducing your power bill.

Some people might find these to be too costly (almost 5 bucks per bulb), especially now that they are not dimmable. But quality-wise, they’re great led bulbs.

Highlighted features:

  • Soft white light.
  • Bright – 800 lumens per bulb.
  • Long lasting – over 8 years when used 5 hours per day.
  • Energy efficient – less than 2 dollars energy bill per year.
  • Big sized.

2. SYLVANIA General Lighting A19

For someone seeking an energy-efficient alternative to the 60-watt incandescent light bulbs, the SYLVANIA General Lighting A19 would be a great option.

But the ultimate factor that brings these to our review of the best led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures is the price. Going for less than a dollar per bulb, these are the perfect choice for someone on a budget. With just 24 bucks, you can light up your entire home, both outdoors and indoors, as these are meant for both zones.

You can get them in a pack of 4, 12, or 24 units.

But these are not just about price efficiency; they’re also about quality. Putting out 80+ CRI, the bulbs are able to give cool bright light with an excellent color rendition. The colors of your items will appear more accurately.

Durability is yet another benefit you stand to enjoy. Each bulb has a lifespan of 11000 hours. Hence, if you have it on for 5 hours per day, it will be over 6 years before you have to replace the bulb.

If you’re seeking to save on power, these are the bulbs you should consider installing. They use just 8.5 watts. That means if you’ve been using 60-watt bulbs, you’ll be saving over 85% energy. That way, your power bill be tremendously cut.

The light quality is also good. You’ll get up to 800 lumens from each bulb. It is soft white light with a warmth of 2700K.

Realize that the SYLVANIA General Lighting A19 doesn’t come with a dimmer switch. But isn’t that understandable considering they go for less than a dollar per bulb?

Highlighted features:

  • Good light warmth – 2700K.
  • High brightness – 800 lumens per bulb.
  • Made of plastic – they won’t shutter when they drop.
  • Durable – more than 6 years operating 5 hours per day.

3. Sunco Lighting BR30 LED Bulb 6 Pack

Want to light up the outside of your home like a soccer pitch? Consider getting the Sunco Lighting BR30 LED Bulbs. These dimmable outside light bulbs provide quality light.

These BR30 LED bulbs (also called floodlights) come in a pack of 4 and 6.

One thing you will most likely love is the dimming capabilities of these. You can deem them to any percentage between 10 and 100%. That means the lights go with any décor or mood.

The quality of light that these bulbs give is truly unmatched. Forget those direct beams from other light bulbs that reduce the brightness and create many shadowy effects. This one is more diffused, appearing to wrap around objects. You can expect less shadowy effects and a fresher appearance.

When it comes to saving energy, this outdoor fixtures lightening system has you covered. It uses just 13 watts, which is a considerable drop from the 60 watts that incandescent bulbs typically use. That means you’ll be paying far less in energy bills.

The unit even has UL certification for energy efficiency and safety. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as mercury.

You might have used light bulbs that delay to light up when you turn on the switch. These can be a bit disconcerting, right? But the Sunco Lighting BR30 LED Bulb light up instantly, giving a full brightness of about 850 lumens.

There’s no worrying about breakage, thanks to the plastic construction of these.

How long do they last? You ask? These are rated to last 15000 hours. That is over 8 years if you use them for 5 hours daily.

The Sunco Lighting BR30 LED Bulbs are great for damp spots such as garages, basements, driveways, and porches.

Highlighted features:

  • Dimmable – 10% to 100%.
  • Power-saver – uses 13 watts – more than 80% energy saved.
  • Floodlights – nice dispersed light.
  • 3000K light.
  • UL Certified for safety and efficiency.

4. Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Lights

Would you like to transform your outdoors into a retreat? Get the Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Lights.

These come in a strand with a length of 48 feet that contains 15 hanging bulbs. At a price of just over 50, it’s clear to see these are offered at a bargain.

Apart from great price, the Brightech lights have a whole list of benefits. First off, these are very energy efficient. Can you imagine they spend just 2 watts? You’ll be saving more than 90% of the energy you’d waste with halogen bulbs.

If you’re holding an event, these are some of the best light bulbs for outdoor fixtures you can use. They give a subtle orange-toned glow that instantly gives a sense of comfort. As the lamps are well spaced out with a difference of 3 feet from each other on the strand, the light is well spread out.

The filaments are exposed, thus giving off a warm glow of light, similar to French-style restaurants.

Setup is a cinch, especially now that the bulbs come already hang up on their strands. You can line them up in a straight line or set them up in a canopy fashion.

And guess what? If you get several strands, you can interconnect them male to female.

There’s only one primary negative side we noted. These are easy to break, so hang them up with care. Otherwise, they don’t burn up fast. They are waterproof, and on average, they last more than 5 years.

The Brightech Ambience Pro LED String Lights are perfect for the backyard. Whenever you’re holding parties or romantic dinners, the 3000K dimmable lights will be a boost to the mood.

Highlighted features:

  • Fantastic orange-toned glow.
  • Very power efficient – use just 2 watts.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Composed of a 48-foot strand with 15 hanging bulbs.
  • 3-foot space between bulbs.
  • Strands are interconnectable.

5. Aukora E26 Motion Activated Security Light Bulb

Maybe what you’re seeking are lights that can be used for security purposes. Would you like motion sensor units that turn on when motion is detected and off 60 seconds after the movement ceases? Try the Aukora E26 Motion Activated Security Light Bulb.

The coolest thing about these is that they are fully automatic. They automatically activate at dusk and deactivate at dawn. Even if motion is detected during the day, the lights won’t turn on. Yep, there’s no need to have someone manning them.

And when it comes to sensitivity, these are quite effective. The bulbs have a PIR infrared sensor attached at the tip. If it senses motion that is between 8 to 10 feet when it’s dark, the lamp automatically lights up.

When it comes to the quality of light, the Aukora light bulbs are great. They provide 1000 lumens per bulb, meaning the intensity of light is high.

The kind of light they give is a bright white light with a high color warmth level of 3000K.

Even with all that beautiful and bright light, the bulbs are able to save power efficiently. Because firstly, they have a wattage of 12W. Compared to halogens, these save lots of energy. They save up to 80% of the energy you’d waste with halogens.

And considering they turn on only when there’s motion, they save a lot more power than conventional light bulbs.

The Aukora E26 Motion Activated Security Light Bulbs are fantastic, but be informed they don’t work well with fixtures housed in glass. They work great for stairways, porches, driveways, backyards, and any outdoor space.

Highlighted features:

  • IR motion detecting lights.
  • Warm white light with 3000K color temperature.
  • Brilliant light – 1000 lumens.
  • Fully automatic – automatically activate at dusk and deactivate at dawn.
  • 12 watts power usage – great for saving energy.

6. Sunco Lighting PAR38 5000K, 1050LM LED Bulbs

If you loved the Sunco Lighting BR30 bulbs we talked about earlier, but need something stronger, then you might want to check out the Sunco Lighting PAR38 5000K, 1050LM LED Bulbs. Coming from the same company, these take things a notch higher in terms of brightness and warmth.

As they are more expensive than the BR30, so are they much better in quality. How so?

First off, the color temperature is 5000K. In other words, the kind of light they give is daylight quality. It illuminates your space in a similar manner to the evening sun. Unlike other bulbs that provide light concentrated to one point, these emit nicely dispersed white light that seems to wrap around objects.

That’s why they’re referred to as floodlights. 

The light is also really bright, with a luminosity of 1000 lumens per bulb. Thus, if you’re looking for bulbs that will very effectively illuminate your space, these will do.

If you’re used to throwing parties at your home, or if you like holding dinners outside, perhaps in the backyard, you need lights to go with the mood of the occasion. Lights that you can dim based on the mood would make a great install, don’t you agree?

The good news is that you can dim the PR38 to a tune of 10 to 100%. That way, you can have them matching your décor or mood.

Versatility is another aspect you’ll love. Apart from working as flood lights, these lights can also be used placed in cans and used as downlights.

I have one major gripe with these – the construction feels a bit flimsy. I don’t expect them to fail because of burning out, but I don’t think they can last very many years based on the weak housing of the LEDs.

Highlighted features:

  • Dimmable – 10 to 100 percent.
  • Very bright – 1000 lumens per bulb.
  • Warm light color – 5000K – daylight-quality.
  • UL-certified for safety.
  • 5-year warranty.

7. Comzler 6W Candelabra LED Bulbs

Seeking to bring daylight quality light to your outdoors? Try the Comzler 6W Candelabra LED Bulbs. Coming in a pack of 6, these put out clean and bright white light with a color temperature of 5000K to give your space a pleasant illumination just like the sun lights up the earth.

The very first thing we noted about these bulbs is the intensity of light they put out. It’s so bright that you don’t want to look directly at it unless you want to damage your retinas.

These are ideal for high ceilings where people will not struggle to keep their eyes from coming in a direct line with the bulbs.

If you live in Florida, or any other place where the temperatures are often quite high, the last thing you want is a bulb that gives off heat. You’ll be happy to see how cool the Comzler 6W Candelabra LED Bulbs. Even following hours of being on, these bulbs feel cool to the touch.

They certainly won’t be increasing the temperature in your space.

Maybe you hate bulbs with funny shapes like the swirling ones. In that case, you’ll be glad to see these ones have a normal shape that is so easy to handle and fit.

As the title suggests, the bulbs draw a power of 6 watts. That is quite low considered to the 60 watts that regular halogens use. The Comzler bulbs can use as much as 90% less power, hence lowering your power bill tremendously.

Like I noted earlier, these bulbs are quite bright. While that is an advantage for someone who needs lots of light, the flip side is that looking at the bulbs directly will hurt your eyes. That’s these are not for low ceilings but rather high ones.

Highlighted features:

  • Fresh design.
  • Save up to 90% of the energy – they use 6 watts.
  • Long lasting – run for more than 8 years on average.
  • Strong brightness.
  • Light up instantly – no delay.

8. Vgogfly Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs

Earlier, we talked about motion sensor security lights that turn on when they detect motion in the dark. The Vgogfly Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs are slightly different. Instead of staying off and only turning on when motion is detected, these stay on throughout the night.

With built-in photosensor detectors, these automatically switch on at dusk and turn off at dawn. So, they stay off during the day and only stay on during the night.

That way, you no longer have to worry about physically turning the lights on and off.

When it comes to longevity, these outdoor/outside light bulbs are some of the best. And there are two significant reasons for that. First, they are made of high-quality plastic. The LEDs are, thus, well protected, and the housing itself is relatively safe from impact.

The second factor has to do with the lifespan of the LEDs. They are built to light up for 18000 hours. That means over 6 years of service.

If there’s one thing I really love about the Vgogfly Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs, it is the quality of light they offer. Theirs is a wide-angle (180°) beam that seamlessly lights up spaces without needing too many bulbs.

The color temperature is even higher than that of daylight – 6000K (daylight is 5000K). Hence, the light offers exceptionally high levels of illumination.

Even then, the bulbs won’t take a toll on your power bill. As a matter of fact, these will reduce it tremendously if you’ve been using halogen bulbs. They use only 7 watts.

The Vgogfly led bulbs are a little pricey, but they are so suitable for the outdoors.

Highlighted features:

  • Built-in photosensor.
  • Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Plastic construction for safety from breaking.
  • Energy efficient – uses 7 watts.
  • Cool white light with high color temperature – 6000K.

9. CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

Do you like the appearance of old gas lanterns? What if I told you there are bulbs that can give you the same appearance without the whole problem of flickering? Yep, that is what you get with the CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs.

In this holiday season, such bulbs are just what you need. The flame effect will boost the mood for whatever party you’re holding, whether it is Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, or even a birthday party. These work particularly well with Christmas decorations.

The flame looks very realistic, and unlike regular bulbs, these bulbs don’t get hot.

And apart from the flame mode, the bulbs have other modes, including the breathing mode, gravity-induced mode, and the normal light mode. That is so much functionality in one basket!

To change from one mode to another, all you have to do is turn the switch off and turn it on again. You’ll see the display change.

You might be wondering whether the flame is open and whether there’s any smoke or radiation being released. These are good questions to ask. Well, worry not, because the flame is not open. It is actually a simulation of a fire and not a real flame.

Also, there’s no smoke or radiation being released. The bulbs are actually very safe and as noted earlier, they don’t even get hot.

What about the power consumption, you ask? The CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs are some of the bulbs that consume the least energy. Using only 1.8 watts, these are the best when it comes to energy conservation.

I’ll tell you one thing – these are worth every penny!

Highlighted features:

  • True flame effect.
  • 4 different modes – normal, gravity, breathing, and flame emulation.
  • Flame is not open.
  • No radiation.
  • Bulb remains cool – doesn’t get hot.
  • Fits standard E26 hold.

10. BRIMAX S14 LED Outdoor Edison Light Bulbs (25PACK)

The BRIMAX S14 LED Outdoor Edison Light Bulbs make the perfect replacement lights for your E26 outdoor string lights.

If you need something that puts out a lot of light, you’ll find these quite suitable. They are so super bright, giving off a warm 2700K white light. As a matter of fact, they’re even more brilliant than the 11 watts incandescent bulbs.

That is why so many people are using them for party decorations, especially for weddings and birthday parties.

Actually, if you have a party coming, you might find these very useful. And as they are low priced, installing the lights will not drain your pockets.

What is most surprising about these bulbs is that even though they are super bright, they don’t consume much energy. Using only 2 watts, these are a power-saving option for those who like bright lights.

Heat and flickers are some of the most significant issues that people face with bulbs. If you’re looking to avoid these problems, then I’d encourage you to go ahead and install the BRIMAX S14 LED Outdoor Edison Light Bulbs.

Using approved LED filament chips, these feature excellent stability. And subsequently, they don’t flicker. Also, they stay cool even after hours of operation.

If you’re looking for something long-lasting, then this is it. The outdoor fixtures lightening system lasts up to 30000 hours. That means if you use them 3 hours per day, you’ll not need to replace the system in 15 years, unless, of course, you break them.  

As earlier noted, these lights are super bright, which might affect some people. Fortunately, they are dimmable. So, by installing a dimmer switch, you can tone the brightness down to the level you’re comfortable with.

Highlighted features:

  • Clear glass units.
  • Dimmable.
  • Long-lasting – 30000 hours.
  • Stable LED chips – no flicker.
  • Warm white light – 2700K.
  • Energy-saving – 2-watt bulbs.

11. Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulbs

Seeking 100-watt equivalent bulbs that will offer you the same level brightness as the regular incandescent bulbs with 1600 lumens and 100 watts specifications?

I’ll tell you what? Most of the bulbs you’ll find online rated as energy savers are actually quite dim. You have to install many of them to reach a high level of brightness. But even just one unit of the Great Eagle A19 offers you the same level of brightness as a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

So, if brightness is what you’re looking for in an LED bulb, I’d strongly suggest you get the A19.

But it’s not just brightness that makes these outdoor led bulbs worthy. The quality of light you get is quite impressive. It is beautiful, comfy, bluish-white light just like daylight. The color temperature is 5000K. And with a CRI of 83+, the colors of items in the illuminated space are displayed very accurately.

No more waiting for several seconds to have your lights on and in full power after turning on the switch. The A19 turns on instantly and shines with full power brightness.

The longevity of an LED bulb depends on two factors – the material it is made of, and the durability of the LEDs.

Made of a sturdy plastic material, the A19 keeps the LEDs inside safe while protecting the unit from breaking in case it falls or gets hit by something.

Even though I feel the rated 25000 hours are an overstatement, the LEDs are quite long-lasting. They will give you about 20000 hours, which is over 10 years of service.

Buying from Amazon, you have the option of choosing the light color you love. You can choose between the yellowish white 2700K all the way to daylight white 5000K.

Highlighted features:

  • Energy sufficient – 9 watts.
  • 83+ CRI for accurate color display.
  • Durable – about 20000 hours.
  • Hard plastic casing.
  • 100-watt equivalent.
  • 1600 lumens – really bright.

12. BRIMAX F15 Outdoor LED Post Bulbs

For a combination of energy efficiency, brightness, and good looks, the BRIMAX F15 Outdoor LED Post Bulbs would be a great choice. These will use only 20% of the energy that a regular 60-watt uses. At the same time, they’ll give you 50% more brightness.

The bulbs have a clear glass, so you can see the beauty of the filaments when they light up. The light they give is a flame simulation just like what the incandescent bulbs give, only brighter.

If you like the warm yellowish color that incandescent bulbs emit, then these F15 units are for you. They give a warm white (yellowish) flame-like light with a color temperature of 2700K.

What I loved most about the light is the wide-angle with which the beam is projected – 360°. The light is nicely dispersed so that the shadowing effect is minimal.

Because of the efficiency of these bulbs and the amount of light they emit, the F15 are perfect for use as post lights. But when installing post lights, there’s something to keep in mind. You don’t want to keep climbing up and down the ladder to replace burned out bulbs, right? You’re in luck if you get the F15 because they’re super durable.

The LEDs in these have a lifespan of over 20000 hours.

The bulb body is also made of high-grade materials. It seems durable enough to last many years.

One more reason to get these is that they are compatible with a dimmer in case you need to control the brightness.

Highlighted features:

  • Power efficient – 8 watts.
  • E26 screw base.
  • Warm white light – 2700K.
  • Tough clear glass.
  • 780 lumens per bulb.

13. DooVii LED Corn Light Bulb

If you’re looking for an LED outdoor fixtures lightening system that you can use for decades, one great pick would be the DooVii LED Corn Light Bulb.

Crafted using aluminum and other high-grade materials, the unit is built to stand the test of time. Its LEDs are rated to go for over 25 years when used 3 hours every day.

What is most striking about this unit is the design. The LEDs are lined up around the can-like unit, going all around it to ensure the light comes from all angles, just like with the sun.

For someone seeking lots of light, this unit will be handy. It’s one of the led bulbs that emit more light than the incandescent bulbs. How much light are we talking about? 5500 lumens!

Yes, that’s right. The over 250 LEDs on the unit emit super bright light! As a matter of fact, it’s a good replacement for a 400-watt bulb because it displays an equivalent amount of light.

What about the quality of light? The light is rated 6500K. It is bright bluish-white light like that from the sun.

If you’ve ever used a 400-watt incandescent bulb, you know just what it can do to your energy bill. But what if you’d get the same amount of light with a 60-watt unit?

Yep, the DooVii LED Corn Light Bulb uses the same amount of power as a 60-watt incandescent bulb would use.

So, you’ll definitely save on your energy bill.

If you’re looking to bring the sun in your backyard or porch, get this unit.

Highlighted features:

  • 300 LEDs.
  • Powerful – 450W bulb equivalent.
  • Extremely bright – 5500 lumens.
  • Cool white light just like daylight – 6500K.
  • Very durable – 35000 hours.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Energy saver – 60W equivalent.

14. SYLVANIA PAR38Ultra LED Night Chaser

Just picture how much light you’d enjoy with 2650 lumens. If you’re looking for a power-efficient alternative to halogen bulbs for outdoor lighting, the SYLVANIA PAR38Ultra LED Night Chaser would most certainly be a good choice.

I chose to tell you about this one because of the amount of light it puts out. It is super bright, making it ideal for use as a post light, fence light, or for security purposes in your porch or backyard.

Although it is a 250W bulb equivalent in terms of output, the unit is a 25W equivalent in terms of power usage. In that regard, it saves you more than 85% of the energy you’d use if you were using halogen lights. Definitely a good option for reducing your power bill.

There are two main issues with halogen bulbs. First, they are fragile, and secondly, they are short-lived. The SYLVANIA PAR38Ultra LED Night Chaser helps you avoid these issues.

Made of high-quality plastic materials, the bulb is not the kind that will break easily upon impact. As the LEDs used are high-grade, the bulb will keep working for a long time.

The LEDs are rated to last 25000 hours, which is over 10 years if the lights are on for 5 hours daily.

This bulb is not cheap. One unit goes for almost 20 bucks. But, the quality offered is worth the price. The unit is durable and the light is bright and nearly daylight quality (5000K).

And did I mention the bulb is compatible with dimmers? Yes, you can dim it down to 10%.

Highlighted features:

  • Super bright – 2650 lumens.
  • Power saver – up to 87%.
  • Almost daylight quality light – 5000K.
  • Durable – 25000 hours.
  • Dimmable down to 10%.

15. Sunco Lighting A19 LED Bulbs (6 Pack Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn)

Last on the list are the Sunco Lighting A19 LED Bulbs. These are for you if you need a night light that you don’t have to worry about turning off and on every day.

With a photocell sensor, the bulbs detect the levels of light in the atmosphere and turn on/off by themselves. They turn on at dusk/in the evening and turn off at dawn/early in the morning as the light levels go down.

You can now put problems like someone forgot to turn the lights on or off behind you.

Note that these are not the sort of lights that are controlled by motion. These stay on throughout the night.

For an inexpensive option, the lights are of decent quality. The brightness is not that much, but it works especially when the 6 bulbs are close to each other. Each bulb puts out 800 lumens.

 If you’re looking for cheap security lights, these might be just what you need. They give something in between cool and warm white – 3000K color temperature.

When buying dusk to dawn lights, you might be worried about the bulbs getting turned off by artificial lights, say other bulbs. I have seen such cases.

But these feature a quality design and build, so that they are only turned off by broad spectrum light from the sun as opposed to other bulbs.

As mentioned before, the Sunco Lighting A19 LED Bulbs are not of a very impressive quality. I would call these the best option for someone on a budget. They work well and last a couple of years.

Highlighted features:

  • 3000K color temperature (with more options).
  • 800 lumens per bulb.
  • Energy efficient – saves up to 85% of a 60W halogen bulb.
  • Automatic – on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Quality photocell sensor for accuracy.
  • UL-certified.

How to Choose Led Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures

The best led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures are those that fit and serve the intended purpose. They also last.

When shopping, consider the following factors to get the right unit and avoid disappointment:


Bulbs come in a variety of sizes. The primary size to look at is that of the base. You want to make sure that the base is compatible with the ports in your electrical system. If you have screw-in ports, ensure the base of the bulbs you’re getting is threaded and that the size is a match.

The overall size in length and diameter also matters. You don’t want to install a bulb only to discover it’s too small for the cans that it sinks in, resulting in reduced output. And you don’t want it too big that it looks awkward or gives you a headache to install.

BR/PAR Classification

PAR bulbs come with parabolic reflectors to maximize the light output. BR lights, on the contrary, have a bulged reflector for directing the light.

Generally, PAR bulbs are more suited for the outdoors due to the broad scope with which they emit the light. BR bulbs are more suited for the indoors.

If you want bright lights, go for PAR bulbs.

Beam angle

How much space do you want the bulb to illuminate? If you want a unit that illuminates a specific spot, say the gate, or the front door, then a narrow beam is what you need.

On the other hand, if you want a unit that gives general illumination, for instance, to the entire backyard, the deck, or the parking area, you want to get a wide-beam light.

Narrow-beam lights are referred to as spotlights, and they have a scope of up to 45°.

Wide-beam lights are called floodlights. These have a scope broader than 120°.


Also called brightness, luminosity is one of the critical factors to think about for reasons all too obvious. You want a bulb that produces enough light for your needs. And at the same time, you don’t want too much brightness that your neighbors keep complaining.

Luminosity is measured in lumens.

  • 100 to 500 lumens – low brightness. Produced by led bulbs of 1 to 7 watts.
  • 500 to 1000 lumens – moderate brightness. Produced by LEDs of 7 to 10 watts.
  • 1000 to 2000 lumens – high brightness. Produced by led bulbs of 10 to 25 watts.
  • 2500+ lumens – very high intensity. Produced by led lights with a wattage of over 25W.
LED Lights Lumens chart

Weather resistance

Outside lights are normally exposed to elements like dust, rain, and snow, all of which can cause them to fail. Hence, the lights need some form of protection. They need to have a strong build that keeps them safe from such threats.

Although lights rated for outdoor use are often sturdy built to withstand elements, it’s good to look at the specific materials the unit is made of.

When it comes to the case, hard plastic is more preferable. In case of a fall or impact, a glass unit will break but one made of hard plastic is more protected.

Color temperature

Brightness is not the only thing to look at with regards to light quality. Realize that when it comes to LEDs, color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). It goes from 2000K to 6500K. Which one is the most ideal? Here’s a summary:

  • 2000 to 3000K – warm white (reddish white) light that is best for post and path lighting, and parties and romantic dinners in the backyard.
  • 3000 to 4500K –cool white light that works best for garages and front porches.
  • 4500 to 6500K – cool daylight quality (bluish white) light that is ideal for security lighting and the backyard.


If people in your home often forget to turn the lights on or off, perhaps what you need is lights that do that on their own – automatic lights. There are lights that will turn on when they sense movements and turn back off when the movements cease.

These are great for security purposes, but you can also install them on the front steps to illuminate the path as people move. Such lights normally use IR sensors.

There are others that turn on at dusk when the light levels go down and turn back off at dawn as the light levels rise. These typically use photosensors.

Special purposes

Ordinarily, we want to install led lights for illumination. But that’s not all that these lights can do. You can also use them for decorations.

During Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays, or when you’re throwing a party outdoors, or even having a romantic dinner, colorful LED lights can be handy. You could even get units with special effects such as flame emulation.

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A Few Outdoor Fixtures Lightening Tips

If you’re anything like me, then you love the outdoors. You love to design the outside of your house and have it looking great all year long. But the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. With the right lighting, you can have the outside of your house looking fantastic.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your outdoor fixtures lightening system:

Set your goals

There are 3 main types of lighting for the outdoors – accent, task, and ambient.

Task lights are those that help you complete various tasks like walking safely. They include pathway lights and security lights.

Accent lights focus on a specific object. They include spotlights and track lights.

Ambient lights are similar to room lights. These are relatively bright lights that help people gather outdoors at night, such as when having a romantic dinner or holding a party. They include hanging lights. Many people like to install all three types, but the choice of what to install boils down to your goals.

Ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve – do I want to light up the entrance? Do I want to illuminate the steps? Do I want to set up security lights at the backyard and the porch? Do I want party lights? Do I want holiday season or Halloween/Christmas lights?

Such questions will help you figure out how many bulbs you need, what types of bulbs to install, and more.

Install LED lights

This one is obvious, isn’t it? If you’re looking to save on your energy bill, ditch halogens, and incandescent bulbs and use LEDs.

LEDs will also give you more hours as they are longer lasting. They’re also almost maintenance-free.

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Don’t light up everything

As exterior design special Tang Fong’ from RealEstated says, if you light up everything, then nothing is special.

The purpose of exterior lighting is to accentuate those elements of your home that you love the most. Maybe it’s the pool, or the backyard, or the flowers, or the pathways.

Measure the wattage needed

Before going out to get lights, you got to know how much lighting is required. And to know that, what you need to do is measure the required wattage.

Measure the space you’re intending to light up in square feet. Whatever figure you get, multiply it by 1.5 to get the minimum wattage needed for optimum lighting.

For instance, if the area is 200 sq.ft, then you’ll need 200x1.5 = 300 watts.

Check your sizes

Screw in bulbs come in a range of base sizes. Commonly, the sizes go from E12 all the way to E39. The standard or most common size is the E26.

Now before getting the bulbs, make sure you check the sizes of the bulb ports in your electrical system to ensure the bulbs you purchase will fit.

How to Take Care of Your Outside Light Bulbs? 

Compared to halogen and incandescent lamps, LED bulbs are pretty long lasting. These units are also almost maintenance free, which can’t be said of the other two types of bulbs.

That being said, there are other factors that determine the longevity of all bulbs, including LEDs. Dust and water, for instance will reduce the longevity of your LED bulbs. And that’s where maintenance comes into play.

Here are a few care and maintenance tips to help you boost your LED lights’ durability.

Clean the bulbs regularly

Dust, stains, and grime can reduce the quality of light displayed and it can also cause premature burnout. That is why cleaning is essential.

Use a soft dry cloth or feather duster to clean the bulbs, focusing on all the exterior surfaces. You can do that once or twice a month, depending on how much dust the bulbs are exposed to.

If more cleaning is needed, dampen the cloth with soapy water and use it to clean the bulbs. Note: don’t immerse the bulbs in water, even if they’re waterproof.

When you’re done cleaning, dry the bulb thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

Turn them on/off less often

Research shows that over 70% of bulbs burn out in the process of being turned on. Seldom does a bulb stop working when it’s on unless there are overheating issues.

What excessive switching on/off does is that it increases the wear on your bulbs. So, avoid turning your led bulbs on/off too much or unnecessarily.

Inspect them from time to time

Perhaps rust is building up on the base of some bulbs. Maybe there are loose or exposed electrical lines that could cause the lights to fail. These are some of the issues that regular inspection helps you catch early.

frequently asked questions

Q1: How much brightness is needed for outdoor bulbs?

It depends on what exactly you’d like to illuminate. For steps and paths, 100 lumen bulbs will do just fine. For wall lights, 100 to 300 lumens will be okay. But for large spaces like the backyard or the driveway, you want brighter lights with over 800 lumens depending on the exact size.

Q2: How do outdoor floodlights differ from spotlights?

Floodlights are wide-beam lights that spread light with an angle of 120° or more. These are used to light up large spaces such as the yard. Spotlights, on the other hand, are narrow-beam lights that emit more focused light with an angle of about 45°. These are used to illuminate spots like the entrance.

Q3: Will my led outside light fixtures be a bother to my neighbors?

If you install floodlights, there’s a good chance they’ll bother your neighbors. But that also depends on your neighbors’ tolerance for lights and the distance between your home and theirs.

There are several ways in which you can reduce the effect:

  • Use motion sensor lights – these will stay off most of the time, so they won’t bother your neighbors much.
  • Install bulb covers – these will shield the direction of your neighbors’ homes and ensure the lights are shining only in your home’s direction. Try to focus the beam downwards.
  • Use low-lying low-brightness lamps – low lying lights are not as bothersome as high lights. Also, go for the bulbs with the least lumens that work for your purpose to reduce the brightness.
  • Don’t install too many lights – if your home looks like a light house, or as a beach restaurant, you’re likely going to have problems with your neighbors. Minimize the number of bulbs.

Q4: How many lumens should my backyard led floodlights have?

The standard for backyard floodlights is 700 to 1300 lumens. That being said, the figure is not written on stone. Go for whatever you’re comfortable with. You could even experiment with various levels of luminosity to find out which one works best for you.

Final Word

I hope I have equipped you with the knowledge you needed to get the best led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures. Remember, your needs are the ones that should direct you to the right units.

Think about the amount of brightness you need, the color temperature, the angle of the beam, and the other factors we talked about.

If you don’t want to worry about having to switch them on/off, perhaps the ideal option is a good automatic unit.

Whatever unit you settle on, I wish you all the best!


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