Top 10 Best Jeep Bumper Reviews And Buyers’ Guide 2019

Did you know that the type of bumper you choose for your jeep will determine your outdoor driving experience?

Of course, a Jeep is one of the most robust off-road vehicles out there. But a bumper might be the perfect accessory you would want to add to your road cruiser/rock crawler.

So, why should you have a jeep bumper anyway?

Imagine you are on your road rage adventure with your jeep; then you accidentally hit another car or even a rock. Wouldn’t it pain you to think how your vehicle is damaged, and how much you’d have to pay to get it fixed?

And what if you had installed a bumper on your vehicle?

There would be no to minimal damages, right? , Now that is one of the works of a SUV bumper. They help to offer protection to your vehicle.

That being said, a bumper will make your vehicle look fierce and ready to face the extreme outdoor/off-road condition.

You can be confident of protecting your headlights, and all the essentials under the hood. But hey, these accessories can also add some beauty to your rock crawler.

Furthermore, the bumper will make your Jeep do what regular vehicles cannot do. For instance, with the bumper fixed, you can use it to pull out a car stuck in the mud, or even a stuck tree stump.

We understand it can be a challenge to find the perfect bumper for your jeep out there, which is why we came up with this article to help you accordingly.

We dedicated our time [and money] to testing and reviewing some of the best jeep bumpers on the market, and we will be sharing our findings with you. Let’s kick it off with the buyer’s guide.

Things to Consider Before Buying Jeep Wrangler Bumper

We want to commence our jeep bumper buying journey. So, it would be fair to tell you what you should be looking out for if you want the perfect bumper for your vehicle. Here is what you should be looking out for;

The Weight

The first thing we’d advise you to consider is the weight of the bumper. The heavier the bumper, the sturdier it would be to offer your vehicle maximum off-road protection. However, it would add some extra weight to your vehicle hence increasing the fuel consumption.

On the other hand, a light bumper might save your fuel cost, but it might not offer your Jeep the needed protection. 

What’s The Approach Angle?

Okay, this is just that angle between the end point of the bumper and the front wheels. A bumper with a wide approach angle will give your rock crawler a better ground clearance. For that, you can easily climb steep hills and crawl over large rocks without the bumper making an impact with the rocks.

The width of the bumper

This is just the length of the bumper across the front of your four-wheel-drive. There are three types so far; full width, mid-width, and stubby bumpers.

The full-width bumper will run all across the front of your vehicle, and they can cover some part of your tires. One advantage of the full-width bumper is that it will protect your tires and the edges of your Jeep from the low-hanging branches or anything that can puncture the tires. But they are the heaviest of all.

A mid-width will only cover the front section of the vehicle, and they are lighter than the full width. However, they will leave your vehicles open to damages.

The last type is the Stubby Width, which is the shortest of all, and they only cover the section between your Jeep’s headlights. They are also lightweight and tend to increase the approach angles of your vehicle. These also make your tires vulnerable to punctures and other damages.

Additional Features

The features/attachments included in the bumper will determine your driving experience. When considering the features, it comes down to how and when you normally use the vehicle.

For example, some will come with fog lamps. Such a bumper is ideal for those that live [and drive] in forested areas or mostly drive at night. It won’t harm to have the fog lamps onboard, but if you already have powerful headlights/fog lamps on your Jeep, you may not need extra fog lamps.

Keep in mind that most fog lights can be attached to a light housing on the bumper. You can still remove them if not needed.

Skid Plates Mounts on your bumper lets you add the skid plates for extra protection of your vital engine parts of your vehicle.

You can also consider one with some Bull-Bar Additions to let you include some bull bar when needed. The bull bar adds some toughness look to your Jeep.

Another feature that the bumper can have is a winch system attachment. Generally, a winch system lets you attach a cord to your vehicle and use it to pull another car/object. You might consider having it if there would be the need to pull a vehicle stuck in the mud.

Also, it can help to uproot the stuck tree stump. When adding the winch plate, ensure that you are aware of the maximum tow capacity of the bumper to prevent unnecessary damages in the future. Most of the bumpers out there can support winches with tow capacities between 10,000lbs and 15,000lbs.

D-Ring Mounts/Shackles are hooked attachments that will allow your Jeep to be pulled out if it got stuck in the mud. Your bumper should be strong enough to remain sturdy as it is pulled out of the mud.

The Design/Finish

Now, the design or finishing of the bumper is not related to its functionality at all. Instead, it determines how your Jeep would look once it is installed. This depends on your personal preference and taste. Most Jeep owners prefer the stinger bumper. This bumper has a protruding design that seems to offer more protection. Nonetheless, you can still go for the plain tubular design if you don’t care about the looks.

The Finish of the bumper can either be diamond plate-coated, textured, or glossy. Regardless of the finish you go for, make sure that it protects your bumper against corrosion/rust.

What’s Your Budget?

The most important aspect that’s also ignored too many times is the cost of the bumper. Even when you find the high-quality Jeep bumper that has all the relevant features, you will still have to pay for it. If you cannot afford it, you will be forced to go for a cheaper one.

The cost of the bumper will be affected by the construction, type of material, and the brand. A well-known/reputable brand will be costlier than a less-popular brand on the market. Nonetheless, it doesn’t always mean that the most expensive bumper is suitable for your Jeep.

It’s all about understanding what you need, relate it to what’s right for your Jeep, and set a budget that fits perfectly. Once you set a budget, never go beyond it.

Our Top 10 Best Jeep Bumpers 2019

Now, let’s look at some of the top Jeep bumpers available on the market. In our list, we have ranked the products based on our satisfaction, as well as the bumper’s performance. Let’s explore them, shall we?

1. EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper

We consider this the best Jeep Wrangler bumper on the market. If you own a Jeep Wrangler model between 2007 and 2018, this should be your ideal bumper to buy.

The first thing you’d notice about this bumper is its stylish and sturdy look. It will give your Jeep Wrangler that tough and outdoor-ready look. It’s made with a 5/32-inch thick mild sheet and a 2-inch by 0.120-inch steel tubing that offers some extra strength and durability. To top that, it has a top-notch textured powder coat that keeps it safe from corrosion.

We loved the multiple features of this bumper. For starters, it features two OE fog light housing. This can be a great feature for those that cruise the road at night or if you live in a forested area. You can either choose to block the opening or install your preferred fog lights.

If you are the kind of guy that loves extra light when driving, this bumper would be your perfect buddy. It has an extended tab for mounting extra lights.

Additionally, the bumper has two high-strength D-ring mounts for pulling your Jeep when it is stuck in the mud. The D-rings can support capacity of up to 9500lbs. It also comes with a fitted winch plate that can support a winch of up to 12000lbs. So yes, this unit is made for the outdoor and off-road environment.

This one weighs 72.8 pounds, and it is quite easy to install because it comes with a direct bolt-on design. Luckily, it has the needed hardware and installation guide to help you fix it appropriately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018, but not the 2017 JK Rubicon Recon
  • Features a fitted winch plate that supports 12000lbs winch
  • Comes with OE fog light housing
  • Direct bolt-on installation
  • Features two 9500lbs D-Rings
  • High-quality textured powder coated

2. Restyling Factory Front Jeep Bumper

Okay, we already said that the EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper, but this one is not bad at all. It is ideal for Jeep Wrangler JK model 2007 to 2017. The bumper scores decently, and it also has some amazing features as well. 

It’s typically the same size as the EAG Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper, but much lighter at 56lbs. It is made from heavy-duty 5/32-inch steel sheet and 2.375 by 0.120-inch tube. It offers maximum tire clearance and assures you of strong protection on your car. This one also has a tiger textured black coating to protect it against corrosion.

Do you always drive your Jeep in the dark or you live in an area with a lot of fog? Worry not because this one also features two fog light housings. You will have to purchase the suitable fog lights that fit in the housing.

Another similar feature to the EAG Jeep Wrangler Bumper is the extended bar that lets you install additional lights to your Jeep.

Speaking of similarities, both the EAG Jeep Wrangler Bumper and Restyling Factory Front Jeep Bumper are full-width bumpers. So yes, they will offer maximum protection to your car.

We also have to mention the two 9500lbs D-Rings that are fitted on the bumper. The inbuilt winch plate supports a 12000lbs winch.

Is it easy to install? Yes, you can quickly attach this bumper to your Jeep – thanks to the quick bolt-on mechanism. However, it doesn’t have an installation instruction, which could be challenging to a novice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-width design
  • Tiger textured black coating
  • Two fog light housing
  • Two 9500lbs D-Rings
  • Inbuilt winch plate that supports 12000lbs winch
  • An extended bar for extra light installation

3. EAG 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ Front Bumper

They say old gold, and the developers of this bumper understood that too. This bumper from EAG will fit any Jeep Wrangler TJ model from 1997 to 2006. With this bumper, you can give your Jeep a nice, modern look.

It comes with a heavy-duty one-piece welded design that assures you of ultimate strength. It is made from 5/32-inch cold rolled steel sheet and a 2 by 0.12-inch steel tubing. Also, the bumper is textured black powder coated for durability and protection.

Yes, it is also a full-width bumper, but it isn’t as heavy as its elder brother, the EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper. This one comes in at 58.9lbs, which is moderate enough for a full-width steel bumper.

Well, this one might not come with the fog light housing like our first two products on the list, but it still allows you to add extra light if need be. You can add those lights on the extended tab.

But it does come with two D-Rings with 9500lbs capacity each. Also onboard is the inbuilt winch plate that supports up to 12000lbs winch. 

This unit also comes with a bolt-on mechanism for quick installation. You don’t have to cut or drill any part for you to install this bumper. Consider all matter we decide this is one of the best jeep wrangler front bumper.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-width design
  • One-piece welded design for extra strength
  • Two D-Rings with 9500lbs capacity each
  • Inbuilt winch plate that supports 12000lbs winch
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Textured black powder coated for durability

4. LEDKINGDOMUS Rock Crawler Front Bumper

Are you in search of a best jeep bumper that looks rugged and tough enough for your off-road cruising? Well, this one would be a great choice for you. It also fits well on Jeep Wrangler JK Model 2007-2018.

This full-width bumper is made from a durable 5/32-inch steel sheet and a 2 by 0.120inch steel tubing. What about the finish?

Yes, the finish is also worth pointing out. It comes with a two-stage finish with an E-Coat pre-coating and a high-grade textured black powder coating. Translation? Well, apparently, this one will last long while resisting corrosion or rust. This one comes in at around 70lbs.

Does it feature fog light housing to help you cruise with your Jeep in the dark? It offers more than that. The bumper comes with four sets of lights (not just housing), which will allow you to drive in foggy and dark areas with ease. You get two pieces of inbuilt 36W flood beam fog light and two other fitted pieces of 40W floodlights.

Without any doubt, this one also comes with two D-Rings that are welded inside and outside for maximum strength. There’s also a built-in winch plate with a wide opening. Approximately, the D-Rings can support a 9500lbs weight pull, while the winch plate is strong enough to support a 12000lbs winch.

It goes without saying that the bumper comes with a bolt-on installation to give you an easy time when fixing it to your Rock Crawler. You won’t need any additional cutting, fabrication, or welding when installing this bumper.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-width design
  • Inbuilt flood beam lights [two 36W and two 40W]
  • Two D-Rings that are welded inside and outside for extra strength
  • E-Coat pre-coating with high-grade textured black powder coating
  • Easy bolt-on installation

5. Smittybilt 76651 SRC Classic Rear Bumper

If you take a first look at this rear bumper, you’d be surprised why it made it on our top 10 list. Well, a book is never judged by its cover, and so, you shouldn’t judge this bumper that way either.  This one is a great choice if you are the retro kind-of-person. Just don’t be fooled by its classic and simple look.

This is the first rear bumper that we feature on our list. If you are still curious about why we chose it as one of the leading bumpers, it’s because of its strength. This bumper comes with a one-piece design that is robotically welded for maximum strength and durability. It also has a nice, mirror finish that perfectly matches the stainless steel design.

As a rear bumper, this one is heavier than other front bumpers at 123lbs. You should be ready to spend a few more dollars on fuel once you install this bumper.

Of course, you don’t need to have fog lights at the back of the car. But some brake lights must be there. Luckily, this bumper features an elongated shaft that you can use to install your brake light. We also have to mention that the bumper comes with a tire carrier.

Is that all that this minimalistic bumper has to offer? Of course not. There are also some strong D-Rings that you can use to tow another vehicle stuck in the mud.

The bumper is also quite easy to install.

Highlighted Features:

  • One-piece design for maximum durability
  • It comes with a stainless steel design and a mirror finish for corrosion resistance
  • Two D-Rings included, along with a hitch
  • Extended shaft for an additional brake light
  • Easy installation

6. Smittybilt 76810 XRC Bumper

For those that own the classic Jeep Cherokee XJ, here is a match made in heaven for you. This is one of the front bumpers that look simple in design but are the strongest on the market.

The bumper is made from a 1.75-inch DOM 120 steel tubing, along with a 3/16-inch cold rolled steel. In other words, this is the perfect bumper you will want to add to your equally-strong off-road cruiser. Thanks to its black textured finish, this bumper will perfectly beat the extreme conditions without corrosion/rust getting in its way.

You should know that this is one of the heaviest front bumpers on our list, which weighs around 120lbs.

Do you wish to add some lights to your bumper once you install it? No problem! Just add them to the two light mounting tabs.

We won’t fail to mention the sturdy D-ring mounts that are welded inside and outside hence making them super strong. With this installation, you can easily pull a 9500lbs weight. And will it support a winch

Without any doubt, it will. The bumper comes with an inbuilt winch plate, along with a wide opening to install a winch. It can handle a winch of about 12000lbs.

What about the installation? Very quick and easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Nice black textured finish
  • Two light mounting tabs
  • Strong inside and outside-welded D-rings
  • Inbuilt winch plate, plus an opening for winch installation
  • Easy bolt-on installation

7. Razer Auto Rock Crawler Front Bumper

Who else values a good looking bumper that performs decently as we do?

If you are the kind of driver that always want to drive a tough-looking vehicle, this bumper would be a great choice for you.

This one would go perfectly on your Jeep JK Wrangler model 2007-2018. It’s also made from 5/32-inch steel sheet and 2 3/8 by 0.120-inch tube tiger. To top that, the bumper features a textured black powder coat that keeps it safe from corrosion hence making it long-lasting. The full-width bumper isn’t as light as such; it weighs almost 100lbs.

Do you want to fit some extra lights with this bumper? You are at full liberty of doing so. It features two light tabs that are on a pre-runner hoop for the perfect lighting as you cruise off-road. By the way, you can remove the pre-runner hoop if you want a minimalistic look. But there are also two flood light tabs that you can fit on the bumper.

Two D-Rings of 9500lbs each are onboard, which are also welded inside and outside for extra strength. Furthermore, there is an inbuilt winch plate that can support a 12000lb winch.

If you are worried that this bumper would give you a hard time to install, you need to take a breath because it is quick and easy. It comes with a bolt-on design that requires no drilling, cutting or welding if you want to install it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits Jeep JK Wrangler model 2007-2018
  • Features a textured black powder coat
  • Full-width design
  • Two OE light housing
  • Two D-rings that are welded inside and outside, along with an inbuilt winch plate
    Quick bolt-on installation
  • Removable pre-runner hoop

8. Havoc Offroad HPG-43-20202 Rear Bumper

If you were not impressed by the Smittybilt 76651 SRC Classic Rear Bumper on our list, here is a better-looking bumper that would impress you. This one looks stronger and even better.

It is a mid-width rear bumper that is made to serve you well while making your rock crawler look tough enough for the off-road condition. This one is made from 1.8mm stainless steel tubing that gives it a strong nature. Furthermore, there is a 4.75-inch step bad that is raised with slots hence preventing any possible slip-up.

This stainless-steel bumper features a nice powder coat finish that enhances its durability. But it’s not just about making the bumper corrosion resistant. Rather, the finish also gives it a nice, glossy look. We have to warn you that this one is supposedly the heaviest on our jeep bumper reviews list. It weighs around 192lbs.

Some LED cube light mounts are included for you to fit some light if you wish. Also, there is tire carrier, along with an integrated Hi-Lift jack. The bumper is rated to carry a tire of up to 40 inches. So, you can hook up any of your Rock Crawler tires for some emergency.

This one also comes with two D-rings that are inside and out welded for maximum strength. You can use them to pull out your buddy’s vehicle that is stuck in the mud.

When it comes to the installation part, we’ll be honest and tell you that there is some elbow grease needed when fitting this bumper on your vehicle. However, there’s a user manual to help you install it appropriately. But it’ll still take your time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mid-width design with a black powder finish
  • LED cube light mounts
  • Integrated Hi-Lift Jack
  • Two inside and outside-welded D-Rings
  • Tire carrier for carrying up to a 40-inch tire

9. Aftermarket Parts Rear Step Bumper

No bumper beats this one from Aftermarket Parts when it comes to uniqueness. You won’t even notice if it is a bumper in the first place.

While this bumper might come with a minimalistic design, it is strong enough to protect your vehicle rear. We’ll have to start with the most visible feature of the bumper; the design. It is a chrome bracket that features a nice metallic finish. You don’t have to think twice to know that this bumper will perfectly fight the corrosions and rusts.

Well, it has a simple chrome design, but this bumper is quite heavy at around 60lbs.

Can I use this bumper to pull another vehicle?

Unfortunately, you cannot because it doesn’t come with the D-Rings. It doesn’t even feature the winch plate. But still, this unit can perfectly help to protect your vehicle from damages or dents.

Well, it must have some light mounting tabs, right? Nope, not there. It doesn’t have the light tabs either, but there is an opening for installing the plate number light. It’s not that bad.

This bumper is very simple that it won’t give you much trouble when installing it. But you can be sure of it lasting for long enough once you install it on your vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mid-width design with a minimalistic look
  • Chrome made with glossy metallic finish for corrosion resistance
  • Opening for plate number light
  • Rugged step section to prevent slip-ups
  • Easy to install

10. Ledkingdomus Rock Crawler Rear Bumper

Ledkingdomus is known to deliver simple-looking bumpers that are actually very strong. If you want a bumper to match your already strong front bumper of your Jeep Wrangler JK, this would be your perfect choice for best bumper for jeep jk models.

The rear bumper is designed for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, which would offer complete protection if you already have your front bumper. It is made from heavy-duty 5/32 inches steel that will keep your Jeep protected from any unforeseen impacts. The bumper might seem simple, but it is one of the heaviest, weighing around 104lbs.

We loved the E-Coat and powder coat that gave the bumper an impressive look. This means that it will resist corrosion as well.

This one doesn’t come with any light tabs for the brake lights. So, keep that in mind. But if you want to pull another car that is stuck in the mud, this unit will let you do so with the inside and out-welded D-Rings. There’s also a hitch receiver to let you hook up a trailer to your Jeep.

Maybe you are concerned whether this unit will fit in a 2-door or a 4-door Jeep model. The good news is that it will perfectly fit because there are models for the 2-door vehicles and those that are designed for the 4-door vehicles.

How about the installation? It’s very quick and easy – thanks to the simple bolt-on installation.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Heavy-duty design with an E-Coat and powder coat finish
  • D-Rings that are outside and inside welded
  • Comes in 2-door and 4-door model
  • Fits all 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK models
  • Easy bolt-on installation

How To Install It On Your Jeep?

Okay, so you’ve probably decided which bumper you will be getting for your Jeep. But do you know how you will set it up?

Yes, the manufacturer might have provided their user manual to help you with the installation. Nevertheless, you still need some help with that. You should keep in mind that the user manual provided with the product might also be difficult to understand.

That is why we want to help you with the easiest approach to install the bumper on your Jeep.

First things first; The Necessary Equipment/Tools

Of course, you are not going to fix this unit with your bare hands. Some tools will help you fix the bumper appropriately.

The tools you need:

By the way, these tools are the default and applicable to any bumper installation. They include the following;

  • An 18mm deep well socket
  • A Flathead Phillips head screwdriver
  • One flex head ratcheting wrench
  • A socket extension bar
  • Socket wrench
  • One pair of needle nose pliers
  • One 11/16-inch and 5/8 socket
  • Two jack stands
  • One socket swivel attachment
  • One small pry bar, along with a breaker bar. These will help in loosening the bumper mount bolts

Ensure that you purchase these tools in an auto store. But you can also shop them online. Just make sure you get the right tools.

Getting Started

Now that you all the necessary tools are at hand, you should be ready to start fixing the bumper to your Jeep. Here is how you should go about it;

Step #1: Remove the old bumper

Obviously, you cannot start installing a new when the old one is still intact. For that, you will be needed to uninstall the old one first.

It could be that the bumper was pre-installed by the vehicle manufacturer. If that is the case, it can be challenging to remove it, but still possible.

Start by separating the splash guard from the bumper. You’ll need to remove the six pins that secure the splash guard to the bumper. After that, you will have to unplug the OEM fog lights. Make sure you depress the plastic catch and disconnect the plugs from both lights.

You will then find eight 19mm nuts that link the bumper to the support beam. Undo them to release the bumper. Afterward, you can remove the bumper by releasing the two push pins that hold the top part of the bumper to your Jeep.

The last move will be to remove the fog lights from the bumper. Before you start removing the old fog lights, you’ll need to disconnect them from the vehicle’s wiring. Here is where you will need the Philips head screwdriver. Unscrew the screws on each fog light, but be careful not to lose any.

Step #2: Mount the Fog Lights to Your New Bumper

Assuming that you will be maintaining the OEM fog lights you had on your previous bumper, simply mount them on the new bumper’s housing and secure them tightly. If you have a new set of fog lights, you will need to remove the old fog lights first.

Luckily, your new bumper will come with bolts and screws to help you secure the OEM fog lights into the housing appropriately.

Step #3: Secure the Bumper to your Jeep

Once the fog lights are fitted securely, you should now be ready to secure your bumper to your jeep. Ensure that you align it appropriately before you secure it with the washers and nuts that come with it.

Step #4: Connect the Fog Lights

When the bumper is securely installed, and the fog lights are perfectly in place too, you will be needed to plug the lights wiring and ensure that the wires are routed above the frame rail. It looks better when the wires run above the frame rail. But make sure you don’t leave any wires hanging in front or below the bumper.

Generally, the process of installing a front bumper is not any different from that of a rear bumper.

What are the Top Rated Jeep Bumper Brands

This is one of the factors you need to consider when shopping for a good jeep bumper. It is like considering the store you want to buy your goods. Take, for example, you want to buy some fried chicken, fries, and a burger. In this case, you will have some priorities.

You wouldn’t want to go to just any food joint you come across. Instead, you might consider buying some from a KFC or McDonald’s branch.

But why? Obviously, it’s because they are known to make some finger-licking food.

The brand of a product is a very important fact that any buyer should consider. Now, since you want high-quality jeep bumper, you will have to consider the brand/manufacturer. But don’t worry, we’re here to enlighten you.

That said, here are some of the best Jeep bumper brands on the market.

1. E-Autogrille (EAG)

We just have to start with EAG bumper reviews because it is our favorite Jeep bumper brand. This brand is known for their tough-looking bumpers that do a great job at protecting off-road vehicles.

The company was established in 2010, and it has become one of the leading brands in the world. Their slogan the ‘best bang for your buck’ proves that this company is focused on producing top-quality products at a decent price.

EAG is known to deliver top-notch products for both trucks and Jeeps. Some of their top products include front bumpers, rear bumpers with tire carriers, steel fender flares, front, and rear inner fender liner kits, and more.

Even though most EAG products come at decent prices, some high-end products are quite costly. Nevertheless, there is always something for every buyer.

2. Ledkingdomus

This is the second brand that delivers good-quality bumpers. They are also quite popular on the market. Ledkingdomus is popularly known for its reliable auto LED lights. But they also deliver good quality bumpers. Actually, they are the only brand that delivers a high-grade bumper with free LED lights on our list.

The company is most dominant in the US market, and their products also come at a reasonable price. If you want other auto accessories for your Jeep, the company can offer you that. There is no much information about the origin of this brand, but it seems like a reliable company, based on the clients’ satisfaction with their products.

3. Razer Auto

Razer Auto Inc. was founded in 2012, and it has become one of the leading manufacturers of auto accessories over the years. Razer Auto delivers high-grade products that come at friendly prices too. Furthermore, they use the latest technology to make their products perform better and meet the customers’ satisfaction.

It is important to note that Razer Auto is a family-owned business. For that, they work hard to deliver good products and understanding what the regular customer needs in an auto accessory. Of course, on one of their top products is the Jeep bumper. But they also deliver other auto accessories like grilles, mirror kits, and more. Luckily, they have auto supplies for every popular car brand. For that, you will be guaranteed of being covered when you want a decent Razer Auto product.

4. Smittybilt

Any ardent car lover wouldn’t fail to recognize Smittybilt as one of the leading bumper brands on the market. This is the oldest running auto accessory manufacturer on our list and among the oldest on the market.

It was founded by one Basil Smith, who’s also called Smitty. Smitty, being a crazy 4-wheel drive lover, started a small shop in his garage, which he named Rock-ett Products. Initially, Smitty aimed at developing drive equipment for Jeeps and trucks. Later on, Smitty’s son, Tom brought some new ideas to the company. The name of the company changed to ‘Smittybilt,’ and this also saw the change in their products.

One objective of Tom was to develop innovative and high-performing products as the SUVs and trucks came in new shapes. The company started developing front and rear bumpers for Jeeps, and they have been doing so ever since.

They have a slogan that says ‘Get the Original.’ This implies that they normally develop products that are somewhat unique and different from the many auto accessories on the market.

5. Havoc Offroad

Our final Jeep bumper brand is Havoc Offroad. Just because it is the last on our list doesn’t mean it is a low-rated brand. On the contrary, this is one of the well-established brands on the market.

According to their company profile, Havoc Offroad vows to dedicate their services and objectives to their clients. The company is made up of a team of enthusiastic individuals that have multiple skills and experience to deliver the top-notch product and services to the client.

One aspect that makes Havoc Offroad different from most brands is that they specify that they enjoy doing what they love.

Well, it is obvious that all the brands on our list deliver top-notch auto accessories. But Havoc Offroad does more than that. The company is known for its highly-responsive customer support because you can talk to them by phone, email, or through live chat.

They also offer their products with free shipping, but only if you are in the US. There are multiple auto accessories sold by Havoc Offroad, so you’ll be sure of getting something for your Jeep.

So, these are the five top-rated Jeep bumper brands on the market. But there are still other brands that are reliable out there. Just be sure that they offer good products, and their customer support is equally appealing.

How To Take Care Of Your Jeep Bumper For Longevity?

So now we are almost through with our today’s journey. But there’s a something else. Something is missing in our puzzle, and that is the caring tips of your jeep bumper.

Without any doubt, we’re positive you know that taking care of your car will help to extend its longevity. Your Jeep bumper should also enjoy proper caring for it to last for long. Luckily, we will give you some tips to help you care for your bumper accordingly. Let’s dive in.

Ensure that it is installed properly

Okay, it’s not like we are taking you back to the installation part, but this is more of a reminder. If you don’t install your bumper properly, it will be damaged faster than you expect. You may wonder how. Well, picture this; you have aligned the bumper, but the screws are not fastened tightly. So what happens next? The bolts start to loosen gradually and as you are cruising on the road with your Jeep, bang! Your bumper falls off the vehicle. The chances of that bumper getting damaged are very high at this point.

So, if you want to avoid such a thing happening to your bumper, ensure that it is fitted securely to your vehicle. 

Keep it clean at all times

It is a sad fact that there are some car owners, who are quick to clean their cars, but they then ignore the bumpers. Whether it is the front or the rear bumper, you must ensure that you keep it clean at all times.

You can always choose to clean it after cleaning the car. For instance, take a piece of cloth or sponge, along with some water, and clean the bumpers properly. Use water with a mild soap to clean the bumper.

After cruising off-road with your Jeep, make sure you clean your vehicle when you get back home. Leaving it dirty for too long can make the mud to be extra hard and sticky on the bumper. This will make it difficult to clean out. But even if you have mud stuck to your bumper, never use a piece of metal to clean it. Instead, pour some water on it for an easy clean-up.

Add a paint coat [if necessary]

We know that the bumper you just bought came with a high-grade powdered coat, but in some situation, you might be needed to add an extra coat. For instance, if you hit a rock and the bumper got scratched, you may have to paint that part to prevent it from spreading. You can also talk to an auto specialist to suggest the perfect coat that will last long to protect your bumper.

Repair the bumper immediately

Assuming you were involved in a minor accident or you hit a rock, and your bumper is dented, you will need to repair it as soon as possible. There are some bumpers that come with removable parts. In this case, the removable part might be knocked off, which will require some welding to fix it back. Whichever the case, try hard to fix your bumper as soon as you notice it is damaged or dented in any way.

Use the appropriate pull weight limit

As we discussed the top Jeep bumpers, we saw that there are some that come with D-Rings or winch plates with a rated pull-weight limit. For instance, most D-Rings will be able to handle a maximum pull-weight of 9500lbs. If you try to pull a heavier weight, you might end up damaging the bumper. Alternatively, the D-Rings might be pulled out.

For that, always ensure that you maintain the recommended pull-weight for the D-Rings. The same goes for the winch plate. Do not attach a winch that is heavier than the recommended weight.

Use the right bumper for your Jeep

Just because we have reviewed the top Jeep bumpers doesn’t mean that you can use any on your car. Every bumper is specified for a specific Jeep brand. When you take a bumper that is not designed for your Jeep, it will make it difficult for it to fit. This would lead to our first scenario of the bumper falling as you are driving. If a bumper doesn't fit on your vehicle, do not force it. Instead, replace it with the perfectly-fitting bumper.

Always ensure that you take good care of your bumper if you want to enjoy its protection to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Can the Jeep bumper be used on both 2-door and 4-door models?

Yes, they can. As we stated earlier in the article, you can find some bumpers that come in two versions. One version is for the 2-door, while another is for the 4-door model. But ensure that you check if they have both versions before you buy the bumper.

Q: Do Jeep TJ and Wrangler JK share the same bumper?

Yes, they do. Both these models come with a similar dimension at the front hence making them compatible with the same bumper. But to be safe, always use the bumper for the suggested Jeep model - unless you make a deal with the salesperson to return it if it doesn’t fit.

Q: Do I need a professional to install the bumper for me?

Absolutely not. You can fix the bumper all by yourself. However, you will need to have the right tools to help you remove the old bumper and fix the new one.

Q: Will I get the equipment and tools when I buy the bumper?

Well yeah, you will get some tools, but not all. All you will get are the bolts, nuts, and screws for fastening the bumper or other parts of it. However, you’ll need the appropriate tools for unscrewing and tightening the bumper to your vehicle.

Q: Will I get a winch when I buy the bumper?

No, you won’t get one. Usually, most of the bumpers will not come with a winch. But luckily, most of them come with free D-rings already installed. In this case, you won’t have to purchase some extra D-rings or weld them to your bumper.

Q: Will my bumper break too easily?

Honestly, no. These units have been made to last for long enough. They are normally made of high-grade steel and coated with powder paint. Since they are made of steel, they will not break anytime soon. The powder coating just helps to protect it from rust or corrosion.

Q: Must I need a rear bumper if I already have a front bumper?

Okay, you should keep in mind that the bumper will only protect where it is installed. So, if you install it in front of your car, it will only protect the front side. This leaves the rear end open and vulnerable to dents and damages. As long as you can afford them, don’t hesitate to get both a front and rear bumpers for your Jeep. It is all for your good after all.

Final Word

So there you go folks, our top 10 best Jeep bumpers, along with the appropriate buying guide. Now we have come to the end of our article today. By now, we are confident you have all it takes to step out and find the perfect bumper for your Jeep.

Now, if you will be going for a front bumper or a rear bumper, we just want you to make the right choice. Just make sure that you find a good bumper for your vehicle. Also, keep in mind that there is no specific ‘best’ bumper. It might be the ‘perfect’ bumper for a Jeep Wrangler JK, but it may not fit in another Jeep model. That doesn’t make it the best.

Rather, it is all about finding the right bumper for your vehicle and one that perfectly matches your needs and preferences. Don’t forget to stick to your budget, regardless of how sweet the salesperson sounds. Do your homework and be sure to go home with the real deal.

So what’s it going to be? Which of the Jeep bumpers on our list will you go for? Have you made up your mind yet? The ball is now on your court.

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