Best Foam Cannon Reviews – Top 12 Picks of This Year!

Everyone wants to keep their car looking nice! Likewise, you also want your paint job to be immaculate at all times.

And this is why we take our vehicles to automated car washes, or we wash them at home. The thing is, you don't want to spend a whole day cleaning your car with a hose and a bucket. Right?

What if there was a way in which you could easily wash your car without going through so much trouble?

Well, the solution to this is the foam cannon (More precisely, the best foam cannon). This amazing device will allow you to give your car a thorough cleaning without leaving your driveway.

You just need to plug in a pressure hose, and you can begin spraying foam all over your vehicle for more straightforward cleaning.

Since you may be a bit overwhelmed by the vast variety of models in the market, we decided to make a review of the top 5 foam cannons.

This is, so you have an easier time choosing the model that best suits your needs!

Need a quick decision? Here's my top 5 Foam Cannon picks:

What is A Foam Cannon and Why You Need This?

If you usually don't enjoy washing your car during the summer, this may change your mind! Many of us take our cars to a car wash because they always clean the car thoroughly for us.

But what if I tell you that with a foam cannon you could do the same without leaving your driveway?

Trust me. This device will allow you to cover your car with thick foam in a matter of minutes.

They are pretty easy to use, you just have to connect the water source, fill the tank with soap and you are ready to begin. Plus, using a foam cannon will also help you save a lot of water.

You can use the foam as a presoak so that you can ensure a more thorough wash. If you are not into this, you can also use the foam to wash the car.

Either one of these will help you give that beautiful shine to your vehicle since once you spray it, it begins to break down dirt particles, so they are easier to remove.

Our Top 12 Best Foam Cannon Reviews For 2019

1. MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

To begin with, we have the best foam lance according to many users. This is one of the most reliable models, thanks to its quality construction and low price.

Getting the best of this model, it would be ideal to use it with a pressure hose with more than 2000 PSI pressure. It can work with a 1000 PSI hose, but to get a smooth coat on your car, the 2000 PSI hose will work correctly.

The body and the connectors are made from brass. This makes this model a bit heavier than usual, but it also means that it is more durable.

Additionally, the connectors have a quick lock which helps you get a faster installation.

One of the main features of this foam cannon is the variable foam lance. With the turn of a dial, you can decide how much soap you want in your mixture and how wide you want the spray pattern. This gives you total control over the foam cannon.

The increased durability and adjustable foam lance are what made this model so famous among users. Since you can adjust the foam thickness, there are many other usages for this item.

Its container can hold up to a liter of soap, which is a decent quantity when compared to other models at the same price range.  You can quickly wash a few cars before you need to refill the bottle.

A few users have found that the bottle is hard to screw on the nozzle, but once you get used to it, there will be no difference at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable foam lance for an increased versatility
  • check
    Durable brass construction
  • check
    Easy to adjust to the pressure hose
  • check
    The container holds up 1 liter of soap

2. Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon and Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser

The Chemical Guys are experts on car detailing, and they are widely known for their washing products. They offer a wide array of devices and tools for car detailing that not only help you clean your vehicle; it also protects it.

You may notice first that it already comes with a gallon of soap, which is a rare thing to see when shopping for foam cannons. But there is a reason for it. The TORQ professional foam cannon will work at its best when using their soap mixture for foaming.

It is constructed for heavy-duty work, meaning that it will last for a long time. Many satisfied customers have stated that they have had it for an extended period and it still works as new. This has been reviewed as the best pressure washer foam cannon by many people.

The brass connectors ensure a tight grip to the pressure washer mouth, which gives you a smooth and constant pressure for an even foam coating. With this cannon, you can rest assured that you spray the right amount of foam every time.

Nonetheless, the most noticeable downside to this product is the price. It may be one of the most expensive foam cannons on the list.

There is a chance that the included soap may be the cause of it, but if you give this a thought, it will save you the time searching for the ideal soap in a store.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy brass connectors
  • check
    Special mixture soap included
  • check
    Advanced air injection foaming technology
  • check
    The soap container can hold up to 32 ounces

3. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash 1/4" Quick Release Adjustable Snow Foam Lance

The main feature that makes this foam cannon a bit different from the others is how easy it is to use. This model will work correctly for a casual Sunday wash or a full-time car wash.

To begin with, what attract most customers to this model is the adjustable foam lance. Its flexible foam lance allows you to have complete control on how much soap you use. This means that you can control how thick you want the mixture to be.

Its adjustable lance also allows you to control the spray area of the foam cannon. Because of this, you can use this model for other chores apart from car detailing. It is reviewed as a great tool to clean windows as well.

All the brass connectors have a quick connect fitting which allows you to detach the foam cannon from the pressure washer faster than you usually would be able to. This may save you some time since you can foam the car and immediately rinse it off without wasting much time on detaching the foam cannon.

You will require a pressure washer with more than 1000 PSI pressure to get the best out of this model. If you get a washer with lower pressure, you may have trouble with the coating since it may not be as leveled as you would want.

The only thing that seems to bother some users is the container bottle. It can hold a liter of soap, which is pretty standard. The problem is the color of the container bottle. It is too opaque, which means that you would have to detach the bottle to check how much soap is left.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable foam lance
  • check
    Brass connectors
  • check
    1-liter container bottle
  • check
    Quick connection fitting

4. Chemical Guys ACC_326 Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

To begin with, you should know that this is not a foam cannon, rather, as the name states it is a foam blaster (or foam gun). This means that you can use this as a hose attachment, so there is no pressure washer required. Depending on what you need, this may even be better than a foam cannon.

The most noticeable feature of this model is the fact that you can use it with any garden hose. If you compare it with other foam guns, you would immediately see why this can be a candidate for best foam gun.

This model is also way cheaper than others on the list, and it works perfectly as well. Plus, the construction is not bad at all. At first, it may not feel as rough or heavy duty, but you would be impressed.

You can get the best of it if you use Chemical Guys soap, which can be found in many online stores. It will not rust or corrode if you leave it out after the wash.

Plus, the color of the 1-liter container bottle will not fade over time. Sadly, there have been some users who would wish a thicker mix or a leveled coating.

The thing is, if you want an even layer, you would be better off with a foam cannon that can be attached to a pressure washer. Thus, ACC_326 would be a better purchase for a casual Sunday wash.

Highlighted Features:

  • No pressure washer needed
  • check
    Comes with brass connectors
  • check
    Works perfectly with any garden hose
  • check
    1-liter container bottle included
  • check
    Works perfectly with any Chemical Guys soap

5. TriNova Foam Cannon

TriNova has many premium products, and their foam cannon is one of them. It is built to be durable, but you will also find it quite easy to use. It is mentioned in a lot of foam cannon reviews on the internet since it is by far one of the top models on the market.

It can reach 3200 PSI pressure, which is a lot compared to the maximum PSI pressure of other models. A higher PSI pressure means that you will have a constant stream at all times.

The bottleneck is designed to be durable and to withstand high pressures. It is a bit wider, which helps reduce the stress it is exposed to. Plus, the whole construction is sturdier and more durable than you would think.

You will always have a constant and even spray with this model. It lets you control the amount of foam as well as the thickness of it by turning the dial on top of the foam cannon.

Additionally, it is recommended that you use it with the TriNova Car Wash soap for better results. But this can most probably be a typical marketing advice, cause there's no harm using other quality soaps.

It weighs more than usual, which can be a problem, as the foam cannon is attached to the end of a pressure washer. This may lead to reduced control over it. Luckily, when compared to the quality and the reliability of this model, this becomes insignificant.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium construction
  • check
    Can reach 3200 PSI pressure
  • check
    Adjustable foam lance
  • check
    Wide neck bottle

6. Fasmov Quick Release Adjustable Snow Cannon Foam 

Are you tired of using that wash mitt? Well, there’s a way out, and it could turn out to be even more effective than a car wash mitt. It is called the Fasmov Foam Cannon Foam.

One issue that people consider when purchasing a foam cannon is – will I have to keep refilling the bottle with soap and water just to wash one car?

We understand that could be a very inconveniencing situation, and that’s why we decided the first item on our list should come with a 33-oz bottle. And you know what that means? You could complete a big truck, let alone a small car, in one round without refilling the bottle.

You know what is even more amazing? The unit is designed in such a way that you can adjust the cleaning fluid suction to suit your needs; you can also adjust the spray angle.

Durability is also an aspect that folks consider, and in that regard, the most important feature you need to look out for is the connector. The Fasmov Foam Cannon Foam’s connector is made of brass, making it sturdy enough to not only maintain the pressure required for firing the foam but also stand the test of time. Generally, the materials used in the manufacture of the units are adequately robust to enable you to enjoy the cannon for years without any problems.

While applying the foam, it’s only natural that you will want to know how much fluid you got left in the can, right? The machine’s bottle is translucent, and thus you’re able to see how the fluid is getting used up.

And now for the most important part – the pressure. You will be amazed at the shooting capability of the cannon. It fires thick foam in a manner that makes the job look very professional. If you want an industrial-grade but inexpensive foam cannon for personal use, the Fasmov Foam Cannon Foam is definitely worth some consideration.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brass connector
  • check
    33-ounce bottle
  • check
    Adjustable spray angle
  • check
    Durable materials
  • check
    Translucent bottle
  • check
    High-pressure design
  • check
    Applicable for washing walls, floors, cars, and other machinery and surfaces

7. DUSICHIN DUS-003 High Pressure Foam Cannon

The most striking factor about the DUSICHIN DUS-003 High Pressure Foam Cannon is the efficiency with which it delivers foam to the surface of your vehicle.

It delivers thick foam to ensure that the dirt is effectively seized and lubricated. This is very beneficial as the lubricated dirt has low chances of scratching the surface of your car. Again, the thick foam comes in handy for removing even the tiny dirt particles in any scratches that might be on your car. What makes this important is that the dirt particles are removed in a gentle way that doesn’t lead to the enhancement of the scratches.

Thus, if you want a way of reducing or slowing the development of swirl marks on your vehicle, using the DUSICHIN DUS-003 High Pressure Foam Cannon to wash it would be a great step.

This machine supports 3000 psi of pressure, and you know what that means? It is the ideal cannon for not just personal use but also moderate professional use. 3000 psi is enough to remove dirt very effectively even without having to use a mitt to wash the car.

Moreover, the unit’s adapter, connector, and other fittings are all made of high-quality materials, and hence sturdy enough to withstand daily use and keep going for many years.

Designed with a setting dial, the DUSICHIN DUS-003 High Pressure Foam Cannon makes adjusting the dilution of the foam a breeze. Being able to make this adjustment is great functionality, as you can set the thickness of the foam to suit various applications such as washing windows, cars, motorcycles, walls, and even driveways.

Highlighted Features:

  • 33-oz bottle
  • check
    Adjustable dilution
  • check
    Long lasting materials
  • check
    3000 psi pressure for effective dirt removal
  • check
    Versatility in application

8. Blisstime Snow Foam Lance

The Blisstime Snow Foam Cannon comes with lots of useful features. First, it recognizes the fact that you could drop or bang it on a hard surface accidentally, and that’s why the bottle is thick and composed of materials that make it hard to crack.

Apart from that, the bottle is anti-corrosive, meaning that should an acid sprinkle on it, you’re not worried that it will get damaged. As you might agree, when talking of foam cannon bottles that are truly long lasting, the Blisstime Snow Foam Cannon’s bottle cannot be left out.

And it’s not just the bottle that is robust. The brass connectors are also quite sturdy and suitable for effective pressure maintenance.

Oh, and something else about the bottle – you want to view how the cleaning solution is getting used up, so you know precisely when a refill is needed, don’t you? The Blisstime Snow Foam Cannon makes that easy for you with a translucent bottle.

You also want to control the flow or rather the output of the foam, right? The foam cannon comes with a flow control knob for that. The jet angle helps you adjust the foam output’s shape to suit your purpose. You can choose to make the output a wide flow or a narrow stream based on what you’re cleaning.

If you want to give the car a quick wash after applying the foam, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding an appropriate mitt; the Blisstime Snow Foam Cannon gives you a free microfiber mitt as part of the package.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium brass connectors
  • check
    Flow control knob
  • check
    Thick, anti-corrosive bottle
  • check
    Translucent bottle
  • check
    Free microfiber mitt

9. VivReal Adjustable Foam Cannon with 3.5oz/100cc Bottle

Looking for the most lightweight foam cannon? Here’s the ideal one for you – the VivReal Adjustable Foam Cannon. This machine weighs in at just 0.5 pounds, making it super easy to lift and operate.

The only issue is that due to the reduced weight of the cannon, the capacity of the bottle is compromised, such that you can only carry about 3.5 ounces of the solution at a time. Hence, be prepared to refill that bottle several times to complete foaming one vehicle.

Even though the VivReal Adjustable Foam Cannon’s bottle has a low capacity, there are lots of advantages to the machine besides the ease of operation. For example, the gadget features 8 different spray patterns.

These include stream, rinse, jet, mist, shower, and more, and they help you use the foam cannon for a wide range of applications, including washing your car and sidewalks, even watering your plants and showering your pets.

The VivReal Adjustable Foam Cannon features a perfect design with no leaks. If you’re looking for a gadget that gives you a consistent spray, this cannon is certainly worth considering, and tell you what? You can even control the soap level with its foam adjustment knob.

With most other foam cannons, you need a pressure washer. But with the VivReal Adjustable Foam Cannon, it’s not a must that you have that; you could just use the garden hose and it will work just fine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free chenille wash mitt
  • check
    8 different spray patterns
  • check
    Foam adjustment knob
  • check
    3.5-0z bottle capacity
  • check
    Lightweight – only 0.5 pounds
  • check
    Consistent spray

10. MTM Hydro PF22 Professional Foam Lance With Adjustable Air Intake and Fan Blades

The MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon offers you not only fan blades that you can adjust but also a spray pattern that is adjustable both horizontally and vertically. And you know what that does? It gives you the ability to foam not just your car but also other surfaces like sidewalks, roofs, and fences if you like.

Coming with a chemical injection knob at the top, this foam cannon lets you adjust the amount of foam you want to shoot, and this function allows you to choose the foam density as well.

When you buy a foam cannon, another aspect we believe you should look out for is the weight. You’re going to carry it around, and we believe you don’t want something that will make you too tired.

Weighing in at only 1.6 pounds, we think the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon is lightweight enough to facilitate easy foam application without too much strain. The foam inside will, of course, not add considerable weight, because, you know, it’s just foam.

The cannon has another feature that increases the ease of use even further – the bottle. It features a new ergonomic design that makes it super easy to grip.

If you’re looking for a good, inexpensive foam cannon for home cleaning or car, boat, or RV detailing, then the MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon is worth considering.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 1.6 pounds
  • check
    2-stage nozzle that can spray up to 20 feet
  • check
    Adjustable fan blades and spray pattern
  • check
    Chemical injection knob for adjusting foam output
  • check
    Easy-grip bottle

11. MATCC Snow Foam Lance 3000 PSI Foam Wash Gun 3/8" Connector High Pressure Washer

Everything from its design to its possible applications and the pressure it supports makes the MATCC Snow Foam Cannon the ideal choice for someone looking for a robust foam cannon for personal or professional use.

Let’s start with the design. The lance core is composed of high-grade brass, and the main body is made of premium brass as well. That makes the entire unit sturdy and safe against various kinds of harm including falls, impact, and acids. With the MATCC Snow Foam Cannon, you’re assured that you won’t be buying a replacement in many years.

And by the way, when the lance core is made of high-grade brass, that also means that the performance stays excellent as the pressure used to shoot the foam is maintained efficiently.

There are two handy adjustment functions on the MATCC Snow Foam Cannon. The first one is the top dial, which lets you adjust the amount of foam getting dispensed. The other one is the adjustable nozzle, which allows you to adjust the spray pattern to suit your needs. You can choose to go for either narrow or wide.

Coupled up with these adjustment features, the ergonomic design of the MATCC Snow Foam Cannon makes one thing certain – that you can use it for a variety of applications. You can use it on your car, motorbike, driveway, wall, floor, roof, and so on. 

When considering the ease of use, the MATCC Snow Foam Cannon is a top selection. For instance, the foam adjustment function is a simple +/- dial that lets you choose how much foam you want to dispense. Everything is simply straightforward.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brass construction for durability and performance
  • check
    33-oz capacity bottle
  • check
    Supports up to 3000 psi pressure
  • check
    Adjustable spray nozzle
  • check
    Multiple application
  • check
    Adjustable foam output

12. McKillans Professional Snow Foam Cannon

Do you know what we loved most about the McKillans Snow Foam Cannon? Its elegant design. With its white, black and red color scheme, this model provides a sense of class that only the best brands offer, but that’s not all. The McKillans Snow Foam Cannon performs excellently.

First, the cannon is equipped with brass fittings that maintain the pressure needed for a good spray. Brass fittings are also quite hard to break.

When using a foam cannon, you don’t want to rely on guesswork to know when a refill is needed. The bottle that comes with this tool is translucent, making it possible to view the level of the solution. That way, you know precisely when a refill is necessary rather than relying on guesswork.

Did you know that thick foam provides a deep, delicate wash for your car’s surface and leaves it shining beautifully? That is one of the aspects that make the McKillans Snow Foam Cannon superior. The cannon shoots very thick foam that loosens the dirt on the car’s surface and lubricates it so that it’s removed without struggle and without harming the delicate paint.

There’s a control knob at the top of the machine, and this comes in handy for managing the foam output. Additionally, there’s a feature that helps you adjust the width and the angle of the foam output.

Highlighted Features:

  • 33-oz bottle translucent bottle
  • check
    Brass and copper fittings for effectiveness and longevity
  • check
    Foam output adjustment knob
  • check
    Foam stream adjustment (angle and width)

Things to Consider Before Buying Foam Cannon

You know why a foam cannon is so useful? It makes washing the outer surface of the car a breeze. The foam sits on the vehicle’s surface, reducing the surface tension of the dirt and actively destroying its bonds with the car, making the removal of the dirt very easy. Sometimes you can even rinse the car with a hose, and it’s clean.

However, there are many foam cannon brands and models out there. We can bet on the products we’ve reviewed above, but if for some reason you can’t buy those, here are a couple of aspects you need to consider before buying a foam cannon to ensure it will work for you.

1. Versatility

A good quality foam cannons don’t just help you wash your car; they help when you want to wash other surfaces as well, like walls, floors, and glassware. And how do you make sure that a foam cannon is versatile? Check whether the dial is adjustable. With an adjustable dial, you will be able to adjust the unit’s capacity to dispel detergent. Apart from that, a foam cannon whose nozzles are adjustable makes it easy for you to use it for a variety of applications regardless of whether they are intense or mild.

2. Construction

It is likely that your cannon will suffer drops and impact multiple times in a year. Nonetheless, you want your cannon to serve you for a long time, and that’s why the unit’s construction matters.

Before buying your cannon, check what materials it is made of, and keep in mind that cannons made of hard plastic or brass are known to last longer.

When considering the unit’s construction, a most important factor you need to consider is the connector. We recommend you go for a connector made of brass. Bear in mind that a weak connector might be inadequate at maintaining the pressure of the water, making the cannon very ineffectual and again, it might break, rendering the unit virtually useless.

3. Capacity

This is a vital factor to take into consideration. You don’t want to stop every five minutes to refill the bottle with the foam mix, or do you? Therefore, when choosing a foam cannon, get one whose bottle has a capacity of at least 30 oz. With that, you will have enough foam for cleaning a big truck without needing a refill.

4. Performance

This is the part where you check what previous users have said about the product, as you have almost no other way of knowing how efficient the unit will be. But, if you make sure that what you buy has all the aspect we’ve discussed above, it is highly likely that the cannon will serve you well.

The reason as to why we recommend sticking to the cannons listed in our review is this – we understood that you were too busy to check a bunch of different models to see what they had to offer, and that’s why we did the hard work for you. We’re confident in the performance of the products listed in the review, so give them a try.

How Does A Foam Cannon Work and How to Use It

As mentioned earlier, a foam cannon comes in handy for getting the dirt off your vehicle. But for it to effectively do that, you need to use it properly. In this section, we will look at how a foam cannon works and discuss a few tips for using it correctly for effectiveness optimization.

The reason as to why these gadgets are called cannons is that they’re basically cannons, only that instead of firing rockets or balls of fire, they fire foam. These machines use special compressors to exert the pressure needed to fire foam to the surface of your vehicle.

The inner components and mechanics of the cannon mix up high pressure water, soap, and air to form a slick foamy substance. This substance is then forced through a nozzle and sprayed in a beam of suds over the surface of the car.

Some folks bring the nozzle so close that it appears as though they were rubbing the foam onto the car’s surface, but that approach is incorrect. You should select an angle and maintain a distance with the car’s surface to apply the foam effectively while protecting the paint job from damage.

Although each cannon comes with its special instructions, here are the procedures normally used, in a nutshell:

  • Add an ounce or two ounces of liquid or powder soap to the bottle and top it off with water.
  • Attach the cannon to the power pressure washer.
  • Foam the surface of the car.

These tips should help you foam the car more effectively:

  • Rinse out the car first. Before you start foaming the vehicle, bear in mind that there might be dirt and debris on there, and these are items that might scratch the finish of the car if it is washed without removing them first.
  • While rinsing the car, it’s better to start with the upper surfaces and work your way to the bottom, as that will prevent the reintroduction of dirt to surfaces that you have already rinsed.
  • Use the pressure washer to make the rinsing process fast and effective.
  • As soon as you’re done with the rinse, connect the cannon to the washer wand. Is the cannon’s fan adjustable? Great! Make it wider to increase its surface area. Making it more vertical will boost the reach, but then it will compromise the surface area.
  • Maybe we should mention this in the “things to consider” section but consider it a tip – you should try getting a cannon that comes with a chemical injector you can adjust. That way, you will be able to choose whether to spray a thick foam or a watery mixture.
  • Add warm or hot water into the bottle. As you might already know, warm/hot water lathers better with soap, so the foam creation process will be more efficient.
  • Before using the unit to foam the car, adjust the nozzle first and look for the spray pattern that works for you.
  • If the unit comes with a foam adjustment knob, adjust that too and see the density of foam that works for you.
  • While applying the foam, maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between the pressure washer and the surface of the car. Make the application in straight lines and try covering as much surface as you can.
  • As soon as you’re finished applying the foam, allow it a few moments, perhaps 20 minutes to loosen the dirt.
  • Rinse the foam out with the pressure washer and wipe the surface down with some microfiber towels.

Important: ensure that the soap you’re using doesn’t irritate the vehicle’s paint job. As a rule, you should stay as far away as possible from regular household detergents as these are abrasives that cause damage to the finish. See your car manual for the recommended soaps.

Foam Gun Vs. Foam Cannon/Foam Lance – What’s the Key Difference?

Snow foaming is fast growing popular as a hassle-free, touchless means of cleaning vehicles. This method is not only quick but also safe, as there’s no scrubbing and therefore no risk of creating swirl marks or scratches. And by the way, snow foaming is highly effective and has lots of fun as well!

Professionals and enthusiasts are using snow foaming as a pre-wash or the main wash, and it’s working excellently. But there’s a question that baffles many folks – there are two snow foaming options. You can either use a snow gun or apply a snow cannon (also called the foam lance). Which of the two is better?

Read on to discover the differences and get insight that will help you decide which one to use.

The main difference between the foam gun and the foam lance/cannon is that while the gun connects to the ordinary water hose, the gun only connects to the powered (petrol/electricity) pressure washer. That makes the gun a feasible option for many people, as you will find a water hose in virtually every home but the cannon doesn’t work for everyone; you need to have the powered pressure washer first.

The fact that the foam gun can be used with a regular hose also means that installation and use are super easy, and the costs involved are also a little lower than those associated with installing the cannon.


We’d encourage you to get a foam lance/cannon if you have:

1. Adequate space for washing the vehicle

As lots of pressure, sometimes as high as 3000 psi is used to deliver the foam, the suds are often over-sprayed onto the surrounding areas. If you have space or you feel there’s no problem in the suds coming into contact with what’s around the vehicle, then the lance is a perfect option.

2. A powered pressure washer

The cannon uses a connector to connect to the pressure washer, and they’re able to form and deliver thick foam within minutes. The advantage here is that the pressure washer delivers enough power to shoot the foam onto the vehicle’s surface, thus removing the dirt effectively.

3. Enough time for setting up the cannon and the pressure washer

You’re going to spend at least 20 minutes doing the setup. But as soon as the setup is complete, all you have to do is foam away. Depending on the capacity of the cannon’s bottle, you might have to stop unless you need to rest.

So, we’d say the 20 minutes you’re going to spend setting up the washer is not a problem considering the efficiency you’re going to enjoy.

We’d encourage you to get the snow foam gun if you:

1. Don’t have a powered pressure washer

If all you have is a garden hose, then you’d better get a snow foam gun.

2. Don’t have plenty of time

So you’re not looking to spend 20 minutes setting up a car washer? Consider getting a snow foam gun. The gun works pretty much like the water hose, only that there’s a detergent bottle attached to it.

And once you’re done applying the foam, you just detach the foam gun and use the same hose to rinse the vehicle. Quick and convenient isn’t it?

3. You don’t mind the foam’s thickness

Although the snow gun shoots out foam, and the foam works just fine, its thickness is not as intense as that of the snow cannon. Think of it as a bucket filled with soapy water that you then disturb to foam, and then rather than applying the foam with the palms of your hands, you use a gun. This kind of foam sits on the car’s surface for around two to five minutes as opposed to the cannon’s foam, which can stay on there for much longer. But again, the thickness of the foam will depend on the hose’s pressure. The more the pressure, the more the thickness.

Top Foam Cannon Gun Brands in The Market

1. MTM Hydro

MTM Hydro is an Italian company that specializes in the production of high-quality water and heating equipment. In the auto detailing industry, MTM Hydro is a well-known and trusted name, especially due to their MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon, which offers adjustable spray patterns beside other handy features.

The company has been in this business for over 30 years, and during this time, it has designed high-pressure washers for cars that have grown popular. Therefore, we can say the company has the experience needed to come up with foam cannons that make washing vehicles not only easy but also effective.

2. Dusichin

Dusichin hasn’t been around for very long; in fact, it has only been around since 2015, but the founder, Robert Du, had been in the auto detailing business for around 15 years, during which time he had acquired vital skills.

The company specializes in the manufacture of foam cannons and gun, as well as spray nozzles for pressure washers, and it has won a special place in the hearts of consumers in the short period it’s been around.

Their DUSICHIN DUS-003 High Pressure Foam Cannon is one of the best-quality foam lances, with handy features like foam adjustment functions and the ability to be used for a range of applications.

3. Vivreal

VivReal has been in the business for around 10 years, and today, it’s one of the top foam cannon brands. One of the best attributes of the snow foam cannons from this company is that they’re the ideal option for someone who needs an inexpensive but high-quality foam cannon.

Apart from that, VivReal recognizes the fact that washing a car is quite some work, and a lightweight washer would help a lot. If you’re looking for the most lightweight foam cannon, why not check out what the VivReal Adjustable Foam Cannon has to offer? You can find out about it in our review above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

While there are tons of queries on the internet here and there, here I will answer the most frequent ones (only three to be exact) in short.

1. Which is better – the foam cannon or the foam gun?

The foam cannon shoots thicker foam than the gun. The thicker the foam, the more it is able to hold on to the car’s surface and remove dirt efficiently. Remember, thicker foam is able to lubricate dirt more effectively, and thus it is able to remove it safely without creating swirl marks.

Apart from that, the foam cannon comes with extra fittings for adjusting/optimizing the cleaning process. Because of these and other reasons, the foam cannon is much better than the foam gun.

2. Where can I get foam cannon?

We believe the online market offers you a much wider assortment of foam cannons from many different sellers than any physical store would offer. And talking of the online market, we went to to see what good foam cannons we could find, and after securing and testing several models thoroughly, we came up with a list. We’re positive you will find what you’re looking for in our review.

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3. What happens if I let the foam to dry? 

You shouldn't let the foam to dry since depending on the paint job on the car; it can leave stains. There are some cases in which the foam will dry up completely and can be easily removed with a dry cloth.

4. Can I use every foam cannon on any car? 

These devices are usually designed to work correctly with all models. The only things that you should care for are the angles and the distances from which you spray the soap.

Final Words 

As you can see, this fantastic product will not only save you a lot of time and money; it will also help you maintain that shine on your car.

With just a few minutes of your time, you will be able to coat your car with the ideal amount of soap to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning. Plus, using a foam cannon is a thousand times more enjoyable than using a bucket and a regular hose.

With so many models out there, we thought that this would help you decide the best foam cannon for you. And we hope, it did!

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