Best Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews For The Money 2020

Best Fingerprint Time Clock

The days of tracking employee time and attendance details on error-prone paper timesheets are long gone. These days, companies are implementing biometric fingerprint time clocks in their businesses.

There is a good reason for them to do so.

The old-fashioned procedure of using paper sheets came with a host of problems. Employees punching in for each other, manipulating work hours, false entries, the list goes on. Back then, these reasons cost companies thousands of dollars in payrolls.

Fingerprint time clocks help you keep track of your workforce. They accurately compute the work hours of your employees by tracking the clock in and out times. The best fingerprint time clock provides precise data to payroll systems. This helps companies control business operations and enhance productivity.

Saving unnecessary company costs is always great and fingerprint time clocks will allow you to achieve that. Before you commit to purchase, however, it is crucial to know which time clock device will most suit your business. We have chosen some of the top ones that you should check out!

TOP 5 Selection – For A Quick Decision

Image Product Name Editor’s Rating More Info
Fingertec TA300 Desktop Time Clock Fingertec TA300 Desktop Time Clock 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Aibecy Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint Password Attendance Machine Aibecy Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint Password Attendance Machine 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Icon Time Systems TP-BIO TotalPass Small Business Premium Biometric Time Clock Icon Time Systems TP-BIO TotalPass Small Business Premium Biometric Time Clock 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Pyramid TimeTrax Elite TTELITEEK Automated Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System Pyramid TimeTrax Elite TTELITEEK Automated Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price

Top 12 Best Fingerprint Time Clock in 2020

1. Fingertec TA300 Desktop Time Clock

What makes the TA300 unique compared to other time clock systems, is that it operates as a mobile gadget. It is a standalone biometric tool that doesn’t need to be mounted on a wall. You can simply put it anywhere and use it when the need arises.

The mobility allows the device to be carried anywhere. This property of the device makes it easy to acquire attendance on the go. For instance, you can simply take the device to places like training centers or construction sites and take your employee’s attendance from there.

The TA300 is powered by using a lithium polymer battery that can last for approximately 5 hours of normal usage. You can also operate the device by plugging the power adapter into a DC outlet.

In case your electricity cuts off, backup power will be provided by the battery so that the device stays operational.

If you run a small to medium-sized business time clocking solution, then the TA300 is an ideal choice. The device will improve the efficiency of managing the company’s human resources.

The TA300 can store up to 500 fingerprint templates and allows approximately 30000 transactions per terminal. This makes the TA300 a great value for your investment.

Operating the device is a breeze. Employees can simply check-in and out through the device and get their attendance information collected.

To extract the data, simply plug in the supplied USB to your PC and download the information into FingerTec’s powerful TCMS V2 software to generate attendance reports.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be placed on any flat surface, no wall-mount required.
  • The device can be used onsite and offsite.
  • Powered using a lithium polymer battery.
  • Ideal time clock for small to medium-sized business.
  • Powerful TCMS V2 software generates attendance reports.

2. Aibecy Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint Password Attendance Machine

The Aibecy biometric machine is a compact fingerprint device that captures employee attendance information. The machine doesn’t require any sophisticated software to start functioning. Simply mount the machine onto a wall, power it on, and go through the setup process and you are ready to go.

The device features a 2.4-inch HD LCD. It makes using the device comprehensible and intuitive. It is also very easy to operate. Navigating through the menus and knowing all the operating steps will take as low as 5 minutes.

The machine consists of a T9 input method. This can be used to create or edit new class names rather quickly.

When it comes to the maximum fingerprint capacity, the device can store exactly 1000 fingerprint templates. It is equipped with a high precision total reflection optical sensor that is very accurate and takes a second to register the input.

It also has a massive capacity of approximately 100000 records. The amount of data the device can store makes it ideal for small to medium-sized companies and institutions.

To collect the attendance data, simply connect the device to your PC using a USB cable. You can also upload the user data and information on a pen drive.

You can extract various types of data from the device such as monthly attendance reports, shift schedules, and more.

To utilize the machine properly, the device needs to be wall-mounted. This is made easy with the included wall mounting screws and washers. All you need to do is drill a couple of holes on the wall to secure the machine.

The package also comes with an easy to understand user manual that provides a step by step guide on the installation and setup process.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a clear 2.4-inch HD LCD.
  • Time clock stores up to 1000 finger templates.
  • Capacity to store 100000 records.
  • T9 input method for quick inputs.
  • High precision optical sensor for accurate verification.

3. uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

The BN6500 is a cost-effective solution that tracks more than just your employee’s attendance information. It is a web-based fingerprint time clock system that can be easily connected to any network using Wi-Fi.

The attendance tracking system combines uAttend’s sophisticated software and its biometric fingerprint device. With this device, you can transmit data to a computer over the internet. This allows you to track any number of employees ranging from 1 to 5000 with any computer.

Employees can clock in or out from the time clock, web page, or mobile device. This feature allows employees to register their attendance data from anywhere.

The clock in and out information is sent to a uAttend account which enables the administrator to keep tabs on any staff from any location.

uAttend’s web-based software comes with a wide range of features and functionalities. The administrator can add or edit supervisors and employees, set up new departments, create and edit overtime rules. They can also be able to manage accruals, review time cards, and create summaries for payrolls.

The device can be connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also has a large color display where employees can easily view their cumulative hours.

To access the web-based account, you have to subscribe to their service by paying a monthly fee. The rate of the monthly membership package depends on the number of employees using the device.

BN6500 is best fingerprint time clock in the market if you are looking to pull attendance reports from the comfort of your home. The device and its supported cloud-connected software will help you achieve that with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful web-based software that tracks employee times.
  • Connect to the internet using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • uAttend software manages accruals and generates summary reports.
  • Employee can register inputs from anywhere.
  • Easy to install and operate.

4. Icon Time Systems TP-BIO Biometric Time Clock

If you are seeking a complete biometric fingerprinting solution, then look no further. TotalPass biometric fingerprint time clock is exactly what you need.

What makes this device stand out from other fingerprinting machines is the 100% employee identification on every single punch. This makes “buddy-punching” a thing of the past.

You may ask yourself, “How is that possible?”

The device uses next generation of Biometric technology that captures failed entries. It also features camera with a wide angle that takes a picture of the user immediately after a failed punch attempt.

The fail-proof feature makes it impossible for employees to register inputs for any other person. After every failed attempt, the administrator will be instantly notified via email. They can then proceed to verify the employee.

The device can be connected either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. You can easily connected up to 32 times clock over WAN, LAN , VPN, and internet or use it as a stand-alone clocks.

With a capacity to store the data of 500 employees, this is an ideal option for any small to medium-sized companies.

Apart from biometric fingerprints, there are other ways to register inputs. The device supports customized pins, badges, and web punch for each employee. Enrolling new employees is a breeze.

TotalPass features a system that allows self-enrollment. Thus, supervisors don’t need to be there during the enrollment process. With this device, you can easily streamline your payroll.

The fingerprint scanner comes with payroll exports such as QuickBooks, ADP, CSV, Paychex online, and more. To eliminate the chances of losing data, you can back up the clock data anytime using a pen drive.

Highlighted Features:

  • Secured time clock device eliminates fraudulent punches.
  • Wide-angle camera captures a photo in case of a failed attempt.
  • Device can be connected using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Connect up to 32 time clocks over the network.
  • Stored data of up to 500 employees.

5. Pyramid Automated Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System

TimeTrax Elite is a biometric time clock system that automates employee time and attendance processes. With the help of biometrics, the machine instantly identifies employees by finger scans and at the same time stores records of their punches.

The machine not only makes it easy to record arrival and departure times, but breaks, lunches, and overtime as well. Furthermore, it eliminates “buddy-punching” that is notoriously proven to be costly for companies.

Also, as a security measure, the keypad enables PIN entries which are approved by supervisors. With this device, you can easily manage flexible payroll periods.

You can configure holiday and bonus hours for specific employees. The scanner also processes overtime calculation automatically which saves time.

The device allows you to accommodate 50-employees right out of the box. To add additional employees, you have to purchase a software upgrade.

Holding up to 1500 finger templates, the scanner is ideal for medium-sized companies. It features a backlit display, which displays the date, time, and day of the week.

The TimeTrax time and attendance software is a versatile software that comes with the device. The software allows you to edit employee time cards and run multiple types of reports.

The scanner holds approximately 6000 punch details in between downloads from which various reports can be generated.

To send data over a network, it needs to be connected to Ethernet.  The employee punch details are periodically downloaded in your computer where you can edit any variables by using the software. You can easily edit time cards or even run payroll reports if needed.

In an event of a power cut, the internal battery provides continuous backup for up to 7 days. This not only safeguards your data but keeps the work flowing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily automate employee time and attendance process.
  • Configure holiday and bonus hours for specific employees.
  • Stores approximately 1500 finger templates.
  • Device allows you to accommodate up to 50 employees.
  • Stores up to 6000 punch details before being downloaded.

6. Employee Time Clock Software and Fingerprint Scanner

The digital 4500 series fingerprint reader is a compact USB peripheral device that captures employee time and attendance information. This tiny device conserves desk space and also boasts an elegant design.

The device uses a high-quality optical scanning technology, which captures fingerprints in great detail. It has a wide scan area and comes with a 512-dpi pixel resolution.

This allows it to capture fingerprints even if they are in a dry, moist, or rough state. The scanner encrypts fingerprint data for security purposes.

The digital 4500 series fingerprint reader comes with the TimeDrop software. It is a time clock software that quickly clocks employee punch in and out times.

The TimeDrop software allows administrators to easily organize time entries. They can also manage employee permissions and issue real-time payroll reports.

With the TimeDrop software, you don’t have to pay recurring subscription fees. The device and the software are operational after you have purchased the license. One of the major benefits of using this product is you get support and software upgrades all free of charge.

Using the TimeDrop software, you can track employee hours and different pay rates based on their departments. The software can also compute overtime calculations, and can accurately monitor employee attendance.

When it comes to reporting, the TimeDrop software is capable of generating detailed time and attendance reports.

You can also configure the date range and generate a report based on your needs. The compactness of the scanner and the robust software makes this kit ideal for any small business.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small and lightweight USB peripheral device.
  • Uses high-quality optical scanning technology.
  • One-time payment TimeDrop software requires no monthly fees.
  • TimeDrop software generates detailed time and attendance reports.
  • Software is easy to operate.

7. AT5000 Fingerprint & Badge Employee Time Clock

The AT5000 fingerprint time clock is a compact and portable device that can be used on the go. Although it might not look as fancy as other devices on this list, it sure gets the job done.

First of all, the AT5000 is a standalone device. You don’t have to install any sophisticated software or connect it to a network.

The device ticks all the boxes when it comes to simplicity and portability. If needed, the scanner can be wall-mounted using the included brackets and mounting screws.

When it comes to functionality, the clock is quick in recording employee attendance. It also calculates the total working hours of employees.  What makes this device unique is the built-in thermal printer. Using the printer, you can instantly print time cards at the site.

The time clock can accommodate 1000 finger templates and store up to 90000 punch data. To register inputs, enrolled employees can either punch in and out by scanning their finger.

Or, they can use the RFID proximity badge to clock the attendance. This can be done up to 4 times every day.

You can also set up multiple manager accounts for secure access to the device. To download the punch data, simply insert the included USB flash drive and download the information. The punch records and the total work hours will be presented in a clean excel spreadsheet.

The AT5000 has a built-in battery backup. This allows the clock to function for hours without requiring AC power.  If you highly rate portability, then this device is the best fingerprint time clock to meet your needs.

Highlighted features:

  • Stores up to 1000 fingerprint templates and 90000 punch data.
  • Built-in battery backup keeps the device running without AC power.
  • Setup multiple manager accounts for secure access.
  • Data is transferred from the device to a USB drive.
  • No need to install any sophisticated software.

8. ZKTeco CT20 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

If you are searching for a biometric fingerprint time clock system to maintain employee’s time and attendance records, then the ZKTeco CT20 will meet all your timekeeping needs.

The CT20 has a unique shape for a fingerprint scanner. It is designed to sit flat on your table or counters. The design allows enrolled users to punch their fingers at any angle. When it comes to capacity, the CT20 supports 300 users and 255 departments. That makes it ideal for any small to medium-sized businesses.

The all-directive fingerprint scanner is placed at the top of the device, which makes it convenient for users to clock their timings. As the device is portable, you don’t have to go through the hassle of drilling holes to mount the device on the wall.

The BioID fingerprint sensor is very accurate. The high accuracy allows for quick verification, which is essential for busy workplaces. The device is powered by a detachable lithium-ion battery that lasts 8 hours on standby. The product comes with a USB micro port to recharge the battery when needed.

It features a 2.8-inch TFT that displays the punch in and out timings of the user. Also, the T9 and the navigational buttons allow you to configure various settings.

As the CT20 is a standalone device, it does not require any software installation. You also don’t need to configure it to a network to use it.

To transfer user data, simply insert a USB memory stick and download the reports. For convenience, the device consists of an SSR excel software that is useful for report management.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be placed on a tabletop or any flat surface.
  • Device has an accurate BioID fingerprint sensor.
  • Features a bright 2.8-inch TFT display.
  • Don’t have to install any software.
  • Built-in battery provides 8 hours of standby power.

9. TotalPass B600 Biometric Employee Time Clock

The TotalPass B600 falls into the high-tier category when it comes to features and functionalities. It provides a complete solution that streamlines the attendance process of employees.

The B600 is a standalone machine that doesn’t require you to install any third-party software. Setting up the device is also very simple.

As for reliability, the scanner is equipped with a next-generation fingerprint sensor that gives accurate data after every punch.

The B600 has a built-in web application. The software stores employee clock times which the administrators can access in real-time via the web.

From there, they will be able to edit punch times, run various types of reports, configure clock rules, and edit employee information.

With the self-enrollment features, employees can enroll themselves without requiring a supervisor. The B600 is capable of calculating 100 employee time cards. This number can be expanded to 250,500 by purchasing an upgraded package.

In case of a failed scan attempt, the built-in camera on the device instantly takes a photo of the user for verification.

The time clock supports a wide range of entry methods. Aside from biometric fingerprints, enrolled users can clock their attendance using PIN, badges, or Web Punch. This allows off-site employees to register their attendance from anywhere.

You can use the B600 as a standalone device, or connect it via LAN, WAN, VPN or web. After the initial configuration, the scanner instantly detects your Wi-Fi network if the connection is lost.

You can connect up to 32 clocks and store attendance data of 500 employees. The TotalPass B600 is an excellent option improves your company’s time and attendance process without and recurring costs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Calculates up to 100 employee time cards.
  • Supports a wide range of input methods.
  • Built-in camera instantly captures a photo in case of a failed attempt.
  • Can be connected with 33-time clocks.
  • This device lets you track off-shore employees.

10. Acroprint BioTouch Self-Contained Automatic Biometric Fingerprint/Proximity Time Clock

The Acroprint BioTouch allows you to track your employee attendance with ease. By installing this device, you will not only improve the employee attendance system but also increase the productivity of your business.

Acroprint Biotouch is a standalone device. You do not need to install any software to manage the company’s attendance records. It is a simple device that’s very easy to use and set up out of the box.

The device supports up to three time clocking methods. Aside from the biometric fingerprint, employees can register their attendance using a proximity badge or enter their employee ID and the subsequent PIN.

The scanner is capable of accommodating 500 employees. It can also store 200,000 punch data. Using this device, you will be able to set up multiple manager accounts to efficiently control data flow.

You can also configure up to 5 shifts. Simply configure the shift timings on excel and upload it to the device using the included USB.

Since it is a standalone device, it does not require any sort of network connection to send the data. The punch data is transferred to a USB flash drive instead.

Administrators can view the reports in excel and email them to their payroll provider. They can also print time cards if needed.

It is a lightweight and portable device that can be placed on your desk using a table-top stand. You can also mount it on a wall using the included mounting hardware.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enrolls up to 500 employees and store 200,000 clock data.
  • Standalone device doesn’t need any sophisticated software.
  • Data is transferred via a USB flash drive.
  • It can be placed on your desk or mounted on a wall.
  • Supports three different types of clocking methods.

11. Timedox Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

The Timedox silver snow is Wi-Fi based biometric fingerprint device that allows you to view and manage employee data from anywhere in any browser.

To access employee attendance data, you have to purchase Timedox’s time and attendance software. You don’t need to pay any monthly subscription fees after purchasing the software.

Timedox will provide updates periodically which are free of charge. The device can enroll up to 500 employees. This makes the silver snow suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

The device is easy to install and operate. The wizard interface is intuitive. After a couple of minutes, you will get used to it.

There are two ways of collecting punch data. The punch information can be downloaded by connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network.

This way the data can be uploaded to the cloud from any web browser. The Punch data can also be downloaded on a USB flash drive and reviewed on PC.

The TimeDox software allows you to generate detailed reports. From the reports, you can filter the enrolled employees by department, shift, and clock site.

You can easily fix any errors instantly by editing it. Reports can also be generated by pay periods or custom date range.

The device sends a notification based on overtimes, early or late entries, break time violation and more.

Also, the time card hours are automatically calculated by the machine and the overtime metrics are calculated by work weeks. This helps companies cut their payroll costs and optimize efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Time clock can accommodate up to 500 employees.
  • TimeDox software generates detailed reports.
  • Easily filter employees by their department and other categories.
  • Data can be transferred over Wi-Fi or downloaded using USB.
  • Features an easy-to-use intuitive user interface.

12. Cloud Monthly Subscription Fingerprint

If you are seeking an ideal solution that records the timings, attendance, and working hours for a small business, then the time clock from Creative Time Solutions will meet those demands.

The device does not require you to install complex software for attendance management. You can enroll and track the time and attendance information for up to 15 employees using this time clock. The data is managed using the Cloud Attendance web application.

The Cloud Attendance web application provides a quick and efficient way of automating user time and labor management processes.

One of the benefits of using a cloud-based system is that you can easily access employee data on any browser from anywhere. Employees can keep clocking in or out even if the connection goes down.

By using this machine, employees can enroll themselves without the need of a supervisor. The enrollment process can also be done remotely.

The time clock can record essential data such as working hours, overtime hours, absences and more.  Employees will also be able to view their working hours if they need to.

Since all the data is organized in the Cloud Attendance web application, it saves time in calculating the monthly salaries.

From the web application, you can also generate a wide range of useful reports that will help you keep track of employee attendance and work times.

By implementing this time clock, you don’t have to worry about manual time cards and timesheets anymore. It also eliminates IT resource constraints.

If you want to streamline the attendance management process and increase the productivity of your business, this is an ideal choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Doesn’t require the installation of complex software.
  • Device accommodates up to 15 employees.
  • Data is managed using the Cloud Attendance web-based application.
  • Download useful reports using Cloud Attendance web-application.
  • Employees can self-enroll without supervisors.

Things To Consider Before Buying Fingerprint Time Clock


One of the key factors you need to consider is the system’s functionality. Selecting a fingerprint time clock can be easy since these are in abundance. However, not all systems may meet the needs of your company.

You want a system that is functional and reliable around the clock. It must be able to keep the function flowing smoothly. If the system malfunctions or stops working by any chance, the loss of data won’t look good on the attendance records.

The system must support a large number of employees and be able to safeguard the data for privacy reasons. Furthermore, the system should be quick to register the user’s data even if they have dirt on their hands.



Operating the system should be easy.  No employee wants to wait due to a glitch in the system or if the machine itself is slow. Registering the clock-in and clock-out times of employees should take less than a second.

Also, choosing a system with an LCD makes it easy to operate them. Employees can be assured that their attendance registration is confirmed by simply viewing the information displayed.



The capacity of fingerprint time clocks determines the number of employees it can accommodate. It is the number of employees the device can track adequately.

Select a device depending on the size of your organization. Some scanners have upgrade packages that increase the number of employees they can accommodate.


Method of Identification

Although the primary method of identification for time clocks are fingerprints, it is always better to have other ways for employees to register their punch data. Time cards, punch cards, PIN are some of the common modes of employee identification used in top-notch quality fingerprint time clock systems.


Benefits of Using Fingerprint Time Clock

1. Puts A Stop To “Buddy Punching”

One of the biggest advantages of implementing a biometric time clock system at your workplace is that it prevents buddy punching. ‘Buddy punching’ is the term used when an employee clocks in or out for other employees. This practice can cost companies millions of dollars annually.

The advanced verification process used by biometric time clocks prevents this from happening.


2. Eliminates Time Theft

If there’s an employee who wastes a certain amount of time every day, you won’t be able to calculate this metric using old school methods such as paper timesheets.

Biometric fingerprint time clocks eliminate this problem by accurately recording the punch in and out times.  This way, it won’t cost your company a large amount of lost employee work hours.


3. Increased Accuracy

Biometric credentials such as fingerprints are unique for each user. As a result, they cannot be forged or copied. This is the most accurate way of identifying individuals. Supervisors can confidently track employee timings knowing the system is foolproof.


4. Increases Productivity

Using the system eliminates the need to keep employee times on paper records. Not only the latter is inefficient, but it is also inaccurate as well.

Biometric fingerprint systems provide accurate data when generating attendance reports. They are effective at managing business operations which leads to an increase in productivity.


5. Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Implementing a biometric fingerprint device will help your company achieve a positive ROI. The device helps to eliminate issues such as time theft, buddy punching, inaccuracies, which were common in older timekeeping methods. You’ll find ample fingerprint time clock reviews where it says that Instead of losing money, implementing the device have allowed companies to make a profit.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Biometric fingerprint readers do not store images of your fingers. When employees are enrolled, the scanned fingerprint is stored as a template, which is created using a specific algorithm. Other than biometric fingerprint devices, these templates cannot be used anywhere else. Also, it is not possible for anyone to turn these templates back to replicate a fingerprint scan. So when it comes to privacy, you don’t have to worry about privacy as your fingerprints are not stored.
The time and attendance software is used to track employee clock timings.  Administrators can keep track of their employee's shift timings, working hours and much more. One benefit of using this software is that it helps companies control labor costs by reducing the number of over-payments. It is efficient in eliminating any transcript and interpretation errors. The software can generate a wide range of useful reports, which helps companies to streamline their attendance reporting process.
Compared to the traditional Pin or keycard systems, biometric systems are far more secure. Biometric time clock systems effectively eliminate ‘Buddy punching', so employees can register inputs by only using their fingerprints. The system doesn't save any personal information, so there is no risk of any sensitive data being compromised.
Rejections occur due to multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is incorrectly placing the finger on the scanner. To ensure that scans are registered properly, place the finger flat on the reader and hold it for approximately 1 to 2 seconds. This gives the system adequate time for proper scanning. To register the punch in and out times, the finger should be placed on the scanner the same way as it was placed when first enrolled. Make sure your fingers aren't dirty, damaged or placed on the scanner awkwardly.
First of all, employees must be enrolled in the time clock system to register their punch in and out times. When enrolled, the software records the employee’s fingerprint template and then associates it with their ID number. The fingerprint templates are different for each employee. This allows the system to distinguish between them. Every time an employee punches in or out, the software verifies the scanned fingerprint with the stored templates. If a match is found, the clock times are recorded.


Final Words

We have come a long way when it comes to recording attendance details of employees. Manual attendance systems were notorious for being imprecise. Organizations faced inconsistencies in time-attendance reports of their employees, which costed them highly in payroll expense.

Although tracking employee time-attendance details seems mundane, it is a crucial part of the business. Biometric fingerprint time clocks beats paper time-sheets in every way. These devices efficient, reliable, and most importantly, proves beneficial for the company.

In this article, we reviewed some of the finest devices that will accurately track your employee’s time-attendance details and decrease your company’s payroll expense. We hope you find the best fingerprint time clock that will meet all your timekeeping needs.


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