Best Wood Fence Stains: Top 10 Picks For 2020

Best Fence Stain

So, the winter is here, and you just invited your friends and family for a dinner in a fine evening. But what’s that on your fence? Are some wooden chips falling off?

Or is the paint showing ugly patches underneath? You do realize that having a nice decoration and a roaring fireplace is not enough, right?

The fence that surrounds and protects your home also needs some protection. Most of these fences are made from wood. As wood is a natural material, it’s susceptible to the weather and tends to rot.

Why not maintain the fence you have so that it lasts for a lifetime?

A simple and basic solution is the fence stain. It will protect your wood, prevent it from rotting, and from absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun. It also gives a fresh, new look to your home, making you home-proud and ready for that party!

Read on to find out the best fence stain that’s right for you!

We have gone through all the fence stain brands out there. Through extensive user reviews, we have compiled a list of only the finest ones for you!

TOP 5 Selection – For A Quick Decision

Image Product Name Editor’s Rating More Info
Minwax 71006000 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain Minwax 71006000 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain, Special Walnut 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Ready Seal 520 Redwood Exterior Wood Stain Ready Seal 520 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood, 5-Gallon, Redwood 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain DEFY Extreme 1-Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain, Butternut 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain for Decks, Fences, Siding – 1 Gallon (Light Walnut) 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, White, 1-gallon 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price

Top 12 Best Wood Fence Stains Reviews

1. Minwax 71006000 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain

This stain for wood is an oil-based product and gets very well absorbed right down to the pores of the fence. No wonder it leaves a sheen to your fence and makes the grain shine through.

Thus, with this stain, you will enhance the beauty of your fence and furniture manifold.

Besides your fence, you can apply it on the hardwood floor, cabinets, wooden furniture, trim, and wooden doors to give a completely new look and life to your precious possessions.

Available in a wide range of 28 colors, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Any stripped or bare wooden surface can be turned into a polished work or wonder within moments.

As the stain penetrates deep, the color will hold and continue to give you visual pleasure for a long time.

Easy to apply, this product ensures you take the minimum time required to complete any wood protection project.

If you prefer spraying rather than using a brush or roller, this product also comes in a spraying can. Hence, you can choose this to make the application even easier.

If there’s a cheap, pine furniture or cabinet lying around in your home, just apply this wood stain for fences. You’ll be amazed at the result.

Your pine object will transform into a beautifully polished weathered oak look. Turn your coffee table into an attractive centerpiece in your living room with this magic finish!

Sometimes you end up buying plywood furniture, but you don’t really take to the color. You can simply use this – one of the best wood fence stains – to turn your plywood material to a rustic wooden texture.

The possibilities are endless with this versatile and multipurpose fence stain. All you need is some cans of it and some imagination!

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil-based for superior absorption into the wood pores.
  • Wide range of 28 colors to suit your purposes.
  • Easy to apply with a spraying can.
  • Suitable for cabinets, hardwood floors, trim, unfinished wooden furniture.
  • It can also be applied to plywood and pine

2. Ready Seal 520 Redwood Exterior Wood Stain

As the name suggests, this product is ready to be used on your valuable wooden exteriors. You may have come across many a fence preservative that requires a few steps before and after application. But with this one, you don’t need to prime your fence.

Choose either a roller, sprayer or brush to apply this stain. You’ll notice the stain at its darkest after you apply it first. Wait till two weeks to see the real color of the stain. The texture and grain of the wood shine through, enhancing the natural beauty.

You don’t need any sealer as the top-coat once you’ve used this product. That’s because it’s a stain and sealer combined.

Since it’s oil-based, it reaches deep into the wood and makes the color stay. So, you’ll end up with a rich color that’s beautiful and durable.

Its semi-transparent and sealing features make it a highly recommendable stain for all your wooden exterior projects.

Such wooden structures are exposed to wind, rain, and snow. To prevent moisture from entering them, this sealer has been specially formulated.

This has great value for money as it’s easy to apply, thereby saving time. In addition, you don’t need to spend extra money on a sealer if you use this product. You’re advised not to use this on painted and other surfaces that have recently been stained.

After the application, you will notice that this stain doesn’t leave any blotches or marks. Any temperature is suitable for the application process.

With no thinning or diluting required, you’ll only get a professional-quality, beautiful finish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil-based, semi-transparent stain-cum-sealer.
  • It requires no primer and easy to apply.
  • Prevent moisture from entering the wood.
  • Suitable for all wooden exterior projects.
  • Professional-quality, hassle-free finish.

3. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

If you’re someone more conscientious about the environment, then this fence preservative is the perfect one for you. It’s water-based and thus, environment-friendly. Its semi-transparent protects your wood without covering its natural beauty.

Thanks to its multi-functional feature, use this to stain playsets, wooden furniture, sliding, decks, fence, and lots more. The finish is natural and matte, leaving you breathless with its beauty.

Formulated with nanoparticles of zinc, this product not only protects the wood from rotting but also repels ultraviolet rays.

These rays are damaging for natural wood products, giving them a grey shade. This stain, thereby, prevents the color from fading too early and saves you from frequent painting.

Armed with resins of top quality, this sealer works overtime to prevent your fence from getting too dark or too faded. The result: your fence looks shiny and new for a couple of seasons more than the competitors.

That’s great value for money when you get such durability!

Worried about mold and fungus growth on your fence and other wooden furniture you keep on the patio?

Don’t worry as this stain will have your back. Its nanoparticles of zinc work great to prevent any mold formation on the wood. You’ll have a clean and neat wooden fence the whole year-round.

If you’re concerned about the maintenance bit, well here’s the good news. When you think you need to re-stain the fence, you don’t need to sand it down.

Just use a brightener to perk up the wood and apply the fence stain as before. With just one coat, you’ll get back your shiny, happy fence back!

Highlighted Features:

  • A semi-transparent, water-based stain that’s eco-friendly.
  • Zinc nanoparticles prevent damage from ultraviolet rays and mold.
  • Top-quality resins for durability and value for money.
  • Suitable on multiple objects made from wood.
  • Natural, matte finish that enhances the beauty.

4. #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

Another multipurpose stain that’s suitable for fences, playsets, sliding, decks, and furniture for the garden or patio. It’s a water-based stain and therefore, doesn’t harm the environment.

Choose from a range of semi-transparent paint that includes four colors – natural, cedar, light walnut, and dark walnut. It leaves a natural-looking, matte finish on your wooden decks and fences.

Say goodbye to the grey fence that has been exposed to the ultraviolet rays for too long. This product protects the wood from these rays, leaving you with long-lasting wood projects. No more fading, peeling, or premature greying of your fence and furniture.

Use this on your deck to both stain and seal it. Within a single day, you can clean your deck and stain it too. This works even on damp wood, a feat that few other stain brands can boast of.

Applying this stain is easy. Just follow three steps to pave a way to a shiny fence that is safeguarded. Use a wood cleaner to wipe the area. Then use a wood brightener to brighten it. You’re now good to go with the last step – staining.

Another reason this product has been recommended by users is its low concentration of volatile organic compounds. With less than 50 grams per liter VOC content, you can rest easy about the environment not getting damaged from noxious fumes.

Composed of synthetic resins, this naturally resists the growth of mildew and mold on the wood.

Thus, you won’t spot any stains from such fungal growth, rendering it the best fence paint for you.

Maintenance is no headache at all with this stain. Whenever you see the fence or other wooden objects looking dull and faded, just wipe down with soap and water. Then, apply a single coat of this fence stain to get back the sheen and beauty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-based, semi-transparent stain, eco-friendly in nature.
  • Available in cedar, natural, light walnut, and dark walnut options.
  • Low VOC content of fewer than 50 grams per liter for safety.
  • The synthetic resin component naturally resists fungal growth.
  • Resists UV rays and keeps wood from peeling, fading, and greying.

5. KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

This brings together the finest of both worlds with its unique water/oil-based formula. Hence, it can be used in all types of weather conditions to provide protection while enhancing the beauty of outdoor objects.

It’s an exceptional product as it’s versatile, durable and high on the adhesive property. It’s a long-lasting fence paint that protects against blistering, cracking, or peeling on the wood.

Hence, you are saved from the sight of unpleasant patches of wood showing from underneath the worn-out veneer.

Before applying this paint, look for any mold or bits and pieces sticking from the surface and remove them. It can be applied to a host of various surfaces including stucco, glossy surfaces that have been sanded, as well as masonry.

After you apply the first coat, let it rest for 2 to 3 hours. Before going for the second coating, allow resting for at least 8 hours. This way, you’ll ensure each coat is properly dried and there’s zero chance of blotches.

Depending on how porous the surface is, you will need to determine the amount of paint you’ll need.

The range is between 200 square feet to 500 square feet per gallon. Of course, the smoother and more non-porous the surface, the more coverage you’ll get.

It’s advised to keep the edge wet during application and to back-roll or back-brush. You can use a roller, a brush, or even a sprayer to apply this product according to your convenience.

The long lasting fence paint is safe to use on barns also as it won’t harm any animal. With tow colors available, you can pick red or white or both to create a striking contrast on your home exterior.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water/oil-based formula for greater adhesion, durability, and versatility.
  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions.
  • Great for stucco, masonry, and glossy surfaces.
  • Covers 200 to 500 square feet per gallon.
  • Safe for animals and available in red and white.

6. SamaN TEW-212-12 Water Based Stain For Fine Wood

Another water-based stain for fine wood that has been stabilized for the perfect finish. You can mix the antique walnut color with other colors to get an endless variety of shades. Now that’s versatile, isn’t it!

You don’t need to go through the hassle of priming or conditioning the surface of your wooden furniture, doors, cabinets, and any ornamental woodwork you might have at your home or office. It’s 100% safe to be used on fine wood.

It’s easy to apply and you’ll need just one coat of it. You’ll be surprised to see that you can use only 12 ounces of this stain to cover up to 75 square feet of area.

During application, it won’t leave any overlapping or any kind of spots. All it does is enhancing the natural beauty of wood with its grain.

The product is non-flammable and therefore, safe for use. Some stains and paints give off an odor the moment you open the can. But this is odorless and thus makes staining an enjoyable chore. Not only safe for fine wood, but it’s also safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

Turn your old pine boxes into wondrous décor items with just one coat of this stain. Its ease of use makes it friendly for first-time DIYers and hobbyists. You’ll discover pretty grain on the wood that you hadn’t noticed before. As this takes only about an hour to dry, you can save a lot of time.

You can also use this on hardwood floors to give a warm and beautiful glow. Instead of getting help from professions, you can save money by staining floors and other wooden products yourself.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-based stain, suitable for fine wood.
  • No priming or conditioning required.
  • Only one coat needed to complete the job.
  • Safe for wood and for the environment, people, and pets.
  • Only 12 ounces cover up to 75 square feet area.

7. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.041851-16 Transparent Waterproofing Stain

This product is positioned strongly on its superior waterproofing quality. It contains advanced polymers that help to resist water as well as fading. Thus, you can protect your fence and wooden structures and make them durable. It works great even in areas where you get a lot of rain.

Its special formulation helps to prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun from damaging your fence and wearing it out too early. It fights against the formation of mold and mildew on the wood, thus keeping away any chance of rotting.

Apply this clear fence preserver easily with a roller, sprayer, or brush on dry or dampened wood. Only one coat will last for as long as 3 years on decks and 4 years on siding and fences. That’s a major saving in terms of cost and time, making it a good value for money choice.

Choose from sequoia red, harvest gold, acorn brown, woodland cedar or maple brown to lend a rich and beautiful sheen to your wooden fence and other structures. This range of five colors is enough to turn your exteriors to year-long visual pleasures.

Within 24 hours of application, you’ll find out that when you splash water, none of it gets absorbed. It gets beaded up instead on the surface treated with this product. Users who haven’t had the time to pay attention to their decks for 7 years claimed that this stain turned it into brand-new decks in a day.

Just a gallon of this stain will cover three wooden gates easily. Before application, simply brush off the dirt. Otherwise, no prepping or conditioning is needed. It leaves a deep, dark color and even restores damaged wood.

Highlighted Features:

  • Transparent stain with superior waterproofing ability.
  • It contains polymers to prevent fading and mold formation.
  • Easy to apply with roller, brush, or sprayer.
  • One coat lasts for 4 years on fences and 3 years on decks.
  • Available in five rich and deep colors.

8. Olympic Stain 79603 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer

This is a miracle product that can be used on exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces. It comes in a solid color and combines both a stain and a sealer in one.

You’re guaranteed to get a durable and professional finish with this stain. It contains pure acrylic resins that protect the wood from long exposure to the elements. Therefore, it’s the perfect protection for your fence even in harsh climates.

To make sure that the natural beauty of the wood is visible and durable, the stain conditions and strengthens the fiber of the wood. This is done by keeping away the effects of harmful ultraviolet rays and a strong waterproof veneer.

While some fence stains depend on the weather to determine its application, it’s not so with this product. It’s always ready for applying, no matter if the weather is damp or humid. Its special formula makes it very convenient for you.

It affords you many advantages through its weather-ready formula. Even if there are showers, you can still clean and apply the stain on the same day. Give it just 8 hours and the stain is ready to be applied after rains.

With temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not a problem to use this stain. In hot weather conditions, if you see that the surface is too hot, just spray it with a gentle mist of water before applying the stain.

Choose from an array of eight wonderful and deep hues to stain your fence and other exterior wooden structures with. A gallon of it is enough to cover 250 to 300 square feet are, the usual size of decks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid color stain and sealer for exterior usage.
  • 100% acrylic resins to give long-time protection.
  • Repels harmful ultraviolet rays and is waterproof.
  • Weather-ready for all kinds of climates and temperatures.
  • One gallon covers up to 300 square feet area.

9. KILZ L832111 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain

Beautify your home with this semi-transparent stain for the fence that promises to take great care of your fence and other wooden exterior structures. Lavish this on your sliding, railings, garden or patio chairs and tables, fences, and deck and be the envy of your neighbor.

In widely varying weather conditions, this fence protector provides superior waterproofing services. Along with that, it resists the growth of mildew and fungus, thus resulting in durable wood.

Through shine, snow, or rains, the 100% acrylic formula of the products protects your fence and furniture. It lasts for up to 5 years on fences and sliding and 3 years on decks. That’s the ultimate durability you can get.

Before applying, you need to prep the wooden surface properly. It’s recommended to use on unsealed and medium-weathered surfaces. If such surfaces have been exposed for to up to 10 years, this stain is the perfect solution for them.

Always remove nails and other debris from the surface as the first step of prepping. Follow up with a wood cleaner or brightener for neutralization. Shake the container well before applying the paint with a roller or brush. Leave for at least a day before you go for the second coat.

For the first coat, a gallon of this product covers up to 300 square feet. For the second coat, the surface area you can cover is up to 500 square feet. This definitely gives you more bang for the buck, making it the best fence stain for you.

Along with protection against mildew, it also resists damaging ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you get clean and shiny wooden surfaces outside and around your home for a long time. There won’t be any chips or cracks on the surfaces if treated with this stain.

Highlighted Features:

  • For usage on exterior wooden structures.
  • Semi-transparent and available in cedar and wood colors.
  • 100% acrylic formula to resist harsh weather conditions.
  • Mildew and ultraviolet rays resistant.
  • Lasts for 5 years on fences and 3 years on decks.

10. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.043831-16 Solid Waterproofing Stain

If you’re looking for a stain that won’t show the wood grain through, then you might try this product. It’s a solid color fence stain suitable for the exterior wooden parts only.

You can get the deepest and long-lasting shades from this stain. Consisting of advanced polymers, this formulation has been proven to protect the color. Thus, your fence and deck will not have that dreaded faded look.

What’s more, it staves off mildew and the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. As it keeps the surface waterproof also, you won’t need to fret about any rotting in your wood. This protects and strengthens the wood, keeping it shiny and looking good for a longer time.

Apply with a brush, sprayer, or roller as you please. Application is easy and both dry and damp wood would accept this stain without creating ugly blotches. It won’t splatter during the application process as the stain has the consistency of a pudding.

Moreover, the fence paint dries quicker than competing products. Hence, it’s a time-saver as it takes less than a day to become completely ready. The color gets absorbed fast as well, leaving you with none of the tacky colors that you’re accustomed to.

You have five colors in the range to choose from. Thus, it gives you various options of having your deck, fences, and patio furniture gleam with a healthy and shiny glow.

It’s recommended to clean your deck before you apply this stain. You may need up to two cans to cover an average size deck. If you have a playset lying around, apply this stain to get it looking brand new.

Highlighted Features:

  • A solid color stain that won’t show the wood grain.
  • Suitable for exterior wooden structures.
  • Advanced polymers repel ultraviolet rays and mildew.
  • Dries in less than 24 hours.
  • Five solid and deep colors in the range.

11. ECO-Safe Wood Treatment

Some people look for a grey fence stain and this super eco-friendly wood treatment could just be the answer.  It encompasses the entire gamut of the environmental components, not only the atmosphere. It’s safe for humans, animals, pets, and even the soil and groundwater.

After many laboratory tests, this stain has passed the safety and effectiveness test. It’s trusted by the government and park authorities, which speaks volumes about the product.

A non-toxic and effective formula to take good care of the environment, this needs to be mixed with water before use. Take 14.5 liters or 3 imperial gallons of water to mix with one pack of the stain.

If your fence or other wooden surface is already clean, then there’s no prepping needed. However, if it’s been previously treated with a sealer, it’s better to sand it off before applying the stain. This will allow it to be absorbed by the wood.

Use either a sponge, brush, or sprayer to apply the product. You could also dip a rag and apply it. Remember that it takes only one coat to do a complete staining job. A further coating may deepen the color.

The fence stain goes deep into the wood pores and forever changes the molecular structure. As a result, the wood will never wear a faded look. Instead, you’ll see a fine silver or brown film, depending on the type of wood.

Additionally, there will never be flaking or peeling and hence, the need to scrape it off will ever rise.

The product contains no volatile organic compounds at all, rendering it suitable for use even in kitchen gardens. As it doesn’t give off any toxic fumes, it’s safe for use around kids and pets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super eco-friendly wood treatment with zero VOC.
  • Non-toxic and 100% safe for pets, people, air, groundwater, and soil.
  • To be mixed with water before use.
  • Changes the molecular structure of the wood to prevent fading.
  • Gives a soft grey or brown sheen depending on the wood type.

12. Wood Defender – Transparent Fence Stain

If you’re the proud owner of redwood or a new cedar fence, then this clear fence treatment can enhance the beauty for you. Plus, it will give you a whole lot of other benefits to keep your fence going for years to come.

This product has been a result of much research and development. It contains ultra-fine trans-oxide pigments. As a result, the grain in the wood is revealed and highlighted to give you much delight.

As these pigments have been finely grounded, they are highly resistant to the damaging ultraviolet rays. Thus, your fence will not be faded or show any cracks or peels. You can enjoy the beauty of your fence for a longer time.

The product works both as a stain and a sealer. It is available in four shades of redwood, leatherwood, oxford brown, and cedar tone. Pick any of these to give a deep and shiny beauty treatment to your fences.

The product is easy to apply with a sprayer, brush, or roller. It gets easily absorbed by the wood, making sure your fence is protected down to its depths. For a fence measuring 80 feet, you will probably need four of the 5-gallon cans to paint both inside and outside.

This product is not only recommended by DIY-ers but also professionals who are into landscaping. This leaves a professional and spotless finish, without any overlapping marks or streaks.

Users have claimed it to be one of the best fence paints as its shine and protection last much longer than other comparable products. The color stays even when exposed to long stretches of the sun.

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear fence paint to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Ultra-fine trans-oxide pigments to resist ultraviolet rays.
  • Anti-fading, anti-peeling, and anti-cracking.
  • Stain and sealer combined and available in four shades.
  • Easy application and longer-lasting than others.

What To Look For Before Buying A Fence Stain

There are many brands of fence stain available in stores and their quality varies too. It’s important to consider a few factors before you buy a fence stain. Once you know and weigh these factors, your purchase will be satisfying. The following are the points to consider.

Quality Of Pigments

If the brand uses high-quality pigments, then it’s the right one for you. That’s because good-grade pigments offer several advantages. They are usually made from automotive-grade pigments that are long-lasting. These also put up a much better performance, withstanding harsh weather conditions.

A good quality fence stain with high-grade pigments hold the color much better, giving your fence a fresh look for a long time. In addition, they repel UV rays and thereby protect your health.

What’s more, high-quality pigments in fence paint make it easy to apply it evenly, without leaving any marks on the wood. Thus, you get a better finish.

Oil Base

Before dishing out the cash, check the base of the fence stain. If it’s 100% paraffin oil, then it’s the best bet. Paraffin oil preserves the wood and also is the safest base for the fence.

With its great penetrating property, it prevents water from seeping inside the wood and keeps UV rays away. On top, it has better sealing properties, and thus, holds the color in for a longer time.


Read the label on the fence stain container to check the formulation. Choose a brand that consists of a non-toxic formula that prevents the formation of mildew, fungus, and mold. Such growth can lead to the rotting of the wood.

The best fence stain will protect your wood for a longer time with its formulation that’s safe for the wood and the environment.


Another vital factor to consider is how environment-friendly is your fence stain. Beware of components like volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Used in high concentrations, they are harmful to the environment as they release toxic vapor when you use them.

Compare brands and their percentage of VOC use in their fence stain. Pick the one that uses the minimum of such compounds. You will help the environment and yourself by making a wise choice.

Moreover, these fumes are also harmful to your pets. So, be careful when you choose a fence paint as it is related indirectly to the health of you and your loved ones.

What is Fence Stain And What Are The Benefits of Using It?

Fence stain is basically a polish for the wood in your fence. You may be wondering how it differs from a fence paint, well, there’s a basic difference. While paint sits on the surface of the wood, stain gets absorbed by the wood.

Thus, if you want to show the natural beauty of the wood, a stain can do so without hiding the grain of the wood. But not so with fence paint.

Now, let’s talk about why you should use a stain for your fence and the benefits you get from it.


It’s not enough to have a fence around your home. You need to safeguard this fence by putting a coat of stain on it. The fence stain will keep the wood protected and help to make it more durable.

Since natural wood has the tendency to rot or warp, it needs a veneer to protect itself.

Rot Prevention

A fence stain prevents water from seeping into the wood of the fence. If water is continuously entering your fence, it has a higher chance of rotting away within a short time. Fence protection like stain prevents this, thus helping you to maintain the look and health of the wood.

UV Damage Minimization

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can have a damaging effect on your fence. It can make the color of the fence faded and make it look shabby and worn out. This will have a detrimental effect on the overall look of your property. With a stain on your fence, such damage is minimized.

Split Prevention

If you’re living in areas with a harsh climate, you’ll see that water might get in between the fence and freeze there. This will ultimately result in the wood getting split and breaking away. With a coat of fence stain, water won’t get into crevices and cracks, thereby preventing wood splits.

Wood Grain Enhancement

Who doesn’t like the natural grain in the wood showing through! It’s part of the beauty of having a wooden fence around your home. If you apply fence stain, the natural beauty of your wooden fence will show through. This will impact the overall look of your house and may even increase its price!


This is the main benefit of staining the fence. The fence not only demarcates and protects your home, but it also adds to the looks of your home. Throughout harsh winters and summers, the fence is exposed to the elements. Staining it ensures it’s durable and maintains its fresh, good looks.

How To Apply It?

There are a few steps you should follow to get the finest results from staining your fence. It’s a simple and pleasant chore that’s almost meditative. At the end of it all, you’ll be proud of your work.

Step 1: Examine The Wood Meticulously

This is the basic step before going further on the project. Carefully check the fence for any nails, broken fence pieces or screws.

Since you need a smooth surface to stain, it’s better to get these annoying bits out of the way. That way, you won’t need to slow down your work.

If you bump in rough areas, use sandpaper to smoothen these. Make sure the entire fence is smooth for an immaculate outcome.

Step 2: Clean The Fence

Using a wood cleaner, wipe the fence to make sure the whole fence is clean. Keep in mind that you need to work apply the cleaner uniformly. While doing this part of the job, pay attention to the safety rules that come with the wood cleaner.

After you have thoroughly applied the cleaner on the fence, scour away all the debris using a mop or a brush with soft bristles. Now, leave the wood to be dried completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Staining

Use a hand-pumped stain sprayer or a roller or a brush to apply the stain. Whichever tool you use, just make sure the application is evenly done. No part of the fence should be left unstained.

You may notice some blotchy areas in the process. In that case, use a brush or roller to smoothen these out completely.

Step 4: Rest

You should allow the stain on the fence to settle down. This could last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Depending on the humidity of the area where you live, the stain will take time to be dry. Leave it undisturbed for at least a day for the finest results.

Now, you can admire your handiwork. However, remember to maintain your fence properly to make it last longer. It’s important to clean the fence at least once a year to keep it looking good and prevent rotting.

Fence Stain Or Paint: Which One To Choose

Both staining and painting the fence results in a more durable and better-looking fence. Moreover, your fence will be protected against wear and tear, rotting and getting infested by insects. However, if you must choose one over the other, it’s recommended to go for a stain.

1. Compatibility: Fences are made of wood and it absorbs stain much better than it does paint. The stain becomes faded as time goes by, not giving a worn look to your fence.

On the other hand, paint chips off the fence with parts of it peeling away. This gives a shabby and worn look. This happens more so in climates that are cold and harsh. Paints cannot sustain the exposure to such weather.

2. Aesthetic Look: If your fence is made from cedar, it won’t agree with paints. Paints prevent the cedar from breathing, thus reducing the longevity of your fence.

Also, stain requires a minimum primer as opposed to fence paint. Wood looks beautiful in its natural state and a fence stain retains its grain. Whereas, if you use paint on your wood, it covers the surface completely, hiding its natural beauty.

3. Price: Cost-wise, fence stains are cheaper compared to paints. However, you’ll need more stains than paint to cover the same area. Also, you’ll need several coats of paint, the case isn’t so with fence stain. Using good wood fence stains, you need only one coat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you notice dark patches on the fence after it gets wet, then chances are that the water is getting absorbed. This will rot your fence. Also, notice if there are any cracks in the fence. The water might have seeped through such cracks. So, dark patches show that it’s time for staining your fence. Another reason for water getting absorbed is if the stain or paint has worn off. If you think that the original color looks faded, then that’s also an indication to put on a new stain coat. Reference:
If your fence stain is composed of high-quality pigments, the color will stay on your fence longer. These are also better able to ward off harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Moreover, pigments of a good grade can withstand extended exposure to snow, rain and other types of harsh weather.
volatile organic compounds are harmful to the environment as they release toxic fumes. Such vapor also harms humans and animals alike. Hence, by choosing a low concentration of VOC in your fence stain, you are opting to help save the environment, yourself, and your near ones.
The natural cellulose content in the wooden fence gets oxidized due to exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. As a result, the fence turns grey. To prevent your fence from changing its natural color and rotting, use a clear fence paint or stain.
You can get either a water-based or an oil-based fence stain. If you choose the former, you’ll notice that it takes much less time to dry. Some of the water-based stains include very small amounts of zinc. This helps to prevent mildew and mold from forming on the wood. Water-based fence stains are non-flammable and will not give out any toxic fumes. Some of them will last longer than oil-based stains. However, water-based stains need a proper primer of the fence before you can apply it. Oil-based stain types are easier to apply and give a smoother finish. They also go deeper into the fence and preserve it well. Such stains take up to two days to dry. Plus, they are flammable and give out toxic fumes, thus requires caution. Moreover, mold likes to feed on oil-based stains.
Fence paint sticks on the surface of the fence, whereas fence stain gets absorbed by the wood. A stain is much thinner than paint and can be applied with a sprayer. You need a roller or brush to apply paint. Moreover, your fence needs a coat of primer before you apply paint. On the other hand, you just need a good wood cleaner to clean the fence before you stain it. It requires minimal cleaning.

Final Words

The fence around our house is sometimes taken for granted. Many of us tend to take more care of how the interior of our home looks, rather than the exterior. We forget that the fence is one of the key parts of a house and can create an impression about the home and its owners.

Spotlessly clean fences are a delight to look at. But it doesn’t come automatically. We need to maintain it and ensure there’s a coat of the best fence stain on it. Only then we can be assured of the durability of the wood.

With a fence stain, we prevent the wood from rotting, giving it a chipped look over time, and keep away the formation of mold and fungus. Moreover, the fence stain repels the ultraviolet rays, thus maintaining the stain color for a longer time.

We tried to give you the upshot of many customer reviews about the different brands available. We hope you can make an informed decision before buying a fence stain.


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