The Best Farm Jack: 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

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These farm jacks have dozens of uses other than the main ones – changing tires, lifting vehicles, and clamping together broken parts.

It comes in handy when you need to lift your vehicle for tire replacement or repair. More conveniently, you can use it to winch your SUV, uproot tree stumps, lift heavy agricultural machinery, and pull up fence posts.

For an avid off-roader, lack of a high-lift jack may turn a blissful day into a miserable night in the wilderness. And for farmers, lack of this essential asset means that some work will undoubtedly have to wait or get done in the hard way.

If you don’t have a prior idea on which Farm Jack you’re supposed to buy, here are some tips that will help you.

You will find a detailed explanation of each of them in our buyer’s guide later in this post.

Tips For Chosing A Farm Jack

Off-road adventurers and seasoned farmers will, therefore, find the farm jack an inevitable inclusion to their tool assembly. But any ordinary farm jack will not accomplish the work at hand. You need the best farm jack and an array of accessories.

Now, with so many models available to choose from, making the right choice is a daunting task. You’ll need to look at individual features and specifications.

Such a mission may take you weeks or months, so we came to your rescue. In this article, we have compiled the finest sheepherder’s jack reviews and all the information you need to know about this tool.

Let’s not waste any more time, and start crawling through our TOP5 Farm Jack.

TOP 5 Selection – For A Quick Decision

Our TOP 5 Selection

Any of these 5 farm jacks will satisfy your needs, and each of them has some particularity that you might love as we did.

Our comparison table and our detailed product reviews coming later in this post will help further making the right choice.

Image Product Name Why We Love It
Hi-Lift HL 484 Black Cast and Steel Jack Hi-Lift Jack HL484 Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jack Lightweight design that is easy to operate
Torin Big Red Ratcheting Off Road / Utility Farm Jack BIG RED Torin Ratcheting Off Road Utility Farm Jack It easily slips off when you need it
Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack – 54″ Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack – 54″ Easy to use and store
Alltrade 640181 2 Ton PB Trolley Jack Alltrade 640181 2 Ton PB Trolley Jack Reasonably priced and excellent quality
Maasdam 1130-10 Farm Jack Maasdam 1130-10 Farm Jack The large base makes it stable

Our TOP 5 Comparison Table

The products in our selection of 5 best farm jacks are compared in the table below across key dimensions. These key dimensions are detailed further in our buyer’s guide below in this post.

You find also additional information in our detailed product reviews later in this post.

Product Safety Lifting Speed Capacity Pricing More Info
Hi-Lift Jack HL484 Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jack shear bolt incorporated (no info available) 7,000 lbs $87-$93 Detailed Review
BIG RED Torin Ratcheting Off Road Utility Farm Jack meets ASME B30.1 standards Fast lifting mechanism 6,000 lbs $77 Detailed Review
Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack – 54″ (no info available) (no info available) 4,660 lbs $67.75-$70 Detailed Review
Alltrade 640181 2 Ton PB Trolley Jack (no info available) (no info available) 4,000 lbs $54.35-$59.58 Detailed Review
Maasdam 1130-10 Farm Jack patented “Safety Link” mechanism (no info available) 8,000 lbs $116.14-$122.53 Detailed Review

Let’s now dig further in the details of each model selected.

Top 12 Best Farm Jack Reviews in 2020

1. Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack

The high quality materials, together with the rugged finish, improve the durability of this device.

It is impossible to talk about farm jacks without mentioning one or two products from Hi-Lift. It is a reputable company with a variety of high quality and dependable jacks. The Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack is one of the most popular models from the company.

First things first, the dependable HL484 is a high quality jack built to serve you for many years. It’s made from a blend of cast iron along with four powerful carved steel components.

The high quality materials, together with the rugged finish, improve the durability of this device.

Talk about versatility and the hi-lift jack hl484 comes first. Owning this tool helps you in situations that may require pushing, clamping, winching, pulling, and lifting. It will help you out when called upon.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight design that is easy to operate.
  • It features a durable and reliable two-piece handle design.
  • It features a lifting capacity of 7,000 pounds.
  • Versatile and ideal for emergency farming and off-roading situations.


Most often than not, you think of a jack being too bulky and heavyweight. You are wrong. The high-lift jack hl484 is incredibly lightweight, a feature that makes it easy to operate.

A zinc-plated winch connector clamp at the top further enhances ease of use, particularly when you need to winch.

If its considerably lightweight feature worries you, then you are deceived. The piece of equipment was a weight capacity of 7,000 pounds. The rated load capacity is sufficient for nearly every farm or outdoor initiative.

While it has massive weight capacity, it won’t break or bend in case of a higher load. Instead, the shear bolt, incorporated in the unit,gives way when you unknowingly use it on loads above its capacity. Such a feature improves your safety and also protects your device.

2. Torin Big Red Ratcheting Off Road / Utility Farm Jack

These applications make the device ideal for your farm or off-road emergency needs.

Torin is a big brand when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality mechanical tools. The Torin Big Red Ratcheting Off-Road / Utility Farm Jack is no exception. It is as versatile as it is creatively designed.

This utility high lift farm jack is a remarkable piece of equipment ideal for lifting, spreading, pulling, and clamping applications. It is a good rescue and emergency tool. These applications make the device ideal for your farm or off-road emergency needs.

More interestingly, the multidimensional feature of the Big Red comes in handy. You can use it vertically or horizontally. It’s upon you to decide.

It is a typical 48″ jack. However, the lifting height ranges from 5.12 inches to a massive 40 inches, which is a suitable range for a variety of applications. More interestingly, it has a lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds. That is about 3 tons!

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty construction maximizes the tool’s durability.
  • The top clamp clevis is adjustable for easy clamping.
  • It features a broad base for extra stability.
  • It easily slips off when you need it.
  • The rubberized handle ensures comfort and a stronger grip.


The Torino Big Red is one of the most durable jacks in the market, thanks to the manufacturer’s selection of materials. Integral components including the socket handle feature heavy-duty forged steel construction. The other parts of the device are made from high tensile strength, high yield forged iron castings.

The tool is easy to use and comfortable. It slips off effortlessly for use when you need it. Moreover, it has rubber cover on the handle grip which facilitates maximum comfort and stronger grip.

The whole system is amazingly stable, thanks to the heavily ribbed base and inclusion of strap point locations for extra stability and strength.

3. Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack – 54″

The unit, therefore, delivers dependably under extremely unusual conditions.

Are you looking for one of the best high lift jack? Think Smittybilt! The company proves why they are an over 60-year old reputable brand in the manufacturing of high-quality power and mechanical tools.

The Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack is a tool of choice for farmers and ardent off-roaders alike. It features a large base which ensures that the jack sits stably on the ground with or without the stability enhancer known as the base plate.

We can bet on the advance versatility features of this mechanical tool. On every ground, the engineering of the machine meets the high industry standards. It matches the OE durability form, fit, and function.

It further features a solid cast steel construction with a durable powder coat finish. Well, this only proves that the Smittybilt equipment is resistant to corrosion. Moreover, every hardware is zinc plated. The unit, therefore, delivers dependably under extremely unusual conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • The large base improves stability on various surfaces.
  • It features a 4660 pounds weight capacity rating.
  • It has a removable handle making it portable and easy to store.
  • It is a 54″ Jack with incredible lifting height.
  • Easy to use and store.


Commonly called the Trail Jack, this robust tool is 54″ tall. It, therefore, has a higher lifting height. The feature makes it versatile for a wide range of uses.

It will conveniently raise SUVs with higher bases like the Jeep. At 4660 pounds weight capacity, this mechanical machine will lift, pull, or push any machinery at your disposal.

The Jack Trail is the best farm jack for off-roaders. However, with a combination of the right accessories, the device will prove useful in a range of situations. Well, it is impossible to ignore the Smittybilt 2722 model.

4. Alltrade 640181 2 Ton PB Trolley Jack

For a considerably low price, you get to enjoy the services of a sturdy and versatile jack.

You don’t have to break the bank for a perfect jack, thanks to Alltrade. The company ensures that you have a perfectly functional jack at an astonishingly favorable price. So, if you are working on a budget, then the Alltrade 640181 2 Ton PB Trolley Jack is what you need.

While it is true that the device comes at a stunningly reasonable price, its performance is superb. For a considerably low price, you get to enjoy the services of a sturdy and versatile jack.

Positioning jacks is one of the most challenging exercises during repairs and emergencies. However, that cannot be said about this Alltrade device. It features two pairs of swivel casters. The casters turn 360° and will quickly get to the best position.

Well, the jack is ideal for changing tires and lifting your car for repairs. With a lifting range of slightly over 5 inches to 13 inches, this is a perfect tool for low base vehicles.

Highlighted Features

  • The 360° swivel casters enable easy positioning.
  • Lightweight design is easy to store, carry, and operate.
  • It has a lifting range of up to 13 inches.
  • Reasonably priced and excellent quality.


It has a load capacity of 2 tons. That’s not so bad for a jack designed for small cars. More conveniently, you will find it handy for a range of situations that involve lifting.

Unlike the heavy designs available for sale, the Alltrade trolley jack has an incredibly lightweight design. This feature makes it easy to store, position and carry.

5. Maasdam 1130-10 Farm Jack

A powder coat finish prevents rust and improves durability

While it’s a fact that a high lift farm jack is a tool of convenience, it is as well a tool for emergencies. Maasdam knows this reasonably well, hence the Maasdam 1130-10 Farm Jack. It is stable, safe, and portable. The device is, therefore, ideal for emergencies.

To start with, it’s needless buying a piece of equipment that you cannot use. Well, the Maasdam 1130-10 is easy to use. The kit comes with a user manual that is easy to read and understand. Newbie jack users will have no trouble using it.

High lift farm jacks are often bulky and difficult to carry and store. Well, this Maasdam device is different from the rest. It is compact and considerably lightweight. More importantly, it features a steel handle that perfectly locks against the jack’s beam; these features make the tool easy to store.

The 48-inch device has a weight capacity of 4 tons, making it ideal for a range of lifting, pulling, spreading, and clamping jobs. Imagine what a staggering 8,000-lb carrying capacity can do!

Highlighted Features

  • The device is easy to use and store.
  • A broad base improves stability on all surfaces.
  • A powder coat finish prevents rust and improves durability.
  • The large base makes it stable.
  • It has a massive 8000 lbs. load capacity.


Another vital feature is the tool’s large base. Look, most often than not, jacks come to rescue in very unforgiving terrains. You’ll find the large base ideal as it stabilizes the farm jack. It improves stability and will come in handy in uneven terrains.

It doesn’t stop there! The device is durable and built to last. It is a cast jack made made from cast materials which is an excellent show of strength and durability. The powder coat finish prevents rust and gives the tool a sleek look.

It is also essential to state that this jack features a patented “Safety Link” mechanism. The feature prevents the device from misuse and abuse. So, you will be safer while using the jack.

6. Hi-Lift Jack HL604 60″ Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

The rugged equipment puts you in command of any situations that require pulling, lifting, and pushing.

Another Hi-Lift machine that makes is to the list is the Hi-Lift Jack HL604 Jack. In the device, Hi-Lift proves why they are a 100-year old reputed brand. The 60-inch device is strong, durable, and stable.

The device has impressive versatility. The rugged equipment puts you in command of any situations that require pulling, lifting, and pushing. A top winch connector clamp further enhances the versatility of the equipment. The inclusion makes the jack a reliable winching and clamping tool.

The construction of the entire jack consists of high tensile steel and iron cast components. These are the actual features of a durable and reliable lifting machine. The 2-piece handle and socket are equally durable. Any farmer or passionate off-roader will find the jack worth what it costs.

Are you looking for a tall high lift farm jack?

Highlighted Features

  • It has a massive 7,000 lbs. rating.
  • Comes with a top winch connector clamp to improve versatility.
  • The system is equipped with a shear bolt.
  • Easy to operate and store.
  • It features cast parts, hence durable.


Well, Hi-Lift HL604 is your ultimate choice. At 60 inches, the Hi-Lift device is not only tall but also features a more extended lifting height than most jacks of the same price and quality. The feature makes it a useful lifting tool when the height is a consideration.

The system is not all about height and durability with no performance. The heavy-duty tool has a rating of 7,000 lbs. and does well with most applications. Moreover, it has safe-use information stickers and operation instructions on the handle.

Finally, it is less likely that you have a piece of machinery that will overload this tool. However, the manufacturer takes no chances. The high lift farm jack has a shear bolt to guard against overload.

7. FDW Off Truck Tractor SUV Ratcheting Farm Jack

The versatility makes it a tool of choice for farmers and off-roaders.

FDW is a renowned company when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality power and mechanical tools. They don’t disappoint with the FDW Ratcheting Farm Jack.

The piece of equipment is a vital tool for tractor, SUV, and truck repairs. It is superbly versatile and comes in handy for winching, pulling, pushing, lifting, and clamping operations. The versatility makes it a tool of choice for farmers and off-roaders.

The heavy-duty tool features all-solid steel construction. All parts have a powder coat finish for protection against rust and scratches. Thus, there’s certainly no way that investing in this durable high lift farm jack is something that you may regret.

With a height of 48 inches and a 7,000-lb weight capacity rating, this tool is ideal for lifting heavy trucks, tractors, and SUVs with high bases. Again, the device is a reliable winch. Farmers will also find the height and strength suitable for pulling posts and stretching fences. Moreover, it is a great recovery tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Ratcheting design makes lowering and raising a breeze.
  • It features a 7,000-lb weight capacity making it suitable for heavy loads.
  • Features an all-solid steel construction, hence built to last.
  • Highly versatile, thanks to the 48-inch height.
  • A large base improves stability.


You’ll love the fact that the FDW product is one of the easiest jacks to operate, thanks to the ratcheting design. The distinctive design makes the tool easy to lower and raise.

It is also worth highlighting that this piece of equipment boasts of a considerably large base.  You will be glad to enjoy the stability that comes with this workhorse.

8. BUNKER INDUST High Lift Farm Jack

It features a combination of cast iron and all-steel construction; there is probably no stronger jack than this product.

BUNKER INDUST is not a new company in the market. And they show their prowess in the BUNKER INDUST High Lift Farm Jack. The tool is an essential addition to your selection of devices as a farmer or outdoor adventurer.

It features a combination of cast iron and all-steel construction; there is probably no stronger jack than this product. The structure is sturdy and solid, and it will keep its shape despite continuous use.

Furthermore, it features a powder-coated finish to prevent corrosion. You’ll also love the strength and longevity of the high-quality, rugged base construction.

Ideally, a versatile jack must be compatible with a variety of accessories. The BUNKER INDUST passes this test. It comes with a winch connector clamp which makes the jack an excellent tool for winching, spreading, and clamping.

Highlighted Features

  • A high lifting range of between 6″ and 42 inches.
  • Robust construction ensures that the jack is durable.
  • It features an adjustable top clamp/winch clevis.
  • It has a hole in the middle of the base for easy storage.
  • It features a spring-loaded pin for accurate height adjustment.


Its versatility doesn’t stop there. You can achieve beyond the imaginable with this 48-inch, 7,000-pound rated high lift capacity farm jack. You will find this particular device useful as an emergency rescue tool, for farm-related purposes, and on all-terrain automobiles.

Well, not many jacks are as accurate as this tool. The farm and recovery device features a spring-loaded pin for unrivaled adjustability. Using a quick-release mechanism, you have the convenience of setting a preferred height in any situation.

The construction of the jack base features a design that cushions the device from sinking on soft surfaces.

The serrated teeth on one side of the bottom give you a tool you can conveniently use for scraping harder surfaces. It facilitates a clean, even terrain while setting up your base. Additionally, the bottom has a hole in the center for efficient storage.

9. Reese Towpower 7033400 48″ Farm Jack

It is a perfect high lift for 4X4 and high suspension vehicles.

If you are looking for a farm jack that will reliably lift your 4X4 and do a couple of other farm jobs, then the Reese Towpower 7033400 Farm Jack is what you are looking for.

The company has been in the industry for many years, and they deliver what they promise. It is arguably the finest quality mechanical device in the market today, based on its ultra-durability and unquestionable reliability. The tool features a 36-inch long handle. Such a long handle enhances usability.

Most people do not like high lift capacity jacks not because they don’t need them, but because farm jacks are human-powered and require human resources to operate. Using the Reese Towpower tool requires less human energy, thanks to the long handle.

Again, unlike most tools of its class, this piece of equipment features a removable handle. The jack is, therefore, easy to store and carry along to your trips.

Highlighted Features

  • A 36-inch long handle is easy and efficient to use.
  • All steel construction for reliability and longevity.
  • 7,000-pound weight capacity facilitates versatile uses.
  • Compatible with a range of accessories.
  • It is a perfect high lift for 4X4 and high suspension vehicles.


The 7,000 lbs. rated jack is a versatile device. It is an excellent tool for pulling, lifting, spreading, and clamping. While the machine is well-suited for a range of applications on your 4X4 and vehicles with higher suspensions, you can confidently try it on anything that requires the applications mentioned above.

Lastly, the Reese Towpower features an ultra-durable all-steel construction. You can, therefore, rest assured that the device will reliably withstand abuse and high-use for a long time.

10. JEGS Performance Products 81090 High Lift Jack

If you want a high lift farm jack that satisfies all your needs at a favorable budget, then this is the apt choice.

Best Farm Jack - JEGS Performance Products 81090 High Lift Jack

Hey, this is a case of saving the finest for the last! JEGS Performance delivers more than it promises. The 81090 High Lift Jack is versatile, durable, sturdy, and sleek to say but a few.

More importantly, if you want a high lift farm jack that satisfies all your needs at a favorable budget, then this is the apt choice. The jack comes at half the price of hi-lifts with similar qualities. Still, it remains one of the most reliable farm jacks you will find on the market today.

The 3-ton capacity farm jack is an excellent piece of equipment. It will come in handy when you need to pull posts or poles, to clamp, and to spread. That feature comes in handy for farmers.

On the other hand, off-roaders will find it vital for lifting purposes during repairs and change of tires, thanks to the elaborate lifting range. The minimum lifting range is 6″ while the maximum lifting range is 48″. Such a feature improves versatility as you can achieve a lot of heights in between.

Highlighted Features

  • Large base for sufficient stability.
  • The 32-inch long handle is easy to use.
  • Versatile and ideal for both farmers and ardent off-roaders.
  • Favorably priced for such a high-end product.
  • It has a high lifting range of between 6″ and 40″ inches.


Many people invest in high-end lifting devices only to leave them in stores accumulating dust and rust. Why? because using the device is a hassle. Well, this can’t be said about the Jegs High Lift Jack. It features a 32″ handle which is easy to crank.

There’s no doubt that this is the best quality farm jack you’ll find. This device has a remarkably large base. At 7″ by 4″, it holds well in all situations. The base prevents the device from sinking in sandy and muddy surfaces.

Farm Jack: Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a top-class high lift jack is an overwhelming mission. It is even more challenging if you do not have the information about what you need.

In this section, we take you through the most critical factors that you need to look for when shopping for the best farm jacks. While all these factors are crucial, take your time and prioritize what you think most suits your needs.

Let’s go!

Types Of Materials/Durability

Whether you intend to use your jack to lift or pull objects, there’s a considerable amount of strain that will be put on it. Therefore, it better be strong to sustain the pressure and to enable prolonged use.

A high lift farm jack is certainly not the first mechanical piece of equipment that you will be buying. The materials used directly impact the lifespan and the strength of your jack, as with any other mechanical tools. You don’t want a device that will snap or bend at the weight of your farm tractor.

Any jack made from cast materials is a good pick. They hold a lot better against a truckload of strain and will last for a long time. Farm jacks molded together through hammering or those with several welded parts may snap or bend with consistent use.

Most often than not, all-cast iron and cast high-grade steel make the finest jacks. If your mission includes hauling and lifting of heavy machinery, then consider high lifts made from cast materials.


Is price a factor to consider before shopping for any device?

Well, the current economic time demands that before you purchase anything, you must have a budget. How much are you willing to spend?

You need to set a budget for this essential piece of equipment. Take note of the highest amount you are willing to spend. At the same time, it is ideal that you don’t go too low.

But why a budget?

Firstly, a budget helps you to spend within your means. With a budget, you won’t spend more than the allocation. Well, a well-balanced farm jack neither comes too cheap nor at a bank-breaking expenditure.

Secondly, setting a budget helps you to narrow down to the options within the budget range. As you search, narrow down your options based on your allocation.

Lift Capacity

Another critical factor to consider when shopping for a high lift jack is the lift capacity. Often, in this context it is the highest quantity of weight the device can sustain.

Look, the primary function of sheepherder’s jacks is to lift the weight, but how much can your jack of choice lift?

When shopping for a jack, make sure you have a rough idea of the weight of implements, vehicles, and farm machinery that the device will at one point lift. At the minimum, go for the best farm jacks that can comfortably handle the most critical machinery or equipment at your disposal.

But what would happen if you opted for a high lift farm jack that has a much higher capacity than any machinery in your farm or garage?

It is better of course if your equipment of choice can carry heavier loads than the weight of any single machinery in your garage or farm.

Lifting Height And Lifting Range

A high lift farm jack ordinarily has a length of between 48-60 inches, save for the extra short models. However, this does not necessarily mean it will go up the entire range. Think about how high you may want to lift your load.

Most off-road vehicles are incredibly high. Such cases warrant you to consider a high lift jack with the tallest lifting height. Jacks with longer heights will help you in a range of situations. On the downside, the higher up you go, the less stable the whole system becomes.

Just like the lifting capacity, there is no universal lifting range for all high lift jacks.  Every farm jack model has a unique lifting range. If you intend to use the jack for any particular purpose that may need a higher range, then you will need to consider choosing a design with a taller lifting height.

Lifting Speed

Ordinarily, most jacks require between 8 to 10 strokes of the lever to attain their full height. However, some models reach their full height faster. These will take between 3 to 6 strokes. Should you require such a lifting speed, consider a model with at least two lifting positions.

A faster jack helps you to achieve your mission faster. But it is essential to understand that whatever speed you intend to achieve, the device uses human power to function.

The Handle

Why the handle? That’s the most likely question on your lips right now. Well, to operate the farm jack, you will certainly have to use the handle. Especially when raising or lowering your load, which is the primary function of the tool.

You not only need a heavy duty jack but also need one that has a solid handle. Such handle guarantees continuous use for many years. The construction of the handle socket is also something you may need to consider.

Well, devices with low-quality handles will also do the work perfectly. However, they will become rusty with time and when they do, the chance of breaking increases. Ensure that the high lift jack you choose is not only sturdy but also has a handle made from high quality materials.

Clevis Or Clamp Attachment

If you’ve used a farm jack, then you are familiar with the triangular piece or a loop at the top of the jack. The sole aim of this spot is for chain attachment during winching or pulling.

Choose a device with a defined spot and not a thin loop that will succumb to weights during winching. Again, if this spot is too small, attaching a chain will prove complicated. It is juicier if this spot can also work as the other end of a clamp. So, choose a tool with a heavy-duty locking mechanism.

Comfort, Safety And Ease Of Use 

Do not go for a tool that you can’t use. An easy to use tool has multi-directional properties that allow vertical and horizontal use. Such a feature necessitates easy pulling, winching, spreading, lifting and clamping.

Well, lifting machines with shear bolts are safer. Instead of succumbing to load in cases of overload, the shear bolt gives way, and it collapses. Such a feature enhances safety and reduces any chances of damaging the device.

Finally, an easy to handle jack is one that you operate by continuously pulling the handle up and down. Be wary of jacks that you operate by twisting the handle.


Manufacturers provide product descriptions to sell. However, they never provide any demerits, which almost amount to hard-selling. It is ideal to consider reading through customer reviews to know precisely how the device you intend to buy performs in various situations

There are dozens of new for sale that do not have any customer reviews. That doesn’t mean they are trash. Do yourself due diligence by reading reviews from professional review blogs and websites like this one.

However, whichever the case, be wary of sponsored reviews! Most of them exhibit bias and lack of professionalism.

With that information, you are good to read through the reviews of the bes farm jacks on the market today!

Benefits Of Using Farm Jack

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment available for farming and off-road use is the farm jack. It works in favor of users in the following ways-


Are you stuck in the mud and you have a high lift farm jack?

You don’t have to worry, as you can use the farm jack to pull yourself out of dirt rather than wait for a winch miles away. The device is a good piece of winching accessory.

The suction cup effect is something we are all familiar with. Clear the mud to free the wheel and proceed to provide leverage using your jack. Of course, you’ll need other accessories like a couple of hauling chains/cords and an anchorage, to mention a few.

Lifting Heavy Farm Machinery And SUVs For Repair Or Tyre Replacement

The high lift jack has a higher lifting range than ordinary jacks. Again, not many types of jacks are as strong as the farm jack. The exciting combination of features makes it possible for these devices to lift heavy machinery for the desired heights.

However, it is imperative to choose the right farm jack for this mission. Take note of the lifting rang, weight capacity, and ease of use, among other factors.

Other Uses

Look, these devices have an endless list of uses. Some other vital applications of high lifts include use as an emergency extrication spreader, axle retainer, and to break tire bead, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The name farm jack is often confusing. In fact, most people think that it is only a tool for farm operations. Yes, the device is an excellent solution for a myriad of farming missions. However, the device is also a decent tool for a variety of other operations. You can use it when you need a tire replacement and for repairing the vehicle outside your farmyard. For its versatile uses, it is an expedient device to keep in the shop, garage, home, and workshop.
Well, this is a complicated question. And while the answer is both yes and no, it is essential to reiterate that the cost of a farm jack does not solely influence the quality of the product. You are likely to find reasonably priced high lifts without breaking the bank. What directly influences the quality of the device you intend to purchase is its features. Again, depending on the cost of production and customer interests, most reputed manufacturers will reasonably price their products.
Let's be honest! One of the challenges that come with owning a high lift farm jack is an ideal place for storing the device. When not in use, the best place to store the equipment is an aerated space out of weather elements. Where do you place it when traveling? Land rovers, Jeeps and other SUVs have a convenient attachment for roof racks at the back. You can, however, use your roof rack or any available space in your boot to keep it stored when you are on the move. Either way, keep the reversing latch positioned upwards and the handle locked against the standard bar.
Yes! While most jacks have a rust-resistant finish, it is recommended that you use lubricants regularly. Using lubricants keeps off any binding. Moreover, oils make the ratcheting mechanism move smoothly. When you think that you need to lube the ratcheting mechanism device, make sure to use a light oil. Alternatively, use a silicone lubricant. Lube all movable parts including springs, pins, the bar, and shear bolt for devices.
The chances are that your farm jack will often come back dirty. The first thing that you must do is to give the device a thorough cleaning and let it dry up before you store it. Scrub using a stiff brush to remove any hard debris and blow compressed air to blast off the crud.
Occasionally, the load may lift unevenly. In such a case, the maximum stroke length of most farm jacks is 100 mm. Every jack conveniently shuts off with the help of a cock valve and make adjustments as they lift heavier weights.
Yes! Farm jacks are incredibly easy to use. Once you understand the operation principles, you are good to go. But allow yourself some time to learn the procedure and cautions first. There's certainly enough information in the manufacturer's instructions to get you started. You can also do due diligence by watching video clips on the manufacturer's website.
Like every other mechanical tool, durability depends on construction materials, maintenance, and workload. However, the best farm jack models should serve you for a minimum of 10 years. Consider a jack with heavy-duty cast materials and elaborate maintenance instruments. If you routinely clean and maintain your jack and all its accessories, then you can rest assured of many years of service.
Always take note of the weight capacity rating of your jack and try not to exceed it. Rather, try to underutilize the weight. However, there are many models without a load rating. Some of these devices without a load rating may withstand a slight overload while most of them will get damaged entirely with the slightest of overload. Go for a jack with a rating capacity, and keep your operations slightly below the weight limit.
It is a human-powered tool that makes use of a ratcheting system to lift, pull, clamp, and winch loads. Since they feature tall designs, they can raise loads to extremely higher heights that are impossible for other types of jacks to achieve.

Final Words

High lift farm jacks are incredibly simple tools. However, they are vital in farming and recovery operations. The application of jacks goes beyond farm use alone. In fact, apart from the standard benefits, road engineers and site contractors find this tool a must-have.

They also have multiple applications in the garage and for evacuation and recovery during accidents. They can also be used as a winch sometimes. However, none but only the best farm jack will meet your diverse needs.

In a mission to help you identify the right equipment, this article brings together all the pieces of information that you may need. It compiles the finest models that are leading the market right now.

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