Top 10 Best Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner System Reviews 2019

Did you know that in 2015, the amount of energy that residential buildings spent on heating and cooling was around 39.1% of the total energy they used? That’s quite high considering that there are numerous other ways in which homeowners spend electrical energy.

One effective way of reducing your spending on heating and cooling is to install the best ductless air conditioner.

A ductless ac is special in a couple of ways, including being easier to install, more aesthetically appealing, quieter, and less expensive than the typical window-mounted air conditioner.

In this post, we will review the 10 best-quality ductless mini air conditioners on the market and delve into a couple more things like what to consider when buying.

Follow along, folks.

Why Ductless Air Conditioner?

The most obvious reason why you need a ductless mini split is to cool down your home. But, some units incorporate a heating system so that when it’s too cold, your home is livened up with some warm air.

Here is a summary of other reasons why getting  ductless Air Conditioner is a great idea:

  • Energy efficiency – a ductless AC consumes much lower power than an ordinary central unit, and therefore you’re likely to pay less money in energy bills. And remember, using less energy is good for the environment.
  • Increased comfort due to the reduced noise.
  • Easier to install.

Top 10 Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Reviews 2019

1. PIONEER WYS Series Air Conditioner

When shopping for the most efficient mini split, there are three extremely important parameters you need to think about – the BTU, the SEER, and the HSPF. In a nutshell, these parameters define the efficiency of the air conditioner.

The higher the SEER and the HSPF, the better greater the efficiency. BTU that is between 10000 and 36000 is okay depending on the size of the room.

Now, the PIONEER WYS has a SEER of 17.5, which is well above the minimum required (13 SEER). With 17.5 SEER and operating at 12000 BTU, the cooling system of this AC is not only very efficient at what it does but also able to save energy, thus reducing your power bills.

A most amazing fact about this unit is that it comes with both a heating element and a cooling element. Therefore, you’re able to set your house’s temperature based on the season and/or your preferences. And for that, there’s no need of purchasing a thermostat.

The heating efficiency of this machine is also quite high, with a BTU of 11800 and an HSPF ratio of 9. What does that imply? Lower power is spent yet the effectiveness is high.

The PIONEER WYS is about comfort and convenience, and for that, it comes with remote control, so that you can just set your preferred temperature from the comfort of your couch. The remote control features an LCD screen for ease of use.

Note that the PIONEER WYS requires a voltage of 208/230 to work. If your outlet has less, e.g., 120, consider getting a voltage converter.

Highlighted features:

  • A SEER of 17.5  for energy efficiency
  • A BTU of 12000 for the cooling system and 11800 for the heating system
  • An HSPF of 9.0
  • check
    Temperature setting ranging between 32 and 122 °F
  • check
    Remote control with LCD
  • check
    Comparatively inexpensive

2. Senville SENL-18CD Split Air Conditioner

One of the reasons why people are going for mini splits is the fact that unlike central air conditioners, they are quiet, allowing you to sleep or relax pleasantly. If you relate, then the Senville SENL-18CD is perfect for you.

This device is super quiet; you will hardly hear it even when you tune your ear to listen to it.

A unique aspect about this Senville HVAC system is the power it holds to heat or cool your room. Even if the temperatures are on the negative side of the scale, you can still warm up your space with the unit’s thermostat.

With a SEER of 15, the capability of the cooling system to save energy is quite good, making the unit a good option if you look to spend less on energy.

One of the items needed to make a connection between the indoor and the outdoor units during the installation is the copper wires. With this AC set, you don’t have to waste time or money getting copper wires. There’s a 16-foot line included in the package.

It seems the manufacturer considered the ease of use greatly when creating this unit. In that regard, the Senville SENL-18CD comes with remote control.

Highlighted features:

  • 15 SEER
  • 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • 16-foot copper wire included
  • check
    Remote control
  • check
    18000 BTU cooling system
  • check
    Needs 220V power

3. MRCOOL DIY 24K Mini-Split

The MRCOOL DIY 24K is for those who seek unmatched ease of use coupled up with the latest advances in technology. Let’s shed some light on this.

For ease of installation, the unit comes with handy videos that take you through the installation process step by step. Moreover, the unit ensures you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting wires for creating a connection between outdoor and the indoor parts. On that note, there’s a communication wire and a 25-foot quick-connect line.

If you love working with the latest technology, this point should interest you – there’s a WIFI connector that allows you to control the settings from your phone.

This is even better than a remote control because you can set up the temperatures from outside the room, as long as you’re within the WIFI’s reach. What’s more, this functionality is supported on both iOS and Android.

In the event that there’s a power outage, some systems have to be set up all over again, and this might not be very convenient. What makes this MRCOOL ac special is that in case there’s an outage, the system restarts automatically.

The MRCOOL DIY 24K is superior when it comes to protecting the vital internal components. How so? If there’s a refrigerant leak, it gets detected,and an alarm goes off, so you can fix the unit promptly to protect the compressor from damage. This is one of the incredible ways in which the machine shields you, the user, from incurring losses from repairs.

Highlighted features:

  • 24000 cooling BTU
  • 7 years warranty for the compressor and 5 years for the other parts
  • Smartphone control via WIFI
  • check
    Leak detection and alarm
  • check
    System restarts automatically after a power outage

4. Senville Mini Split Air Conditioner

Whether you need the best split air conditioner for your home or office, getting the Senville Mini Split is a great move for a couple of reasons.

To start with, the split ac unit is super quiet with the Whisper Technology for silent operation. This especially makes the unit ideal for bedrooms where some peace and quiet is needed for a good sleep, and for an office, where maximum concentration is needed for productivity.

Another awesome feature is the sleek design of the interior unit. If you want something truly elegant, then you will be pleased to know that the mini split excellently matches most decors.

Want to save money on your energy bills? You will be glad to know this – okay, heard of the Energy Star? It’s run by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and one of its duties is to certify companies/products that promote energy efficiency.

Where are we headed with this? Here’s the deal – the Senville Mini Split is certified by the Energy Star, and you know why? Well, because the product is great when it comes to saving electrical power. Therefore, it’d be a great selection if you want to realize a substantial cut on your spending on heating and cooling.

Finally, thismini splithas a cooling BTU of 24000, meaning it has the ability to regulate the temperature of a large room with an area of up to 1500 sq. ft.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable
  • 7 years warranty for the compressor and 3 years warranty for the other parts
  • Whisper Technology for a silent operation
  • check
    Attractive design
  • check
    Easy to install
  • check
    Free 16-foot copper line set
  • check
    Certified by the Energy Star for efficient energy use
  • check
    Highly reliable customer support

5. DuctlessAire24000 BTU Mini Split

We could never exhaust the efficiency features of the DuctlessAire Mini Split. This machine is simply built to provide you with all the air conditioning power you need while helping you save on your energy bills.

Let’s talk a little about its filter. As researchers, we have come across several types of filters, but when we hear that a certain piece of equipment uses the HEPA filtering system, we know just how worthy it is. This is definitely one of the aspects that make this DuctlessAireac special.

With HEPA filters, this split air conditioner is able to lock out the dust efficiently and ensure that only super clean air gets in, and once it is heated or cooled, the same clean air gets released.

That helps in two ways. First, it’s a great stride towards achieving better health for the dwellers of the room. Again, by preventing the entry of dust, the internal components stay safe,and this helps you minimize your spending on repairs.

With other ductless ACs, if the filters are too dirty, you have to replace them,but with this DuctlessAiresplit system, the filters are washable, thus reducing your spending on that.

The DuctlessAire Mini Split is a 20.5 SEER. Thisbasically means it has a good capacity to save on energy use. And as proof of the power-saving efficiency, this mini split has certification from the Energy Star.

If you need a quiet ductless AC with auto restart and self-diagnosis, go for it.

Highlighted features:

  • 20.5 SEER with Energy Star certification
  • Whisper Technology for quietness
  • Auto restart after an outage
  • check
    Refrigerant leak detection and other self-diagnosis functions
  • check
  • check
    HEPA filters

6. PIONEER WYS018GMFI22RL Mini Split

Whether you need something that can heat or cool your room in the midst of extreme temperatures, you could never go wrong with the PIONEER WYS018GMFI22RL Mini Split.

This ductless AC is highly efficient with a heating capacity of 18000 BTU anda cooling capacity of 18000 BTU.

And it’s not just about supplying you with all the air conditioning or heating power you need; this machine is also about helping you save on energy bills. With regards to that, the cooling element has an efficiency of 22.5, which is quite high and truly excellent, The heating element features an efficiency of 10.0, which is also perfect.

You know who this split ac unit is meant for? No, the machine is not just meant for those who need highly efficient heating and air conditioning system; it’s also for those who need an all in one system.

On that note, the system incorporates four different elements – a heater, an air conditioner, a ventilation system, and a dehumidifier. It’s the perfect 4-in-one air conditioner.

Perhaps you need some form of proof that the PIONEER WYS018GMFI22RL Mini Split is surely very efficient at saving energy. Tell you what? The system is tested by the AHRI and approved to be energy-efficient.

Another amazing fact about this mini split is that you can configure it remotely through wireless connections. Although you have to get this module separately, the internet remote access is a feature only found in the best ductless heating and cooling systems.

Highlighted features:

  • 18000 BTU cooling and heating capacity
  • A 4-in-1 machine with a heater, cooler, ventilator, and dehumidifier
  • Remote control
  • check
    Certified to be energy-efficient by the AHRI
  • check
    Approved for safety by the ETL
  • check
    Dimmable LED on the front panel
  • check
    Washable air filters

7. DuctlessAire 12000 BTU Ductless AC

The DuctlessAire 12000 BTU Ductless AC is pretty much like the DuctlessAire 24000 BTU Mini Split. The differences, as you may observe, are the ratings BTU and SEER.

The former has 12000 BTU and 22 SEER while the latter has 24000 BTU and 20.5 SEER. That means that the former has less air conditioning capacity but higher energy saving efficiency while the latter has greater air conditioning power but less energy saving capacity (though 20.5 SEER is still pretty good).

The vital difference between the two, however, is the price (of around 500 dollars). The 12000 BTU version is for those on a budget who still need a great ductless air conditioner.

The Whisper Technology for a silent operation is one of the features that make this ductless air conditioner such a worthy unit. If you need some peace and quiet while relaxing in the living room, or a pleasant nap-time in the bedroom, this AC will provide you just that while ensuring you enjoy your preferred heat levels.

Like the 24000 BTU version, the 12000 BTU ac features self-diagnosis, which enables it to stay safe by detecting issues without requiring external help.

The sleep mode is another awesome feature. When the machine figures that the air is properly conditioned, it goes to sleep up until it detects a significant drop or rise. This isn’t just a fancy feature; it’s a great step towards energy conservation.

Highlighted features:

  • Quiet operation
  • LCD
  • HEPA filtration
  • check
    Auto restart
  • check
    Refrigerant leak detection with self-diagnosis
  • check
    Sleep mode
  • check
    Washable filters

8. Innova Ductless Mini-split AC

Perhaps you don’t have 220 volts,and you don’t want to use a voltage converter,or you can’t get one. In that case, what you got to do is get the best mini split system that uses a lower voltage, like the 115-volt Innova Ductless Mini-split.

Operating at 19 dB(A), this AC happens to be one of the quietest mini splits meaning it will not disrupt your work or sleep. The outdoor unit operates at 54 dB(A), and this too is not noisy. It’s just like light showers, which you can hardly hear from within the house.

This Innova mini split system is a 3-in-1 machine. With it, you have a heater, a cooler, and a dehumidifier, all in one unit. Luckily, installing it is not very challenging with the handy guide.

Again, you are provided with the accessories needed for the installation, including the drain hose, the control cable, the hanging bracket for the indoor unit, and a 16-foot copper line set. Actually, it might take you just around 6 to 8 hours to complete the installation.

For whom is the Innova Ductless Mini-split meant? For all DIYers who need an inexpensive option to cool or warm a small room.

With a cooling BTU of 12000, the AC can efficiently cool down your room while saving power with its 16 SEER energy saving efficiency.

Highlighted features:

  • Super quiet indoor unit – 19 Db(A)
  • 3-in-1 unit – heater, cooler, and dehumidifier
  • 5-year warranty on the compressor and 1-year warranty on the other parts
  • check
    Compact design
  • check
    Instructional guide
  • check
    LED display that goes off when the unit is turned off
  • check
    16 SEER energy saving efficiency

9. Air-Con Ductless Mini Split System

With the numerous benefits it has to offer, the Air-Con Ductless Mini Split has solidified its place among the best ductless mini split ac systems.

For starters, the appliance has a SEER of 21.5, making it a most efficient unit when it comes to saving power. Certifications from AHRI and the Energy Star provide further proof of the unit’s effectiveness when it comes to saving power. Thus, when looking to save on energy consumption, this unit is definitely worth considering.

You might already know that air conditioners use a refrigerant for cooling the air. With some ACs, you have to get the refrigerant separately,but with the Air-Con Ductless Mini Split, you get a pre-charged R410A as part of the package. This is good not only for reducing the cost but also convenience.

Other handy items required for the installation that come as part of the package include an insulated copper tubing that is pre-flared, a communication wire, a drain hose, a power cable, and a wall cover.

Ease of use is another aspect that makes this unit great. You can configure the settings wirelessly through the remote control, which has LCD to make sure you can see the buttons clearly even when it’s dark.

Other awesome benefits that come with the Air-Con Ductless Mini Split include the quiet operation, the 24-hour timer, and the fact that the machine is a 3-in-1. Regarding that, the machine is a heater, a cooler, and a dehumidifier.

Highlighted features:

  • 21.5 SEER
  • Pre-charged R410A
  • Remote control with LED
  • check
    Certified by both the AHRI and the Energy Star
  • check
    24-hour timer
  • check
    Installation manual

10. DELLA 24000 BTU Air Conditioner

When it comes to elegance, almost nothing beats this DELLA ac. It features a truly stylish flat panel on the front side,and the white color scheme goes well with most interior designs.

With this mini split, there’s no wasting money in buying new filters. If you discover that too much dust has accumulated on the filters, you don’t throw toss them in the garbage. You just wash them and put them back on as they’re permanent filters.

If anything should go wrong in the machine, becoming immediately aware of the problem could make the difference between a minor fix and an expensive replacement. Regarding that, the fact that the machine has electronic diagnostics built into it means superiority.

If an abnormality develops, the machine automatically switches off to protect the vital components. Then, the machine displays an error code telling you to fix the issue.

Looking for a spilt air conditioner capable of heating or cooling a large room that is up to 1500 sq. ft.? This ac would definitely be a fine pick. With its multi-speed fan motor, it will perform with the efficiency that is adequate for controlling the entire house’s temperature.

And it’s not just about the temperature. The unit senses the humidity of the house and controls that as well, based on your configurations.

Highlighted features:

  • Permanent washable filters
  • Self-diagnosis with the generation of an error code when there’re issues
  • Built-in dehumidifier
  • check
    Quiet operation
  • check
    LCD remote control
  • check
    High energy efficiency
  • check
    Auto restart

Ductless Air Conditioner Buying Guide: What to Look for Before Purchasing?

Whether you’re going to purchase one of the best ductless ac units as reviewed above or some other ductless AC that is not in the review, there are various factors you should consider. Here are a few of these factors:

Initial cost

When dealing with figures that are spread out between around 600 and 5000 bucks, it’ s only natural that you want to consider your options carefully. The most affordable models go for around 600 to 800 dollars but if you want a highly efficient model, expect the price tag to be well over a thousand dollars.

While considering the price, you also need to think about the size of the room where you’re going to install an AC. If it's just a small room, a small, less expensive model will do. If, however, it’s a large room, then a larger, more expensive model might be more appropriate.

With basic engineering skills, installing a cordless mini split system shouldn’t be very difficult. Here’s a video you might find helpful. However, if you find the process to be confusing, you can always hire an HVAC specialist.

FYI: the initial cost of ductless AC units is typically higher than that of window air conditioning units. Nevertheless, window air conditioners consume more energy than the ductless units. In the long run, the energy costs associated with window ACs make them far more expensive than ductless units.

The voltage

With regards to the voltage, there are two major options – 115V and 230V.

Most mini split ACs use the 110 to 120V that the regular outlet presents but some bigger models need an outlet with 220 to 230 volts.

The smaller models using 110 to 120 volts supply a BTU of around 12000 while the larger ductless units using over 200 volts typically supply around 24000 BTU.

And you know what that denotes? It’s simple – a larger unit that uses more volts has more cooling capability than the 110 to 120V models.

As a result, the 110 to 120V mini splits are normally used as single zone units for cooling one room while the 220 to 230V models are usable as multi-zone ACs.

Before you purchase a ductless unit, you want to check its voltage and ensure that it matches that of your home. Using a 230V unit on a 120V outlet will likely break the circuit and cause reduced efficiency as well as electrical problems in your home.

Multi-zone or single zone

The question here is – do you have a central air conditioner in place? If you have one, then a single zone ductless AC will do. On the other hand, if you don’t have a central AC, you will need a multi-zone model,so you’re able to control each room’s temperature.

For those who need a ductless AC for an office, a multi-zone AC will be very helpful. You might also find it very useful if you live in an apartment with multiple rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless air conditioners normally use less energy than central units.

To find out the energy efficiency of a cooling unit, we get the SEER (an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This ratio is calculated by dividing the cooling output by the total electric energy input.

A high SEER shows that less power is being used; it’s an indication of high energy efficiency.

Generally, most ductless units have a SEER of 16 to 24, which the least figure being 13. The best models have up to 30 SEER.

Of course, you should go for a mini split with a high SEER if you want to save more energy.

Top Mini Split Air Conditioner Brands on The Market

1. Pioneer

The Pioneer company was founded in 1995, and through the years, it has grown into one of the largest HVAC brands in the US. This company is mostly known for their unmatched high-tech ductless air conditioners and the wide availability of these mini splits in the USA.

Apart from the brand’s ability to offer you high-quality HVAC products, there’s also the recognition they get from having an excellent customer service platform. If you want to get your mini split from a brand that is ready to help you through any difficulties you might face with setup or understanding the system, we will encourage you to consider Pioneer.

2. DuctlessAire

DuctlessAire has been in operation for more than three decades now, having ventured first into general heating and air conditioning. However, recently, this company has become more focused on the sale of central and ductless air conditioners, and we found their products to be some of the best in the market.

A most unique aspect of this brand is the level of technology they use to create their products. DuctlessAire incorporates into their HVAC systems features like HEPA filtration and self-diagnosis, thereby boosting the ease of use tremendously while ensuring you have the ultimate best experience while using a ductless AC.

3. iNNova Inc.

Whether you want ductless air conditions for personal use or resale, you will definitely find iNNova very helpful. This California-based company manufactures and sells high-quality mini splits that are quiet, energy-efficient and effective when it comes to cooling and heating.

Perhaps you don’t have handy skills and you’re wondering how to get a reliable professional to install the unit for you once you purchase it. Why not get the unit from iNNova? They will sell you the AC and install it for you if you need them to.

How to Take Care of And Maintain Ductless ACs Properly 

Ductless units are very useful in a range of ways. For instance, they only use little electric power and thus help you pay less in energy bills. However, to keep enjoying the benefits that these units have to offer, there are certain maintenance steps you need to take from time to time.

Of course, there are things you will likely leave to the professionals. But, here are a couple of things you can do,and they will go a long way towards increasing both the lifespan and the effectiveness of your ductless. 

Clean the exteriors

Take a look at the outer surfaces of the AC. Can you see dust or debris? Clean these off. By doing this from time to time (perhaps once a week), you will keep the dust and debris from making their way into the machine and wreaking havoc in there.

With a clean damp towel along with a gentle chemical cleaner, you will be able to clean the exteriors of the air conditioner effectively. Pay attention to all the surfaces, especially the vents, which might act as a good entry point for the dust.

What this simple maintenance does is that it reduces the chances of your unit clogging, and consequently reduces your expenditure on repairs.

Take off the filters

The filters help protect the internal components from dust and debris and if they’re not working properly, your ductless AC will undoubtedly suffer reduced efficiency.

At least once in two weeks, while going about your regular cleaning routine, remove the filters and observe how much grit they have caught. If there’s too much grit, use a soft bristle brush to get the grit off and then wipe the filters down with a towel.

Your manual should have the precise steps for cleaning the filters, including a recommendation on the frequency.

Remember, clean filters enable the release of clean air into your home. In the event that they’re extremely dirty or damaged, consider replacing them to keep your AC working excellently.

Unclog the pipes

A ductless AC is composed of two units – an indoor (evaporator) and an outdoor (condenser) unit, and pipes are used to create a connection between the two.

If the pipes are not checked for a long time, dirt can accumulate in there, and as a result, the pipes can get blocked, reducing the efficiency of the entire installation. Again, there might be leaks in the system.

The best time to check on the pipes is while examining the filters. If there’s dirt, be sure to remove it, and if there are leaks, seal them with a stop leak product or replace the pipes if the damage is irreparable. 

Clean the condenser and coil

Once in a while, perhaps once per month, clean the condenser and coil. Before cleaning these components, be sure to disconnect the power cables. Then, with a garden hose, spray water condenser and coil and afterward allow them some time to dry completely. Wiping down with a dry towel will accelerate the drying process.

If there’s any debris remaining after cleaning with a hose, try removing it with the towel (or a separate towel perhaps).

After this, check the fins and if they got bent while cleaning the coil and condenser, make sure you restore them to their original shape using an alignment comb.

Allow it space

While it is true that ductless mini splits generally occupy less space than the ordinary air conditioners, they still need ample space to work efficiently.

If there are large furniture like couches or cupboards surrounding the ductless unit, there’s the risk of not only dust accumulation but also less air conditioning efficiency as the mini split is obstructed.

We recommend that you leave at least four feet of free space around the ductless unit.

Objects like picture frames and bookcases can lead to the collection of dust, and therefore, you should refrain from hanging these on the wall near the air conditioner.

Remove ice and snow

This especially applies when using an air conditioner during winter or in places that are naturally cold like the north. The problem with ice and snow is that they can clog the unit’s pipes and mess with the electronic parts.

Thus, examine the outdoor part of the unit and remove any ice/snow lodged on its components. You could install a form of shade over the installation to protect it from the falling ice and snow.

Get a professional

There are so many things you can do to keep your ductless air conditioner is good shape. However, when it comes to technical matters, for instance, repairing the electrical parts, you need to get a qualified air conditioner technician, unless of course, you’re very knowledgeable in such areas.

Wondering where to find one? Just search “air conditioner technicians near me”.

You should have a technician inspect your air conditioner at last once every year. Have them look for blocks and leaks in the drain hoses as well as the refrigerant. Additionally, they ought to examine the electrical components, especially the capacitors.

In case anything is faulty, they should repair or replace it to keep the air conditioner working flawlessly.

The Benefits of Using Ductless Mini Split Ac System

As we have already seen, the cost of getting the top ductless air conditioner is much higher than that of getting a regular window-mounted unit. However, there are certain benefits that will make you want to grab a ductless AC for yourself. Let’s explore some of them.

They’re quiet

If there’s something that can really distract your sleep or time for relaxation, it is a window-mounted ac. If you can’t sleep pleasantly or relax properly because of a window ac, it’s time to ditch it for something better – the ductless ac.

Unlike a regular window ac, a ductless mini split air conditioner is so quiet that you will most probably not hear any sound coming from the unit even when standing right next to it.

How does the ductless unit achieve that? The major components are placed in the outdoor part of the unit, and thus the noise is locked out of the house.

Involves a less complicated installation

Both the ductless and the central air conditioners have both an indoor and outdoor part. However, central air conditioners involve duct work that is typically routed along or inside the walls, making the installation process quite complex.

It might be virtually impossible to install a central unit without the services of a professional. Again, as the process is complex, it might take weeks to complete.

A ductless unit involves no duct work; all you have to do is make sure the connection between the outside and the inside parts is secure. Hence, there’s relatively little work to be done. Okay, it might not be little per se, but compared to the work that has to be done when installing a central unit, it’s definitely far less tiring and complicated.

Actually, if you’re keen enough and you take the time to learn the principles described in an instructional video like this, then you will definitely install a ductless unit in a couple of hours. Just be sure to have your toolset and some gloves on hand.

Here’s a bonus point: as you won’t necessarily use the services of a professional to install the ductless unit, that’s money saved.

Note: Below I added a video about installing mini-split ductless ac. You you know in details just watch the video from start to end.

They save energy

The duct work that comes with regulars ACs leads to a loss of around 30% of the energy they consume. Therefore, with a ductless AC, there’s a chance you will save up to 30% of the energy you’d have used on heating and cooling.

Apart from that, you might notice that the SEER rating on ductless units normally ranges between 16 and 24. There are even units with a SEER of 30.

Regular window-mounted ACs, on the other hand, mostly have a SEER rating of between 10 and 18.

Now, remember, we mentioned that the higher the SEER, the lesser energy is consumed.

By simply comparing the SEER figures for the two units, we can clearly see that a ductless unit is more efficient than a window-mounted unit at saving energy.

Versatility in zoning

Unlike the central acs, which regulate the temperature of your entire house even for the rooms that might not need air conditioning, a multi-zone ductless unit regulates temperature only where you want it to.

Haven’t installed a central air conditioner for your home? Consider installing a multi-zone ductless unit to have better control and save energy.

Better versatility with interior design

A window air conditioner can be mounted on – where? Oh yeah, that’s right – windows only. In contrast, ductless units can be mounted anywhere in the room. From suspending them from the ceiling to hanging them on the wall, the options are quite diverse, something we can’t say about the window acs.

The ductless ac blowers maintain a low profile,and with their sleek designs and elegant jackets, they enhance the room’s appearance in an excellently attractive manner.

Better security

The installation point of a window-mounted air conditioner is a sure gateway for intruders. They can easily knock down the unit and enter your house, as the space is big enough to let an adult through.

A ductless unit, on the other hand, uses a 3-inch hole on the wall as the communication between the indoor and the outdoor parts of the AC. Obviously, a human being can’t make it through that space, and what does that mean? Better security from intruders, and greater peace of mind.

Mini Split Ac Safety Issues You Need to Take Seriously

Your split ac unit is connected to your home’s electrical line, and considering that HVAC systems often use a high voltage that could be above 200, it is extremely essential that the installation is done properly. Again, it’s important that you give the ductless ac regular maintenance to ensure it’s working properly and that there are no electrical faults.

Here are some measures to apply for safety and efficiency.

Turn off the unit while cleaning it

In the part about how to maintain the ductless air conditioner, we dwelt a lot on cleaning, as one of the most important maintenance tasks. Sometimes, you’re going to use water or a damp cloth, especially when you’re cleaning the coil.

But remember, water is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, be sure to turn off the system and disconnect the power to avoid the risk of an electric shock. And, before cleaning it, allow the machine ample time to cool down. Moreover, before turning the unit back on, make sure it is totally dry.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a gas that’s produced when there’s combustion without adequate oxygen. If there’s a problem with the electrical connection to the ductless mini split, something may start burning,and this gas might get produced.

As you might already know, carbon monoxide is quite toxic, and what makes it especially dangerous is that it can go unnoticed. It is,therefore, vital that you install a few detectors of the gas in your home, especially near where the mini split is mounted.

Don’t forget to maintain the carbon monoxide detectors as required, for instance, by changing the batteries after a specified period to ensure they’re working properly.

Apart from carbon monoxide detectors, you also need to have smoke detectors installed.

Use surge protection

HVAC systems use lots of power compared to other appliances, and because of that, these systems might cause a power surge. Now, the issue is, if there’s a power surge, your split ac unit might get affected, and you might not even notice it. Over time, as more surges happen, the electrical parts of the unit get damaged, leading the whole system to fail.

To prevent all this from happening, consider installing quality surge protection.

Ask for help

Perhaps you’ve just bought a mini split system but don’t have the handy skills needed for installing it. Okay, the machine might have come with an instructional guide and there also videos on YouTube that illustrate how to do it. But, if you’re not used to handling the technical parts of electrical equipment and don’t understand the basics, like telling positive and negative cables apart, installing the split air conditioner will likely be tricky.

Rather than doing guesswork, consider calling an HVAC professional to do the installation for you.

If the system ever develops a problem and you’re not sure what exactly could have gone wrong, refer to the manual for troubleshooting processes or call the manufacturer for assistance. If that doesn’t help, have a qualified technician check and fix the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How do mini splits operate?

Otherwise known as ductless air conditioners, mini splits work like central AC units, only without the duct system.There’s both an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit drives the warm air from the room over the coils, and the refrigerant in the coils absorbs heat from the air and makes it cool before it gets released back into the room.

2. Why are ductless ACs called mini splits?

Traditionally, the central air conditioning units are known as splits, due to the fact that they have both an indoor and an outdoor component. Ductless ACs also have indoor and outdoor parts, though the entire installation normally takes up less space than the central units. Because of the less space, ductless ACs are known as mini splits.

3. How much will I spend on a split ac unit?

Most good ductless ACs go for 700 to around 2500 dollars though there are units that go for over 5000 dollars. Although it makes sense that the higher the price, the better the quality, finding the best is not necessarily about seeking the most expensive. It is rather about examining the features, observing what other users are saying, and actually testing the unit.

4. Are mini splits noisy?

Not at all. One of the reasons why people want to purchase a ductless ac is to wave goodbye at the noise that the central ACs make.

5. How durable are ductless air conditioners?

Given the right maintenance, a good ductless unit can last decades, offering the user reliable comfort through proper heating or cooling. At least, a good ductless should last at least 2 decades but remember, it all boils down to the maintenance.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for the best mini splits air conditioners. We hope this post has not only helped you discover some really fine mini splits but also shed light on various associated issues like how to maintain a ductless AC for longevity.

Remember the factors to consider if you want to get the mini split that fits you perfectly – the BTU, the SEER, the size, the cost, and more.

So, why wait any longer? Fall is here,and Winter is not very far away, and you will need a really nice ductless AC with a heating element incorporated. Follow our links to view any of the product’s additional features as displayed on Amazon.

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