Top 15 Best Bathroom Vanities for The Money

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Vanities often belong to bedrooms and living rooms. But when you have one in your lavatory – then you can enjoy everything a vanity has to offer.

With the best bathroom vanities, you will have the chance to store your items in a handy place close to the sink and mirror. That will save you a lot of time and effort, and sometimes even money that other types of furniture demand.

This is the ideal way to make your bathroom more functional and enjoyable to use. Especially if you like your bathroom to have it all – then a bathroom vanity is something you will love having.

Here, we will explain everything you need to know about it and more.

TOP 5 Selection – For A Quick Decision

Image Product Name Editor’s Rating More Info
eclife A15E01W Bathroom Vanity with Sink Combo eclife A15E01W Bathroom Vanity with Sink Combo 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
BATHJOY Modern Bathroom Vanity BATHJOY Modern Bathroom Vanity 5/5
5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
eclife A10B02 Modern Bathroom Vanity eclife A10B02 Modern Bathroom Vanity 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price
RunFine RFVA0069 Vanity RunFine RFVA0069 Vanity

5 out of 5 stars

Detailed Review And Price Jocelyn Jocelyn 4,5/5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Detailed Review And Price

Our Top 10 Best Bathroom Vanity For The Money

What better way to learn about the different options available in the market than reading some bathroom vanities reviews? There’s no better way – so come and take a look at what these 15 vanities for bathrooms have to offer!

1. eclife A15E01W Bathroom Vanity with Sink Combo

If you want a vanity that comes with everything, the eClife A15E01W will deliver precisely what you need.

It comes with a below cabinet made of MDF, ideal for its lightness and overall durability – especially against moisture. You will still get something sturdy that’s totally easy to clean and smooth like no other material out there.

To open this cabinet, you can use the stainless steel slide and a zinc-alloy handle. The door closes softly to prevent unwanted noises at night.

But what really stands out is not the cabinet but the exceptional top sink. It comes with a 1.5 GPM faucet made of chrome steel, and a glass sink that boasts a unique light blue color.

It is a pretty small vanity nonetheless, at only 18.35-inches in length, 23.5-inches in height and 10.5-inches in width. You won’t have any issue setting up this vanity, especially for its small body and superb U-shape drain and P-bend design. And with the long 23.62-inches supply lines, it becomes even easier.

The white MDF also makes a great addition to any modern bathroom. It doesn’t look extravagant, but it doesn’t look simple either. You could say it adds the ideal combination of style and simplicity so you can make your bathroom more functional but also cute enough.

Whether it is for the looks, the small design, or its excellent handiness with the top sink – this is an excellent option to consider.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality MDF build.
  • Stylish white tone with bluish glass sink top.
  • Chrome faucet & drainage for extra quality.
  • Practical cabinet with zinc-alloy handle.
  • Small and convenient design for tiny bathrooms.

2. BATHJOY Modern Bathroom Vanity

When you start looking for the best vanities for small bathrooms, you will very likely find the Bathjoy Modern Vanity as an excellent choice.

It is a small but spacious vanity that contains all of the features you’d want on a vanity. From a blow cabinet to a small bowl-shaped sink on the top – this piece has it all.

We’ll start by talking about its wood cabinet in the body. It comes with two soft-closing doors so you can store all kinds of small stuff inside without making a noise. But you can also enjoy two decently sized drawers so you can place your smallest objects in a handy and accessible place.

The whole cabinet is pretty durable with its high-quality wood. And on the top, you can find a tempered glass that stands just below the ceramic sink. This ceramic bowl comes with a chrome faucet, small but large enough to fit anyone’s hands in a practical and easy way.

You will also get a small mirror along with the vanity, and all the drain and water-delivery items.

The vanity has a size of 24.4-inches in length and 21.7-inches in width along with 29.5-inches in height. It fits in any small bathroom without problems, and will surely last a lifetime with its wood build.

And still, it manages to add a unique style to the bathroom with its glass top and bowl sink. It will easily make your whole bathroom look fantastic and be easy to clean.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality wood construction.
  • Reliable tempered glass top with ceramic sink.
  • Excellent size for small bathrooms.
  • Comes with all draining & water supply lines.
  • The additional mirror adds extra handiness.

3. eclife A10B02 Modern Bathroom Vanity

There’s no doubt eclife is among the best brands for vanities that you can go for. And with the A10B02 they make it a clear statement.

This Modern Bathroom Vanity boasts everything you could need: a faucet, a cabinet, two drawers, and beautiful sink that makes your bathroom amazing.

Let’s start with the faucet, offering 1.5 GPM to help you save water. It is an ORB faucet with zinc-alloy mounting ring. You won’t have any problem calling it cute. Especially when you add the superb scratch-resistant glass sink coming with a unique Turquoise color that makes your bathroom look beautiful.

And that’s only on the top. In the bottom of the vanity, you get an MDF cabinet with two drawers below. It has a dark, almost black color with a woody tone that feels modern without losing any style. And with the zinc-alloy handles and stainless steel slides, using the vanity will be a piece of cake.

The doors and the drawers are also quiet with a soft-closing system. You won’t have to make much noise to use this vanity – especially at night.

You could also say the whole piece is easy to clean and comes with the perfect size to work even in the smallest of bathrooms. Along with the 23.35-inches supply lines and the pop-up drain, you won’t have any problem installing it either.

It is durable, resilient, and looks fantastic. At 24-inches large and 20-inches wide with only 32-inches in height – it becomes an almost perfect choice for bathrooms where space is essential.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful dark MDF color with Turquoise sink.
  • Practical design with cabinet and two drawers.
  • Easy to clean and durable build.
  • Perfect size for small bathrooms.
  • Handy supply lines & pop-up drain.

​4. RunFine RFVA0069 Vanity

To make it clear that we love the best bathroom vanities for small bathrooms, we come with another excellent choice from RunFine – the RFVA0069.

This is a wooden vanity that boasts a Walnut color to make your classical-looking bathroom even classier. The traditional look along with the white vitreous china on top will make it an excellent choice for any bathroom.

But the sink top is not only good-looking but entirely functional, boasting an enamel glazing that makes it easy to clean and extra bright. It also combines with most toilets and tubs, so you can enjoy an even more consistent bathroom overall.

On the body of the vanity, you will find two doors that open a cabinet. They come with ample storage and chrome handles for easy use. But that’s not all, as you can also enjoy a bottom drawer for extra storage which adds even more handiness to the whole piece.

Everything is easy to close and reliable, with stainless steel glides that last a lifetime. And with its straightforward preassembled design, you won’t have to make any effort installing this piece apart from just moving it around.

Being small at only 34-inches in height, 19-inches in length and 24.6-inches in width – you won’t have any problem making this vanity work on any bathroom at home.

Whatever the reason you like it for – the RFVA0069 is one of the highest-quality options out there. Even though it comes with a slightly hefty price tag, it is still an excellent choice you don’t want to dismiss.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic wooden construction with Walnut color.
  • High-quality Vitreous china sink top.
  • Decently sized for most small & medium-sized bathrooms.
  • A traditional and classy style for extra style.
  • Highly convenient double-door cabinet and drawer.

​5. Jocelyn

One of the highest-quality brands in the market is Despite having the name of its web page, you will be surprised to know that it offers the best quality bathroom vanity out there.

The Jocelyn vanity is an excellent choice for users who like the best of the best without drawbacks. As good as it sounds, this vanity comes with an Italian Carrara Marble top, one of the sleekest marble types in the market that looks simply amazing. It even boasts a backsplash that adds an extra classy touch.

You will get two sinks with this top, all made with brushed nickel that delivers the perfect look for the whole piece. Along with a premium solid-wood construction in gray color, you can expect no less than exceptional durability and an unbeatable appearance.

Along with all that, this piece also comes with a framed mirror. This adds extra practicality to the whole piece of furniture, despite its already beautiful marble top and handy double rectangular sink.

But that’s not all. You will also have the chance to enjoy four small drawers in the center of the piece, two cabinets on the sides, and two additional large drawers just below. Coming with brushed nickel handles, sliders, and Dovetail joints, you can expect extraordinary quality and a good-looking style.

Everything matches perfectly and goes the extra mile to deliver magnificent looks and quality, and will still handle to last a lifetime. If we didn’t say this is the best vanity you can get, then we’re not being honest at all. You will find it at a pretty inflated cost, but it’s still totally worth it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional Italian Carrara marble top.
  • Superb wooden construction with gray color.
  • Boast an extra stylish appearance for bathrooms.
  • Hugely practical drawers and cabinets.
  • Durable brushed hardware in its entirety.

​6. Dorel Living Otum Bathroom Vanity

Being an extra small vanity, the Dorel Living Otum is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a wide variety of options.

This happens because it boasts a wooden construction using solid wood, wood veneer, and engineered wood. It stands the extra weight of time and still manages to look pretty good in Gray. And if you want other colors, you can pick between the bright White and the classy Walnut to enjoy its excellent build.

All of these colors come with the same on top, boasting a chrome faucet with two handles that make it easy to enjoy either warm or cold water if needed. This countertop offers an Ocean Mist color, an engineered stone made of porcelain that stands out for its durability & exceptional style.

As for the size, you can enjoy a perfect 24-inches model for the smallest bathroom, a medium-sized 30-inches version, and a slightly larger 36-inches choice. All of them offer the same beauty and quality, ideal for a long-lasting and enjoyable experience.

You will still get a cabinet for extra storage, and a bottom drawer for even more convenience. Whatever you’re looking for, this small vanity offers it all – especially for such a modest cost when compared to its competitors.

Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or classy, something functional or straightforward, or just a vanity that can stand the wear over time – this is an excellent choice that you shouldn’t overlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch porcelain sink top.
  • Stylish & well-made Chromed sink with handles.
  • Extra durable & good-looking finish.
  • Comes in various colors and sizes.
  • Handy design with double-door cabinet & drawer.

7. eclife A08B07 Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo

By now, you may think that we love eclife as a brand for vanities, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, we believe the entire catalog from this brand is worth considering, but some of its products stand out.

Among these vanities that you should think about, there’s the A08B07 – a bathroom combo with sink that looks fantastic and boasts all kinds of practical features.

The first thing you’ll find notice is a white ceramic top with faucet. This faucet offers 1.5 GPM that helps you save water, but it also comes with a convenient 23.35-inches supply line and a pop-up drain for extra convenience when installing.

The body is entirely made of MDF, a durable but also good-looking choice that stands wear in the long run and makes your bathroom look amazing. Its dark color with wooden appearance will stand out completely, adding extra style but also being easy to clean.

As for practicality, you will enjoy a two-door cabinet with zinc-alloy handles that will handle the wear of time. This pairs up well with a bottom grill where you can place toiletries if needed.

The piece is tiny still, at only 23.2-inches in length, 19.7-inches in width, and 31.5-inches in height. You can make it work practically anywhere, and with the additional matching mirror – it will make any bathroom a total pleasure to use.

If you like quality and great looks then don’t dismiss this vanity from eclife – it offers everything you want and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable & easy to clean MDF build.
  • Ceramic top looks well & lasts a lifetime.
  • Ideal size for extra convenience & easy setup.
  • Practical chromed faucet with drain & supply lines.
  • Cabinet and bottom grill for extra storage.

8. Ove Decors Georgia Bathroom Vanity

Another high-end option for those demanding users, this time from Ove Decors – one of the best brands in the market.

The Georgia vanity is not a simple option, though. This premium model comes with a Sandy Granite countertop, boasting a beige finish that delivers an outstandingly beautiful appearance, especially with the backlash design.

This gets even better with the wooden construction and a tobacco finish. Together with the countertop, this vanity manages to provide a classy touch to any bathroom.

It also boasts an under-mount sink, pretty good-looking an extra functional. The combination of high-quality granite with the ceramic sink will take the overall experience to another level – especially for those who love excellent products.

The vanity still offers a cabinet, and two drawers, one below and one just above. This makes the vanity not only beautiful with its gorgeous granite top but also totally functional. All the storage doors come with soft-closing design, making it easy and quiet to use.

Every piece of hardware from the faucet to the handles in the drawers and cabinet are made of steel with a stain finish. This makes the product even more durable & reliable over the long term.

And with its medium-sized design at 42-inches in width, 22-inches in depth and 34.5-inches in height – it manages to fit almost anywhere without problems.

For those users who love the extraordinary quality and a special touch in their bathroom furniture, this Ove Decors Georgia vanity will feel like a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-end granite countertop build.
  • Convenient under-mount vanity design.
  • Extra storage with cabinet and two drawers.
  • Perfect size for small & large bathrooms.
  • Beautiful with beige granite & tobacco wood

​9. Silkroad Exclusive Empire Double-Sink Vanity

We couldn’t finish this list without presenting the best bathroom vanity you’ll find – the Silkroad Exclusive Empire style double-sink vanity.

What makes this model stand out from its competitors is the classical design that takes a high-end construction to a whole new level of beauty.

It all starts with a Cream Marfil Marble countertop that looks fantastic with a cream color that highlights simplicity but superb style. The gentle tone matches the white ceramic sink very well, adding an attractive touch to the whole piece.

The bottom part of the vanity doesn’t stay behind either. You will get a White Oak construction that’s not only durable and well-made but also delivers a fantastic style that adds an even more traditional touch to the vanity. The handcrafted details and carvings make it a beautiful piece in its entirety.

Even the Spanish coiled feet and the Antique brass handle for the cabinet and drawers are entirely well-made to fit with the style of the piece. And all of that comes with a double-sink design that measures 72-inches in width, 22-inches in-depth, and 36-inches in height.

It comes pre-assembled from the factory so installation will be a piece of cake. And what’s even better, the design allows you to pick whatever set of faucet with handles you want. It gets even more fantastic with the three drawers in the center and two cabinets on the sides for extra storage capacity.

If you like beautiful things and have the money to afford them, then this Silkroad Exclusive vanity won’t be a wrong choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely well-made marble countertop.
  • Long-lasting & attractive white-oak body.
  • Extra-large double-sink design.
  • Comes pre-assembled for handiness.
  • A superb set of cabinets with drawers.

​10. Silkroad Exclusive Empire Single-Sink Vanity

One again with the Empire style series from Silkroad Exclusive, but this time we come with the single-sink option that stands out for its simplicity and small design.

Like its larger cousin, this vanity delivers a classical touch that will look amazing in any traditional-styled bathroom. With the unique Cream Marfil Marble Stone on the countertop, a ceramic sink, and the White Oak body – it stands out for its extraordinary beauty.

What makes this excellent model so fantastic is not only how well it looks, but how durable and resilience it is. The natural stone top can stand all kinds of scratches, filth, moisture, and impacts. And with the White Oak body, you can expect no less than a magnificent resistance to any harmful factor.

To all that you can add the ceramic sink which stands out with a bright white color, making it easier to clean when needed.

But it doesn’t end in durability and good looks; it is also a super practical vanity in its entirety. You get a double-door cabinet in the center, with six drawers, three on each side of the main cabinet. This adds to its beauty but offers a fantastic storage space that increases its convenience level.

The piece still manages to boast Antique Brass handles on the doors and drawers, adding to its traditional style. This goes well with the Spanish scroll feet and the carved graphics all around – which fits wonderfully on any classical style bathroom without problems.

Adding it all together make this a magnificent traditional piece that anyone will love. If that matches your demands, then this piece can be your perfect choice.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Convenient cabinet and drawer for storage.
  • An exceptional natural stone countertop.
  • Extra durable & good-looking white oak body.
  • Unique traditional style with carved graphics.
  • Small but stylish design for demanding users

11. Design House Wyndham Bathroom Vanity

For those on a low budget but who still want a decently sized vanity for their bathrooms – the Design House Wyndham will come like an almost perfect product.

It is beautiful, well-made, and utterly practical. From its Thermofoil finish all around that makes it durable to the cabinets and handles for storage, this vanity doesn’t let anyone down.

The Thermofoil finish, for example, makes sure that you get a product that’s easy to clean but also resists to chip and water spots. It boasts consistent edges & concealed hinges that add modern design to the piece, making it a little elegant for the extra chic touch.

Another exciting part of this vanity is the PVC build on the sides and interior. It holds an excellent design using unique materials for the extra quality and resistance against all factors.

The sink doesn’t stay behind either, with a semi-gloss finish that makes it easy to clean and prevents all kinds of side effects. And with the nickel hardware going from the handles to the faucet, you get an utterly good-looking but long-lasting product.

Let’s not forget the double-door cabinet and the two spacious drawers on the right. This adds more handiness to the piece, especially with its small 36-inches wide, 21-inches deep, and 31.5-inches high design.

It is effortless to assemble as well, and with its bright white finish you can set it up practically anywhere, and it won’t make a bad impression. For low-budget buyers, there’s probably not a better product out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable PVC build with Thermofoil finish.
  • High-quality semi-gloss sink for resilience.
  • Decently sized for tiny & regular bathrooms.
  • The outstanding bright white appearance.
  • Extra storage with two-door cabinet and drawers.

12. Legion Furniture WLF6046 Bathroom Vanity

Among the best quality bathroom vanities for a decent cost, the Legion Furniture WLF6046 is an astonishing well-made choice.

It comes with a dark gray color that provides a unique style. Combining a modern style with a traditional design, the WLF6046 sets the bar really high by looking excellently well. This pairs up well with the simplicity of its build, using vertical lines and a straightforward shape that doesn’t disappoint.

But what really sets the appearance on another level is the ceramic belly bowl on top. It covers part of the vanity, which makes it look uniquely beautiful. You could say that it adds a touch of seriousness without losing its classic details and simplistic focus.

The body is made of wood despite its cost. It is pretty durable and resilience, especially with its high-quality coat and paint. Along with its ceramic top, you can expect a long-lasting product in its entirety.

All that also comes with a handy two-door cabinet that lets you store cleaning items or just anything in the most convenient way possible. The doors will close softly to prevent loud noises, and with the chrome handles you can enjoy the extra chic style.

The vanity is still one of the smallest out there, at only 24-inches in width, 17-inches in depth and 34-inches in height. You can set it up practically anywhere, and it will work just well – last a lifetime and provide a good-looking touch to the place.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, an excellent choice like this one always makes a great addition to any bathroom – and yours can be the lucky one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique style with belly bowl design.
  • Well-made with wood body & ceramic top.
  • Ideal size for easy setup and compatibility.
  • The unique style looks well anywhere.
  • Handy double-door cabinet for storage.

​13. Homecart Bathroom Vanity

Want a double-sink combo with vessel sinks for big bathrooms? Then the Homecart Bathroom Vanity is your ideal choice.

Boasting two 1.5 GPM faucets with handy vessel sinks made of ceramic, it gets you a high-end experience at all times. The unique design makes it totally easy to use, and with the durable & hygienic ceramic sink, you can make it work without setbacks.

The piece still comes with a natural wood texture that looks amazing. It offers an elegant style with a modern touch that will look fantastic on any bathroom configuration.

You will still get a durable product, made of MDF that prevents corrosion and protects against moisture. It won’t be a problem to clean, and it lasts a lifetime for sure. This goes well with the solid brass faucet, handles, and pop-up drain – adding an extra lifetime of use.

The piece still comes with a mirror for extra convenience, and storage with two cabinets below the sinks, two extra drawers below the cabinets, and three more in-between. If you want a vanity that doesn’t let practicality behind, then this one won’t be a bad choice.

To all that, you can add the perfect design for medium-sized bathrooms, offering 60-inches in width, 19-inches in-depth, and 35-inches in height. When it comes to installation, this model makes it effortless, so you won’t have to spend more time or effort than needed.

Overall, this one takes quality to a whole new level – with an excellent appearance, immense quality, and extra practicality; you won’t find many vanities as good as this one, so don’t dismiss it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stylish design with vessel sinks.
  • Well-made MDF body for extra resilience.
  • Ideal dimensions for large & medium bathrooms.
  • Excellent storage space with cabinets & drawers.
  • Comes with two additional mirrors.

​14. Ove Decors Buckingham Bathroom Vanity

Ove Decors is undoubtedly among our favorite brands, and it’s not all for nothing. The Buckingham is an excellent example of why we love it so much – as it offers exceptional looks and superb durability.

The first thing you’ll notice is a beautiful black granite top that stands out apart from everything else. It adds the ideal touch of classiness and chic that everyone loves in a bathroom.

This matches really well with the solid wood construction in the body, boasting a dark cherry color that adds even more style to the whole piece. Especially when you add the hand-carved feet and unique designs all around, you can expect an utterly attractive traditional vanity.

As for the sink, you get a CUPC construction, easy to clean and durable. You won’t have to assemble the piece in any way, which adds to its already convenient design.

But the practicality doesn’t come only from its pre-assembled delivery but from the large and spacious cabinet. This storage space will help you save all your toiletries safely & conveniently. The two-door cabinet offers soft-closing hinges too, which makes it silent and easy to use.

The piece is 36-inches wide, 20-inches deep, and 34-inches high – ideal for small and medium-sized bathrooms. With its appearance and extra practicality, you can expect this piece to look well in almost any place – especially in classy bathrooms.

If you want to accentuate an already classical-looking bath, this model will come like a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality granite top for looks & durability.
  • The good-looking and reliable wooden body.
  • Unique hand-carved details for extra beauty.
  • Handy preassembled CUPC sink.
  • Excellent tow-door cabinet with lots of space.

15. QIERAO Bathroom Vanity Set

Getting a low-priced product is always great. And with the best bathroom vanity for the money from Qierao, you won’t have any complaint.

Despite its low cost, this is an excellent option for users who want a unique modern style in the bathrooms. It is a pedestal vanity option with a tempered glass top and a ceramic sink. The design it offers stands out as a new product, and with its small but attractive quirks, it doesn’t disappoint.

The set boasts a chrome faucet and a wooden pedestal with a chrome towel holder. You will get a good-looking but also stylish and durable product overall.

What makes it an even better choice is the open design. You won’t have the chance to store toiletries, but it offers enough space for fast & straightforward installation. And it takes little to no area in the bathroom.

With design being 22.62-inches wide, 19.62-inches deep and 28.75-inches high – this model can go anywhere you want and still fit without problems. Despite not having the practicality other models have, its small design makes it outstandingly convenient as well.

This is not a model for anyone, though. It is very fragile and demands extra care to work correctly. But its effortless installation and unique design make it perfect for most users who will take care of it.

If that seems like an excellent vanity set for your needs, then you mustn’t ignore it. For such a fantastic price, you won’t find many options as good as this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique modern design with glass countertop.
  • Reliable wooden pedestal for durability.
  • Stylish design with vessel sink.
  • Practical towel holder in pedestal.
  • The extra small design saves bathroom space.

Benefits Of Using Bathroom Vanities

A vanity is one of the most convenient furniture pieces you can have at home. But the best use for one of these is actually in the bathroom. Here’s why:


Yes, a vanity may work as an excellent way to improve how your bathroom looks. Nowadays, you can find vanities that look fantastic, boasting all kinds of modern, classical, European, or rugged styles for any preference. If you like good-looking bathrooms, a vanity can make it possible for yours.


Having the chance to neatly place everything from your toiletries, and maybe even medications, clothes, and more – a vanity is always an excellent product to have. It will make your bathroom look more organized and prevent the cluttering effect vanity-less bathrooms have.


Finally, a vanity can be an excellent way to improve everything your bathroom has to offer. Some models come with mirrors, others come with built-in sinks, and most of them usually come with drawers, cabinets, and other practical feature for storage.

A vanity will undoubtedly make your bathroom more useful, cute, and neat. You just need to know which one works better for you. And that’s precisely what we’re explaining next.

Best Bathroom Vanity Brands On The Market

After learning a few things about vanities, how to buy them, and where – it is time to learn about the top quality bathroom vanity brands out there. Here are 5 you should know about:

  • eclife

Offering the largest variety of affordable vanities and other bathroom & kitchen products, eclife is probably the most enticing brand in the whole article. We mentioned several options from this brand, but we think the eclife A15E01W with Sink Combo is the best option you can get.

  • Silkroad Exclusive

Focusing entirely on vanities of the highest quality, Silkroad Exclusive goes the extra mile to provide high-end products for demanding users – both in beauty & practicality. All of its vanities are worth considering, but the Silkroad Exclusive Empire Double-Sink Vanity is probably the best you’ll find.

  • Ove Decors

An excellent source of bathroom amenities, Ove Decors doesn’t let anyone down with its wide variety of vanities. This is a pretty reliable brand that offers attractive products at excellent costs. If you want a good product from Ove, the Georgia Bathroom Vanity will make a great choice.

  • Dorel Living

Providing all kinds of home furnishings, Dorel Living still delivers vanities of the highest quality. All of its products are durable, exquisitely designed, and practical. The best of all, it offers decent costs – an excellent example would be the Dorel Living Otum Bathroom Vanity.

  • RunFine

To finish our list of reliable bathroom vanity brands, we’re going over RunFine. Similarly to Silkroad Exclusive, it focuses on high-end products for bathrooms, from vanities to plumbing pieces, tubs, and more. The RunFine RFVA0069 Vanity is a perfect example of what this brand can offer.

Things To Consider Before Buying Bathroom Vanity

Before purchase best bathroom vanities you should know few factors which will help you to pick right one. The previous reviews may give you a nice idea of what a vanity can offer. But you may still have doubt of what to look for and what you need.

To help you with that, we’ve arranged a straightforward guide with all the key factors to think about before buying:

Body Material

The first thing you’ll have to look for is the material of the vanity. When we say material, we refer to whether the vanity is made of wood, MDF, solid wood, plywood, or rubberwood.

  • Solid Wood

Solid wood refers to long-lasting and sturdy Walnut or Oakwood. It tends to be more expensive than other options, but it’s totally worth it.

  • Rubber Wood

Rubberwood is similar to oak in strength but is a little less durable than any solid wood as it comes with some rubbery properties. It is still an excellent choice for the money.

  • MDF

MDF is wood with resin, offering a light material that stands the weight of time really well, but not like solid wood. The advantage is the meager cost, which makes it perfect for low-budget users.

  • Plywood

Similarly to MDF, it is a light and less durable alternative to solid wood. This one is mostly made with residues of solid woods glued together. It is incredibly cheap but still lasts a lifetime with proper care.


The size is also hugely necessary to know – as it will tell you whether the piece works for small bathrooms or large ones.

There aren’t standard measurements for vanities, but you will mostly find the smallest version being at around 25 inches in length or depth, 20 inches in width, and up to 40 inches in height. The measurements may vary exponentially, so you should be careful of getting something that could be too small.

As for the largest options, you will find them at up to 50 inches in length, 40 inches in width, and about 40 inches in height. Here, again, you should be aware of what you’re getting, so it doesn’t end up being too large or too small for your needs.

To make sure you’re getting something that works in your bathroom, we recommend measuring the space where you want to place the vanity. Then, you can choose with more specificity and prevent a bad purchase.


Another critical factor to think about is the storage capacity of the vanity. It wouldn’t be a real vanity if it didn’t have at least one cabinet to store cleaning and bath items.

That’s what you should strive for when looking for bathroom cabinets. But we also recommend drawers for the best results.

If you are going for a small vanity, a single-door cabinet will do the job well enough. But if you want something large, we recommend double-door options with at least one drawer. You will still find small models with two cabinets and several drawers, and large ones with storage space all around.

Countertop and/or Sink Material

Lastly, you should think about what kind of material you want for the top or sink of your vanity (if it has any). Here are five significant options.

  • Ceramic

Coming directly from clay, this alternative is one of the most popular in the market. When it says ceramic, it means a standard material that is often cheap but may also be high-end.

  • Marble

This is a stone, much more expensive than ceramic and a little more durable & good-looking. You will find marble in a white array of colors and designs. The fancier the marble, the more expensive it is.

  • Glass

For those who like the looks of glass, they may also find it for sinks and tops. Glass is not as durable or resilience as other materials, but it may be tempered which adds extra durability. Luckily, it compensates it with its looks.

  • Porcelain

Similar to marble in how expensive it can be and how well it looks, but closer to ceramic in its build – it is dense and robust material for sinks. It is durable and reliable, offers a great appearance and works well with all colors.

  • Granite

For the high-end sinks out there, you will find granite as an excellent choice. It tends to be more expensive than its alternatives and has a unique grainy look with smooth surface that stands out.

What Is The Right Place To Buy Bathroom Vanity?

When looking for a new bath vanity, you will find that they are sold in a wide array of places. Sadly, only a few of those places are really worth trying. Here, we’re going over the most important ones:

  • Online Retailers

The first site to buy your furniture that will never let you down is Amazon. But other alternatives like Overstock and Etsy will not be a wrong choice either. They offer a wide array of models and options from all kinds of brands. But the real advantage is that all your purchases will come directly to your home.

Apart from that, the warranties are excellent.  Even if the vanity arrives damaged or with defects, you can be sure they will help you either get a refund or a replacement accordingly. And the best of all, they offer highly competitive prices.

  • Physical Retail Shops

Places like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and IKEA are excellent choices for buying vanities and other kinds of furniture. They offer excellent warranties and decent shipping experiences. However, in some cases you may need to go and pick the product yourself from their shops. The price is worth it, though.

  • Manufacturer’s Shop

While buying from online stores or retail shops can be an enjoyable experience, getting them directly from their manufacturer’s online or physical shops is by far the best way to do so. They will offer all the warranties, especial care, and all critical factors for shipping. Sadly, they can be a little expensive this way.

Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Most bathroom vanities come with a specific design, so it is essential to know what you should go for. Here are several types to consider:

  • Single Sink 

A single-sink model often comes in the smallest vanities. It offers a single sink often with only one handle that makes it easy to use and install. You may find it with or without storage space, and extra features like towel holders and so on.

  • Double Sink 

The double bathroom vanities come with two sinks and faucets. These are excellent for couples or medium-sized bathrooms. They save space that two vanities would not.

But they can still be large and a little inconvenient for small bathrooms. So be sure you need it before getting it.

  • Pedestal Vanity

This one is comprised of a single-sink design with no cabinet below. The sink (ceramic, marble, or porcelain) connects directly to the floor or a metal/wooden pedestal. Some options may come with a top where the sink goes, while others may come with additional features like towel holders and the like.

  • Free Standing Vanity

Pedestals sink with some storage space, that’s what a free-standing vanity offers. It combines the practicality and space-saving design of a pedestal sink with the convenience of a regular vanity. It is an excellent choice for small bathrooms where saving space is critical.

  • Vessel Vanity

When you see a bowl-like sink over the vanity, then that’s a vessel vanity – pretty standard in restaurants and commercial places. It makes cleaning a piece of cake and looks extra classy.

The only problem is that they take too much space, especially on the sides. But overall, they make pretty good choices for vanities of all kinds.

  • Under-Mount Vanity

This one can be either single or double, but it focuses on hiding the sink from sight. Many high-quality bathroom vanities come with this design where the sink goes under the countertop, excellent for cleaning and ease of use.

It usually goes well with the most expensive countertops, such as granite, porcelain, and high-quality marble.

  • Corner Vanity 

The less popular type of vanity: the corner vanity. As its name says, this model comes with the perfect design to fit in corners and tricky spaces. You may find it as a single sink, pedestal model, or even as an under-mount. But its whole purpose is to save space and installation efforts.

  • Topless Bathroom Vanity 

Finally, you will find the topless bathroom vanities. These are of small size most of the time, with no sink or top but only a place to store your cleaning & bath products. Some offer the chance to install your own sink or top, which makes them a little inconvenient but offer extra personalization.

How To Take Care Of Your Bathroom Vanity For Longevity

After practical info about how to pick the ideal vanity, you will want to know how to care for it at home. The following tips may help you out to prevent any unwanted experience with your product:

Protect Against Moisture

The first and foremost thing to consider if you have a vanity is to avoid any unusual or unnecessary moisture from affecting the piece.

Remember that most vanities are made of wood and its variations, so too much moisture may eventually have a hugely adverse effect. This could end up in rot vanities, mold growth, warping, or just weakening of the material.

To prevent that, we recommend taking all kinds of water waste or leak that could be dropping inside or outside the product. An excellent way to do that would be checking the vanity every three to six months to look for signs of unwanted moisture.  This will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the long term.

Wipe Spills & Filth

Similarly to getting rid of leaks and water waste, it is also essential to wipe out any spill or filth over, inside, outside, and below the vanity.

Both the body of a vanity and the top (even if it is the highest-quality stone), can be easily damaged by excessive moisture or filth.

We recommend getting any sign of spilled water, drops, or unnecessary moisture anywhere on the piece. This will keep the wood safe, and the stone or glass finish free of water spots.

You will end up with a better-looking product overall. Especially if you also get rid of the dust, dirt, and any kind of residue on the surface of the piece – that would help even more to keep it pristine.

Keep Clean & Neat

If you want your vanity to last, you’ll have to keep everything from the bathroom vanity cabinets to the countertop, the sides, and even the rear part clean. Whether it is dust, hair, water, or dirt – taking it all off the vanity ensures a better-looking and more long-lasting product.

We recommend doing this at least once a week. Cleaning your vanity in its entirety will help you maintain it for long. But if you can clean it at least once a month, that will be more than enough.

Be Gentle

Keeping your vanity clean and pristine is not enough. You will also need to be gentle and careful with it. Especially if we’re talking about vanities with marble, porcelain, or glass tops – it is extra essential to be careful.

First, you need only to use products that won’t harm the surface. For that, use the mildest chemicals you can when cleaning. This will prevent spots or stains that strong chemicals produce. We recommend avoiding things like vinegar, nail polish, oils, and petroleum-based products.

Apart from that, always use soft scrub or towel for cleaning. Even in stone tops like granite can be fragile towards metal sponges and similar products. If you use something gentle, you will receive a decent cleaning capacity without scratching or damaging the piece.

And lastly, be careful. We know getting rid of mildew, stains, and moisture marks can be a little tricky. But if you’re harsh with the vanity, there’s a high chance you’ll end with a scratched or damaged product. So prevent being hard with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you should be familiar with all the different factors to think about before buying a vanity. But you may still hold some doubts about them. Hopefully, the following section helps you with them:

Yes, but it depends on the kind of damage. For issues in the ceramic, marble, porcelain, or granite – you may not be able to repair it. But for problems in the wooden or MDF body, taking the piece to a woodworker can be a great idea.
We recommend using a paper or cloth towel gently on the countertop and body of the vanity. Use gentle chemicals for cleaning, or stick to water only if possible.
Apart from adding a touch of style to the piece, the paints and coatings also help to increase the durability of the product. In some cases, they may last between 1 to 5 years. But a high-end product may offer decades of use without problems.
Yes, of course you should. Especially if it is a vanity for double bathroom, it is imperative to do so. You won’t like it if the vanity doesn’t eventually fit inside your lavatory.
The best way to install a vanity is to follow the installation instructions of the specific model. If it doesn’t come with any and you don’t know how to proceed, we recommend contacting an expert to prevent any unwanted result.

Final Words

After you’ve finished this article about the best bathroom vanities out there, now it is time you set your mind to the task and pick the right option for you.

This won’t be easy, especially with so much information to consider. But as long as you’re careful and think about all the small & big factors before buying – you’re probably getting an ideal vanity. So, don’t waste more of your time and pick now!


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