Best Banana Plug 2019: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Electronics is what we are surrounded by, literally!

Therefore, setting up a home theatre, sound system or projector is a daily chore for us. On that note, let us ask you- what is that one troublesome part of all the steps of the whole setup?

The guessed it right. We often mess the joints up with loose, insecure and shorted up connections.

And banana plugs are the very solution to these problems.

It is supposed to give you a stiff, stable and distortion-free electric cable joints. However, because these connectors are mass-manufactured, there are tons of models in the market. For obvious reasons, you get some perks and a few drawbacks with each of them.

If you don't have a prior idea on which banana plug you're supposed to buy, that may take a serious toll in future for sure. To put an end to all this struggle of yours, we've decided to sport a hands-on review on 13 of the best picks of today's market.

Nonetheless, the guide is backed up with a buying guide, along with some tips and basics. 

Let's not waste any more time, and start crawling through.  

What is Banana Plug and Why need to use it?

In a basic sense, a banana plug or banana connector is a single wire connector to create a joint between bare wire and a port. In another sense, they are also termed as 4mm connector because of the wire types that are compatible with such plugs.

But it's not all the time when a banana plug is compatible with a 4mm wire only. There are models which fit right in with any wire within a label range of 12 to 24AWG.

There are a handful of banana connector types, and we've explained that in a different section of this article. For now, let's have a quick look at the reasons why you should keep it in use-

  • They are way better alternatives of the bare wire terminators that old-school electricians used to use.
  • Better signal transfer rate, minimum distortion and interruption are what everyone wants in electric joints. With a promising banana plug in hand, you're on your way for that.
  • Usual connectors get fizzy over time and wear out after 100 or 200 plug-in/plug-outs. On the contrary, you can expect a tight and durable connection with one of these plugs.
  • Banana plugs are likely to have crimping teeth, which is one of the smartest ideas to ensure a durable plug connection.
  • In almost each of the plugs, you will find polarity rating right on the casing. That's also a quick guide for any user if you think about it.

They are way better alternatives of the bare wire terminators that old-school electricians used to use.

Better signal transfer rate, minimum distortion and interruption are what everyone wants in electric joints. With a promising banana plug in hand, you're on your way for that.

Usual connectors get fizzy over time and wear out after 100 or 200 plug-in/plug-outs. On the contrary, you can expect a tight and durable connection with one of these plugs.

Banana plugs are likely to have crimping teeth, which is one of the smartest ideas to ensure a durable plug connection.

In almost each of the plugs, you will find polarity rating right on the casing. That's also a quick guide for any user if you think about it.

Our Top 13 Best Banana Plug Reviews

1. Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Banana Plugs

We're up for the #1 ranked pick of today's list, and it's none other than Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Banana Plugs. And it's on the top of our list for a handful of reasons. Let's take you through the list-

These plugs from Sewell Direct is a set of 24K gold plated connectors, along with crimping teeth on it. Both of these features come with a certain number of benefits.

Let's start by explaining what a 24K gold plate can serve you with. Banana plugs are often open to wear out, and friction force. A 24K gold plated cover gives a superb protection against that.

Moving forward to the benefit of crimping teeth, this comes to be helpful when a plug gets loose because of constant using. Crimping teeth, therefore, ensures a strong and compact connection. Eventually, that leads to strong and distortion-free signal transfer.

The next part that deserves a discussion is the casing, which you get in direct contact with. The casing of this model is pretty much insulated, and safe to use. The material used in this casing is brass, which gives an additional benefit of durability as well.

The base of this connector is wider and shorter in length comparing to other models you can see in the market. This is useful in a sense when you have narrower space on a board where you need to plug in them. Also, it has a good role to play in terms of signal transfer rate.

In case of most of the banana connectors, you don't get to buy only one set of the female-male pair. In the same manner, you will be offered with four different sets of 2, 5, 6 and 12 pairs of banana plugs. For instance, we've picked up the 12-set version.

In each of these pairs, you will have a male and a female connector. And externally, they are symmetrical. So, you don't have any chance to recognize them, until there is an indicator.

To help you with that, Sewell Direct had provided a red and black circling on top of the perimeter of the casing. Thanks to the brand by the way.

As per the user's experiences and reviews are concerned, we found these plugs as one of the longest-lasting models in the market. You may expect to receive years of interruption-free performance.

Highlighted Features

  • 24K gold plated connectors with superior built quality.
  • Crimping teeth for a strong, sturdy connection.
  • Heavy duty brass-made casing for durable containing.
  • Wider, and easy-to-grab base casing.
  • Optimal signal transfer rate without distortion.
  • Accepts wire sizes up to 8AWG.
  • Comes as sets of 2, 5, 6 and 12 pairs.

2. Monoprice 109436 109436 Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs

One of the simplest but troublesome parts of a speaker or sound system installation is installing the banana plug. Provided with instruction, anyone can do it. But if you have a bad plug in hand, it will ask for a repair real soon.

To end up with such issues, Monoprice 109436 109436 Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs is here. It’s our #2nd best pick as well.

With this plug connector, installing any kind of electric system will be a breeze. Being made of using specially in speakers or amplifiers, it checks all the boxes of quality. We will explain you one by one.

At first glance, you would like its elegance in design for sure. The light gold color along with textured circles would definitely add up to your speaker's outlook as well.

The casing is made of brass, and later plated with gold. As a result, you will get a super materialistic strength along with corrosion resistance and wear-resistance.

Moving forward to the technical side, these high-quality screws are of a closed type and are compatible with both wires and spades. If you're curious about the size, it can intake any size in between a range of 12 to 18 AWG.

To make sure that you don't end up with wrong polarity reading, you will find a black circle on the male plug and a red circle on the female plug.

The end of the plug is pretty much smooth, which leads to a smoother connection between the ports and the plug itself. Each time you take it in or out, there will take place a minimal resistance.

In the pack we've taken for now, contains five pairs of a male and a female connector. If you want to get more of them in number, there are 5, 10, 12 or 20 pairs available as a set.

Now, let us reveal another of the biggest perks of this plug. And it's the price-quality ratio itself. As you can see, such a beautifully designed plug with top-notch aesthetics should be too expensive. But surprisingly, it's well under the low-end price-point. Thanks to Monoprice, the manufacturer.

For day to day domestic and professional use, this plug would be always on top of our favorite list. What do you think?

Highlighted Features:

  • Brass made a design, covered with 24K gold.
  • Super-resistive against corrosion.
  • A closed type screw that accepts any were within 12 to 18AWG.
  • Black and red ring provided for polarity identification.
  • A secure and tight connection creator.
  • Available in 5, 10, 12 or 20 pairs. 

3. AmazonBasics Banana Plugs- 12 Pairs

Amazon Basic had started producing consumer grade electronics for quite a while now. And this banana plug is a fine example of the level of excellence they’re providing. Presenting the AmazonBasics Banana Plugs of 12 set. This eventually stands as the #3rd best pick of our list.

First of all, this banana plus comes with a 24K  gold plate rating,  which is already proven to ensure corrosion-free and long lasting performance. On top of that, such plating ensures high-quality audio and optimal performance. To connect or disconnect the plug into the port, you have to face almost no hardship.

A good thing about this banana plug is, we can connect more than 1 speakers from a single speaker output. With each plug, you will have a female connecting port, through which you can connect multiple speakers from a single output. When you have to design a home theatre or audio system, this is exactly what you would be looking for.

You don't want your cable connection to be loose or frayed out, right? Noone does, actually. On that note, the AmazonBasics Banana Plugs are proven to be free of search issues. And it results in a hassle-free, and long lasting audio experience.

Often, you may have experienced loose or improper plug connection due to worn out and loose ports. However, this is not likely to happen with this model. There are self-crimping teeth, which will hold the connection strong and make the whole process of installation easier.

Unless and until you are a professional electrician, you may not be quite familiar with the color codes of plugs and wear. Amazon Basics had taken care of it in this regard. With each of these banana plugs, you can find either a black ring or a red ring, which will tell you which type of port it is. To maintain the correct polarity, such color coding would turn to be handy for any user.

This plug is acceptable for both 12 to 18 AWG speaker wires. As long as modern electronics is considered, this 2 are the most familiar type of wires that we use.

The model that we have chosen for you contains 12 pairs of a male and a female plug. However, if the number is not what you are looking for, there is a six pair model available as well. The price decreases accordingly.

Our last impression with this blog was the clean and professional Outlook that it portrays. No matter you are a professional DJ, or just a regular guy who loves to keep his house neat, we are sure that you will fall in love with his feature.

About the price point, there is nothing much left to complain about. The price quality ratio that it comes with is quite off the mark. And we are sure that it will pay you off with its performance and durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 24K gold plated cover.
  • Corrosion free and durable metal.
  • Comes with a black and red color coding.
  • Almost no deviation of audio signals.
  • Each of the plugs provides with a female banana plug.
  • Can connect more than 1 speaker from a single output.
  • Is compatible with any wire between 12 and 18 AWG.
  • Come with our self-crimping teeth point
  • Easy to install, take on and take off.
  • A clean and professional outlook.
  • You can choose between the 6 pair model and 12 pair model

4. Sewell Silverback 24k Gold Banana Plugs

Like any other top-notch banana plugs, the Sewell Silverback is covered with a 24k Gold plating. If you seek for a crystal clear signal and real-time performance, this should exactly be what you are looking for.

At the core of this wire, the metal that’s used is copper. To make sure a perfect pass of signals, nothing better had been invented yet.

Now let's discuss the most unique feature of this plug- the double screws. As you know creating a hard connection between the plug and the port is undoubtedly important. With this silverback banana plug, there is a couple of screws that you need to fasten. Once fastened properly, the connection will be as strong as soldering itself. But unlike soldering, you don't have to go through so much hassle.

Another benefit of dual screw connectivity is, the conduction rate of audio signal comes to be way better than any convenient connections. As a result, you will get clear and crisp output. On top of that, the signal transmission strength will be better.

That's what you are may be looking for, right?

The casing is another beautiful part that we can't resist mentioning. As long as the weight of the casing is concerned, is quite lightweight. But in the race of providing less weight, it has not lost its rigidity. So you can call them a lightweight but rigid and solid plug case.

We have seen some of the models which come with difficulties as long as keeping them on the cable is concerned. But this model will put a smile on your face, as the casing unscrews over the tip. Therefore, installing this plug is made to be easier for even a non-professional.

As you have seen in the previous product of the list, having a color code indicator is a good thing for all new users. In this regard, this banana plug also comes with a red or black circle around the plug.

You might be wondering about what are the sizes of wires that this plug is compatible with. Well, the answer is- it can accept any wire size up to a dimension of 4 millimeters. And it seems pretty much good for regular uses.

For now, we have selected a set of 12 pairs, each containing a female and a male plug. If you are in need of less couple of plugs in number, there is a 6 pair version available as well. The price point of both of the versions is quite satisfactory.

The last thing that we would like to mention is the design. Both of the female and male plug come in a shiny silver-colored cover, with a bit of textured circle as well. Looks pretty cool, right?

Highlighted Features:

  • 24k gold plated cover.
  • Made to last a lifetime, along with top-notch performance.
  • Crystal clear electric signal.
  • Doubles Screws for a hard and strong connection.
  • Takes less hassle to install.
  • Is compatible with any wire up to a size of 4mm.
  • The casing can be unscrewed over the tip.
  • 2-screw lock design.
  • Comes with color-coded circles.
  • Available 6 pair and 12 pair sets.

5. Mediabridge Banana Plugs

Media Bridge as you know, is one of the ruling bands when it comes to wires and electric cables. For professional electric applications, a set of 6 or 12 banana plugs may not be sufficient. Therefore, we have come up with a 24 pair set right from the Inventory of Media Bridge.

By the way, the product is called Mediabridge Banana Plugs.

Provided that, this cloth is compatible with a wide range of electric applications, you can use them in audio video receiver, televisions, sound systems, home theatres, amplifiers and so on.

That was about its application, now let's move forward to the kind of compatibility it comes with different wires. As per our observation, this plug is compatible with bare wires, banana plug, spades and literally every other kind of wires which lie within a range of 8-18AWG. Such good usability will certainly let you work with it in both professional and household scenarios.

So what kind of cover does it come with? Well, the crimping teeth and the connector themselves are covered with 24k gold plates. It is built in a way that, it should last for at least a few years making sure that you have a nice, clear, and sonic accuracy without any distortion.

If you have a look at the picture, you may have noticed a shorter base of this banana plug. The reason is, the shorter and wider the base is, the better it ensures signal transfer. Also, it gives a hand to make it more easy to handle.

Just like the previous product of this list, this plug also comes with a 2-piece screw design, which is supposed to ensure better termination are re-using.

Install this banana plug would not be a hardness anymore, as long as you have the installation guide provided with the box. All you have to do is simply connect the plug with the bare wire of the speaker or amplifier. The connection is supposed to be made with the bottom piece.

Once the connection is built, there are crimping teeth which will automatically adjust themselves to provide a secure and tight connection.

Previously, we have seen color-coded circles around the cover of the banana plugs. But this time the entire base is designed as per the color codes. To ensure that, you don't have any problem to match the polarity. All you have to do is to know which color stands for what kinds of polarity.

We would label this plug as a plug and play device rather than a hectic manual jack that you have to suffer with. No additional crimping or soldering is needed.

In each couple of plugs, there is a female port and a male plug. With that, it is made sure for you too hook up any speaker to any single output.

Now, let's get back to where we started from. Sometimes 12 or 6 couple of banana plugs and not enough to set up a system. If you also feel like so, you can grab the 24 pair set of Mediabridge Banana Plugs. Let us ensure you that, the price won't break your bank.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 or 24 pairs of banana plugs in a single pack.
  • Compatible with spades, bare wires, and banana plugs.
  • Can be tightened up with any wire within 8-18AWG.
  • Wider base, securing less deviation.
  • Almost no distortion after years of uses.
  • 2-piece screw for reliable connections.
  • Provided with an installation guidebook.
  • Self-crimping teeth.
  • Fast locking and easy to install.
  • Color-coded as per the polarity.
  • Each pair has a male and banana plugs.

6. FosPower 24K Gold Plated Dual Screws Jack Speaker Banana Connectors

Our next favorite pick is from Fospower, ans the name is Fospower 24K Dual Screw Banana Connector.

Let's talk about the design of this banana plug first. It is a closed type design, where the speaker wire enters into this banana plug right from the back or rear side. Speaker wire is enclosed inside the metal collar that the model comes with.

The benefit of such design is, the connection between the wire and the external cover is completely cut out. Therefore, any of the users will be out of the risk of any kind of short circuits.

What are the electric devices that this plug is compatible with? So far, we have seen electric devices like an amplifier, speakers, home theatres, A/V receivers, surround sound systems and banana plug-sets to fit nicely with this model. Even if you have a wall plate which is fit on the wall, it can get into the banana style binding posts.

Instead of regular one-screw adjustment, there are a couple of screws from the opposite side of each other. By tightening both of them up, you can ensure a strong and distortion-free connection.

Now, let us talk about the gold plates in details. The whole gold plate cover consists of 6 different gold plated leaves. And the gold plate is of premium standard, which is so far, the perfect plating technique. 

Like any other top-rated banana plugs of the market, this one is with gold plated connectors. As you know, the benefit of having such connectors is- it prevents corrosion and ensures a smooth connection between the banana plug and the ports.

You can work with multiple sizes of speaker wires. The range of AWG is from 12 to 18, and that is supposed to cover all of the wires that we use in day to day basis.

The regular pack contains 6 pairs of male and female banana plugs. If you want to get a higher load, there is a 12 pack available. And if you need just a couple of them, there is a two pair pack as well.

For easy injecting and grabbing, the outer side of the cover contains textured circles. This adds up to the design of the plug as well.

The way Fospower had provided all of the values that you need in this plug, is highly appreciated by users across the country. Hopefully, you are likely to be one of the happy users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Closed design with dual screw adjustment.
  • Nicely textured circle around the outer cover.
  • Covered with gold plated connectors.
  • Prevent corrosion and distortion.
  • Helps you with polarity identification.
  • Can work with multiple sizes of speaker wires.
  • Starting from 12AWG to 118AWG, it is compatible with any kind of wire.
  • Available in 2 pairs, 6 pairs and 12 Pairs.
  • Compatible with wall mounted plates.

7. InstallGear Gold Banana Plug Connectors

So far, we have gone across a few closely designed banana plugs. But that's not all the time when you will be using a plug for closed connections. Sometimes to put the bare wire in, you need an open screw banana plug. Especially, for internal electronic works, search designs are mandatory.

On that note, let's call up InstallGear Gold Banana Plug Connectors on the podium.

It's a completely gold plated plug all the way through the bottom. It is an open screw type model, which is particularly made for using inside electronic devices.

They are tiny in size and light in weight, so you can occupy more of this plugs in a particular space. So, for small speakers, or electronics boards, this is a right fit.

You might be interested in watching the process of installing this plug, as it is not a regular one. All you have to do is to straighten up the speaker wire and unscrew the plug. Later, twist the wireheads, and insert into the passage inside the plug. Don't insert it throughout the passage where the screw is supposed to be inserted. Keep it parallel to the vertical axis. Finally, tighten it off with the screw.

As you can see, creating the connection with this plug takes nothing but a three-step installation. In this regard, we can give you the reason why uses call it the easiest to install the banana plug in the market.

In practice, there are a handful of wire sizes available in case of speakers and home electronics. The good news is, this plug is compatible with any wire rising from 12AWG to 18AWG.

This plug is not have any insulated cover or any protective layer on it. So let us warn you that, don't touch it by bare hands when the connection is on. This may lead to severe electric shocks.

So we highly discourage you to use this plug on external electronic boards, or naked ports. But as long as internal usage is concerned, this is one of our favorite picks.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24 set of banana plugs in one box.
  • Completely gold plated from top to bottom.
  • Compatible with 12 to 18 gauge speaker wires.
  • Comes with red/black circles as indicators.
  • Also, comes with a set of open plugs.
  • Pretty quick and easy installation.
  • Compact in size.

8. Cmple - Dual Speaker Banana Plugs

If you are dealing with electronic products for quite some while now, you may have seemed banana plugs to come with single units. But this one time you'll see each two of the plugs to be covered with a plastic barrel. And the plug is Cmple - Dual Speaker Banana Plugs.

The question that is in your mind is- how come it is beneficial in practice?

Well, if you have two consecutive slots where you need to put a couple of strong, stable plug connectors, this is the jackpot for you.

On top of that, the barrel is made of insulator-type plastic. So, there is no chance of any short circuit at all, leave along the electric shocks. So, in a sense, it's pretty good for touching and plugging/unplugging with bare hands as well.

Apart from the dual-barrel design, let’s look at the other significant features-

Just like any good quality plugs, Cmple - Dual Speaker Banana Plugs is covered with a 24k gold plated metal. As you already know, the benefit of having such covering is a smooth transferring rate. On top of that, gold plated covers are renowned to be corrosion resistant.

If you are worried about the connectivity of this plug with different kinds of wires, we would suggest you not to be. Because this plug is compatible with any wire between 12 to 24AWG.

The image that you can see, contains a red barrel on top of two golden plugs.  In any of the plugs, there is no color indicator at all. but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any color indicators indeed.

There are actually two versions of this plug, where one of them contains a couple of plugs covered with a red barrel. And another version contains a couple of plugs covered with a black barrel. If you have to get different polarities, you can buy a mix of both black and red versions.

The only insulator that this plug has, is the red or black barrel which they are covered with. There is no more of insulations, and if you place them in an open place, there is a good chance of getting shocked.

The level of excellence in terms of contact pressure to the speaker cables is pretty admirable. In fact, that is one of the main reasons that we have picked up this product in this list for.

However, you may not like the dual cover version. For them only, there are single plug versions as well. Like the dual cover version, they also come in both black and red cover.

Another tiny drawback of this plug is, you cannot avail them in 6 for 10 or 12 units. If you need to buy so, you need to buy multiple units of what we have shown you.

So far, the price-point seems pretty much good. As the connection with screws is concerned, the level of strength that the connection makes is pretty much satisfactory. To handle it in an easy way, there are textured circles around the neck of the screws. That may come help when you are moving them with sweaty or wait for a hand.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24k gold plated cover.
  • One of the highest signal transfer rate with accuracy.
  • High resistance against corrosion.
  • Compatible with 12 to 24AWG tables.
  • Covered with a secure and types black or red barrel.
  • Great contact pressure.
  • Tiny dimension to put on low space boards.

9. WGGE WG-009 Banana Plugs Audio Jack Connectors

Closed type screw design had become quite of a trend as long as banana plugs are concerned. At this point of this review, we are going to call up another such plug with the name of WGGE WG-009 Banana Plugs Audio Jack Connectors.

At the very first glance, you may think it to be a regular banana Jack with a Preeti silver Outlook. But let us explain the insider features of this plug, and we are sure that you would not look at it in the same way anymore.

First of all, it is a closed type design supported by a dual screw lock connector. As long as conventional speaker wires are concerned, Hardwell screw mechanism is well enough to build a strong connection with the wire.

On top of that, the brand guarantees a perfect, crystal clear connection without any distortion.

The bare wires that you are supposed to put inside the plug, will not be in contact with the cover itself. So the chance of shorting out is almost zero.

We think that, you already can assume the compatibility of this plug. This open type plug is compatible with any kind of A/V receivers, surround sound system, banana wall plate, amplifiers, music systems, televisions and so on. In a nutshell, it is compatible with every kind of electronic products that a regular user have to use on day to day basis.

Let's take out the materials that this plug is made of. At the material of the wire, copper has been used. And the cover is gold plated for long lasting performance. Both of these parts are neutral in any kind of magnetic field.

If you have a close look at the cover of this work, you can see how red and black labeling has been done. In a red type plug, the name of the brand is printed in red color. In a black type plug, the name of the brand is printed in black color. That's how the indicator works in case of this model we are talking about.

The next thing we are concerned about is- the type of wires that the plug is compatible with. To be straight forward for the answer, this club is compatible with anywhere with a size of fewer than 4 millimeters.

In terms of AWG rating, the plug can be collaborated with anywhere within a size of 8 to 20AWG. Compare into many other models, this one's is quite improved and better for you as a user.

One important thing that you would like to notify about it is, the price of this model. Comparing to many other similar plugs, the price is quite off the mark. We mark that as a serious issue for people with the low-end budget.

Lastly, let's talk about the number of units that you are getting in this package. So far we have been showcasing you I unit with 12 pairs of plugs. If you want, you can grab the five pair package are the 6 pair package as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • A finely designed closed type plug.
  • Dual screw connector for secure and tight connections.
  • Great to use with almost any kind of appliance electronics.
  • Corrosion-resistant and free of distortion.
  • Accepts wires within 8-20AWG rating.
  • No soldering needed.
  • Color-coded, and safe to use.

10. WGGE WG-3334 24k Gold Plated Banana Plugs

Back to back, we have got another product from the Inventory of WGGE, the brand. This time it's another open-screw type banana plug, which can be compatible with any bare wire or spades.

The reason why we have to chose two back to back products from the Inventory of WGGE is, they are almost complementary to each other. The previous product that we have talked about, is just the insulated version of the product we are in right now.

Just like the previous one, this connector is also available in 5, 6, and 12 pairs. as per your necessity, you can pick up the right one.

For those of us who don't know about the brand value of WGGE, Let Us assure you that they always come with top quality products. Although they have been preparing products like alligator clips, HDMI cables and wire strippers, but this time they have come with a top quality banana plug.

The material type is copper, and it is as tiny as 45 millimeter in length. The thickness is 4 millimeter, and it can be combined with any kind of wire rising from 18 to 12AWG.

To get an indication of whether it is a black one or a red one, there are circled colors on the perimeter of this plug.

With binding posts, it can provide you with a secure connection which will lead you to an everlasting, positive contact.

As it doesn't have any soldering, you may think that you should solder it with a soldering iron. But that's not the case. All you need is a secure and proper connection between the world and the plug itself.

To install this open type plug, you have to face almost no hardship. The direction of the screw and the wire in a perpendicular angle. So you will have enough space to insert the wire inside.

The strength of the connection of this banana connector comes to be pretty good. So you will get a strong and secure connection that will lead you to a distortion-free, Clean and crystal clear electric signal transfer experience.

The price of this product is not at a low end. As it comes with promising product quality, quick installation, compact design, and secure connection, the product price seems to be equally high. Certainly, it deserves the price and we hope that it won't disappoint you once you have invested after it.

Highlighted Features:

  • A secure and open screw type banana plug.
  • Made of pure copper.
  • Covered with 24k Gold plates.
  • Easy installation and no soldering is required.
  • Black and red rings to indicate polarity.
  • Compatible with both 14 and 16 gauge speaker wire.
  • Optimal sound quality without any distortion.
  • Secure and positive connection.
  • Available in 5, 6 and 12 pairs.

11. New 14 PCS Speaker Cable Connectors Audio Banana Plugs

Presenting another beautiful pick, which is equally functioning as well- the New 14 PCS Speaker Cable Connectors Audio Banana Plugs.

At the very beginning of the discussion, let disclose good part about this cable connectors, and it is the uniform pressure then it can create. On the completely clamping surface, you can expect optimal signal transmission with no break or interruption at all.

The casing that you can see in the picture, is made of aluminum. For those of us who know how robust, lightweight and strong Aluminium is, Would love this product for sure.

Let me give you some idea about the dimension of this product. The total length is 46 millimeter, and the external diameter is 11 millimeter. To make a secure and strong connection, there are two different screws which are in the opposite direction.

So far,  we have seen a few different models in this review, and no one of them would require soldering. We are not saying that this what does but if you look for a stronger connection with the wire, Human look forward for one.

However, if you make your mind to use solder, you are advised to use silver solder only, although that cable can be up to a dimension of 2.5 millimeters, it can be sold at up to a dimension of 6mm.

In this model, you will be provided with only a 14 piece set of Banana plug adaptors. I like many other models, there are no differences and multiple sizes to choose from.

Rest assured, the covering of this banana flower is of 24k Gold plates. The inside is mounted with spring. So the clamping force quit is offered on the wires, is pretty much high.

Guess the result? yeah, a stronger more secure and tighter connection. As a benefit, you can enjoy and interruption free cable connection experience.

We know that for the same price you can get 16 or even 20 pieces of Banana plugs. But if you ask us we won't say that the price is overrated. The only problem with the connector adaptor is, it can wear out after 8 or 12 months of you. Also, the screw which is provided with the model does not come to be easy to use one.

What do you think about the model? does it satisfy your need and the budget? Let us know in the comment section.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24k gold plated cover.
  • The clamping force from spring mounted blade.
  • At constant pressure on the clamping surface.
  • Optimum signal transmission rate.
  • Robust and strong aluminum covering.
  • Dual screw connector.
  • Can be used with soldering iron as well.
  • 14 pieces in the box.

12. CHOSEAL Banana Plugs DIY Speaker Cable Connector

CHOSEAL Banana Plugs DIY Speaker Cable connector is the next item on the podium. We cannot say that this one is a widely popular model, but if you're looking for a decent pick with a good price tag on it, we would point Our fingers at this product.

The first thing that comes in the discussion about this product in the tinned copper protection. For an extended wire life, and good electric conductivity, such protection comes to be handy.

In addition, copper protection also ensures proper resistance against oxidation. For both bass and regular sound waves, such setup is so important.

A copper wire core is aligned with copper conductors, ensuring perfect conduction of signals without any distortion. Apparently, the signal loss is quite less and the sound quality comes with more fidelity and quality.

No matter you want it to use with speakers, audio devices, home uses, office room uses, conference room uses, home theatre, engineering and so on.

One problem with this banana plug is, it doesn't come with variation in terms of number pairs. So, you have to buy multiple of this coupling unit if you need to.

For indicating the polarity, the plugs are marked with a black and red brand name on the surface of it. You should not have any problem with identifying the polarity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protected by a tinned copper layer.
  • Good electric conductivity.
  • Proper resistance against oxidation.
  • Good quality audio with low distortion.
  • Can turn the bass into a thicker version.
  • Good at sound reproduction.
  • Low signal loss and more fidelity.
  • Compatible with any kind of electric devices and uses.

13. Sunjoyco 12 Pairs (24 PCS) Gold Plated Banana Plugs

We are eventually at the very end of our list of best banana plugs. At this point, we would like to pick up a newer model called Sunjoyco 12 Pairs (24 PCS) Gold Plated Banana Plugs.

Although the model is new in the market, it has very good quality that you might expect in a banana plug. First of all, it's made of a premium grade material of copper. On copper, it is covered with 24K gold. Overall, it gives us a sturdy, and durable structure.

Because of being made of copper, and covered of 24K gold, it is super resistant against corrosion. Also, when it comes to ensuring a stable connection, such feature comes to be impactful.

The compatibility range of this product is pretty much fine. It is compatible with any wire sizing between a range of 8-20AWG. It is stackable by bi-wiring, and you can run more than one speaker with this single plug.

It can also except bare wires, bi-writings, spades and plates of banana plugs. In together, you can use it in home theatre, sound systems, projectors, audio systems, wall plates etc.

To install or activate the connection between any wire and this plug, you have to face almost no hardship at all. As you can see, there is vertical and horizontal axis between the wire and the screw, and that's super easy to install.

There are 12 pairs in this model we've selected for this list. Although there are no other packs, this 12 packs set is quite cost-efficient.

If you want to use it on internal circuits, we would recommend this plug with confidence.

Highlighted Features

  • Covered with 24K gold plates.
  • Sturdy, durable and strong connection.
  • Looks neat and tidy.
  • Can be used with wires of 8-20AWG.
  • A perfect fit for bi-wiring.
  • Can be compatible with bare wires and spades.
  • Tool-free, safe installation. 

Different Types of Banana Plugs

As the applications are within a range of variations, the types of banana plugs are also different. So far, we can see four Types of Banana plug in the market

Regular banana plug

This is the most regular form of a Banana plug, which comes with an exposed compliant which has a contact with an insulated housing. it is compatible with both of standard and safe 4-millimeter banana jacks. This plug can be operated at a high voltage. But we cannot recommend using this plug with more than 30V power

Sheath banana plug

This banana plug is also known as this banana plug is also known as a shrouded and lift band of luckshrouded and sleeve banana plug. there is a protective sheath over this plug which is there to avoid any kind of unintentional contact. And this plug is recommended for CAT III and IV  applications.

Stacking Sheath Banana Plug

This kind of plug is similar to Stacking banana plug. And with this plug, you will get a banana plug at one end and a safety banana Jack at the other end.  for all of CAT application, this kind of plug is recommended.

Retractable Sheath Banana Plug

In a retractable sheath banana plug, you will get a protective layer of plastic which will prevent any kind of unintentional engagement with the plug. This is also available for CAT applications.

Stacking Retractable Sheath Banana Plug

This is the last type of Banana plug Which comes with a female plug as well. but we call it one of the most versatile types of Banana plug because of the retractable sleeve. However, this plug is usable with any kind of Banana Jacks.

Things to Before Consider Buying Best Banana Plug

Hopefully, the list of our top-quality banana plugs had been enough for you to make a shortlist. To hone up the final decision, here you go with a comprehensive buyer's guide-

The Covering

One of the main issues that conventional banana plugs are accused of is- worn out body. And to overcome it, brands come up with gold plated covers.

Gold plated covers, okay. But what about the quality? Well, in terms of rating, most of these gold plated covers come up with a 24k rating. For anyone concerned, this should be satisfactory enough.

The  Protective Container

As you are connecting a wire with the plug, there is a good chance of short circuitry or spark-leakage. To minimize the chance, most of the plugs are contained within insulating covers like aluminum, rubber, plastic or so.

While you're buying one right plug for you, you should keep this in your mind.

The Number of Sets

In most of the cases, brands are likely to provide banana plugs as dual set of a male connector and a female connectors. And there are sets of 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 16 or even 24 couples. Based on how many connections you need, you should pick up the number. But our advice would be to grab a few extra sets than what you need in practice.

The Polarity Indicator

You may already know that banana plugs are of two polarity- male and female. But as both of them portrays an identical look, it's hard to understand the real difference inside. So, brands are likely to provide indicators on the circumference of the casing. Some put the brand name as black or red color, and some put them just as circles.

In either way, you should ensure that the indication is good and visible enough for you.

Safety Considerations for Banana Plug User

Given with proper instructions, a regular electrician should not have any troublesome situation with using a banana plug. But there are thousands of home users who're not so professional in it. This section is solely for those users.

In this section, we've listed up a few safety concern that you should keep in mind while making a banana plug connection in any kind of electronic circuits-

Be Certain About The Polarity

The polarity indicates whether a plug is of male type or female type. There are red or black labels/circles/texts on the circumference of the plug casing. Before putting wire inside the plug, make sure the color of the wire and the plug itself.

Make Sure that The Screw is Tightened Enough

The root of a strong, secure connection is the screw with which you tighten the wire. If the connection is left loose, there is a good chance of a disconnected or loosen up wire.

Keep No Connection Between the Wire and The Casing

It is a basic electronics 101 that an electricity carrying wire should not be exposed to the connector to the external parts. Specially, when the external part is made of materials like brass, we would advise you to double check that.

Benefits of Using A Banana Plug

With speakers, home theatres, or some other electric appliances, banana plugs are widely used and there are plenty of benefits of it. At this point of this review, we'll be listing up the benefits, so that you know what you are getting.

A Safer Wiring System

When you are dealing with bare cables like a banana plug, the main reason for worrying is a frayed cable. If you're not an expert electrician, there is always a good chance that the bare end can touch something metal. Eventually, leading to a short circuitry.

If you think that the vulnerability is also exposed in your home, a banana plug is a must for you. The chance of tearing wires or being ripped out is pretty much minimal in case of a banana plug.

It Prevents Oxidation

Regular speaker cables are made of copper, which comes with a good chance of being oxidized. An oxidized cable can ruin the sound quality and the cable as well. Banana plugs come with built-in protection from such corrosion, no matter its a soldered or soldered less version.

They are pretty easy to connect

If you are not an expert electrician connecting any kind of speaker wire is such a pain. Usually, it requires a bunch of stuffing and twisting for each of the connection.

But with a banana plug, all you have to do is plug the cable into the port. No more hassle is required. Especially, when it comes to multichannel systems, this feature seems to be pretty handy.

The aesthetics

Last but not least, using a banana plug makes your equipment and the whole system look better. If you are spending money on high-quality wiring, you should be keeping this in your mind as well. Where electric connections are messy and look ugly, connection with banana plug looks pretty much decent and comes with a lot less of hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: Which kind of connections are possible to create with a banana plug?

Answer: Usually, connections in speakers, audio systems, televisions, home theatres, projectors or any similar electronics. 

Q: How can I understand the number of sets do I need?

Answer: You can simply count the number of male-female connections you have to make. Divide that by two, and that’s what you need.

Q: Are gold plated covers secure and durable?

Answer: As long as low-end and mid-range connector models are concerned, 24K gold platings are the best kind of cover you can find for banana plugs.

Q: In what use the textured grips on the covers are for?

Answer: If you can't get enough of the grip while screwing or unscrewing banana plugs.

Q: Is there any instruction provided along with the product?

Answer: Not every time, actually. But you can find instructions regarding that particular model online. 

Final Words

Wow, we're finally at the end of the long article on best banana plugs, and how to buy one in a proper way. So far, we've given our maximum effort to ensure a 360-degree buying guideline along with reviews of our top picks. A last advice would be to keep the price-quality ratio, and warranty in the market.

Best of luck!

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