Curtain Ideas For Bedroom: Most Exclusive Design For 2020

What’s the first thing that every tenant does when they move into a new apartment?

Hang the curtains in place, of course!

Not to mention, you don’t want your neighbor to see all those weird dance moves that you do while you are cooking in the kitchen or moping the bedroom floor, do you?

We certainly hope not! 

While we love the convenience of letting the fresh air come through the window, there are times when we would like to block the harsh sunlight from entering inside our home by drawing the curtains close.

Especially, when it comes to the bedroom, we all like to keep the most intimate space of our house private by utilizing the benefits of curtains to the fullest!

Moreover, it becomes a source of positive energy while reducing the sun's glare by offering a filtered, calm ambiance inside your bedroom and thus making it an ideal place to sleep in.

Want to enhance the look of your room by selecting a curtain that matches your personality and go along with the rest of the décor as well?

Check out our curtain ideas for bedroom and see which suits your room the best!

How To Choose The Finest Curtain?

1. Fabric

Depending on what type of design you choose to go for, there are several different fabric options to choose from:

  • Cotton

Cotton is a very popular and demanding option for curtains all over the world. It provides a crisp look while letting you have an airy feeling throughout the room.

Whether you choose to go for a modern or traditional décor, cotton goes well with both of these styles.

  • Linen

Medium to heavyweight linen fabric works best for making curtains as they are more durable and have the right amount of thickness.

However, this material is susceptible to wrinkles. So, it’s best to use dry clean then instead of normal washing.

  • Velvet

If you want a luxurious feel inside your home, then make velvet your best friend!

And thanks to its heavy material and thickness, velvet curtains come in handy in the cold winter months the most.

However, this material is a little bit expensive compared to the others.

  • Silk

Silk curtains are all-rounder!

They drape well, looks good in any design and adds a romantic vibe to your interior that’s perfect for a bedroom.

However, if it's in the line of direct sunlight, then the color starts to fade away. it’s best to use a lining of another material under the silk curtain in that case.

2. Length

The look of a window depends on how well-fitted the drape is around it.

Whether you hang the curtain right at the top or above the trim, make sure it goes well with the window shape and your room size as well.

If you've got a small window, it's a good idea to get a customized drape that fits and frames it perfectly. For tall windows, go with floor-length drapes that adds a touch of luxury to your room.

3. Design

There are lots and lots of curtain designs available on the market. Among them, you have to find the one that's easy to install and serves your purpose in the best possible way.


  • Pleats

Curtains with pleated designs give a classy and formal vibe to your room. There is a tape on the header section that holds the sewn panels of the curtain and form different types of folds and creases when pulled together.

Pinch, Goblet, Pencil, Box, Tuxedo and Cartridges are some of the pleat patterns that are available on the market.

  • Valances

Valances are decorative fabrics that are used to hide the upper part of the window in a fashionable way.

The curtain rods and panels look a little odd and unfitted at times. Valances help decorate the box-shaped structure elegantly with a soft pleated heading or different patterns.

  • Layers

While it’s perfectly okay to go with just a single curtain, some may like to add 2-3 layers to achieve a unique look.

Multiple layers allow you to adjust the brightness level inside your home as well as enhance the look of your bedroom décor.

  • Eyelet

For a simple and casual appearance, eyelet designs work best.

From a patio door to any regular window, you can use eyelet design for any purpose. They usually come with silver rings at the header that makes them easy to operate. 

4.  Color And Accessories 

Depending on your preference, you can either deck up your bedroom with a laid-back theme by choosing soft, neutral colors or go all out with bold and bright colors!

To accessorize the curtains, you can use brackets, cute tiebacks, holdbacks, clips or rings and pull off an awesome look! 

20 Curtain Ideas That Are Sure To Light Up Your Bedroom!

1. A Mystery To Be Unfolded

A Mystery To Be Unfolded

Sometimes it’s best to keep secrets.

Just like the element of surprises keep your love life going strong, you can apply the same theory while styling your bedroom curtains as well!

Instead of opting for a single sheet, try adding multiple layers of screens in front of your bedroom window to create a bit of suspense in the air.

To nail the look successfully, keep the first two screens low-key. For instance, you can add a simple white and a light-grey fabric as the first two layers. Then, for the final layer, choose a darker color with thicker material to complete the whole look.

You know what’s the biggest advantage of this kind of drapes, right?

No matter what time of the day it is, you can adjust the brightness inside your room through the many filters of the drapes that you installed quite easily!

2. Bring In Some Wilderness

Bring In Some Wilderness

Humans have fingerprints.

And zebras have stripes that set them apart from each other!

If you like this majestic creature as much as I do, then bring back the black and white striped pattern inside your room and have fun decorating the whole bedroom with this stylish theme!

As for the curtains, we would suggest choosing a synthetic fabric for this particular pattern.

Good-quality synthetic fabrics come with a satin-like finish which will show off the designs well. Another big advantage of this fabric is it’s a wrinkle-free material and will hold up well on its own no matter whatever methods you wish to adopt in terms of washing.  

Pro tip: Throw in some matching pillowcase and bedsheet to complete the final look!

3. Make A Statement With Color Block

Make A Statement With Color Block

Color blocking is fun until you get it wrong!

Don’t worry! We are here to help you create a striking combination that’s going to blow everyone’s mind!

So, the first rule of color blocking is to pick a solid color of your preference. Let’s choose grey for instance.

Next, pick another color while maintaining the same saturation level of the shade that you previously selected.

Can’t decide?

To make it easier, you can google the term “Color Wheel” and then choose a color that’s placed just beside the tint Grey or directly across it. For our selected color, we get Navy-Blue as it’s placed opposite of Grey!

Now all that’s left to do is to hang up this Grey and Navy-Blue color block curtains on your window! Not only these two colors complement each other well, but they also, add a chick look to your interior and introduces a playful personality at the same time!

4. Simplicity At Its Best

Simplicity At Its Best

No patterns, no designs and definitely no layers at all!

Sometimes, beauty lies in its simplicity, something that makes your heart feel at rest.

Well, if you have a calming personality and looking for something that’s going to help add a soft touch to your interior, then go for a plain curtain that features a single solid color.

We suggest choosing any neutral color that doesn't interrupt the flow and make your home look more spacious for this purpose. Any light-colored curtains, like white, off-white, silver and pale-grey color options would be the perfect choice for situations like this.

While choosing the fabric, make sure they are lightweight and of high quality so that they fall beautifully once you hang them up on the windows.

5. Welcome The Autumn Leaves

Welcome The Autumn Leaves

Once Autumn hits homes, trees start shading their leaves as a symbol of welcoming the new change in their life.

I am a big fan of all those fallen warriors!

The Green, yellow, red or orange leaves seem so beautiful while they adorn the trees and look even more magnificent when they carpet the ground!

The season has to end, yet you might want to catch all those beauties while you can, right?

Our next idea is for the lovers of tree foliage who are still reluctant to let them go and want a piece of nature inside their home!

Installing a drape with leafy patterns on its fabric will not only let you enjoy a magnificent view from your bed but also, it will give you an opportunity to keep a succulent or a small plant beside it and help create a cozy, earthy vibe in your room! 

6. Keep Your Feet Planted At The Ground

Keep Your Feet Planted At The Ground

Reaching new heights in life doesn’t mean it’s okay to forget your roots!

Our next idea on the list is based on the theory that encourages you to aim for the stars while keeping your feet planted at the ground!

This hanging pleated drapes cover the whole area from floor to ceiling. And we are choosing a soft cream color with black-white pattern on the fabric to give the drapes a smooth and muted vibe.

Want to know a secret?

This setting is perfect for a room that doesn’t have much space in it!

If you have got tall windows that don't mind covering up and have a spot in the ceiling to add a chandelier, trust me, no one’s going to complain over your tiny apartment anymore!

7.  Does Valances Ever Go Out Of Style?

Does Valances Ever Go Out Of Style?

The answer is NO!

People like to see the pretty things, the most decorative parts of your corner.

A stylish curtain, for instance, can capture the attention of your guests in an instant and make them go WOW!

However, the hardware that’s responsible for holding that beautiful drape, end up looking ugly and a bit unfitted compared to its sidekick!

A window valance, which covers the upper part of a window, is an excellent solution in this case. You can use a curtain with an oversized valance that’s going to hide the upper portion in an elegant way and let the rest of the drape show its charm to the onlookers!

Sun shining too bright in your eyes?

Install a blind on the window or add a second layer of sheets to the window and let the light come inside on your own terms!

8. Meet Me In The Middle

Meet Me In The Middle

The best way to settle a dispute is to meet your negotiator halfway, right?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to do on our next idea!

The trick is to keep a half-finished pattern only on one side of the drape and keep the rest of the fabric totally clean.

Meaning, there shouldn’t be any design or pattern on the rest of the curtain. Also, it will look better if the whole thing consists of one single color.

Once you hang up the two drapes side by side, each of which contains a pattern that looks complete only when you close it, it’s going to A.M.A.Z.E everyone who sees it for the first time!

You can also purchase some matching pillowcases and bedsheets to give the room a more dramatic look depending on your preference.

9. Explore The Darkness

Explore The Darkness

Did you know having a bedroom decorated with a dark theme might help you with your insomnia and provide a good night's sleep instead?

Relax! We are not going to ask you to paint your whole room black and send you off to a cave for this purpose!

In fact, you can opt for dark colors in terms of choosing your curtain, pillowcase or bedsheets and paint your room in a grey color to complete the overall appearance.

While choosing a dark-themed drape, make sure you choose a black-out curtain that’s able to block any exterior light in the daytime as well.

To maintain an airy feeling throughout the room, keep a transparent white layer on the background and let the curtains stay open to get rid of the caved-in vibe altogether!

10. Add A Little Drama To Your Life

Add A Little Drama To Your Life

Nothing brings in more drama than a pulled back curtain does!

However, we are going to ask you to tone down the rest of the interiors and make the window a focal point for this purpose.

Keep it simple with minimal furniture in the room. Highlight the window by adding a silk curtain that brings in a pop of color and drape the window in a showy, romantic way as well!

Hey, you know what could be more interesting?

A tieback with a tassel that’s going to hold the drape in a fashionable way and make it look aesthetically pleasant!

We suggest adding a sheer screen on the behind, as silk curtains are prone to get damaged if they get exposed to the sunlight too much.   

11. Just Go With The Flow

Just Go With The Flow

While decorating your room, does one particular color seem to dominate over the others?

There! That’s the color you should pick for the curtains as well!

For instance, if the headboard of your bed is in a dark shade of teal, then choose the same color for your drapes as well to maintain a nice flow in the room.

However, as for the rest of the furniture, it’s best to go a shade lighter to emphasize on the drapes and keep them as the main focal point of the room.

We recommend you to go as bold as you can in this type of color scheme. From hot pink to bright yellow, you can embrace any color you want as long as it goes well with the rest of the décor!

12. Sheer Innocence

Sheer Innocence

Something about the sheer fabric gives us a pure innocence vibe. Like there’s nothing to hide as everything is out in the open already!

If you want to have this enchanting look on your master bedroom, then instead of all those heavy drapes go for a light, sheer fabrics that allow the natural light to come inside your room easily.

If you are imagining a white fabric in your mind, please stop!

Let’s put a twist on the traditional white sheer and go for a grey fabric instead.

A flowing grey sheer in front of the balcony will not only add a smoky edge to your interior but also, create a romantic atmosphere at the dawn!

One point to be noted, you shouldn’t use this material if privacy is a concern for you, as this fabric is mostly see-through.

13. Let’s All Go Back To The Victorian-Era

Let’s All Go Back To The Victorian-Era

Over 200 years ago, when Queen Victoria ruled her kingdom, a lot of fashion choices became extremely popular due to their whimsical look and charming appearance!

And some of them are still going strong!

If you want to go back to that era and see how you fit in, all you have to do is to hang up an antique wall décor, choose a carpet with delicate swirls and change the drapes into something that casts a soft look upon the entire room!

For the material, we would suggest going for silk or linen curtains with laced hems or tasseled fringes on the upper part to create an eccentric look. As for the color, choose any soft and supple shades of floral pink, lilac, lavender, teal or burgundy.

Remember, the Victorian era was all about patterns. So, don't forget to choose fabrics that have an abundance of it!  

14. Bold Is Beautiful

Bold Is Beautiful

While most of us feel too intimidated to introduce a bold color in the bedroom, it's actually a good idea if you know a few tricks and tricks!

Although it’s a riskier design choice, you can still get it right if you manage to balance the color contrast between the wall and the drapes.

If you have a light-colored wall, let’s say tan or warm-white for example, then you can easily pair it up with a bold and poppy color like hot pink or bright yellow!

We would suggest going for a silk fabric in this case, as it will bring on a look of luxury into your room and make it appear elegant.

However, it’s best to invest in a window slider as well to protect the curtain fabric from the harsh effect of the sunlight.

15. Tie The Knot With A Miniature Heart

Tie The Knot With A Miniature Heart

Accessories are the queen of style!

No matter how casual your outfit is, if you can pair it up with the right bracelet or a fashionable watch, it’s going to transform your whole appearance in an instant!

Similarly, you can deck up any curtain with beautiful hardware accessories like ring, clips, tiebacks, brackets and add a contemporary feel to your room.

For a soft colored pleated drape, we suggest using cute little tieback with a heart miniature piece attached to it!

Not only this accessory will help bring out a sophisticated look to your curtains, but also, it will hold the folded drapes in a fashionable way and let the bright sunlight come inside your room to wake you up in the morning!

16. Two For The Price Of One

Two For The Price Of One

Have two windows side by side and getting confused about how to decorate them?

Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore as our next idea on the list is going to woo you with its creativity and make you want to try them right now!

So, the plan is to decorate the two windows with the same fabric. To do that you will be needing a wall hanger in the middle that’s going to divide the drapes into two parts and send them towards the windows by hanging like a crisscross pattern.

The rest is quite easy. You just have to assemble the fabric in a way so that it hides the curtain rods and panel.

If you ask me, this would be the perfect opportunity to recreate a cute valance over the window by using the extra fabric on the upper part of the curtain and take the entire look to a whole new level of sophistication!    

17. Let The Show Begin!

Let The Show Begin

Want to bring an exotic look to your bedroom?

A velvet drape with pencil pleats is the way to go!

It’s hard to beat the luxurious look a velvet curtain brings in with it into the picture. Enter two different color tones in the same scenario that complements each other well and you have got yourself a WINNER!

For a more dramatic effect, we suggest purchasing an oversized drape and let the extra fabric touch the floor to create an aesthetic appeal.

Does the fabric seem too heavy for your liking?

Add a sheer lace behind the drape and adjust the screens to let the light float in as per your preference!   

Oh! And don’t forget to add matching tiebacks with the curtains while you keep them open and enjoy the magnificent view.

18. Use Clashing Colors To Stand Out

Use Clashing Colors To Stand Out

Buckle up, everyone!

We are going to experiment and find out what works in our favor!

All colors belong to either a warm or cool region. Although the general idea is to stick with only one region while choosing to pair two colors together, sometimes opposites attract and make the best combination that’s hard to compare to anything else!

Perhaps you have picked the color grey with bluish undertone from the cooler region and chose to decorate the most of the room with this palette.

You know what will create a striking contrast with this setup?

An orange-colored curtain!

Orange, which belongs to the warm region will absolutely make a statement and proudly announce its presence behind the headboard!

However, instead of sunset-orange, we suggest using the orange shade of pumpkin for this purpose.

19. Keep It Neutral

Keep It Neutral

If your master bedroom comes with access to the outdoor patio, then you are one lucky duck!

While you may enjoy the view of a natural landscape from the comfort of your bed, it’s best to hang a curtain over the patio door to keep the unwanted sunlight away.

However, we wouldn’t dare to put any extravagant drape over that gorgeous view at all!

Instead, it’s best to choose a shade that’s neutral and doesn’t stand out on its own. You can choose a beige, cream, white, off-white or any other color that goes well with the bedroom wall for this purpose.

20. A Classic Combo To Treat Your Eyes

A Classic Combo To Treat Your Eyes

The combination of Orange and Black color is a classic one.

If your room interior consists of the color "Orange", such as orange panels, cushions or bed sheets, then it's a good idea to hang a black curtain with some white prints on it over the window to make a nice contrasting scenario.

Orange is a vibrant color, which is often associated with the Autumn harvest and a celebration of life in some cultures while the color black represents the beauty that’s found in darkness.

And together they offer a high contrasting look that’s sure to go well with any type of modern or traditional décor as per your preference!  

While it’s okay to use any kind of fabric for this combination, we strongly recommend using a lightweight, thin material if you want to let the light come through the black curtain and create a mysterious shadow on your room at dawn!

Tips For Styling Your Bedroom With Our Curtain Ideas

  • While using a patterned fabric for your curtain, try purchasing the bed sheets and pillow cushions of the same color or pattern to make it look well-organized.
  • In case you choose to go for a monochrome drape, then use color contrasting technique to create variations in the color shades of other décors.
  • To make your room look more spacious, use lightweight fabric and neutral colors.
  • If your bedroom is north-facing and in the direct line of sunlight, then use layered curtains with a dark-shaded screen on the front.
  • Feeling chilly in the winter morning? A thermal curtain would be the best option for you as it offers you some extra warmth during the cold winter months!

Final Words

Curtains are a great representation of your personal taste. It’s also a basic accessory that completes the look of your bedroom.

No matter how many times your mom asks you to get a sun-kissed good morning and wake up early, if you are anything like me, you would like to catch up with some extra z’s!

So, choose the best one from our curtain ideas for bedroom guidelines and sleep comfortably by keeping the sun out of your room while slaying the interior décor!

Keep it simple or keep it classy, just don’t forget to keep it cozy and comfortable as well!

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