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Marco’s Many Excuses For Not Doing His Job

Marco Rubio is a sitting United States Senator, but instead of doing what voters sent him to do in Washington, he's been busy campaigning for President.

When asked why he can't make it to work, Rubio always has an excuse ready.

Here are the top six:


EXCUSE #1: He's Running For President. 

MARCO RUBIO: “But I am going to miss votes. I am running for President. And other Senators that have run in the past have as well. And it is important to understand when I miss a vote, it is not because I'm out playing golf. We're out campaigning for the future of America, where I believe I can make more of a difference as President than I could as a Senator.” (CNBC, 10/5/15)

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Jeb's Remarks on His Plan to Defeat ISIS

Jeb gave remarks on his plan to defeat ISIS at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

Jeb Bush: As president, I'll end crony capitalism

Washington Examiner

Barack Obama has failed miserably to bridge the partisan divide in Washington. The country is more polarized than ever before and working families across the nation have lost faith that their elected officials in Washington have any understanding of the challenges they face in their lives.

It is not hard to pinpoint the source of the American people's anger. During the Obama presidency, taxes have been increased by nearly $2 trillion over a 10-year period, while the national debt has risen by $8 trillion. The Obama economy has sputtered along at a tepid rate of 2 percent growth, resulting in the lowest workforce participation rate since the Carter presidency and a decline in middle class incomes of $2,000.

Details and Analysis of Governor Jeb Bush's Tax Plan

Tax Foundation

Key Findings: 

  • Governor Jeb Bush's tax plan would reform both the individual income tax and eliminate a number of complex features in the current tax code. 
  • According to the Tax Foundation's Taxes and Growth Model, the plan would significantly reduce marginal tax rates and the cost of capital, which would lead to a 10 percent higher GDP over the long-term.

FACT CHECK: Which Republican Candidates Actually Cut Spending?


Every Republican presidential candidate has promised to keep government spending in check -- but which ones actually have a track record of doing that? 

All say they would cut. In the last debate, Jeb Bush said people in Florida called him "Veto-Corleone" because he vetoed so much spending. Mike Huckabee said the federal government "is not too big to shrink." Chris Christie says he "balanced budgets." 

Is it true?

Fact Check One Flyby

Hi all –

Right to Rise USA here. Hope you’re enjoying the show tonight. We just wanted to fly by to tell you about the real Donald Trump. Did you know Trump proposed the biggest tax increase in American history? That’s right, Trump called for raising taxes by $5.7 trillion! That’s enough money to put $170,000,000 in every seat at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Imagine what you could do with that!

I think Jeb described Trump's tax hike best:  “He’s proposed the largest tax increase in mankind’s history, not just our own country’s history.” (Jeb Bush, 8/20/15)

Jeb and Trump couldn’t be more different on the issues that matter to conservatives. Trump's risky and reckless philosophy – one that’s out of step with GOP values - seems to change everyday.

On the other hand, Jeb is a lifelong, committed conservative with the results to prove it.  As governor of Florida, Jeb cut taxes by $19 billion and helped create 1.3 million new jobs; one of the big reasons Florida had much stronger economic growth than the rest of the nation.

Have fun tonight. Jeb for President 2016!

Judging the Governors

National Review

As the presidential-election season kicks off, governors from all over America are seeking the Republican nomination. Historically, voters in presidential elections have tended to favor the executive experience of governors, and it seems more likely than not that the eventual Republican nominee will be one of these gentlemen.

A governor is different from other politicians in that he governs an identifiable state for an identifiable period of time, and thus can be empirically associated with an economic track record in a way that a senator or a heart surgeon cannot. Economics, however, remains an inexact science. Even if a million articles were written about the record of any single governor, consensus on whether the governor was good or bad for the economy would likely still prove elusive.

Right to Rise USA Summary of June 30, 2015 Fundraising Report

Charlie Spies, Treasurer and General Counsel

Later this month, Right to Rise USA will file our first semi-annual report to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

We are grateful for the overwhelming response from the thousands of donors who have been drawn to Jeb's optimistic message of conservative renewal and reform.

In keeping with our goal of transparency, below is a summary of our preliminary top-line numbers that reflect the total raised by Right to Rise USA from our founding on January 6, 2015, through June 30th, 2015.

Jeb Op-Ed: Getting Out of the Zombie Economy

Barack Obama's policies have given us a zombie economy where no matter what else happens, most Americans are falling behind. Last week we got news that the share of Americans at work or looking for work is at a 38-year low. More than 6 million people are working part-time jobs when they'd prefer full-time. Roughly 5.5 million more Americans are living in poverty than when Obama came to office. More Americans believe that the economy is getting worst than those who think it's getting better -- and that's been true for several months running. 

Jeb Op-Ed: Don't Trust Iran


Iran foments instability and sectarian tension throughout the region. It is a delusion to believe, as the President does, that the current regime in Tehran can be a force for stability in the Middle East. Iran has bankrolled and armed the Assad regime during its war against the Syrian people, and hundreds of Iranian special operations forces are operating as combatants in Syria. Iranian-backed militia have subverted the Iraqi state and helped fuel sectarian tensions that have driven many Sunnis into the arms of ISIL.

And in Yemen, Iran has supported Houthi rebels who deposed one of America’s most important counterterrorism partners and plunged the country into chaos.

Video: Ready to Win

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Jeb Op-Ed: School Choice is the Best Hope for New York's Kids - and America's

New York Post

Last year, I met a 14-year old student who is thriving through his attendance at a Success Academy school, a high-performing charter-school network serving New York City's poorest communities. 

He's an excellent student and debating champion. He also lives in poverty, facing hardships most of us can't imagine. 

And yet the school he attends has him believing it's possible to achieve the American Dream.

Jeb Op-Ed: The President Must Prioritize Cybersecurity


The United States helped drive the information revolution and created the internet. We benefit tremendously from the open and dynamic architecture of an internet that has become the backbone of global communication and commerce.

Given the reliance of the United States government and the private sector on the internet, it is disturbing we remain vulnerable to its disruption and misuse. We have ceded the initiative to those who wish to steal, disrupt, and destroy the intellectual property, personal information, and treasure we entrust to the internet, and, in so doing, we have allowed these adversaries to threaten our citizens’ inherent right to a trusted, free and open internet.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Stressing his experience as governor of Fla., Jeb Bush enters 2016 race

The Washington Post

Jeb Bush, son and brother of former presidents, formally launched his campaign for the White House on Monday with a sweeping call to reform Washington and expand economic opportunity.  Against a diverse tableau at a boisterous rally here in the state he governed for eight years, Bush offered himself as a compassionate and tested chief executive who would fix a broken federal government and disrupt the country’s political brinkmanship.

Jeb Bush Seeks a Bigger Tent at Campaign Launch


Guests arrived at the community college to a soundtrack that included rapper Pitbull. The pregame show included the national anthem sung by salsa legend Willy Chirino and, before that, songs in Spanish from his daughters. Those who spoke ahead of the candidate lauded his work to combat domestic violence and to help those who rely on social-safety programs. The greying former governor slipped passages of perfect Spanish into his speech and promised a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s broken immigration system. His Mexican-born wife watched him with a cautious smile.

Jeb Bush: An Exceptionally Strong Performance

Bloomberg Politics

Style: Offered more warmth, more emotion, more smiles, and more dynamism than he's shown in public so far this cycle. As the speech progressed and his mood relaxed, seemed actually to be enjoying himself. Supremely comfortable with his message—the same one he has offered since entering public life.

Jeb Bush Calls for "Robust" Troop Presence in the Baltics

The Wall Street Journal

Jeb Bush, speaking in Europe just ahead of starting his presidential campaign, called on the U.S. and its allies Wednesday to build a "more robust" troop presence in the three Baltic nations that share borders with Russia.

Jeb Bush Asks Republicans to Consider the Economic Record

Bloomberg Politics

Republican Jeb Bush is attempting to draw a stark contrast between the economic boom he presided over as Florida's governor a decade ago, and the slower, more anemic U.S. recovery under President Barack Obama.

At Liberty University, Jeb Lays Out a Vision for Revitalizing Religious Freedom

National Review

"It can be a touchy subject," Jeb Bush said during his commencement speech at Liberty University this weekend. "I am asked sometimes whether I would ever allow my decisions in government to be influenced by my Christian faith."

In Detroit, Jeb Bush promises to restore American Dream

The Detroit News

Potential Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush outlined his vision for a "right to rise society" Wednesday, tying it to this city's emergence from financial crisis and bankruptcy.

Jeb Bush Pitches Conservatism for the Middle Class


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush offered a glimpse Wednesday of the economic message at the core of his likely presidential bid, using the maiden policy speech of his unofficial 2016 campaign to sketch out how conservative policies can restore the prospect of upward mobility for the struggling American middle class.

Jeb Bush Debuts "Reform Conservative" Image in Detroit

National Journal

Jeb Bush is going to change the meaning of "conservative."

At least that's the message the former Florida governor tried to convey in a speech Wednesday at the Detroit Economic Club. Building on the theme of his Right to Rise PAC, which launched in December, Bush emphasized the importance of restoring America's middle class, and creating the conditions for people to achieve the American dream.